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If we meet setup and hold,but if we not meet skew as given target skew this any problem.
No DC will not do this. This needs to be done by the user. He has to estimate the target skew or uncertainty and give this to the tool. Normally we go with 10-15 percent clock period as uncertainty. But this depends on the design also.
You need target skew, clock buffer list, max trans constraint for sinks , max trans constraint for buffers & max Cap too. You have some target for insertion delay, then give that too, otherwise in first pass let the tool build clock tree. Then for better optimization you need custom ignore pin list, leaf pin group & through pins .. (...)
quality of CTS engine depends on how low skew & latency values it is providing while maintaining the level of clock tree structree and hw many buffers its inserting so generally it is followed to give a 0ps target for both in first iteration and from this iteration reports, set the target for both parameters for next iterations,, but for (...)
Hi, skew is in a way decided by the process technology you are using, and the methodology you want to use for timing closure. It may be also dependent on the design and the floor plan. For 0.13um to 0.18um, 250ps should be reasonable. A smaller skew will give a slightly larger latency. In general, the tool will build a tree with the smallest
Hi, I am working on a design using Magma Blast Fusion in which the clock period is 7ns. After CTS i am getting the following values in ps, Global skew 310. Local skew 293. Minimum Insertion Delay 525. Max
There is no problem. skew is a means to an end, not an end in itself. If all you setup and hold times are OK, then everything is fine. That said, many layout teams insist on achieving the specified skew target because they believe it makes the circuit more robust against variations.
For a foundry process, you will have been given the Spice model for the target (normal) process and models for Fast and slow nmos and pmos. You should run simulations for all variations e.g. nmos pmos N N F N N F S N N S F F F S S S etc, etc
How do we arrive at slew , derate values .I mean based on what slew limit are derates values are decided ?R they depends on technology nodes ? When clock gating helps in minimizing temperature then y we not consider clockgating helpful in minimizing leakage ? What r the factors that affect jitter ? why slew target should be met ? W
i will go with 0.5ns, As skew is matter only when am thinking if my design has just met target freq.
Hi, the best way to estimate the delay and the skew or uncertainty is to count up (or estimate) the number of flops on a particular clock. Using this count, ask your silicon vendor (or your CTS expert) what is a typical insertion delay and skew for this number of flops in the target technology. The technology and depth of the tree, not (...)
hi, How Clock skew and latency of a design will change with respect to target clock period i mean, if i decrease/increase target clock period, how the skew/latency changes, if changes how/why they change? is skew/latency are depend on target clock period?
You cannot... you can just estimate. Your target insertion delay should be such that your skew is not very high and for that you will have to do some dummy runs. However, thumb rule says skew should be as low as possible. So for a design with 20MHz (50ns clock period) 0.5ns skew means 1% which might be acceptable depending (...)
How build ADA compiller for Hitachi H8s target? It is possible?
How may i design a PCI card , or any cheap PCI target chip?
Hi all, does anybody have the core of a P*C*I target interface from C*A*S*T-I*N*C that about an year ago were given free for evaluation !!?? I desperately need it , I know that some months ago they were available for evaluation but not anymore. Thank you very much! PS Please DON'T answer "go" or something similar! I'm sp
hi, Designing a 33MHz, 32-Bit PCI target Using ispMACH Devices.
clock skew jitter thesis (4 files part 4)
in my design , clock skew > data delay in many path,how can i do ? my chip is altera's cyclon ,and soft is Quartus.
What CTS method about generated clock & overlapp & gated clock can reduce skew?
Dear friends, I want to design a pci form card interfacing NAND flash to the pci bus. I know little about digital design, it seems that pci's timing is so different with nand flash, what glue logic should I build between pci target back end and nand flash interface? Thanks a
for first run of backend can anybody tell me how to deside upon insertion delay and skew.if possible give equations
I am trying to send 4Kb data form the host(Matlab) to the target dsp evm 6701. the RTDX is working only when there is only one read channel, but when there is both read and write channels the host is capable of reading data but the data sent by the host is not recived by the target. please help me out
I am wondering how the FPGA realize, not in software but hardware, the function of 'low skew rate' and 'programable I/O current'. I guess that, for low skew rate function, FPGA adds a capacitive load on the gate of output buffer; for programable i/O current, FPGA parallel connects several buffers. I know my idea is quite naive. Anybody can gi
Urgently required : Embedded target for TI C6000 DSPs by Mathworks
In my design, i use a GATX3 to gating a CLK signal. But when i synthesis my design. It reports a warning: target library has no replacement for the register and can't produce a netlist. Why this happen? I use DC 2003.06-DC2 UNIX version. I set dont use LAT* in my target library and don't remove integrated_attribute of GATX3. Can so
#---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Set option values set verbose 0 ;# 1 for verbose source commands set noscan 1 ;# False path the SCANEN input set signoff 0 ;# Use post layout netlist and parasitics set spef 1 ;# Use spef or dsp
What's the diference beetwen clock skew and clock delay? and i want to know what's the diference beetwen a PLL and a DLL?.
Hi, What exactly is the concept of useful skew in flop based designs and time borrowing concept in latch based designs. Vicky
Hi, Can Any one help me design a lane to lane De-skew circuitry? thanks, Gold_kiss
Anybody help me??? I am studying PCI . I want to make a PCI target controler using CPDL. How to writing VHDL code for it ??? (I use XC95288XL-7) How to writing driver for PCI card in Windows operating system??? Thank !!!!!!!
Hi, What is the difference between actual skew and "useful skew" Is it just a increase the skew (if u can't reduce it) so that u can meet your timing at a cost of latency of one clock period ? Thanks Regards, Rahul A. Shelke
Hi All, How is latency,skew is estimated for clocks for permorming pre-layout STA. Thanks in Advance.
What if Insertion delay and skew of Clock is way more than specified? What will happen to design?
what is clock skew?how to remove it?
hi , In my ASIC design, after finishing layout i checked for the timing, the static timing analysis gave a results as follows, setup slack => 3326 ps, hold slack => 10 ps, the target frequency of this design is 40MHZ(ie 25ns time period) my doubt is that the hold slack margin 10ps is it enough, else what range of values t
Hi osbourne, You seems to have 3 clock signals as input of your design and may be only two clock route available (buffer + global route)... Which device do you target ? Do you really need 3 input clock ?
what is skew threshold? How does one decide that.
Hi All, i have designed a target board for tms320lf2407a. I have to program TMS320LF2407A. AS there is no external memory i have to configure the SARAM AS program memory.(8000h-87FFh) for that i have written a command file to link to memory. ther is an error while build, for .bss, .sysmem, .stack, as they r removed from command file.(canno
Does anybody have Timing Constraints ( Tsu / Tco / Th ) *.SDC files ( for ACTEL's Synplify and Designer ) for PCI target 32/33? Please share! Thanx in advance!
Did anyone tried to use free Lattice Reference PCI target 32-bit/33MHz Core?: Are there any errors? Does it work on modern motherboards with Intel845, Intel 865 chipsets? Or gets stuck?
I want to store some sound clips in ROM and play it depending on situation These clips are in mp3 format created using PC plz tell me how to transfer a mp3 file from pc to ROM of the target device.And how to decode it for playing? Is any ARM device suitable for decoding mp3 ? Please guide me Thanx in advance
When you creat you project it ask you for target here you have to specify the x86 Simulator I have worked on VX works some time back but since I do not have the Tornado with me on My PC I can tell you excatly where and how if you can send me snapshot I can guide you Regards dEVEN
How to creat target server in there a need for network card?.I am using a single machine?
How can I get clock skew for layout data in PrimeTime? What is the command for PrimeTime to get clock skew?
Hi, I do not have an experience with embedded target blockset of matlab with a real dsp but simply while generating a c code for a specific dsp it converts your simulink model to a c code which is optimized for that dsp. So all you have to is then convert your c code to machine code (with I think code composer). Actually embedded target blockse
Hello eveybody,I have a difficulty: In one case, Astro's skew report is very good (0.2n). But We use SDF(from Astro) and SPEF(from Astro and StarRC) in PrimeTime, find the skew is very big (>0.8n), that so ATPG cannot pass. anyone can tell me why? I should how to do? Thanks :cry:
Good elementry code for PCI target in
why clock tree needed in synchronous asic design? what is clock skew? how to improve clock skew? what is max insertion delay? how to improve max insertion delay?
Hello all! I'm not getting exact cycle count (as givien in the Instruction set) on profiling for cycle count on GDB for the target architechture. Do i hv to modify some config files of the Simulator?