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Find the file and either add its directory to the search path (I don't use the silvaco tcad tools, you'd have to read the Help docs and see about that) or give the file name as full-path, like "C:\blah\blah\mos1ex10_1.log"
please share me the source code for finding the dark current for the ZnO/p-Si heterojunction photodiode.
Hi I am new to silvaco. I am trying to play around with built-in examples from Solar file. However, when I run it, there are some windows pop up: permission denied in Tonyplot. How can I fixed this issue. Actually when I installed the software yesterday, there was hardlock.sys file (null) processing error. However, I still installed the software.
You're talking about tcad and you might look at the web pages of companies like silvaco who make those tools, you'll find app notes and papers which should lead you as far as you care to go.
Need help about tcad silvaco ( meshing)
Hello everyone, please can someone explain to me how we mesh in Atlas or DevEdit of tcad-silvaco, For defining mesh in x axis and in y axis, do we use FEM finite element method to make values like the exemple for Atlas: what method do we do to define the loc and spacing , or we define them as we like ? Please I need help. mesh space.
Hello everyone, please can someone explain to me how we mesh in Atlas or DevEdit of tcad-silvaco, For defining mesh in x axis and in y axis, do we use FEM finite element method to make values like the exemple for Atlas: what method do we do to define the loc and spacing , or we define as we like ? I need help. mesh space.mult=4.0 # x.mesh loc
Hello everyone, please can someone explain to me how we mesh in Atlas or DevEdit of tcad-silvaco, For defining mesh in x axis and in y axis, do we use FEM finite element method to make values like the exemple for Atlas: what method do we do to define the loc and spacing ? I need help. mesh space.mult=4.0 # x.mesh loc=0.0 spacing=
plz help in ploting resposivity of photodiode .
plz help me on silvaco tcad every time i am simulating structure of photodiode ,its showing following error. ERROR : Cannot read file 'mymulti01_2.log' : Result too large. ERROR : Initialization has not been performed. i tried by reducing mesh size to 1 x.mesh loc=0.00 spac=0.25 x.mesh loc=1.0 spac=0.25 # y.mesh loc=0.00
Can you please tell me: how to plot the intrinsic carrier concentration in a simple resistor as a function of temperature in the range 0-400K in tcad silvaco? i.e. Temperature from 0-400K on the x-axis and intrinsic carrier concentration on the y-axis.
I am trying to plot the luminous intensity in candela in silvaco tcad, but it is giving a curve between Luminescent Power and Vg. How can Luminous Intensity(Cd) be plotted against vg
Hi I want to simulate a silicon nanowire transistor with silvaco , I am newbie and I want to learn the use of this software and regenerate the simulation of a published paper that simulate a SNW transistor with this, Is there any example code for this type of transistor? or any other link that help me to do this? regards
Hi all, I am doing a project that needs me to design a NMOS transistor with a channel length of 20 nanometers width dependent usingdevedit command silvaco tcad tools. As you may know, there are examples provided in the software that I am using to customize in order to get the required channel length. So, I have to modify the silvaco (...)
I'm conducting the silvaco Atlas 2D simulator for designing a high-k dielectric double-gate mosfet. For beginning, I found a good example from the internet: The authors have used HfO2 and SiO2 separately in order to compare
I have been using the Gateway / Expert / Guardian / SmartSpice tools, have designed one analog product and some test chips with it. I am using the Windows version because it has better support for most of the point tools (exception being, tcad is better off with Linux version). I used Cadence since they were SDA running on Masscomp 68K statio
Hi everyone Could anyone explain the differences between FDSOI and PDSOI in device simulation in silvaco tcad Tool. Also how can we study the characteristics of the devices. Thanks
Hi I am trying to build PDSOI MOSFET on silvaco software and i have no source to do so. Could anybody help me in doing this. I have seen an example but it is a deep sub micron SOI. Thanks
Hello eveybody, hope u're fine. I'm a beginner in tcad - silvaco. I'm working in deckbuild. My problem when i write a program which contains the instruction set , i can't simulate or have the right tonyplot.I have this message:unable to load set file:xxxx_log.set the file cannot be accessed. When i save my program , i have file.str , file. in , fi
Dear all, I have to complete a project for VNPN transistor in 180nm technology. Can any body help me to write deckbuild file for Athena in tcad for this device.
Dear all I am trying to do 3D meshing for my device in silvaco. Unfortunately, I see that variable meshing can be done only in a plane and then this plane is extended into the 3rd direction with some defined spacing value. How do I do 3 dimensional independent meshing?
Basically I want to find the conversion efficiency of the LED that I simulated on silvaco tcad. The results which I obtained on silvaco are attached herewith. Kindly let me know how to calculate its efficiency. 1. Current-Luminous Power Curve 118868 2. Current-Voltage curve (IV curve) 118869[/ATT
hey can anybody plz help me how to plot 1.gain vs wavelength vs distance for PIN photodiode in silvaco tcad tool
Hey, anybody can plz write a silvaco tcad code for quantum well infrared photodector. thanku
hi....can u tell me ....what is actually use of Extract in silvaco tcad tool..... please explain a statement which is- (extract name="gateox" thickness oxide mat.occno=1 x.val=0.50)
hi....can u tell me ....what is actually use of Extract in silvaco tcad tool..... please explain a statement which is- (extract name="gateox" thickness oxide mat.occno=1 x.val=0.50)
Hi everyone, I am new on silvoco tcad,i am designing a device on it of 32nm fgmos but the problem here is "lateral diffusion" and the junction is not finding properly, the command i used for it is implant arsenic dose=1e15 energy=10 pleaase suggest me proper command that i can use to implant n type material by reducing lateral diffusion for 32
I am simulating a circuit using devices designed using silvaco ATLAS in Mixed Mode. Now, there is no convergence error while finding IV Characteristics of the designed device but when I'm using that particular device in a circuit, on simulation is giving me a message in the Command Bar which states Warning: Not A Numbers found in currents.
Anyone please tell me how to write c-interpreter templates and user defined functions using silvaco tcad c interpreter
Hi Does anybody have an idea for 22 nm GaN p-MOSFET simulation in athena silvaco tcad?
Is there any possibility in silvaco tcad to introduce Band gap in material. i want to use different energy band gap for different transport direction of a material. i.e.transverse direction one energy gap value and longitudinal directon different energy value to support all transverse modes of material.
The silvaco tools purport to let you turn a device mesh tcad simulation into a SmartSPICE model. Pick a LEVEL that has good correspondence to one of the Spectre compact models, and use simulator LANG=SPICE to make Spectre digest the syntax in that model file. Many, many examples and such on the silvaco support pages. You may have to create (...)
i want to build a rtd using silvaco tcad .can i build it with graphene using silvaco tcad
i have designed one circuit and i want to calculate power consumption. can anyone tell me the command?
Hi, I would like to learn silvaco tcad and thus practice working in that tool for my research. Could anyone provide me link to download the software? and installation procedure If not, any similar software for the same. Many Thanks. mohan raj
Search for silvaco examples using HFO2. These are a good starting
hi.. i am new to silvaco. I am facing difficulty in plotting the final graph. I am trying to create a simple structure of a varistor which is almost similar to diode where the base is TiO2 and dopants used are SiO2, Bi2O3, Ta2O5 and WO3 which will be varied for different experiments. The size of the varistor is 5mm. I would also like to know how
can anyone help me how to design a 65nm nchannel mosfet using silvaco tcad ??? i dont any method trying a lot but didnot get...
silvaco also has front-back tools (with a nice tcad integration as well) and has been pretty active with university support. But that probably will depend on which university, where.
Hello everyone, I used the silvaco tcad to extract capacitance of the PN junction. first, using the 2D structure, the extracted capacitance with unit F/μm. then, I change to 3D structure, but the result also shows that the unit of capacitance with F/μm. I want to know why there is no difference in unit of capacitance between 2D and
Hello everyone: I am doing a process of solar cell on three-five material , and now I want to simulate , I looked a lot of paper they simulate by using silvaco tcad tools , but I am not good in writing code , could you help me to write a code . My experiment structure from top to bottom is : SiO2 nanopillar/InGaP/InGaAs/Ge could you help
hye, can someone give an example on how to write the source code to get dark current? i try to search in the internet, but i didn't get any source code of dark current for PIN Photodiode. thanks :)
hye, i want to ask, can i create a structure of PIN photodiode in reverse arrangenment? from P-I-N to N-I-P. thanks
Hye, how to insert concentration of In57Ga43As in PIN Photodiode. this is how i declare the materials that i use in my design. by using this source code, i get IV Characteristic material region num=1 y.min=0 y.max=10 InP material region num=2 y.min=10 y.max=15 InGaAs material region num=3 y.min=15 y.max=20 InP than, i try to change th
I want to know how to form a semi-insulating SiC-4H substrate and how to dope nitrogen for forming an active layer.I will be thankful greatly for the reply. I want to simulate in silvaco tcad .ATLAS
Btw, the stressing test script that i am using is from example from silvaco in below link. The code is stressing from 0.01s to 1000s. Seems like I got the similar trend of shifted Vth. I am not sure whether the code is correct in stressing the device? Does the stressing time of 0.01s valid? I think it is too short in stressing the devic
Hello, I am new to this forum. I have just started learning silvaco tcad software using the examples given in their website. I am interested in simulation of organic LEDs and determining mobility. In the tcad examples (Organic) in ATLAS, I found 3 examples and it said that in the 3rd example : Doping Dependent Hopping Mobility)
The ideal way to learn tcad... First, it is very useful (I would say - it's mandatory) to know (or learn) the device physics of the device that you are planning to simulate. Learn what Ohmic contact is, doping, p-n junction, carrier lifetime, electric field, basic parameters of the semiconductor, potential, the difference between potential and vol
hello there!! I'm trying to design a thermistor using silicon that can measure temperatures like 10k - 100k.. I've got all the structure and everything right, i've used 'Transport Equations' and 'Energy balance transport equations', so they are dependent on the lattice temperature, but i can't find a way to change temperature of the surrounding.
HYE, CAN ANYONE HELP ME TO DETECT THE PROBLEM OF THIS CODING. I'M TRYING TO PLOT IV CHARACTERISTICS FOR PHOTODIODE, BUT THE GRAPH THAT HAD BEEN PRODUCED IS NOT SAME WITH THE THEORETICAL. THANKS go atlas mesh space.mult=1 x.mesh loc=0.00 spac=0.5 x.mesh loc=3.00 spac=0.1 x.mesh loc=5.00 spac=0.1 x.mesh loc=15.0 spac=0.1 x.mesh loc=17