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Hi, Input: 8 bit binary. Output: 2 x 4 bit BCD *** Problem: you have redundant code in your 8 bit binary: Decimal values 100 to 255 *** with values >100: run a loop and subtract 10 as long as the input value >= 10 count the loops --> tens remaining --> unit total = tens shifted 4 bits left. AND units Klaus
HI friends i just complete my diploma in electronics.. and my mom is physio therapist so i want to gift her a tens (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) but i dont have a any idea about tens. so please help me in this condition...
can u help me i need a design for tens unit
I'm rather puzzled. I am familiar with tens units (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) but your specification is not for a tens unit! In particular you mention not being touched! What sort of tens unit do you mean? Keith
hello I have successfully interfaced a PIC18F4423 and DS1307 via I2C interface using C18. For now I can read the seconds ticking away and can partailly dispay them on a 20x2 LCD. Now let me explain my problem. I can not get the 'units' (right most digit of the second) to roll over back to '0' after it passes '9'. I know i have to break t
hi! can someone help me... i want to display the heart beat on 7 segment display using PIC 16F877..the counter will reset every 60 seconds. and if the counts exceed for example 80, the alam will on... each 7segment display from 0 to 9 my question are: 1)I hv problem on how to display 3 digits..unit -->tens-->hundreds ( my display part) 2) a
About 35 years ago I saw the thermocouple method. There was this tube with thousands of them. A flame was put at the bottom of the tube and the heat rose. This unit put out several tens of watts.
running 4 seven segment diaplay isn't a difficult job, just use multiplexing. send value of units digit and set the bit connected to this bit's anode, then send value of tens digit and set the bit connected to this bit's anode but clr the unit's segment bit....carry on like this for all 4 digits. Regards
Hi all!!! I am looking for a link or schematic of a PIC based (OR ANOTHER MICROCONTROLLER) tens (TRANSCUTANEOUS ELECTRICAL NEURAL STIMULATOR). The tens must have frequency adj, voltage adj and display and some programmable features, etc... I am looking for too a article "DUAL OUTPUT tens unit " As featured in March (...)