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Hi all!!! I am looking for a link or schematic of a PIC based (OR ANOTHER MICROCONTROLLER) tens (TRANSCUTANEOUS ELECTRICAL NEURAL STIMULATOR). The tens must have frequency adj, voltage adj and display and some programmable features, etc... I am looking for too a article "DUAL OUTPUT tens unit " As featured in March (...)
can u help me i need a design for tens unit
hello I have successfully interfaced a PIC18F4423 and DS1307 via I2C interface using C18. For now I can read the seconds ticking away and can partailly dispay them on a 20x2 LCD. Now let me explain my problem. I can not get the 'units' (right most digit of the second) to roll over back to '0' after it passes '9'. I know i have to break t
I'm rather puzzled. I am familiar with tens units (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) but your specification is not for a tens unit! In particular you mention not being touched! What sort of tens unit do you mean? Keith
HI friends i just complete my diploma in electronics.. and my mom is physio therapist so i want to gift her a tens (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) but i dont have a any idea about tens. so please help me in this condition...
Calculate Multiple value for -20dB, -12dB, - 10dB, -3dB, 0dB, 3dB, 4dB, 6dB, 12dB. I dont undersatnd the meaning of calculate the multiple ? Can give a any examples? Your example: -20dB is 10^(-20/10)=0.01Watts=10mWatts Now you shall see unit dB and dBm: I can say -20dB or I can say 10dBm. It is the same power. S
That is true. when is is Power Ratio it is 10*log( and when voltage ratio is 20*log( to get values in "dB" also a great discussion for 3dB people in edaboard here did recently and it is good to read it. djalli extra ----------------- Now you willl see units "dB" and "dBm
running 4 seven segment diaplay isn't a difficult job, just use multiplexing. send value of units digit and set the bit connected to this bit's anode, then send value of tens digit and set the bit connected to this bit's anode but clr the unit's segment bit....carry on like this for all 4 digits. Regards
SA is switched off by GPS system owner since few years now so it is quite accurate .. abt 2m. you can get better resolution (abt tens of cm) if you will use differential GPS (DGPS). easy to do for small area you need just 1 more gps receiver and calculations ;0)) regards cancel
About 35 years ago I saw the thermocouple method. There was this tube with thousands of them. A flame was put at the bottom of the tube and the heat rose. This unit put out several tens of watts.
hi! can someone help me... i want to display the heart beat on 7 segment display using PIC 16F877..the counter will reset every 60 seconds. and if the counts exceed for example 80, the alam will on... each 7segment display from 0 to 9 my question are: 1)I hv problem on how to display 3 digits..unit -->tens-->hundreds ( my display part) 2) a
hi, Would be nice if it worked that way - but Trus have them made in tens of thousands so the the prices are low. Your 'Stations' need to be a lot more than just a lcd and keypad, it needs a lot more electronics to decode and control them and send the info to and from the master unit - you can buy such ready made units typically (...)
It's been a long time since i used assemble, try using basic or c it will be more easy and quick , but still i had it for my last experiment please check the code. I use mide for compile it it's free and great software can compile assembler and c (sdcc) $TITLE(ADC and LCD) $MOD51 DSEG ORG
I would share the common sense that software is getting worse and could not use the potential offered by tens of gigainstructions per second. There is good reason for that. The computional ineffciency is because of the gain in efficiency in productivity of modern language and execution concepts. Take an example: If you want to render some
This is a tricky area. Look up the formula for thermal noise voltage. Basically these amplifiers are operating on the bleeding edge of what's theoretically (and practically) possible. And it's not even just the circuit that is tricky - how you assemble them also. A typical solder joint will generate far more "thermoelectric" EMF than the noise
Mtwieg has a point, the bulk caps must be able to handle the HF ripple current as required, this is usually easily possible with reasonably good electrolytics - also the ripple current rating increases with freq (often 30% higher or more) also the ripple current is shared between the caps, we have designed this type of 1/2 bridge for our customers
Hi I am doing an up down digital counter , the counter should count from 0 to 30 . I know how to increment and decrement. but the problem is I have to increment/ decrement the units alone than the tens and then display them on an lcd. How can I do It pls ???
Probably. Does the remote control have a lot of buttons and a matrix of contacts? Then it might be easier to use something like a 4066 chip. It's basically a digitally controlled, quad analogue switch, so you should have no problems about the voltage the remote controller uses or how it strobes the matrix. Just connect one of the 4066's 'switches'
There is no reason to get 'errors' if things are done correctly. I have used the transparency/UV/etch method for decades as an amateur. For single and double sided boards, results are as close to 'professional' as makes no difference, apart from not having plated holes. Large scale PCB manufacturers use either screen printing or photographic met