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Hi all!!! I am looking for a link or schematic of a PIC based (OR ANOTHER MICROCONTROLLER) tens (TRANSCUTANEOUS ELECTRICAL NEURAL STIMULATOR). The tens must have frequency adj, voltage adj and display and some programmable features, etc... I am looking for too a article "DUAL OUTPUT tens unit " As featured in March (...)
can u help me i need a design for tens unit
I'm rather puzzled. I am familiar with tens units (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) but your specification is not for a tens unit! In particular you mention not being touched! What sort of tens unit do you mean? Keith
hello I have successfully interfaced a PIC18F4423 and DS1307 via I2C interface using C18. For now I can read the seconds ticking away and can partailly dispay them on a 20x2 LCD. Now let me explain my problem. I can not get the 'units' (right most digit of the second) to roll over back to '0' after it passes '9'. I know i have to break t
HI friends i just complete my diploma in electronics.. and my mom is physio therapist so i want to gift her a tens (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) but i dont have a any idea about tens. so please help me in this condition...
Hello, all: who have materials about low power, Power Management unit? and infomation of it? Thanks!
Before one year ago I became to develop Digital Audio Microwave Link. As result I have very high quality audio codec's and very bad microwave unit. I have not problems in the modulation of the stream, my IF signal is perfect. I’m using GMSK or PSK modulation according to the case. We have developed very good modulators in t
hi i am new to automobiles. can anyone give me details and good links for searching abt engine control unit like what 16bit controller to be used.what development boards should i buy cu sriram
When simulating the netlist generated by systhesis tool, there is a unit delay used in timing. What's this unit delay ? Why not just use the timing generated by wire load model ? Thanks !
I was wondering why do we use Amper, volt, farad, etc... units???? what is the thing or the experiment that let us know that this quantity of capacitance (for example) is 1 unit of farad!!!! i think it must be like meter unit.. it's the wave length of something that gives light with this length as i remember!! that's ok... but how about (...)
Hi everybody. I'm working on a project software written in Pascal. In fact i don't know pascal very well, but before me, this program has written in pascal long times ago. And we found a bug in software. So i have to correct this bug. I put all related ".tpu" files in working directory and tried to compile before searching the source of bug. Becaus
hi, what is an emulation unit. I mean I know it emulates something. INstructions for example, but in what context on a SoC are they used and how do they function?
pls tell me details,who make it?
Hi all: Do you know any software/tool which can calculate the RLCG per-unit-length parameter for microstrip, except Ansoft Maxwell 2D? The cross section of the microstrip may be multi-layered. Such as ___ Metal ___ SiO2 ___ Si ___ Ground Thanks in advance Div
I am looking for the circuit for the Peavey 684 sound power mixer unit. The pre-amp is very faint. IC problem?
Hi, folks, I have a question in AstroRail! In my technology file(for Astro, *.tf), the power unit is mW. but, in the standard cell LIB file, its unit is pW. (1). Does AstroRail can auto-change the unit between the mW and pW? (2). From my power report, the power have 10^9 mW scale. I think it's non-sense. It's why I have this question. (...)
I read a GPS application(Altitude determination) paper. And the signal to noise ratio unit is "Volts per Vote". I don't know how to explain to dB units. Can help me by any information? Thanks!
I'm looking for a guitar unit schematic. Thank You happy_99
hi all i am doing a project in collage about making microprogrammed control unit using next address technique with vhdl so if any one know helpful sites or links for that topic thanks in advance
What's the difference between "unit" and "struct" in e language? Thanks in advance.
Calculate Multiple value for -20dB, -12dB, - 10dB, -3dB, 0dB, 3dB, 4dB, 6dB, 12dB. I dont undersatnd the meaning of calculate the multiple ? Can give a any examples? Your example: -20dB is 10^(-20/10)=0.01Watts=10mWatts Now you shall see unit dB and dBm: I can say -20dB or I can say 10dBm. It is the same power. S
from DC report_area result, how to convert that unit to gates? e.g, Combinational area: 2503906.000000 Noncombinational area: 16571702.000000
HI, I have a question whether this kit can be used for making a data acq. unit to capture data to a PC via USB It have 2 16bits ADC channels with 1Msps rate, and how to get the data via the USB port, have any information ? thanks Vita
That is true. when is is Power Ratio it is 10*log( and when voltage ratio is 20*log( to get values in "dB" also a great discussion for 3dB people in edaboard here did recently and it is good to read it. djalli extra ----------------- Now you willl see units "dB" and "dBm
Does anyone has a service manual for an Electrosurgical unit. I need a manual for any kind. Thank You.
Hi all I'll be a member of an SDH unit design team soon, for me I'm good operator for SDH unite but it is the first time to me to share in a design for SDH. can any one guide me how to start gathering info to achieve the target.
Dear all : I have question about unit gain buffer. There are three type op. 1. General 2 to 1 op 2. telescopic op 3. folded cascode op if I connect these op to unit gain buffer , what's the different both of them ?
hi, have anybody incorporated or used xilinx core in ur project?? i mean, i have a xilinx core MAC unit but am not able to compile it.. i have my other modules along with the MAC code from xilinx core.. (am intending them to be used on xilinx fpga only), but how do i compile it.. there ar some procedures for it, seems. any1 worked on it before?
HI!! I have to design a automatic matching unit for the frequency range: 1 - 20 MHz. It must be also fast. The antenna will be a long dipole, about 50 meters tip to tip. Any advice, circuit, paper? Or anything that could help me. Thanks.
I want to design my own depth sounder display unit by using Navman company depth transducer. Is it possible to do so? So far i still try to find out the correct way to calculate the depth distance through this equation, Distance = Velocity x Time / 2. Now, i am using Hi-Tech C to write the source code. I want to figure out also how to measure th
I want to design my own depth sounder display unit by using Navman company depth transducer. Is it possible to do so? So far i still try to find out the correct way to calculate the depth distance through this equation, Distance = Velocity x Time / 2. Now, i am using Hi-Tech C to write the source code. I want to figure out also how to measure
need a handbook for service of air conditioning unit general guide for technicians. thanks in advance .
including all kinds of unit you see before..
Dear friends; Do any can send me User Manual or Operation Guide for any commercial electrosurgical unit but please i need new versions.
We are working on 8085 code in vhdl and are not getting the internal design details of various datapath and control unit if some one can provide the internal operation of 8085 ?processor. we want complete internal structure of data path and control unit functional in the 8085 microprocessor. thank you
Does someone has an insight into the so called "authorization unit" found in those IDT MIPS communication processors and how I can use it? Already contacted IDT but I guess it takes them ages to answer again (o;
I need a new electrosugical unit service manual urgently
A new GPS GPRS embedded unit is now available for the market. The new device is based on the core of the old G4N-14 and provides the same functions. For this version there are two new options: - USB Client Port - ISM 2.4 Ghz RF Amplifier the push the range to over 300m This device comunicates via GPRS, SMS, ISM and USB. The development
How are control units designed in general ? Any ideas,links,book suggestions are appericated..
Hi, when I synthesize my VHDL design, I get the following message: WARNING:HDLParsers:3498 - No primary, secondary unit in the file "D:/Xilinx/PD/carrier_add.vhd. Ignore this file from project file "dpd_vhdl.prj". The design works correctly, but I don't know what this message means. Can somebody help ? Regards, Osbourne
i am readin about unit step function, and driven rl/rc circuits, and have some problems with some exercise, help me please. here is first exercise: At t = 2, find the value of 2u(1-t) - 3u(t-1) - 4u(t+1) as i know,the unit step function has this form, Au(t - t0), after t0 the value of function is A. if t0 = 0, then functi
hi for who has excperience with interfacing with gps,i have the etrex garmin unit do i need to supply external voltage to the gps unit ,knowing that it already have batteries ,to be able to use the rs232 (do the rs232 needs external power supply than the batteries of the gps) thanks for help
Plz tell me How the unit of electric meter drop by which criteria not using Revolution of disk of meter but using how much current is consume by the home device how unit of electric meter drop base on principle of how much current is used by the home appliances in other words tell me the procedure of calculating "unitS" of home el
I found only this: toxp=65 in level 28 model. What is the default unit for tox ? um or nm? thank you
Hi. This picture is a watch circuit of a PA. But What is the unit of the numbers?
Hi. This picture is a match circuit of a PA. But What is the unit of the numbers?
Hi, all I am designing a 2nd order PLL (10MHz input and 1GHz output), my VCO is working fine for tuning range(950MHz-1.01GHz). In one pdf file they told we can increase the tuning range of the VCO without increasing the CHIP-AREA, by using MULTI-VCO unit. I didn't get the logic of MULTI-VCO unit, please help me to understand this one.
Hi! I am trying to do uv exposure unit. I am thinking to use 4*15W uv lamps from Mega Electronics. Although I have read all the topics considering this subject, but still I find few uncertain areas... 1. How to connect these uv lamps? parallel or serial? 2. Do I need starters? If yes, how many and which type? 3. Do I need chokes? If yes, ho
Hi, I want to learn how i can represent the unit impulse and unit sample functions to apply Dsp applications. Also i need help,to find a ebook which describes dsp by using matlab.I want to illustrate all the things i have learnt from the signals and systems,and dsp cources.I have Matlab 6.5 . Please help me with these subjec
Hi. I have a question about the RCS (Radar Cross Section) unit. Some literature show that it is dBm^2, I am not sure how to get it? Is it RCS=lim(r->∞)(4πr^2|Er^2|/|Ei^2|, I think the unit should be m^2??? Thanks in advance