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Hi, I have a design that have a tactile switch with the following circuit and an internal pull-up of a microcontroller (about 47k). The capacitor was placed in order to reduce the bounce, but the real debouncing is made inside the firmware. 114936 Would removing the capacitor have any meaningful impact on EMC or EM
Ferrite beads come in various types designed for the specific uses. Your observation indicates that those you selected resonate with the 100 capacitor and generate the ripple you observed. A good advice is difficult. I would order several bead types and test them over the frequency range of interest. If they fail, simply use only the (...)
Please specify "differential capacitance" unambiguously. Does it mean both capacitor terminals have additional arbitrary capacitance to ground that should be eliminated in the measurement? If so, how much capacitance? There are different methods to measure capacitance like making the capacitance under test part of a LC oscillator (I guess that's
what "suspect" did you eliminate ? a blowing fuse at startup is generally : - one or more diode shorted in the primary side - shorted mosfet primary side - bad esr capacitor at the primary - Shorted rectifier diodes in secondary circuits (which blown components in the primary then) you must test every component in the primary side if nothing is fo
Certainly inconsistent results! Can you share the design, layout and test parameters ?
My ohm meter uses only 0.2V to measure Ohms so it does not cause a silicon junction to conduct. Then it is almost useless to test a capacitor for leakage.
I have a bunch of ceramic capacitors in a circuit I got from a book. I'm not getting any reading on my voltmeter and am wondering if they are broken. Is there any circuit (a really really simple one) that I could put them in? E.g. I know with an electrolytic capacitor you can charge them, and then connect them in series to an LED. Would this wor
Now we want to add some filtering cap from VDD(5V) to ground on chip. There is only space left under the PAD. Some support adding some PIP caps. But others concern about the CP test security: the probing needle may add stress on the PIP cap and make it short. Does anyone have such experience? Thanks.
that is right,but I wonder If I have circuit don't work well how I can know that the wrong in a capacitor or in a second part. thanks It is often almost impossible to test installed components in a circuit. First you need the schematic, and with a voltmeter or better an oscilloscope you can test voltages in impo
hi i am new to design of electronics circuits. now, i had a task to design the RF power amplifier using MRF 454 transistor (40Mhz). i saw a small test circuit in its manual, some of the capacitor named like ARCO 466, ACO 469. what it means ? what are information behind this? i want to learn basic knowledge of design rf generator & amplifier. i
Hello, Is the way to do this to use Ohmmeter from mains neutral to output ground and see if its connected? (then do the same for mains earth wire to output ground and see if that's connected)?
Hi All, Recently , i am doing some test with the super capacitor. My objectives was to prove that the time taken to discharge a super capacitor from 3.3 - 1.8 v is equal to my calculation results. Let assume that the current discharge to my load is constant at 5uA. The capacitor is 3.3v and 5F. Based on my (...)
Dear Folks, I am looking for smart solution for 3 Phase power source to test our 3 Phase equipments in lab. Unfortunately we don't have 3 Phase power source so can we design any single phase to 3 Phase converter, Our typical load on each phase would be 5 Amps. I have seen connecting a capacitor to drive 3 Phase induction motors from single phas
Hello all, I have a wire tracer that transmits a signal on about 83khz. The antenna (a small wand) is missing. The company does not support the unit any longer and I have been unable to find a replacement anywhere. I have made some antennas on my own for my HAM equipment in the past but never for anything down that low and never for anything th
Dear Al members and senior engineers, I have soldered few smd ceramic capacitor on my board (0603), And i though of testing them by using a multimeter. Unfortunately the multimeter cant check the capacitance and so i turned the wheel to buzzer sound positing. And i went on checking the leads of all the capacitors, on some of them it gave (...)
During testing give more dead time. So that u can ensure no shoot through. After rectifier did u put filter capacitor? That is mandatory. Check the pulse pattern. - - - Updated - - - post ur ckt. so that we can suggest u better.
Hello how can find the output of capacitor microphone in theory or augur it without test in? for example in these circuits what is the output of each circuit schematic?(max and min output)(dc and ac output voltage of
It's not clear whether you HAVE an output load on the -12v, or DO NOT HAVE a load. What current are you measuring if there is no load ??? What type of fluctuations are you seeing ? Next - what method/ circuit are you using to generate these voltages ? Are you using standard 3-pin regulators ? Please post complete circuit with test setup so that w
Does anyone here have a guideline for choosing the right resistor and capacitor for Highly Accelerated Stress test (HAST) Boards. The HAST testing will undergo 130C Temp, 85% Relative Humidity, 33.5psi Pressure and the components should endure this environment for a minimum of 700 Hrs.
Hi there, Just joined up to the forums, apologies if this thread is in the wrong spot. I am currently looking at designing and making a piece of test equipment to test the opening and closing time as well as minimum operating voltages of high voltage circuit breakers. The control circuit side of things is no problems but I am struggling to
Why didn't you try the test code? everything initialized OK?
Please can anyone help I just finish building an encoder test box see links for circuit diagram. This test spec covers checking the presence of encoder signals on 5V TTL incremental encoders. A test box with an LED is use to indicate when each signal is high. The test box also incorporates a circuit to make the encoder (...)
No, the times used are just adapted to the load time constant of the test capacitor C_load (1MΩ*100pF=100?s) and the discharge time constant of the HBM (1500Ω*100pF=150ns, which is standard for the HBM). See this PDF: 98898 Transient analysis stop time for this simulation should be 1.001ms , not 2?s as shown abo
how to test Single P-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET " IRF9520 " ? thanks
my diode tester i use when servicing mw ovens
while the suggestion of h-bridge power cap is good to solve the problem , can you test the old setup with a good supply for the mcu? do the mcus power supply adequately noise free/ or is there any suppression in mcu power pins ?
You might get help if you'd want to post your test bench schematic.
putting an led at the HO pin of the driverThe bootstrap capacitor can power the circuit for quite a long time, but a LED only for microseconds. Not a well considered test setup!
yeh, its a tantalum capacitor. i cannot see the value of that capacitor. Hmmm, nothing else has been damage? check the pathway going to the nearest IC's and test whether the VCC and GND of the IC's is shorted. if shorted, you should replaced it. Its better to send your laptop to your nearest technician to replace the damage parts. Its best (...)
Dear all: The switched capacitor integrator is as following. how to test the linearity of the integrator? I am considering to do it in following way. 1) Input is a pure sin wave, the do pss+pac, then calculate the iip3 2) input is a pure sin wave, the output is a stair-case sin wave, then sample the output and do DFT the watch the HD3.
Sir, How to test capacitor ESR and can I do my self the ESR meter. Select the proper category for your question,the question is irrelevant to robotics section, thread moved, consider this a warning
Hi, I'm working on a 13.56 MHz class E amplifier project. I'm using a EL7158 mosfet driver and IRF610 mosfet as a switch. To test the EL7158 driver, I first placed a capacitor of 900pF (in the range of the total gate capacitance of the IRF610 switch) at the output, to see if it can charge and discharge the cap fast enough. Results are OK, only
Please help me that how we can test a capictor?
Thanks alot man...but we the transistor test fixture to the end of the transistor(output) it has nothing to do with the input--> refer to the file i added
if an inductor also stops RFac from flowing into the DC stem why use a quarterwave transformer instead. What happens to inductor at RF do its characteristics change?
Just to do a quick test of Ansoft Maxwell 14, I decided to run a very simple 2D problem from the v12 User's Guide - a coaxial capacitor - in a "cylindrical about Z" geometry. Following the steps in the guide, I set up and ran the problem...which took only a few minutes...and got the correct value of capacitace: 2.723 pF (the same value stated in
At most instruments, also ZVL series, there's a text about maximum ratings beneath the test ports that answers your question.
You may do these simulation.. -Output Voltage vs. Temperature -Output Voltage vs Process Variations and Mismatch-Monte Carlo Simulation -PSRR vs Temperature for different Compansation capacitor if it's available -Output Noise -Start-Up vs Temperature with Corners Check<---- Very important -Latch-Up test
Hello, I have designed an LC bandpass filter. Now I am trying to assemble it on veroboard in order to test it. I received an advice to determine series loss resistance and add equivalent loading capacitor. However I don't know how to measure this series resistance. Does anyone know how to do it? The way I am testing this filter is by (...)
I measured "Z" of a 1pF capacaitor: passive plus,inc. (0402N1R0BW500) over a frequency range of 2390MHz - 2500MHz The "Real" part of Z is different by about 10 ohms across the two test parts. Two seperate parts were used from the same reel Can someone offer a logical explanation to how or why this exist? Perhaps it due to temperature? Perhaps
Some RF receiver chips need an external DC blocking capcitor. Could someone please advise the purpose of this? And in what condition the DC signal might turn up ? (e.g., test signal generated by equpiment might have DC ?) Thanks for the help.
I think the iprobe component could not be used to test fully differential loop gain and phase. You can insert large ind, eg 1GH in the feedback path, and use AC coupling capacitor to set AC input signal. The iprobe component can be used to test loop gain and phase when the feedback is at a single path rather than a differential path. For (...)
One of methods of measuring capacitance (and indirectly dielectric constant) is a simple AC Bridge .. Here is info on AC bridges: Your test capacitor may look like two metal plates and you have to place dielectric under test between the plates .. The rest, after capacitance measurement, is
For me the best tool to test capacitors is an ESR meter. for me too ... everything is explained in the link I gave just before you ...
Transfer Function from 3.3V point to output across parallel capacitor at test Point (TP21) is 1/(1+S^2 LC) where C = C26 + C27 L = 1uH
Because you want to measure/simulate the output current, the output must not remain open. However, don´t connect a capacitor at the OTA output because it introduces a frequency dependence which belongs not to the device under test (OTA). Instead, use a resistor which produces a maximum voltage in the milli-volts range. This is sufficient to realize
I want to measure a smd capacitor with a vna. Without any test fixture, just by contact with K connector of the vna. How to visualize impedance? How to get impedance & capacitance value from 1 port S parameter? thank you
1) The no of 2microF,400V capacitor needed to obtain 1.5microF,1600V is i)12 ii)8 iii)6 iv)4 2)In a capacitor he electric charges is stored in dielectric how? 3)A sphere of radii 1m can attain a maximum potential of i)3*10^6V ii)30KV iii)1000V iv)3KV 4)Two coils having equal resistance but different inductance are connected in series.The time
ha,I just learned a very quick method to test the varactor. see the attachment. do ac analysis and plot the ac magnitude of the current in the iprobe. the current at frequency f : I=2*pi*f*C*V. so the capacitor can be calculated.
Hi, I tried to do a fullwave rectifier in hspice to test my AC input buck regulator. However, It seems that my filter capacitor is not working because the output of the rectifier is still a pulsating DC. Is it because I have to use a polarized filter cap? Please help. --gilbert