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Hi guys I recently purchased a 240*320 tft lcd with an ILI9335 driver I am struggling to understand the datasheet, how to initialize the lcd and display basically just two lines one on top of the other say a blue line and a red line. If anyone has used these displays successfully please send me a sequence of commands (...)
On the Pin diagram of tft lcd, it doesnt show that which specific pin is for CS, RD, RW Right. If the controller does support parallel processor interface (as a side remark in the diagram suggests) there should be another diagram.
Greetings, Do you want touch screen only or display+touchscreen??.. For the latter follow the
Hi, I'm working on an project that should have an Nokia 6610 lcd with Philips PCF8833 driver. the lcd is like to lcd of Olimex SAM7 board: I'm working with this lcd with help of "Nokia 6100 lcd Display driver, Author: James P. Lynch" :
Post datasheets of tft display and Touch Screen and mention driver used in tft display. If there are some buttons on the display then you have to create arrays representing them. Which Compiler you use? If you use mikroC Compile then it has tft library but don't know whether it supports your tft. mikroe also (...)
Please mention the part number of the Display that you are planning to use.....Some display need to special driver to be written .....Also as I understand you are using tft lcd then I think you have Graphic Display so first work will be selecting the proper Micro-controller for that..... Good Luck
Post you tft lcd datasheet. If you are having the display with controller. Its no need external driver circuits. If its a without controller. Its need driving circuits.
Hello bianchi my lcd is tft"2.4" with ILI9325 chip driver where can i found this library? Hope this will help : You should define the port and pin yourself, depends on your chip there.... for example sbit lcd_RS = P0^0 , every uC has different style but nearly the same in my experience, Good luck...
hi, We are trying to interface a 4.3" tft lcd module with touch panel , microSD and Ethernet to a pic micro-controller. the micro-controller is pic18f97j60 and the lcd driver is SSD1963. We are designed that, but i want to display my pcb project to you for debugging that. Industrial Design is my target. In this file is (...)
I have a custom made tft library which is based on ILI9225 driver. It is new to me and I am stuck with it as i donot have its driver. I really need a help to interface it with an ARM7 controller. Can anyone help me regarding this. Regards, Dani
How to Interface micro with tft lcds having RGB interface? These lcds have several lines for each color (G0~G7,R0~R7,B0~B7 ,HSYNC,VSYNC,DCLK). How to convert data to these interface?
That's an XGA (1024 X 76) tft display. No XGA models are listed on the Hitachi site, but the technical specifications for many others are. Maybe they share a common connector topology: Hitachi Electronic Devices United States - HEDUS Displays Display Components lcd HiQ[/U
Dear All, Could anybody please help me finding Samsung S6D0158 Datasheet for a colleague of mine? It's is a tft-lcd panel driver. Best regards
anyone having a good code for graphical tft display driver...??
In recently, mobile AMOLED and tft-lcd panel are used in making Smart Phone like iphone or google phone. I can't tell which one is better than other... but how about power consumption? I wonder that which one is better power saving than other one. tft-lcd panel is better power saving than AMOLED or not? In (...)
Mike, i begun to work this this type of lcd. The first that come to me, you need to know if your lcd had a driver. Like SSD19xx or FSA506 etc. If it not had it. You will need to know the signals that it had. And what kind of controller you could use. Maybe the fabric could give you and advice on this controller. The other topic it is what (...)
Hi All, Is it possible to drive tft lcd module ( say 3.5" display controlled by driver IC like ILI9326, sitronix ST7787 etc. ) with microcontrollelr (16 bit ) or ARM processor directly without using OS based system ie SBC. I've found a tft lcd liberary from Ramtex but don't know how useful and easier (...)
Hello! 1. No, not all tfts have a driver. It really depends on the tft maker, type, etc... But usually, it's difficult to find large lcds with driver included. The largest I know with driver inside are about 320 x 240. 2. If you buy a lcd without (...)
Hi Looks for ST STM32F103 it has lcd controller/BUS driver on chip They also have a nice application note on how to connect tft lcd All the best Bobi
Hi, We are trying to interface a 3.5" tft lcd module with touch panel to a pic micro-controller.We haven't yet decided about which pic to use , but we will most probably opt for pic18f97J60. The problem is which lcd driver to use because the the tft lcd module has only 3 pins for video (...)
Hi, We are trying to interface a 3.5" tft lcd module with touch panel to a pic micro-controller.We haven't yet decided about which pic to use , but we will most probably opt for pic18f97J60. The problem is which lcd driver to use because the the tft lcd module has only 3 pins for video (...)
I have the same problem.......... Hi, someone have any type of information on this? I recently have one p900 with the tft lcd for play, and i see more information, on the botton have the words NEC, and the other side the reference D161949NL -051. but on the net i can´t find anything. Any information will be apreciated. Thank´s on advan
hi everyone when designing a source driver ,we usually use three or five order low pass filter as the output loading condition,i can not understand the circuit is just the module of panel,or just as a low psss filter? thanks in advance
Hi. I'm looking for an external tft controller, which has linux driver available (somewhere ?). My target is Cirrus ARM9 processor (without integarted controller). Does anybody know a useful solution?? Thanks
heya :D the 2.2" tft lcd module on PCB with CAT32 LED driver is a interresting toy for 40$ ... I think i am going to get one or 2 from you :) i mail you soon cya
Y. Takahashi et al., ?Multimedia projector using 720 *480 pixel a-Si tft-lcd?s and a high-speed analogue driver LSI,? Displays: Technology & Application, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 5?30, Jan. 1992. , ?A high slew rate operational amplifier for an lcd driver IC,? IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, vol. E78-A, no. 2, (...)
Hi all, can anyone post some info on displaying pictures(*.jpeg) on a 65k tft lcd screen using either PIC or AVR microcontrollers. I'm planning to do a project on that. Thanks.
can anyone give me some information about lcd driver analog module, any lcd driver is ok, like STN, CSTN, tft. 3x.
Have any textbook talk about source/gate driver Chip design ? someone told me source driver is current D/A convert .. I ever design current D/A or A/D , but I nevery design source/gate driver chip . Added after 15 minutes: find some document
i need advise about selecting a platform for my handheld device idea. my base requirements are , - no bga packages - for my prototyping - >70mips processing performance - color tft lcd driver - i prefer on chip driver - easy to use low cost connectivity colution for wi-fi. i mean application notes or (...)
Hi, everybody: My project : lcd tft driver design There are three power : VDD (+3.3v) , VDDH( +23V) , VEE (-10V) If IC power on, the first VDD is slowly on stable ( after 2ms), and then VEE power on after VDD is stable(after 5ms), and then VDDH power on after VEE is stable (after 5ms) Help me,I hope someone can (...)
Hi all, i'd like to integrate a graphical lcd controller into an FPGA( already integrating the processor, and some peripherals), in order to driver either tft or Monochrome lcd panel. The video RAM could be external. The idea is to have that integrated lcd controller to behave has an epson graphic (...)
What kind of lcd, STN or tft, driver? the following is my lcd controller features: ************************************************************ lcd Module - STN-lcd (single scan/dual scan) - tft-lcd Maximum Resolution - STN-lcd (...)
Hi michael03, You have to clock in every pixel and to generate HSYNC and VSYNC. The exact howto depends on the type (STN, tft, s/w or color) of your lcd. Theoretically it can be done with an 8051, but the problem is the performance. You have to update your 25'600 Pixels every 20-30ms. This gives a throughput of over 1'000'000 Pixel/s. I thin
Hi someone told me tft lcd driver look like many D/A convert have any reference circuit ?? thank you