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hello !! how can i measure HD3 ,thd, IIP3, IIM3 using cadence analog environment for cmos ota design please reply soon......its urgent thanks in advance :)
fundamental, pure sine wave= 50hz 2) harmonics injected= 100 hz ( ie, 1st harmonic) ( harmonics is the integral multiple of fundamental wave) then we add both pure and harmonic , to get combination = distortion ( shown in gragh as combination) then we pass through filter, and reproduce pure sine wave. now here,, next step is to find out
Hi hojongch, This is another method: If you can measure the total power (usually this is done in time domain) and the dc and 1st (funtamental) components, you have Harmonics_power = Total_power - DC_power - Fundamental_power It this way, in theory all harmonics are included. The problem is that in the case thd is low, as this is calculate
You don't measure the input power. It's actually V1*I(V1). As a hint: You can also determine the power factor from an I1 fourier transformation respectively thd measurement.
thd measurement is used to analyze AC signals. I think you dont need thd measurement because your output is DC. You just need to meter output voltage ripple. This measurement will show u quality of the SMPS output. Your output will be DC + AC(ripple). So your main signal is DC and some AC ripple. You dont (...)
hi guys, i am writing a code for measuring thd(total harmonic distortion) in a three phase power meter.can anyone explain what is thd and upto how many harmonics can be measured ? i want measurement upto 41st harmonic
You can of course use ADS for audio amplifier simulations. thd is the sum of harmonics' amplitudes.( Look at thd formulae)So, if you do a HB simulation, you'll find the amplitudes of the harmonics and ADS won't know how type of circuit you simulate.There is no practical difference to simulate a Microwave amplifier and Audio amplifier from aspect o
Hi - I'm working on an audio amplifier circuit and would really like to measure the thd+N of it. I know Audio Precision devices are one of the standard ways of making this measurement, but can anybody suggest a method of doing so using more common equipment? Has anybody had success with using a computer's sound card to do it, perhaps? Thank you!
I am not sure, if the method as mentioned by erikl really works - because: Gain is defined for signals of the same shape (input and output). And exactly THIS condition is not fulfilled if we have distortions caused by non-linearities. If you are required to determine the non-linearity as a value you must know how non-linearity is defined (thd)
Hello, i search for my amp project a preamplifer circuit with ultra low thd, this circuit are including the tone control and he make a Vu = 10 for the amp and i will use ops. Have everyonea idea for a circuit the have a ultra low thd? Thanks a lot Dark Angel
I need IEC 60244 (or IEC 244 or EN 60244) "Methods of measurement for radio transmitters" for review. I dont known which part I need exactly. Thank you
hi, im using micro-controller MSP430F1121 ,135 and 149 from TI. just now im doing current measurement for MSP430F149 with MSP-FEt430F140 evaluation kit LPM4 mode we found its consuming 5.6 to 6.3 uA current. I found that MSP430F135 consuming 5.6 to 6.3 uA current. But if Im using the same source code to test MSP430F1121 it consumes 0.1uA c
Does somebody have ideas where I can get the information about eye pattern? Thanks!
i want to measure the inductace value.currently im trying to feed to oscillator and then measure the feq. can anyone suggest me the ckt which ll b STABLE. Let me know. Regards nikhil
Contents are as below.. General Transactions - A Technical Reference Series brought to you by OMEGA. Glossary Intrinsic Safety Teflon Fluorocarbon Information Temperature Related Pressure, Strain and Force Related FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) National Pipe Taper and Strait Thread Dimensions Pressure
anyone have idea
Hi All, How can we measure the antenna gain in-house ? Assume we only have reference dipole, signal generator and spectrum available only measurement. Rgs Rayengine
Hi everyone: Recently , I begin a project for RF Impedance measurement, Specially for antenna impedance. I plan use a wisdon resistance bridge to measure gain&phase data. analog device inc's ic ad8302 look like a good choose for this design, who can give me some advice?
I need 1 chip for Energy measurement, to connect to one 51. Or 1 circuit. Best regards Iberia
Phase noise and AM noise measurement in the frequency domain
hi. the attached file discribed the various type of power measurement in rf and microwave circuits. if anyone has a new method please send for me. in soon we will present a new method for power measurement in RF circuits. thanks.
How to make a SHUNT for 5A current measurement. The application is a power meter whereby the current from a CT is 5amps and has to be fed to a SHUNT to convert to voltage for measurement by an AD77xx series IC. I have tried using Nichrome wire but it is not solderable. Using Iron or other metals with high R, there is a problem with high tempera
Anybody know .... just in
Hello, I am looking for websites which have structured tutorial and/or reucational information on Instrumentation & measurement. Thanks, Bharundi
hi, in our measurement sustem course, we are required to build a measurement system. can anyone help me.
Dear Friends, I am looking for a good example doc/pdf/.ppt for taking antenna measurement with HP network analyzer. i.e transmit/receive only with Network Analyzer Thanks for your kindly help in advance. Best regards,EDIN
Does anyone have any experience with RF emission measurement from PC's? I need measurement data to 10 GHz and would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance D.
Hi I have two questions on measurement of phased arrays. 1)How to measure the change of element's active reflected coefficient along with the scanning angles without the phased shifter? 2)How to confirm the array's phase centre? Please tell me the solved method or commend some papers and books about it.Especially e-book:) Thanks! CaoCao
Moulthrop, A.S.; Clark, C.J.; Muha, M.S.; Silva, C.P."Dynamic AM/AM and AM/PM measurement Technique"1997 MTT-S Intl. Microwave Symp. Digest, Vol. 3, 1455-1458 (Denver, CO, June 8-13, 1997). thanx in advance regards!
Hi, I've just started using Orcad Pspice. I create a custom measurement result in Probe but everytime I re-simulate it, I have to add that measurement formula again(I use add trace and then enter formula). Is there any way we can either enter a custom mesurement in schematic(I only use probe to probe the node) or saving my measurement (...)
some paper about near field measurement
Has anyone ever seen a product or project converting a number of measurement data converted to a video signal? We have some measurements to transmit and video transmitters and receivers are quite cheap. Eddie
I need some book about antenna measurement,NF,FF-field measurment. who have such books,pls give me a copy! I need them urgently!!! thx!!!!
Hi All, Can anyone help me find papers, techniques used to measure precise amount of Jitter occuring in PLL. Any help in this regards is appreciated. Cheers, Gold_kiss
I've saw many article discuss inductor measurement and modeling. Recently I meet problem to get a capacitance from 2-port S parameter measurement of a interdigital capacitor. Thanks for discuss and reply.
hi all, could anybody help on this topic? The point is that i can't buy a vector network analyzer or things like that. Any advice or comment is appreciated. regards
Hi this link is reference to the subject of this post, I interesting in any document that learn in how to measure and testing the amplifiers like IHF (Institute of High Fidelity) , Power, thd, TIM, frequency response, etc..... any information is welcom org is dedicated to te
hi I need to measure the human tissue impedance. Any suggestions on how can i get accurate data or pointers on building impedance measurement circuit will be most appreciated. Thanks you !
A 5.1c amplifier schematics, RMS power=50W,thd=0.03%
Can anybody give some advice about microwave and rf measurement? Books are prefered,thanks.
Why is the Q-factor of capaitor not stable when I'm measuring capacitor by Agilent measurement equipment ?
in EMF measurement, if the the frequence of jamming is same as the frequence of signal, and the in the same direction of signal ,how to cancel this kind of jamming? who can help me, thanks in advance! :?
Hi my question is how to deal with the interference in antenna measurement, if the interference is at the same frequency and in the same direction as the signal. and we can't avoid its frequency and direction. can anyone give me some advice? thanks a lot! cybcad
Hi Who have the schematic of "measurement box v3" for loudspeake@LAB. SEE ynhe
Full version of LSPLAB is selled with a measurement box. In order to use LSPLAB demo, i need to built this box by myself but i don't have internal electrical drawings. If somebody have a idear.... Thanks.:D ynhe
Hi guys I'm designing a current amplifier from 100fA resolution to 1uA full scale. Any information like better topology, links to papers, personal experience, layout techniques, problems, tips and tricks will be welcome. Thank you in advance. Juaco
Got some problems with the measurement of differential inductor ? Recently there are more and more papers describing the advantages of using differential inductor. Like Q enhancement, smaller area etc.. And papers always show the Q difference in differential and sigle-ended mode operation for an inductor, is that from measurement or just simulatio
I would like to get about measurement circuits to use OTA that is element in circuit.
Hi, I want to know that for load pull measurement (on wafer devices), do we get the power contour at constant (or 1dB compression point) delivered input power or constant absorbed input power. i always find that paper only use Pin without specification. thanks in advance.