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No thesis.refer to bible-mathei Young and Jones, UWave filters and matching networks
hi, i am an EEE std.i am going to meet my thesis teacher but did not have any topics in my hand if any one can give a topics on microwave or antenna design i would be grearful to him/her.
Hello, I am doing work on microwave transitions; I need help in preparing my thesis report which is titled “Stripline to Microstrip transition using Multilayer boards”. This is a NASA technical paper. You can Google this to know more. I would also like why there is so less information available about transitions, So far,
Hello, I am having my bachelor thesis on RFID. i need to simulate a RFID 13.56 tag using CST microwave studio. Can anyone help me in that? Attached is my simulation trial, but unfortenately it doesn't give any good results. So if you have any idea why is that? For any helping material please send it to andrew.morcos(at) Thank
Could anyone please tell me a good thesis subject related to microwave. Take into consideration that I am an undergrad student.
Can anybody help me or give me any advice on microwave ovens? We have to modify a microwave for our thesis, this involves making holes in them. I hope someone could refer me to a person or help give me a lot of advice about this. We all know that a microwave oven isn't one of the cheaper things in life, I don't want to make (...)
Your task is quite difficult. I do not expect any model can help you. Human tissue is a complex material with varying impedance and loss. Do not expect someone gives you a reasonable direction. You will have to experiment to find how to achieve a good antenna function. Google Alabaster: Ph.D.thesis on microwave Tissue Parameters where some result
Hello, I am looking for papers, books, thesis on Distributed Amplifiers preferably in GaAs process technology although I will take those that are in Silicon processes. I need to learn theory and application. Thanks!
Can anyone recommend good books, papers, thesis on BOTH microstrip and stripline bandpass coupled line filter design ? Thanks
can anyone please tel lme where I can get a report on mixers or microwavce mixers? I need liek a graduate report, or conference paper, thesis etc. on it something low end to read up on mixers please anyone, something would be very appreciated I need it asap thanks
Hi, Iam Currently working on My MSc thesis and i have to design a negative resitance circuit to be coupled in to a microwave ring resonator , to compensate for the losses in the ring, i have tried a lot of things but i wasnt able to get desired results, any help in this regard would be really a favour to me, as i have to submit my thesis (...)
Hello everyone, I want to do my master thesis in the field of wireless communications in which I can implement some hardware and software at the same time. I will be looking forward to your topic suggestions.
Hi everybody I am working on RFID for my university thesis. and I want to know more about RFID physics and structure. can any body help me. I approciate him.
Hi everyone I am student of Technical University of Hamburg germany doing masters in microwave engineering. I am currently searching for a master thesis topic in antenna engineering. I have experience in designing microstrip antennas, microstrip circuits and Travelling Wave Tube. I also have hands on experience in working with Electromagne
Jung-Hoon Chun "ESD PROTECTION CIRCUITS FOR ADVANCED CMOS TECHNOLOGIES" (thesis, see chapter rar 1.Choshu Ito, Kaustav Banerjee, and Robert W. Dutton "Analysis and Design of ESD Protection Circuits for High-Frequency/RF Applications" 2.Ming-Dou Ker, Bing-Jye Kuo "Decreasing
I want to know how much laser is related to RF electronics I mean in applications because I'm searching for a point to make thesis on
Hi All, I have a dream to become an antenna design engineer. Unfortunately, until now I still stuck here as digital engineer. So, plan to further master on antenna so i can better chance to pursue my dream job. Need you guys suggestion on which topic are suitable for me.All antenna engineer and lecturer out there, please give me some idea.
Hi, the UWB antenna design has many free available references over the internet check this MSc thesis which is using the CST microwave Studio for simulation and here a PhD t
whats your interest and u want for thesis?
hello please suggest some very good books just to gain and increase the knowledge about microstrip antennas so that i could make the good career in the field of microstrip antenna. i have done my master thesis on high gain microstrip antenna and want to get doctorate degree in antenna field but for that i should have solid back ground about anten
Hello dear engineers, I am doing my thesis on Computational Electromagnetics and I wiould like to make a simulation of a fluorescent lamp ballast PCB with CST Studio Suite. I am interested in radiated and conducted emissions, because later the PCB will be tested in an EMC lab to confirm the simulation results. So far I have imported the PCB i
Using Google for search on 'fractal antenna' gave the following answers:
Here is an application where you can find the answer: Design, Construction, and Testing of a microwave Radar System for Through-Wall Surveillance
if you want detail it is better to look for thesis here is one that was very useful for me A 1.9GHz Gilbert Mixer in 0.18m CMOS For a Cable Tuner Bi Pham Project Supervisor Dr. John Rogers Department of Electronics Carleton University Ottawa, Canada
Simple Question: How do you reduce PCB Parasitics or more importantly stop them and take them into account for microwave applications ? Modeling ? De-Embedding ? Material ? Any books, thesis, ideas would be helpful.
Hi, I am designing a upconvertor mixer. I want to know whwther IIP3 specification for a upconvertor mixer is important ? If it is important how to determine what value is required for a upconvertor mixer and if possible please give me some links for a upconvertor mixer thesis. Also, can somebody give me typical values of IIP3 for a upconve
hi.. i don't know, from which country u r....!!! see what suits u according to the jobs available in ur country.. furthermore, i don't know whether some univeristies offer masters in this field !!! because, many universities offer masters in communication, electronics, or electrical.. u can choose some courses of ur choice according to ur likin
Need books, papers, thesis or tutorial about on wafer probing. Any ideas ?
hie can you guys pls recommend some good online reference books, journals, pdf documents or other sources which describes designs for microstrip bandpass filter? I am dealing with a new type of microstrip bandpass filter project and I need some suitable references in order for me to complete my thesis and project. Please help.Thanks alot
hi mrelec.i also prepare ph.D thesis in metamaterials specillly in ebg,i would like to amke some high gian low profile antennas,also i study LHM,we can share our experience,pls reply me at regards
Hello everyone, Hopefully this is in the correct sub-forum, as I couldn't quite figure out where to put it. I am in the process of writing my Bachelor thesis, with the topic on a specific microwave Network design. I would like to show the initial design steps I took on the Smith Chart in software form, similar to the way Dr. David Pozar does
Look for this thesis: Use of CST microwave Studio and Its Interface with Matlab for Optimization and Space Mapping Applications it explains and has enough material to show how to control CST with Matlab.
please send me if u have.i need it for my thesis
I've completed my Masters in RF and microwave Engg. this year...and after quite sme time I've landed in this job as a software embedded engineer...but I wanted to work on RFICs or similar dissertation thesis was also on the same lines...but I cudnt find ny openings...atleast nt at entry the problem is...if i take this job...i
Hi All my friends Happy new year I am working on RF MEMS Shunt Switches for my thesis , I finished with DC simulation using Coventorware. Now I want to do RF simulation , I have access to CST microwave studio , but I am unable to do it because some errors are coming . can you please help me.I will be very much thankful to you
Thank you for your attention to my problem. Actually I need high frequency ferrite. There is high frequency ferrite powder however my first option is ferrite substrate. my design parameters are: delta H =45 Oe, Ms=1780 gauss .I'm working in range of 3-10 Ghz . I could change my design according to ferrite which I could find. Now I'm working
In my master thesis, i need a built in TR modules (4 in numbers) to demonstrate concept of beam steering. Can any one tell which companies sell TR modules at 1GHz or near 1GHz, as it is not a commercial product. Regards
There are many sources of data you requested. One of the best is, avaliable on Google: C.M.Alabaster: The microwave Properties of Tissue and Other Lossy Dielectrocs, PhD thesis, Cranfield University, UK, 2004. Another good reference is Kapilevich, B., Litvak, B. Dtermination of Complex Permittivity.... Ariel University of Samaria, Ariel, Israel,
Salaam Asif You will find many a articles about Inverted F antennas,but there's one thesis i will recommend you reading and i can give you some PIFA files simulated with HFSS. so the thesis is by a student from university of queensland.If you need PIFA files let me know. Hope this helps Regards ChachitoEL
Hi thesisofantenna, Here is the list of items you should know. 1- Designing a Patch Antenna 2- CST Suit Studio 3- Genetic Algorithm Which item do you know about?