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No thesis.refer to bible-mathei Young and Jones, UWave filters and matching networks
hi, i am an EEE std.i am going to meet my thesis teacher but did not have any topics in my hand if any one can give a topics on microwave or antenna design i would be grearful to him/her.
Hello, I am doing work on microwave transitions; I need help in preparing my thesis report which is titled “Stripline to Microstrip transition using Multilayer boards”. This is a NASA technical paper. You can Google this to know more. I would also like why there is so less information available about transitions, So far,
a very good thesis on nonlinearity
goodmorning; tell me names of good books on microwave filters, theory, design procedures and softwares.
can anyone send projects on microwave engineering on any topic..its required urgently
hi all can somebody upload some thesis on watermarking of still image.especially using wavelet and in the field of fragile or semifragile watermarking. plz don't upload those that can be find free in the web(in google search). thanks in adv.
Is ther anyone can tell me what's the shim used on microwave circuit adjustment and whern can I buy it? Thanks
can any body tells me the effect of rain and temperature on microwave link.i.e effect oif rain and humidity effect of temperature. how can we establish the microwave link on bermuda triangle zone in dead sea. thanx in advance Virus King
hi for understanding EBG structures the phd thesis by sivenpiper is a good source of information. i want to know is there any good thesis on broadbanding techiques for patch antenna. i will be thankful if anyone can post if having such thesis. thanks
hello! i'm doing my thesis on comparison of multipliers. nd i'm over wid the codes of booth, wallace and booth encoded wallace tree multiplier and calculated their delay nd the delay comes out is least for booth encoded wallace tree multiplier and for the multiplication of two 8-bit signed numbers. nd the delay is 15.619ns nd the max. speed of op
plz help me i need thesis on rectangular dielectric resonator antenna by Mcallister from Houston University. plz help me
Hi guys, I wanted to superimpose privousely simulated filter in this case with the one that i have modified so i could analize the changes due to my modification. How do i do this on microwave office? thanks guys -danesh-
Hello i am new to this forum and stumbled upon it quite by accident. I am currently trying to start a thesis on "WiMAX implementation and Link Budgeting" and sadly enough i have no idea about WiMAX. Could somebody direct me on what to read up on? So far i have realized and learned 1.What is WiMAX 2. Advantages of WiMAX These are what i need
Hii everybody............. I am working on Dielectric resonator antenna design and analysis so Plz send me thesis on Dielectric resonator antenna at my mail id
I'm doing M.Tech. in Electrical from IIT Hyderabad . I want to do my thesis on RFID. Please suggest me some topics for thesis . The topic can go up to high level bcoz we have good facilities here for research so please suggets me some topics ............I'd be very thankful.........
I am going to write my master thesis on a wireless sensor network for a fire security system. The wireless protocol is decided and confidential, and has mesh capabilities for redundancy and great battery life. Even so, the company I am writing it for wants to mainly get this new wireless system they want me to design commercialised, but I have to d
Hello Dears; Hope you will be all fine and enjoying your lives. I want to work on cooperative communication as my final year MS thesis. Should I work on amplify and forward technique or encode and forward? any one who can help me in this regard. Thanks
Your task is quite difficult. I do not expect any model can help you. Human tissue is a complex material with varying impedance and loss. Do not expect someone gives you a reasonable direction. You will have to experiment to find how to achieve a good antenna function. Google Alabaster: Ph.D.thesis on microwave Tissue Parameters where some result
Could anyone please tell me a good thesis subject related to microwave. Take into consideration that I am an undergrad student.
Hi ppl , Does anyone have a good e-book on microwave engineering or a www link. If so kindly let me know as soon as possible. Aircraft Maniac :)
Hi, I've bought a microwave tube which I can't say what is it. It is red, seems the endcup of a 10ghz microwave guide and is marked VC-722A made by Varian. I suppose that it is a klistron ... Can someone tell me what is it ? Do you have the datasheet ? thanks proton
can anyone give me some useful information or links about microwave mixer design. it is to be used for upconversion in an X-band transmitter.
I need the next MTT paper: J. H. Cloete, "Tables for nonmimimum-phase even-degree low-pass prototype networks for the design of microwave linear phase filters", IEEE Trans. on MTT. vol. 27, pp. 123-128, February 1979. If anyone has it, upload, please. Thanks.
I have uploaded two thesis for u at and
Hi, all, I really need the following thesis, wish some of u would share it, thanks. C. Hull, Analysis and Optimization of Monolithic RF Downconversion Receivers. PhD thesis, University of California, Berkeley, 1992. PS: I posted this request on the request section too, I wish I'm not disobeying the rules here. (sorry!) Rgs. Ruri
I am compiling the effects of HT wires on differents bands of microwave frequencies k,ku,ka,c bands and would appreciate some information from you guys
there are some books and thesis they are good, i think book Top Down Design of High Performance Sigma Delta Modulators-Medeiro-1999 DeIta-Sigma Data Converters-Norsworthy Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters(Temes) thesis High-Speed, Low-Power Sigma-Delta Modulators for RF Baseband Channel Applications - Arnold R. Feldman Design and
Hello , How can I design a phase shifter in microwave Office. I am to use RT/Duroid as the dielectric...could anyone help with leads of the schematics....i knowi am to use 2 SPDT's at either ends of the transmission is to operate at 5GHz and have a phase shift of 45 degrees.
hi friends i am of student of want to start thesis on device modeling.can anyone suggest me related to above topic.I will be highly thankful to you. thanking you.....
Hello, I m doing my MSc thesis which requires real time or synthesized data from Radar. Can u plz tell me from where i can get the data of Radar on web( signals or images) of targets or any object, on which i can do processing.Or if someone has got such data , can they plz share it . Any kind of help will be very useful. Thanx
Can anyone tell me any any project topic on Smart Antennas. I would like to research on it and develop it. I am doing MS and i would like to do thesis on it. Thanks.
Hi everybody, i'm working on my thesis: "implementation of jpeg2000 encoder on altera de2 board" but i don't know how to get a picture from computer and put it onto DE2 Board for compression it and transfer it back to computer to show the result. So I hope to get help from you. I need your help so much. Thank you very much. My mail is: min
i want thesis topic on asic. I always wonder how a person who lacks of basic communication skills can study on such a complicated topic like ASIC design. I evaluate this request in two ways: 1-) Either the member has mastered all other sophisticated EE subjects, or 2-) He knows nothing about the world of
Hello, I am having my bachelor thesis on RFID. i need to simulate a RFID 13.56 tag using CST microwave studio. Can anyone help me in that? Attached is my simulation trial, but unfortenately it doesn't give any good results. So if you have any idea why is that? For any helping material please send it to andrew.morcos(at) Thank
Does any body have a thesis (PhD or on the subject of compact broadband microstrip antennas. if you have or you know a link please help me.
Can anybody help me or give me any advice on microwave ovens? We have to modify a microwave for our thesis, this involves making holes in them. I hope someone could refer me to a person or help give me a lot of advice about this. We all know that a microwave oven isn't one of the cheaper things in life, I don't want to make (...)
Please I need materials on Outage probability on digital microwave links. I am embarking a research on the topic
I am intrested in book on 1. microwave High Power generation 2. Application of microwave in semiconductor industry 3. microwave Power for plasma generation Please suggest good book or good URL for above topics. Thanks
In the microwave Testbench shown, I am replacing VSWR Meter with another CRO. Then, What would be the waveforms on two CROs ? According to my prediction: CRO at Detector Mount will indicate SQUARE WAVES( AM modulation set on MW source supply) CRO at slotted line will indicate STANDING SINE WAVES tracked by the slotted line Is it correct ?
Hi guys, I am looking for a PhD thesis in microwave and RF engineering or MEMS technology. Can anyone help me with finding some open positions in Europe or Asia ? Thanks in advance,
looking for capstone/thesis projects or DIY learning projects?
Hello Dears; Hope you will be all fine and enjoying your lives. I want to work on cooperative communication as my final year MS thesis. Should I work on amplify and forward technique or encode and forward? any one who can help me in this regard. Thanks
hello I would like to do my thesis on the topic ANTENNA. Earlier, i have simulated an RFID tag antenna in HFSS... Please help me giving some good topics on antenna for my thesis...
hallo i am designing a power amplifier using a motorola transistor i would like to ask how can i use load pull simulation to design it for broadband operation form 1.8GHz to 2.2 Ghz also wht should i do with the harmonics some books say short it (crips book) other papers (an experimental study of the effects of harmonic loading on microwave
hi, i am working on a project about microwave filter with planar structure,anyone could tell me which EM software could be prefered... it is the first time i work on microwave circuit... thanks!
I need the neext MTT paper: R.Levy, R. Snyder and G. Matthaei, "Design of microwave Filters," IEEE Trans. on MTT vol. 50, pp. 783-793, March 2002. If anyone has it, please upload. Thanks.
Hi guys, Some lecture notes on the above mentioned topic..............
Hi guys, Some lecture notes on microwave semiconductor devices and Circuits.............
I'm working on a project of bag-making machine control, anyone can give me suggestions and papers on control system for bag-making machine for my reference?