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Dear friends, I need your suggestions for masters thesis suggestions in RFID field. I am about to graduate student and 2 semesters left. I have already studied concepts and applications of RFID but unable to decide for RFID based thesis. Do any one guide me for some good topic in RFID. Your help will be surely (...)
Hello, I want to do my master thesis about cooperative diversity systems. Are there any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
thesis ! or final year project? is it a paper or a project? there are lots of ideas for both but you have to select a topic that you like to work with. what do you like/ cars, security, control, dsp.... make a search on edaboard there are lots of students who ask the same question we do not want to repeat our answers good luck
Maybe you can take a look at some of the earlier projects that were done in your department to see what qualifies as a thesis. This should give you a feel about what constitutes a proper topic for the thesis. Also, after browsing the topics, you maybe able to propose alternate ways of accomplishing the tasks proposed -- you can also propose improve
hi,dr vfurlan,i have amaster thesis fractal antennas,design,characterization and application,if u want it,i could upload it for u
Hi All, I have a dream to become an antenna design engineer. Unfortunately, until now I still stuck here as digital engineer. So, plan to further master on antenna so i can better chance to pursue my dream job. Need you guys suggestion on which topic are suitable for me.All antenna engineer and lecturer out there, please give me some idea.
Hello I am going to do a master thesis in wireless communication, any suggestions about the tiltle of the thesis?? Regards
I am going to write my master thesis on a wireless sensor network for a fire security system. The wireless protocol is decided and confidential, and has mesh capabilities for redundancy and great battery life. Even so, the company I am writing it for wants to mainly get this new wireless system they want me to design commercialised, but I have to d
I am about to start doing research for my MS thesis about bimodel biometric. If you guys have any resources to share that will be greatly appreciated.:oops: Thanks in advance, :oops:
Hello. I have a telerobotic thesis. This describe all the things. You can download and read it. Topic: DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERNET-BASED TASKORIENTED TELEROBOTIC SYSTEM
Hi, I'm writing my thesis and I have to translate the title in english. I'm not native english speaker and I'd like to ask opinion on following title: Effects of Wiring on Printed Inverted F-Antenna suggestions, corrections, etc...? Thanks, Markus
Hi I can understand you want to work with MMIC. I do not know which universityor company you are attached too, but if you want to do the fabrication of the MMIC it can become quite time comsuming. I do not think it is something that is done in a week or two. In my university they had a lot of master thesis in MMIC design, but now they tell peopl
Dear sir I'm currently looking for a subject for my Ph.D. thesis. I want it to be new in the field of communication and signal processing theory. Do you have any suggestions? Best Regards Abbasi
Dear sir I'm currently looking for a subject for my Ph.D. thesis. I want it to be new in the field of communication and signal processing theory. Do you have any suggestions? Best Regards Abbasi
Hello everyone, I want to do my master thesis in the field of wireless communications in which I can implement some hardware and software at the same time. I will be looking forward to your topic suggestions.
The master thesis depends on your interst and your profesor should support it. Look for thesis, which you can get job easily . If you are intersted to pursue Phd in the same area, look for research topics like, Signal intgerity ,Low power design, image compression methods and etc. Currently, Nano science in VLSI is growing. This type of researc
Hi Friends, I need your suggestions on what thesis topic to pursue. My undergraduate background is Electronics Engineering. My graduate course is Electronics Engineering, major in Microelectronics. I have completed units in Analog Design and Fuzzy Logic. Now I'm studying DSP, Control Systems and Robotics. I used to be connected with an elect
Dear all, I am planning to make a master thesis and I am interested to do something related to satellite communications. Can you please help me by suggesting usefull hot topics in this regard or How can I come up with an ineresting topic? Some ideas that come to my mind and related to Satellite are improving SNR or data rate or Disaster Rescu
I have to decide about my master's thesis in about two months time. Can you suggest me any topics regarding Power Quality? It could be power quality analysis using wavelet transform or any other topic.... Thanks in advance.
can i ask for suggestions for an undergraduate thesis topic in digital microelectronics that can be implemented using Verilog HDL? thanks in advance.
I'm currently in a bit of a problematic situation. We had to submit or choice for master's thesis. I got my hands on a subject related to NMR. Sadly my promoter / advisor came down with a bad case of not responding to emails. But considering it was during the exams I decided to wait, most professors simply don't respond to emails during the exams.
Hello. i am currently in the process of deciding a topic for my Master thesis. my Master is on electronics and communication department and i want to work on something that is related to embedded system as my work field . but i am out of ideas how to combine these to in my thesis. Anybody here more relevant to this field can help me with that. i
for present i am working on some design done synthesis & need to proceed with PnR.
Any suggestions for the best ARM7 toolset?
Need suggestions for baseband processor and RF chipsets designed for π/4-DQPSK modulation/demodulation, thanks!
clock skew jitter thesis (4 files part 4)
a very good thesis on nonlinearity
Hi, In a project I need two motors to drive an object. The motors always have same directions and speed. The object's weight is below 100-kg. Control system and motors should be cheap. My problem is which kind of motor should I use: dc, ac or step motors. If I choice dc or ac motors it needs a lot of electronics and software developing. If I
Hi Archive of thesis 1. h**p:// (Browse/Search) 2. h**p:// (Sample) * -> t tnx
This is a good thesis about frequency synthesizers. Please post public links, but not files, save Elektroda bandwidth !
Take a look at NandoPG
Hi to all, Could you tell me where I can found a good book or PDF to learn about signal integrity,crosstalk... ? I have only a school book with some suggestions and many formulas ( very strange and complicate ). I need pratical suggestions without formulas (if possible !) about delay, crosstalk ecc.... Many Tanks MBKS :o
Hi, This documents are MS thesis dissertation about GMSK Modems, both from Texas A&M University.
I am building an active load for a high-current (125A) low voltage (5Vdc) power supply. My intention is to use the GP500LSS06S for my application and attached is a simple block diagram on the design. Would appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thank you.
hi,thesis of mobile communication antenna
I did my graduate thesis about Neural Networks Embedded FPGA. Do anyone want to share docs about it? I used Matlab and Verilog HDL to design my Equalizer....
I'm working on a project of bag-making machine control, anyone can give me suggestions and papers on control system for bag-making machine for my reference?
Wery true, And now the Class-D amplifier has overcomed some of its main limitations and is now ready to take market-shares. TI and Ice Power are some of the pioneers in these new methods and you can find the Phd thesis that shows some of the ideas here (this includes a lot about closed loops);
He wants analog electronics: Do a research thesis on analog cross-over noise. A full study.
ALL I'm asking for is suggestions on HARDWARE that will be needed to build this. I'm thinking microcontroller, UART, Some sort of communication chip, etc. ANY and ALL suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Each device being monitored generates a 32-bit word to be stored. AGAIN, I'm just looking for hardware suggestions...i.e. what is (...)
Roland E Best ...PLL fourth edition (very good book) Alain Blainchard PLL (a little older but good) Razavi (all books of razavi are very good) use serch function from this site....if you don't find this book on site i can upload this for you I can't recomand any thesis because all i seen are shits....all autors make this thesis from books a li
Anyone who work on PLL IC design kown about MICHEAL H. PERROTT? I have some quest :cry: ion on his PHD thesis.
hi all complete thesis of Modelling of TE01δ under HFSS enjoys regards
Dear All, I like to help my friend to find out the data info/ thesis with 6811 microcontroller...??? If you cah help me, please share your valuable info with me... \ Thanks in advance.... What is the best simulator for 6811??? Best regards,Edin
Does anyone have any good ideas for an RF senior design project. I was thinking about designing a wireless cell phone battery charger. I have read numerous articles about tesla and his wireless power transfer ideas. Is this project even feasible? Where would I start?
Hello There, I'm a newbie in using RF modules .. I just purchased the following RF module(TRXQ1): as I connected it as required by the TRXQ1 data sheet (the connection diagram is shown below) I would like to ask about things I should take care of for: 1- prope
dear guys, please share me your ideas and suggestions about design of a two port patch with 2% bandwidth in 1.2GHz on a thin sub (say, .5mm) , good isolation between ports is needed. also, the wider the pattern, the better. looking forward your opinions, Mat
I have uploaded two thesis for u at and
Hi all, I am searching for verilog source code of the new cryptographic block cipher AES in the field of reconfigurable computing (especially FPGAs) . I have a huge interest in AES, but the problem that thousands of researches are done in this field, so I am trying to find something new that's related to this field. I found most papers not to
Hi, all, I really need the following thesis, wish some of u would share it, thanks. C. Hull, Analysis and Optimization of Monolithic RF Downconversion Receivers. PhD thesis, University of California, Berkeley, 1992. PS: I posted this request on the request section too, I wish I'm not disobeying the rules here. (sorry!) Rgs. Ruri