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Hi, all, I was try to get good toggle coverage for my design!!! Here were some reports from VCS ----------------------------------------- MODULE top.mydesign.sub_design_1 // Net coverage // Name toggled 1->0 0->1 mpu_addr (...)
What's the Significance of toggle coverage in Code coverage. Why we need toggle coverage. What's the use of this and Where is the application.
what do you mean?function coverage?VCS provides four types of coverage analysis in functional simulation: line or statement coverage FSM coverage toggle coverage condition coverage
Modelsim also provide code coverage covering statements, branch, expression and toggle coverage. I find it quite user friendly, just need to compile with the coverage options that you want and then simulate by turning on coverage, interactively or script driven.
My design run with VCS 7.0 report toggle rate is 0. The cm.log message is following : Starting toggle coverage for module RM5012_SIM_TOP.RM5012.TOP.RM5012_TOP_ROM : Starting toggle coverage for module RM5012_SIM_TOP.RM5012.TOP.RM5012_TOP_ROM.u_dafilter_top : Starting toggle (...)
hi everyone, i have return one simple code in verilog now i want to see the code coverage for the same can anyone guide me which command we need to execute in batch mode to add code coverage and to view the same. first compile the file with cover option b?Collect branch statistics. c?C
Hello, I want to exclude bits in toggle coverage. I m working on cadence (iccr) tool. I used this "set_toggle_excludefile" command in coverage configuration file has .ccf extension. I created two file one exclude_bits.ccf and other one is exclude_file.dat. contents of exclude_file.dat. file: -ere instance (...)
The coverage have two .the first is code coverage, if you use some coverage tools , you should see such as: condition coverage , code coverage , brach coverage, toggle coverage and more. when you verify , you should reach 100% of those, the tools manual (...)
yes,you can't say verification is completed for design and you can say only that i have done verification of some percentage(%)... the percentages based on your verification strategies. like if you done branch coverage you can say how many branches have you exercised successfully, if you done toggle coverage you can say how much % of (...)
Hi, I have a testcase in verilog to program different register using randomization. The value is given to a register as below: initial begin repeat(100) begin reg = $urandom_range(0,48); end end so reg is getting assigned with values between 0 and 48.I want the reg to be assigned with all values between 0 and 48 like randc in sys
1. use design compiler's utility vcd2saif to generate the switch activity information and read into test compiler to report the coverage info. 2. there is one toggle rate caculate PLI example under nc-sim's sub-directory , compiled it then use PLI link from simulator to get the result .
Hi Verilog code-coverage utility Covered is a Verilog code-coverage utility used for Design Verification which is capable of performing line, toggle, combinational logic and finite state machine (FSM) coverage analysis. 1. 2. -> t tnx
hi, Firstly, u need to compile ur design file with ur selected coverage. For example, ModelSim > vlog -cover bcst file_name.v Here, ur coverage are b=branch, c=condition, s=statement and t=toggle. then, ModelSim > vsim -coverage file_testbench.v next, run -all. OR, u can enable it using GUI. U go to (...)
Code coverage Checks How your testBench covers the Statments,Expressions, Conditions, Branches, toggle Nodes in your Design Under Test. Different TestBenches can target Different Statments in the Design Unit Functional coverage From its name it checks the Functionality of your Design unit. PSL & SV are used for Functional Cov
Hi all, I am just wondering, do we need to run the code coverage at the gate-level netlist? Can the code coverage from cadence support code coverage at the gate-level netlist? Thanks To a limited extent yes. For instance: * toggle cov on important nets * FSM coming out of reset properly Yes, Cad
You need run ncverilog with options: -coverage all -covoverwrite -covtest test_name -covdut Then you may see results: iccr -test ./cov_work/design/test_name -gui
The IDDQ target is to cover maximum no of states for each logic gate in given design. we no need to observe any fault outside. Hence is just a toggle profile. due to these reasons the IDDQ coverage is high with lesser patterns.
how to start coverage Analysis tool in NC-sim? i can't find it .
Managing coverage: A Perspective
ANY one ever uses the Logic-BIST tool ? How about the quality ? For example, the test coverage and the hardware overhead. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Mentor Graphics: LBISTArchitect Syntest: TurboBIST-Logic LogicVision: Logic BIST Synopsys: SoCBIST
For soc verification, the most important thing of RTL simulation is code coverage. We must guarantee that ourRTL verification acquires higher code coverage.
I?m looking for a way to find what is the functional coverage of our testing. We don't have scan in the current chip. So the only way to find what is the coverage is with some kind of tool that will determine what the vectors coverage is. Which tool does that, how easy it to learn it etc ? I did use NC to find out what is the RTL (...)
Hi, I am using HDLScore in my project to get coverage report. My test environment has number of testcases. Now I get .cov file for all these testcase on simulation with NC-Sim. How do I union or do incremental coverage or merge them all? Any commands to do this are welcome. Cheers, Gold_kiss
Hi all: It's hard to test the a complicated verilog design with only one testbench. So when I use more than one testbench fils to verify my design, how can estimate the coverage? Is there some simulation tool or coverage tool can do this work? wang1
Hi everybody i want to know about gsm network coverage in underground railway. anyone cand help me.
It has to be nonlinear! Plot a graph of compare-values VS period of toggle it will be linear.
Hi All, Is it possible to do code coverage using HDLSCORE with C based test cases. Please help regarding same.
hi; i have a ROM with low test coverage. is there anyway to get a better coverage? thanx
The test of the shadow logic that surrounds the memory gives a low coverage.The memory is modeled as a black box. is there a way to improve coverage(using tetramax and design vision) Thx in advance
Any body knows information about functional coverage using systemC. does systemC provides constructs to do functional coverage. OR how can I use systemC for functional coverage. thanks & Regards, Anant
Can anyone send me any document for code coverage..
in my design ,i wrap all the ram with mbist. after i insert dft and run atpg, i find the mbist decrease the faults coverage of the design. here,i paste the report of tetramax and the mbist code for discuss :) #faults testcov instance name (type) ------- ------- ----------------------- 51340 74.40% /vitcore/acs_datapath/acsr
hi all, recently (about 5 days ago) i bought a siemens SX1 mobile had worked fine for two first days but after that i get "no network coverage" although the reception level is good.i test my simcard with another phone in the same area an it's fine. i saw on the web that some other peoples have my problem with their nokia or siemens phon
I guess u r talking about toggle rate/switchin activity. It depends on the scenario of operation of your chip...will be different for different modes of operation... since u dont know about the value, what u can do is do a netlist simulation with sdf annotated and get the VCD/SAIF file and annotate it back to ur power estimation tool.. it will more
as title, ths!
i wnat to do cross coverage of two 16 bit vectors but I want to exclude some conditions. Is it possible using psl? please provide me some reference. thanx
i need some sample c/c++ source code which calculates the code coverage. ( especially in cooperation with a simulator of a vhdl code).
I had tried the ICT in LDV5.1. I feel it's not easy to use. Modelsim's code coverage tool is more user friendly, but run time is too slow... I don't know how VCS is? Could anyone share your experience? With VCS, you simply add "-cm line+fsm+toggle" (or what ever metric you wanted) to the command line. It works quit
Have anybody used Cadence's ICT platform? When I use ICT for coverage, ncsim shows "*W,RNQUIE: Simulation is complete" at the moment it comes to run command but no simulation is run. What does *W,RNQUIE mean? And what may be the possible reasons for it? Thanks a lot!
hi all how to perform code coverage in ncsim?like cmds ,methods etc... thx
hi, anybody can give me an explanation of SOP expression coverage? I got this warning message from IUS55 coverage ncelab: *W,COVSEC: (/export/home/xxx/prj/IP/uart/rtl/uart_dpll.v,115|22): SOP expression evaluates to a constant: not checked thanks a lot!:D
HI! I need to calculate the coverage area, over sea, of a fixed coast station (UHF link). I know it depends on the refraction index also, does anyboby know a formula or a procedure to compute this range? thanks.
for example ncvlog DFF.v DFF_tests.v ncelab worklib.tests -coverage ??? what should be located behand coverage? i can't find any help document about it! thanks a lot!
i wanna build an infra red toggle switch to use it with my bedroom lights (220 v) , is that possible ? , if so will i have to build the remote control myself or just use a commercial one , in that case how can i configure the circuit to suit that remote ? let me know if someone have an idea or some links , thanks .
i have design BIST multiplier . to calculate fautl coverage of above chip . i have to induce fault in intermediate nodes. can any one know how to induce fault in RTL desing .
I'm designing a BIST circuit for memory application using Verilog codes. Once I've got my design ready, how can I evaluate the fault coverage in my design - BIST? What's the normal practice?
For instance,a 16 bit multiplier is is impossible to test all possible inputs and its outputs.Then,when we do verification how can we say this mulitiplier's function is right?
I have code coverage result from module level testbench (for module XYZ) & also I have code coverage result from system level testbench (which contails complete design including module XYZ). Both the testbenches have different hierarchy. My Question is : Is it possible to merge code coverage result from module level testbench & from system (...)
In HDLSCORE: code coverage is listed below 1. Block coverage. which is symbolic by begin ... end implicitly or explicitly 2. Expression coverage. 3. Path coverage 4. toggle coverage 5. FSM coverage Hope it's useful to u.
A stuck node means you can't toggle this node by DFT or simulation. One thing you can try or I did before is isolate the node and trace the fanin and fanout until known nets(Exist in RTL) or instances(like flipflops). From these known nets, and the partial schematic, you can figure out simulation or DFT to toggle the net. Or the stuck node can neve