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So that means a blackbox is an instantiation of a module whose definition is not in GLS model but in RTL or behavioral? Not always true. A black-box can also be an RTL module with no logic defined inside. Like you have a Verilog/VHDL module with just the top level ports, the input ports are not connected to anything and the output p
You should leave your characteristic signature - made by me - on the outside for the rest of the world to see. The inside should be top notch in quality.
Hello everyone, I am looking for a SOT23-6 component with Code Marking 63A23/ 63D18/ 61A27/ 61B23. It is Current Mode PWM Controller smd IC,using in set top box adaptor Pin connections are, pin1-RI 2-GND 3-FB 4-Drive 5-Sense 6-VDD Can someone tell me what is this part? Please help me. Thank you...Rajesh GS
Hi Could someone please help me with a problem. I have a PCB that fits in an ABS box and is to be completely potted, top and bottom. I am investigating device failure modes, as I need to ensure that the outside surface temperature does not reach 135C. I've worked out that one SOT23 device may reach a junction temperature of 150C, under fault
Hi Dear. you can followed these steps in HFSS to create a SIW structures. 1- draw a box for substrate 2- draw patch & ground plane(top and bottom of sub respectively) 3- draw cylinders around the patch for creating the SIW. 4- select top faces of all cylinders that you draw in previous step,then go to modeler-surface-create object from face (...)
Hello, I have a question regarding OCV methodology. I work on a top level that contains a block (that I'm designing also) and I'm looking for the better methodology to apply OCV. At top-level the block is seen as a blak-box (LIB/LEF/GDSII) I use a flat OCV approach (different derating factors for setup/hold (...)
Hello, We are using Cadence Allegro PCB layout software, and we find that we cannot see the grid without having to click for it on the top menu. Is it possible to get the grid showing all the time, in like a dialog box on the screen? We need the grid to be visible when in schematic, layout and library windows. In Eagle Pro, the grid is al
Welcome crodriguez33, The default settings for the field visualizations are pretty bad. Double clicking on the color scale in the top left will bring up the settings panel, on the third tab ("Marker/Arrow") there is a box labeled "Map sizes". Uncheck this, and set the desired arrow size with the slider. Good Luck
Hi all, Can someone help to get some guide or tutorial how to calculate how much memory is required (density) for specific design? The design board could be single-board computer, set-top-box etc. Thanks for help.
I am curious aboout S11 value at center frequency... is it normal to get such a low value of s11? I think that my antenna must have s11 value of around -15dB (simulation and measurement results from one paper on patch antennas) but instead i have only -4dB. I am using adaptive sweep. top box is open. It seems all is setup correctly. Anybody had a s
Hi to all i want to know how the set top box usb works and their circuits when we connect it pendrive. How it communicates with pendrive in detail. Any related information please give me thanks
Hello, I want to model a periodic unit cell in HFSS with a plane wave excitation in the XZ plane with varying angles of incidence. I have started by modeling an air box (20mm x 20mm x 187mm) with PML boundaries on the +/- z sides of the box and Master/Slave boundaries on the other sides. For the top and bottom faces (+/- y), I set the (...)
Hi, I am facing a problem with HFSS port sizing. I am simulating a simple microstrip line of width microstrip_w=50um on top of a substrate of thickness 0.3um, with perfect_E boundary assigned to the bottom face of the radiation box to act as a ground plane. The microstrip has zero thickness. the structure is shown: 105226[/ATTA
I am designing set top box under simulation environment present I have done with proteus with the help of LEDs .I need some other software that displays image or video based on input provided.Thanks.
Hi, I'm trying to simulate an FSS in HFSS using master/slave boundary conditions on sides of the unit cell box and PML on top and bottom. my incident field is a plane wave source. I get the magnitude of S parameters using the "reference for FSS" on PMLs but phase is zero. I know that I can use for instance Floquet ports but I need all the mode
Hi everyone, I have three ways to set the waveport for a structure in a shield box in HFSS. Could you please have a look the following pictures, and tell me which one is more reliable (realistic)? Thank you so much! The first one, only the left/right/top/base are surrounded with copper plates. The air
I have to detect the analog audio output from the set top box. Means want to detect whether the audio is coming from channel or not. How can i detect mute condition, is there any method do so.
Hi folks, I wonder if anyone can shed some lights on this problem: how to simulate a FINITE size (in 2D X-Y plane) EBG surface in HFSS? Specifically, EBG formed by patches without via. My previous simulation setup was using wave port on the top surface of the air box and radiation boundary around the air box. But the resulting (...)
I'm not sure what the point of the Vref signal is, it just provides an offset to your output voltage; you could just as well make Vref=ground. So, Rref is simply the box labeled "low side current sense", you connect the resistor between the bottom of the H-bridge and ground, and Vin is connected to the top of the resistor.
Hi all, bit of a novice user with Cadsoft Eagle and was hoping someone could help me out a bit with a problem please? If I add an SMD resistor or capacitor from the R-EU_ library (say an 0805), the package is shown having a box around it on the top layer of the board (seems to be 4 lines connected around the outside of the pads). This shows on t
Use Momentum will cover your whole structure by a closed Perfect Conductor. For more information, read relevant help topics.
It is not necessary that all embedded systems have mechanical interface.For example systems like Digital set top box which has dsp, electrical hardware but no mechanical interface. All Mechatronic systems are computer(or microprocessor) controlled.They are computer controlled intelligent electro-mechanical systems.We can call them embedded mechatro
These are intended to be used in AC distribution boxes where they clip on to a DIN spec rail behind them. You can use them outside a distribution box by fitting wires into the top and bottom holes then clamping with the screws. Be careful, they are not designed to be reachable under normal circumstances and they are not to be used as power (...)
You can select all the nets in an area by for example - dbGet ... then put them under "fixed" attribute. Then you can continue with you other routing.
Greetings. I have a 6 layer mixed signal board with the following stackup. top ground plane Mid layer Mid layer power plane bottom In one corner of the board i have some really sensitive analog circuitry encased within a shield box. I'm wondering how beneficial it is for me to put ground pours on the top and bottom layer (...)
Hi. I need help about creating probe and coax of dual layer gps microstrip antenna.I substracted a cylinder from bottom sub and top sub and filled them with pec(material of coax) with raduis 0.65mm. But it does not seem to work.What should the dimensions of air box be? Should i use waveport or lumped port Any help is appreciated. -
HI, I am a beginer to SKILL.. Please tell me 1)how to use bindkeys to increase or decrease row/column of Vias 2)The script should take a bbox as input and should put contact/vias in specified box given the top and bottom metal. Thank you, Praveen HV
Hello friends, I am looking for tool which gives me block diagram from my all design files. e.g. Say I have 100 .v files, then expected tool show me 1 box - as top level block, and if I click it, it should show me different sub-blocks into it & so on. if you are using it OR come across - please suggest its name. Thanks.
when i operating set top box with ir remote control then remote hangs for a few minute and some time channel jumps where is the problem either in STB or remote? Pls. suggest
You don't print from gerber file becuase you don't get the holes, Goto project from the top bar then goto project options this open's diaglog box goto default tab prints then look for PCB prints then click on the configure button at the bottom turn off the layers you don't need to print click on holes then page setup then look for scale mode rathe
"sms modem" revealed 500 hits if you go to top-right search box.
More likely the fin wants to be modeled as three FETs (one is the two side-gates, one the top gate, one the bottom where your box is the gate oxide and the substrate is the electrode). I recommend you just use analogLib nmos for the symbols, edit the model property to be three different models, and fit the models to whatever data you can find. Yo
Hello experts Our cable TV Net Work is going to migrate in to digital network So require a digital control room and need to be provide Set-top box to costumers. who design it in India ? / or who provide ? Our team manager telling to buy it from china ? ( But there is big problem that if any one of the Set-top box is (...)
Try typing 'SIM900D' into the search box near the top of the page. You will find a lot of results... The search engine is your friend! After reviewing some threads, you will be in a better position to ask more specific questions.
I am modeling a periodic structure with a floquet port in HFSS. I have a tall rectangular box whose top face is a floquet port and bottom is PEC. a unit cell of teh peridodic structure is within the box. I have master and slave moundaries on the side walls. I would like to simulate a scattered field pattern. S11 at the floquet port seems (...)
In simulation of split ring resonator using HFSS is it mandatory to use Perfect Electric Conductor (PEC) condition at top and bottom of Air box where as Perfect Magnetic Conductor (PMC) boundary condition at sidewalls of Air boundary of air box.If it is so then why we require to do it and how to do it in HFSS? I had attached one of the (...)
Asad you can't assign a waveport inside a radiation box.if you want to assign a waveport you will have to draw another PEC cap on top of the waveport. and quit saying as soon as possible,because in other posts some advanced member had to use stern words of hiring engineer to get your work done ASAP. Hope that helps. Regards Elchiquito
Hello lambda/4 is the minimum dimension you are supposed to have. it is better to have a dimension larger than quarter of a lambda in every direction and especially in the direction of radiation. you can use wave port and have a rectanglular pec on top of the port to have the wave port inside the radiation box solved or use lumped port. i ask you
Hello experts is there any SET-top box with direct fiber optical Connectivity in the field of cable TV ?
Just place in front of your set top box a dedicated preamplifier and the problem will be solved. It is recommended the preamplifier to be placed outside, near the antenna, but at the beginning you can try placing it near the window where the cable enter into the room. Search the net for different models and
Hi to all, I want to get a dispersion diagram of a periodic structure where one side should be radiation boundary.How can I get that with CST or HFSS by using the eigenmode solver that don't support,both, radiation(PML) or open add space boundary? I should use an air box on the top. How sufficiently large and what should I put on the top (...)
help with this i need full info about how to comunicate some info from microcontroller to STB
Hi all! I want to simulate a microstrip line using ADS Momentum layout. ADS momentum simulates a device inside a box. If i am correct this box is assumed to have infinite conductivity. the structure that i want to simulate is a microstrip line on an FR4 substrate. From the substrate definition in momentum i can define a FR4 layer and a conducto
When you are in your library window and you have made changes to your component I.E removed /addedd pins go to the tools menu at the top a drop down box will appear then go down to update schematics and click this will change the component on your schematic to the same one in your libraary no need to keep trying to delete/replace everytime you mak
you can get a shield box for bench top testing, like this one: EMI shielded box | Faraday cages | EMI/RFI shielding | Holland Shielding Systems BV Sometimes these come up on ebay for $200 to $500 range. You can also get a hand held radiation monitor to see if the Volts/meter o
I have an ACER LCD Monitor, Model P221W, Version P221Wd Monitor. It works with my PC, but will not work with the 2 (television) Set top boxes I have (different brands). I have tried both the VGA & DVI inputs. In both cases, the ACER displays a message saying "Input not supported". However, the Set top boxes work (...)
Hi... I did fss in HFSS ver.12. My steps in HFSS are as follow 1) Draw a unit cell 2) Draw a air box 3) Assign PML to top and bottom face (and add fss reference on top face) 4) add master and slave boundary 5) add excitation: incident wave which is plane wave After I run, I plotted for magnitude and phase of S11. However, my phase (...)
Do you mean Digital TV set top box (DVB-S, DVB-C, 8VSB) or Internet TV set top box (WebTV)?
Hi all. I'm studying digital TV already 2 months, and basically trying to understand how operating digital TV tuners. I found several schemes of DVB-T/S tuners. By studying these schemes have already understand how they work. But one question remains incomprehensible to me. It connected with software level. Assume that I already chose the main ch
ASIC_intl, The top level is the box your company is selling, like some IP switch or something. The lower level specs would be derived from what ever features your IP switch is to have. Lets say it has a high speed 10G optical interface and 64 standard 100M eithernet interfaces. This switch is to be made as small and low power as possible. (...)