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Hi all, Is it possible to define Constraint area in pads tool as we do in Allegro ? For example to define neck down trace width inside BGA area. And BUS route option is hidden in my pads layout. How to make it enable? Please help in this. Thanks in advance. If anyone had got pads router guideline, (...)
What did DRC and ERC show when you ran them? I suggest getting ERC done before routing. 1) I don't understand why you are concerned about setting the grid in "relation" to trace width. Where did you get that advice? What rule are your following? 2) It is much easier to find errors, such as unconnected pins and pads, if you (...)
If you know the board stackup (copper and laminate thicknesses) and dielectric constant, you then can calculate the required trace width and apply that width constraint to your traces. At least, that's what I do using pads Layout.
Hello, When I make a multilayer board with planes, I see a green zone in the edges of my Board which is the pullback zone. can I route traces or add pads in this green zone? Also, I'm using a model board for my design. In this model board the trace width is 0.2mm, clearance is 0.2 mm and pads hole (...)
hi every one , Right now i am working pads 2005,in my board has 6 layer stackup, so i built the stackup using hyperlynx,i need to keep 50 ohm and 90 ohms impedance for trace here i changed the core and prepreg thickness but i could not get the proper trace width. please help anyone i make it red color in image (...)
where or when in mentor graphics pads do you take of of the characteristic impedance of the signal traces on your PCB? Does it just default to 50 ohms without any effort?
Its been awhile since I worked with pads but I think there is a minimum visibility setting that will truncate any trace that is larger than setting. by changing the setting to lesser than your smallest trace width you should be ok. eda
Download PCB trace calulator program. Download PCB Design Training catalog too for pads, Hyperlynx, OrCAD and Allegro PCB editor training.
I have also tried this option many times back.But I couldn't able to sucess,Eventhough it may printed as copper in CAM file.We can't use the 2d lines as a trace in the pads layout since it shows a lot of DRC's and connectivity problem occurs. Please let me know if any one work on this issue to solve this will be very useful for
hello, there are 2 good photoessays , - make the footprint pads as big as possible, - make holes in pads for drill easily - you can work minimum 0.3~0.4 mm trace width. but i suggest work 1mm in