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Hi there, I am working on a project. Its a tracker device. I have used a gps and gsm module sim900. And now I Got the location and I can send location to another mobile. But I want to know, how can I send and store the location data to a server? I don't know what to do. Someone please explain me the block diagram. I am a new guy to this departme
Hello. Is it possible to make a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) tracker. Can anyone suggest if there any PLB Module (406MHz Transmitter) available which can control via UART AT Command? Thanks in advance. Regards.
It will be like. Satellites-> GPS tracker(Tx/Rx)-> radio receiver-> radio transmit-> Network(World wide web etc) The tracker is able to determine the precise location by receiving position signals from GPS satellites with its GPS receiver. The tracker then uses radio transmitter to transmit its position to a network. The network can be (...)
Hey guys, I have a GPS module from Skylabs. I have interfaced it with Atmega16 and got the latitude & longitude values. I was wondering, is there any android app to which i can send the latitude and longitude values via bluetooth (From Microcontroller to App)?
Hi, I've completed my Vehicle tracker working with 89c51 + 89c52, where 51 controlled GPS data and its ping 10 keeps sending data to 52's MCU pin 2 and 52 MCU is serving main program including serial communication with siemens s-46 model. Now I've connected the SIM300DZ and SIM300D none of the working as per my code used for previously sieme
Hello, I'm working on a tracker, using Sim908, using the command: AT + CGPSINF = 0 I can see on the screen 0,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,20150105235953.000,0,0,0.000000,0.000000 and after synchronize see this: 0, -12.958474, -1239.5747474,20150105235953.000,0,0,0.000000,0.000000 I am sending sms by the latitude, longitude and datetime, whil
What functionalities you need in your solar tracker,that are different from other solar trackers that are conventionally used? This will get you acquainted with the basics of building a solar tracker.Word of advice,try and incorporate something of your own,rather than using this
I was working with SIM908 few months ago. Last time when I used, it was ok. Recently I made some modification to the code. Here is the code, /******************************************************************************* * Program for 'GPS Position tracker for Car accident' * * Compiler:
Do you mean laser speed trap guns? Tracking devices?, do you mean "tracker", a vehicle tracking system that uses a GPS receiver within the car to locate its position and then radios this back to the Police? Any speed indications would be calculated from the vehicles GPS position. Frank
Hi All, I am planning to use sierra wireless's HL6528 GPS+GSM module for the development of GPS tracker. Could any one here share their experience about the module or the remark on the sierra wireless products? My requirements are very stringent so that the GPS should track the location in the indoor scenario. Its should be very reliable and h
I am working on the project of senser which is used to determine the temperature of the object in the i need the cover of that senser.Which object is much favorable for that purpose(cover of sensor)?
all members!!! I want to get circuit schematic of solar tracker using PIC16F877. I also interest to test this project. May I have a good chance to work together. With regrad thuhtay
never attempted FTP using a SIM908 but have a look at there appears to be code for connecting to FTP using a SIM908 it may give you some ideas
3. Solar energy tracker
You may use the following software: but I'm not sure that it is optimal for a single device.
I want to draw a graph of how my tracker unit absorbs power to be put into a document. Total duration is about 60 seconds. Within seconds there may exist 1-1.5A bursts by SIM908. minimum current will be 0.1mA by microcontroler. how to record this sort of reading that has a big gap? thanks!
Hi all. I am facing a problem with my device (having SIMCOM SIM900D Module) when it gets into GSM Blind (No Network) Region. I have some device suing SIM900D. Basically its a GSM-GPS tracker. When I did test continuous run for 24hr at my home. Everything works fine. But while the device is in Car, then sometimes in road GSM Blind area comes.
I think you can use CC1101 transceiver for half duplex communication between the theft object & the tracker. The benefit is that this chip contains RSSI (Receiver Signal Strength Indicator). By reading its value, you can reduce both the transmitting power & pulse duration, say to 1dB & 5-10 sec respectively. If RSSI value is found low, you c
The choice of the GPS tracker will depend on the power requirement, communication interface, accuracy you need. When I made it as a project I used FASTRAX UP501 (okay) and I used SIM300 (GSM modem) without internet support. You just figure out your requirements and google a bit. You will surely get one suitable for your application. Or else some o
You can try with two parallel resistors to the LDRs. They will keep the bridge mostly balanced at low light intensity. Ultimately there should be an additional LDR with a comparator that shuts the tracker down below a certain brightness.
here my code for solar tracker radiation. i want to make the counter to count the step so that the position of stepper motor can be know.the vaious clock function to rotate in different spped.plz help me to debug my code plz its urgent for me #include #include //port2 for load(stepper motor)::port3 for ldrs(sensors)::port 1 for
#include #include //port2 for load(stepper motor)::port3 for ldrs(sensors)::port 1 for solarpanel #define motor p2; #define high 1; #define low 0; sfr stepper_motor; //to determine the direction of motor (east,middle,west) unsigned int i,j,count,count1; sbit ldr1=P3^2; //initializing the bit of port 3 sbit ldr2=P3^3; s
hi any body have matlab code for alpha beta gamma tracker
hello.. I want to do single axis solar tracker by using 8051 and with DC motor and LDR as sensor..I choose this project as my final year project... can any one help for circuit diagram and assembly code for this And I want three function in it 1st is solar tracking as usual (east to west) 2nd when panel move completely to west it gets
Use search white field in upper right corner of window (on end of EDABoard menu bar) and type "solar tracker", you will get lots of results. Best regards, Peter ;-)
hello My graduation project is a GSM/GPS Car tracker. I am using pic18f452, Mikroc and sim900 i almost finish the project but i have a problem. i store the coordinates that come from the sim900 to the pic via uart in an array and then i need to convert the coordinates from ddmm.mmmmmm format to decimal format but i cant. the problem in ddmm.
1-control something wirelessly (wifi , bluetooth , GSM) using android smart phone . 2-design a 2d sun tracker for photovoltaic cells
servo based dual axis solar tracker servo motor 4 LDR PIC16F877A
I presume you understand about the function LDR half bridge in each axis. We can expect that both LDRs have same resistance in balanced state (correct tracking position) and also with diffuse lighting (no sun at the sky). In balanced statem both relays are off and the motor stops. In unbalanced state, the comparators are either activating one or
multitasking multi threading.. first you need a very high speed cpu. and second one is a process tracker loop which will keep track on process priority and keep their priority in a row and execute the subroutine which is in the most prior. also this process tracker set the priority like external interrupts it is a very complex
Hi Friends I am facing one problem in my gps tracker system. When i am sending the AT+HTTPACTION=1 command to gps i am not getting responce what is the problem please help me i am in very trouble situation ............................. Please tell me if any one can resolve this problem. Thanx and Regards MOhan Patil
Hey Guys My name is Dante , And i want to design and create a pc gamepad "GUN" that includes a motiontracker and a solenoid. An example of a motion tracking gun is : Half-Life 2 VR head and gun tracking mod for the Oculus Rift The motion tracker this guy used is
HI All , I plan to make sms,tcp tracker with pic18 microcontroller. I already make this plan and it work fine in testing process using pic18lf25k22 and gps ls20031. and sim900 form simcom to send the longitude and latitude with time, speed .. etc. But even now, I am not convinced with this GPS receiver , and yes for GSM modem ( it small
can i get the c code for solar tracker using atmega8. its uses a single stepper motor ,2 ldrs and a lcd display..
hai..... I am planning to do a Project" sun tracker with position display" using atmega16 which was published in EFY November 2012....I got the source code,and iam using avr programmer for this...but i need some help with the source code...can anyone please help me..... void InitADC() { ADMUX=(1<
It is a tracker (tk102-2). Sure it is not a fuse.
Hello everybody, Please i need your help regarding the following: a GPS tracker with bluetooth feature to discover nearby devices and monitor that on google map, with location, speed, and engine status, so anyone here knows about a development kit which have these two functions?, GPS and bluetooth, as the most products or schematics and kits
hi everyone. recently working with opencv face traking. still working on it. but my goal is to make a portable face tracker. Primarily i want to build a serial communication with controller within opencv code . so how can i do this . i know c. but little in it will be helpfull if the code
Hi, I'm working on a MIMO system. It has 4 inputs and 3 outputs. I need system's outputs to track input reference trajectories. I've been asked by my advisor to use LQG tracker. I have got the general idea but not able to implement it. I need quick help on this. Trajectories to be followed are: and the natural r
Hi All, I'm new to the Forum as its quite a few years since I built electronic projects. I have a small project I'm working on at home and I would be grateful for some assistance. I'm fitting a 12v Tracking device to a horse box trailer, and I need to include a long life back up battery for the Tracking unit. The tracking device itself runs off
I have stuck at the programming part because i have no knowledge about PIC. And for the sensing part actually we are using 2 PV sensors inclined at 45 deg. and forming a triangle the output of these PV cells will be the input of PIC and then the PIC interfaced with wiper motor to rotate the solar tracker in cw,acw & no rotation. And thank you
I m preparing a project with pic 16f877 for driving a solar tracker and want to interface it with a wiper motor. Plz help me in programming of pic in c language.
I need very small transmitter cum receiver... the task given to them is to give a response signal if asked simply like tracker device... I reviewed many Tx-Rx modules but they are used for communication purpose so they are bulk... i need them to hold within a pendrive size as they should use very small power and only one purpose should respond to
Hi everybody I didn't know well where to place this thread so... If it's in wrong place sorry!! My question is simple. I want to develop a GPS tracker system based on SIM908C module, via embeddedAT commands and my own developed firmware. The thing would be to receive SMS commands in the module from a mobile phone or commands from an http ser
Hi. I am looking for solar tracker dual axis by using 2 motor for control azimuth angle and zenith angle. Angel determine by interpret data collected from 4 LDR compared in PIC 16F84A. Any one please help me. My brain stuck right now. I attach here algorithm table for 4 LDR and my initial proposal too.. Looking forward from others. pleaseeeeee
What exactly are you planning to do with your tracker is there any specifications what is the program you have and what controller are you using now
The project seems simple enough. There could be another alternative... You could use a single LDR and two stepper motors, during startup the mcu could start scanning the sky for the position of the sun, the position would be indicated by the LDR, once done it could follow the motion. With this method you do not have to save position or align the L
Hello, I am looking for a very small GSM tracker, is there anybody that can help me with this? The most important thing is the size, and it should have an acceptable battery life of minimum 3 hours. The tracker will be used in a big project, and we will need about 10.000 pcs, within a short period of time. Im looking forward to hear
There have been threads at this board about PV trackers. See if any are listed at the bottom of this page. More may turn up as you click around. A simple tracker has two photodetectors separated by a shadow-producing barrier. An amplifier detects when shadow has fallen on one photodetector. Then the amplifier switches on a motor which drives gear