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Hey, can you help me, guy ? I'm trying to connect my computer to loccal controller through COM port. It's protocol is 300 B/s, 1 bit parity, 1 bit stop ... in the document. It use SCAT5 dataformat. My problem is, I have to send 3 message is HEL, SYC, RSY to start communication but I don't know what should I send in
Please send info on techniques and methods ,... on city traffic control systems.
Does anyone know where can I get the shcematic for the WALK/DON'T WALK lights? Or a traffic controller schematic? Anyone knows if I can find this on any elektor cd? It has to work at with 110v lamps. I tried to find something assembled online but I couldn't. Thanks a lot guys, is for a light I want to make for my son's room. fix yo
Hello I would like to do a pic based traffic light for a small race track. Could someone tell me where can i see something. Thanks
hi all, am working on an intelligent traffc controller which controls traffic on two neighbor intersections in an adaptive collaborative manner. i've been doing my research of the type of intelligence am going to use, so far i found that fuzzy logic is the most used in this domain. i need suggestions of other algorithms or methods that can b
Hello, everyone .....if we want to write the test fixture for traffic controller, and then I put one Po(Power outage) mode to control light and the two RED light will blink. However, If I want two of sequence of stimulus into the test fixture: S0 => S1 => S2 => S0 S0 => S1 => S2 => S3 (10 clock cycles) => S4 => S2 => S0 How to I start with tha
dear all, i am working on traffic light controller using atmega32. i am not getting the logic behind keypad. actually in traffic controller we have to enter the date, time, signal working time, slot time, red time, green time, yellow time and many more entries. at starting we get a message ''press any key'' at LCD. know (...)
you shoul dhave sensors to detect traffics...?? what kind of design ur lookin for ?? controller based or FPGA/PLD based ? Do u have analog circuitry ready ?
You can look at this book by Randy Katz, Contemporay Logic Design, 2nd Edition. They have specific example on TLC. Chapter 9. case study traffic light controller. very good book on FSM designing.
Refer to this book i think it has the traffic light controller designed! Advanced Digital Design with the Verilog? HDL * By Michael D. Ciletti. * Published by Prentice Hall.
Search on internet for "traffic Ligths". Some links:
Hi. Im a undergraduate student. I would like to do a "traffic light controller" using 8085 Microprocessor. Here i am quit blur using the microp on how to create the circuit. I just succesfully made program for the traffic light controoler using a simple simulator. But can anyone help me on circuit 8085 for traffic light (...)
A traffic light controller sounds like the job for a simple low-cost microcontroller, unless your goal is to learn FPGA design. An FPGA can give extremely high performance if you design a parallel processing algorithm that takes advantage of the FPGA's architecture. If you simply drop a microprocessor core into the FPGA, then you will get (...)
can anyone tall me wat all variations i can do in my traffic light controller design using VHDL em only doing the controller part.
Guys,can anyone give me a traffic light controller circuit that is made with only 555 timer.? ???????T.K????????
HI.. I find this site very helpful to students like me who are researching on how to use Atmel Attiny 2313 for traffic light controller. I would be very helpful if you send some suggestion on the circuit diagram. TNHX.. From:Lucky
hai, traffic controller using atmel 8951 What traffic controller using 89c51 for ??? you should go for a valuable project like security system or controller based EQ system.
hey guys i hope u can help me out... i want to design a simple traffic light controller according to the 4 states shown in the code below. my only problem is that my signal state_reg is not changing form one state to another. this is because the counter i included in the the code as a process is not working. green to yellow time wait is 30 sec
hi all, i didn't know where to post this, so am posting it here.. i need to model the movement of vehicles on intersections and trafiic lights with c++, what is the best and easiest way to do that.. i need this for my graduation project which is about traffic control on a network of intersections, so i need to do some animation for the pro
hi all, am doing my graduation project , and i have only about 20 days to get it done.. am implementing a traffic controller on fpga (xilinx spartan 3e), what i was doing so far is implementing a simulator for the controller with windows api c++, and it took me a long time to finish it, the next step is implementing the (...)
Hi, I have a question about implementation of my 4-state traffic light system (I have the code in VHDL). I'm using Xilinx ISE Webpack 10.1 and I got Spartan 3 XSA3S1000 starter kit board. I almost have no experience with it, only completed the tutorial so far... My VHDL code includes the counter with reset, FSM with 4 states..where do I go fro
There was an example for a traffic light controller. I guess it came from Xilinx.
This is the first time i am exposed to VHDL , and i am currently no idea on doing my project, hopefully any expert here can help me and guide me on doing this ,thanks in advanced. Objectives: ? Designing, Modeling and Simulation of traffic Light controller using VHDL. ? Verification of the functionality using a VHDL test bench, using Qu
Hello,can any one help me to find the right solution and codes? Thanks a lot! Sketch an algorithmic state chart (ASM) which covers all the legal state transitions of the Now that you have successfully modeled two diff
need c or asm code.please reply
I feel you do an intelligent ambulance along with intelligent traffic control systems, where you will keep green light for more duration and less time if the traffic is less.... and make all the signals red if an ambulance comes in any directions and make only green light for the ambulance and vehicles to pass....
How traffic signal controller by mc......................................................................................................................................................................................... ---------- Post added at 14:11 ---------- Previous post was at 14:10 ---------- #include
I need to develop a circuit that could detect traffic signals(using microcontrollers) and process them. Help me out like what controller, camera to interface,program, or any other easy ideas....
if you set the CAN mask to 0x00000000 do you receive anything? it is worth getting a CANBUS analyser so you view the traffic, e.g. CANUSB - The Low cost CAN to USB converter
Hello all, I am trying to do a project on traffic light using gates and timers.Initially I want to start with lights in only 2 directions i.e, N/S and E/W. Any suggestions please.
The CAN bus utilizes a Message ID centric system, in contrast to Ethernet which is a Node ID centric system, this approach allows a node to receive virtually all traffic on the bus. The messages received by a CAN node can be limited by the use of an Acceptance Filter, which determines the messages accepted by its
A pc can only be the master in the USB. You cannot connect two hosts, but only hosts to slave devices. So you need to build a slave device that connects to two hosts and echo the traffic from the one "channel" to the other. Although that would be quite easy using a microcontroller, I believe that the driver would be quite painfull :( Just a not
HI, TLC source code in VHDl for FPGA attached enjoyyy smartkid
Hi, 8 bit micros can not handle full traffic of ide interface.16F84 even can't handle usb traffic! It is too slow to do it :) Analyzer.
You can design a traffic light system, it can be done with discrete gates or with a pld, such as a GAL.
hmmm what the above ones said are not exactly correct..... PCI supports hot plug support too...... all PCI devices are not parallel data transmission... (ex: PCIe uses serial - deserialization at phy layer) the main differences between USB n PCI is the protocol. USB control transfers data serially and the protocol is very easy! where as i
Hello all, For traffic signals , i am driving each led based lamp with a dedicated 12 volt supply 4 A each. one led lamp is taking almos 1.5A. I am switching these spplys throght a pic micro based controller using ssr solid state relays from a distance of 100-200 feet. I want to use a common supply for every lamp on each side of (...)
ANY ONE........ may be it is due to server which is not responding good enough/traffic congestion in the network or the gsm network in your area is weak. .....................but some time the response is very good but the next
First of all I would like to say hello to all members of this forum, hopefully I can find the answers I need here. Let me set up the scenario first: I work for a company that outfits police vehicles. We sell to multiple police departments as well as movie companies and equipment manufacturers. The goal I am attempting to attain today is to wi
Hi,I downloaded the free trial of Flowcode and tried to design a simple controller for an old traffic light ,I bought at a garage sale.I'd like the red,yel and grn lights to blink on and off,going from one light to the other and keep going,blinking the lights one at a time sequentially and being able to adjust the rate of speed at which they b
it is possible! but let's see a hardware design that connects to sort of access point with simple microcontroller is hard, implementing a network protocol to connect to hardware(Ethernet, wireless) gets harder, programing a tcp/ip stack and layers adds to compications, filtering and forwarding your required traffic even gets more harder. so I wo
I want to make a traffic signals red ,yellow,and green colours are there.When red light start glowing the device(car or bike) automatically (switch off) i.e automatically stop.i want to make that project .can any one give me the circuit diagram...
Hey, i'm new . Could anybody give me some pointers on how to write a code for traffic light controller in verilog HDL . Give some tips. pls.. Thank you
I'm very beginner to visual basic.How to receive the data from rs232.I will transmit the character "R" , "Y" and "G" from micro controller whic is R for red, y for yello and G for green.Actually this is traffic light.I want it show to visual basic.what step i have to do to create interface with rs232 and to create the programme to show the c
what exactly is your problem - are you missing TCP/UDP packets ? how much traffic is there? I have used a PIC18F97J60 (which has an onboard Ethernet controller) with various devices attached (LCD, LEDs, barcode reader, RTC, IO extenders, etc) without problems. However, the traffic was low consisting of a data UDP packet transmiited every (...)
There can be numerous projects that u can made yourself very easily. Like digital clock, traffic signal controller, a counter type something etc etc..... .. .. working on the processors u mentioned is fine :???: but try something advance :wink:
for PIC16F877: Intelligent traffic light controller Pager for hospital doctors
kindda.... am actually interested in makin traffic light controller using intel 80C51BH.... can u help me out???!!!
our final year project is 'blind aided traffic control system'...we want to notify blind while crossing road when to stop and when to cross the road by using some prerecorded voices... so how to interface audio in at89c52?? can i get the code...
I have this list of projects but i am finding no way to implement any one of thes so any one can help me out to make any one of these projects.....i have to submit it in few must be of university student level.. 1. Data Storage Devices 2. Integrated Circuits (IC) Manufacturing Steps 3. Registers & its Types 4. Digital Stop Watch 5