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Hey, can you help me, guy ? I'm trying to connect my computer to loccal controller through COM port. It's protocol is 300 B/s, 1 bit parity, 1 bit stop ... in the document. It use SCAT5 dataformat. My problem is, I have to send 3 message is HEL, SYC, RSY to start communication but I don't know what should I send in
Does anyone know where can I get the shcematic for the WALK/DON'T WALK lights? Or a traffic controller schematic? Anyone knows if I can find this on any elektor cd? It has to work at with 110v lamps. I tried to find something assembled online but I couldn't. Thanks a lot guys, is for a light I want to make for my son's room. fix yo
hi all, am working on an intelligent traffc controller which controls traffic on two neighbor intersections in an adaptive collaborative manner. i've been doing my research of the type of intelligence am going to use, so far i found that fuzzy logic is the most used in this domain. i need suggestions of other algorithms or methods that can b
dear all, i am working on traffic light controller using atmega32. i am not getting the logic behind keypad. actually in traffic controller we have to enter the date, time, signal working time, slot time, red time, green time, yellow time and many more entries. at starting we get a message ''press any key'' at LCD. know (...)
Please send info on techniques and methods ,... on city traffic control systems.
Hello I would like to do a pic based traffic light for a small race track. Could someone tell me where can i see something. Thanks
Hello, everyone .....if we want to write the test fixture for traffic controller, and then I put one Po(Power outage) mode to control light and the two RED light will blink. However, If I want two of sequence of stimulus into the test fixture: S0 => S1 => S2 => S0 S0 => S1 => S2 => S3 (10 clock cycles) => S4 => S2 => S0 How to I start with tha
A traffic light controller sounds like the job for a simple low-cost microcontroller, unless your goal is to learn FPGA design. An FPGA can give extremely high performance if you design a parallel processing algorithm that takes advantage of the FPGA's architecture. If you simply drop a microprocessor core into the FPGA, then you will get (...)
hai, traffic controller using atmel 8951 What traffic controller using 89c51 for ??? you should go for a valuable project like security system or controller based EQ system.
hi all, am doing my graduation project , and i have only about 20 days to get it done.. am implementing a traffic controller on fpga (xilinx spartan 3e), what i was doing so far is implementing a simulator for the controller with windows api c++, and it took me a long time to finish it, the next step is implementing the (...)
Interference depends on the ratio of the signal strengths. If an old neighbour is listening to a weak distant radio station or watching a weak distant TV station then your oscillator can cause interference if it or one of its harmonics is on the same frequency and possibly cause your neighbour to have a heart attack. If a
You can look at this book by Randy Katz, Contemporay Logic Design, 2nd Edition. They have specific example on TLC. Chapter 9. case study traffic light controller. very good book on FSM designing.
Refer to this book i think it has the traffic light controller designed! Advanced Digital Design with the Verilog? HDL * By Michael D. Ciletti. * Published by Prentice Hall.
Hi. Im a undergraduate student. I would like to do a "traffic light controller" using 8085 Microprocessor. Here i am quit blur using the microp on how to create the circuit. I just succesfully made program for the traffic light controoler using a simple simulator. But can anyone help me on circuit 8085 for traffic light (...)
can anyone tall me wat all variations i can do in my traffic light controller design using VHDL em only doing the controller part.
Guys,can anyone give me a traffic light controller circuit that is made with only 555 timer.? ???????T.K????????
hey guys i hope u can help me out... i want to design a simple traffic light controller according to the 4 states shown in the code below. my only problem is that my signal state_reg is not changing form one state to another. this is because the counter i included in the the code as a process is not working. green to yellow time wait is 30 sec
hi all, i didn't know where to post this, so am posting it here.. i need to model the movement of vehicles on intersections and trafiic lights with c++, what is the best and easiest way to do that.. i need this for my graduation project which is about traffic control on a network of intersections, so i need to do some animation for the pro
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Hello all, I am trying to do a project on traffic light using gates and timers.Initially I want to start with lights in only 2 directions i.e, N/S and E/W. Any suggestions please.
you shoul dhave sensors to detect traffics...?? what kind of design ur lookin for ?? controller based or FPGA/PLD based ? Do u have analog circuitry ready ?
Search on internet for "traffic Ligths". Some links:
HI.. I find this site very helpful to students like me who are researching on how to use Atmel Attiny 2313 for traffic light controller. I would be very helpful if you send some suggestion on the circuit diagram. TNHX.. From:Lucky
Hi, I have a question about implementation of my 4-state traffic light system (I have the code in VHDL). I'm using Xilinx ISE Webpack 10.1 and I got Spartan 3 XSA3S1000 starter kit board. I almost have no experience with it, only completed the tutorial so far... My VHDL code includes the counter with reset, FSM with 4 states..where do I go fro
There was an example for a traffic light controller. I guess it came from Xilinx.
This is the first time i am exposed to VHDL , and i am currently no idea on doing my project, hopefully any expert here can help me and guide me on doing this ,thanks in advanced. Objectives: ? Designing, Modeling and Simulation of traffic Light controller using VHDL. ? Verification of the functionality using a VHDL test bench, using Qu
Hello,can any one help me to find the right solution and codes? Thanks a lot! Sketch an algorithmic state chart (ASM) which covers all the legal state transitions of the Now that you have successfully modeled two diff
I need to develop a circuit that could detect traffic signals(using microcontrollers) and process them. Help me out like what controller, camera to interface,program, or any other easy ideas....
if you set the CAN mask to 0x00000000 do you receive anything? it is worth getting a CANBUS analyser so you view the traffic, e.g. CANUSB - The Low cost CAN to USB converter
I just draw the above diagram for modeling purpose. Due to its simplicity, a counter Modulo 5 ( 0-4 ) could do that. Once you specified working behavior for each light on an inverted logic for another, in fact you would deal with a single variable. You probably is aware that a real word traffic light is not so simple. +++
Hi, I got this instruction given: > For each of the following three scenarios, initially assume that the East-West traffic has had a green traffic light for a long time. 1) If a North-South car is detected then the traffic lights will cycle to green in that direction. The walk light will not be on unless a pedestrian is detected then (...)
I'm looking for a simple PWM low voltage (6/12V 50W) lamp controller, using PIC 16F84/F628 or 12C509 and a power MOSFET. It should provide "soft start" and regulate the lamp voltage from a battery V greater or equal the nominal Vlamp. Does anyone has already it or I have start this design from scratch ? T.I.A.
I want to use a DSP(TMS320C54x) to interface with an ethernet controller.Who can tell me which one is appropriate for the DSP? Thank you!
I want to use TMS32054x DSP to control a CAN controller. Most CAN controllers' parallel interface is multiplexed.But TMS32054x DSP is how can I design the interface between them?And is there any CAN controller that has a non-mutiplexed parallel interface? Thank you very much!
Hi The Intel 8237A is a simple DMA controller. In order to simplify using this controller for educational purposes, many of the advanced features have been removed. A detailed description of what is supported and what is not supported can be found below. The 8237A can be easily incorporated into a design with minimal setup and/or initialization
I designed a motion controller for a small DC motor (see ) that uses a 512 lines encode (see ) and a zero backlash 1:76 gearhead (see ). The main job is done using LM629 motor controller (Nati
Hello, is there any schematic of the connections in the controller for the XBOX? I would like to work on some project using the contrller port! Thanks guys!
anyone has a schematics for the drive and controller to do vector control? thanks ahgu
Hello, I search for a soldering iron controller scheme. Does anyone have a link or an idea ? Thanx all
Hi mates, for a new project i do have to make some research about interfacing 8-bit/16-bit MCUs via tcp/ip to lan. Therefore I am keen on any information regarding standalone ethernet controller (like cs8900a from cirrus logic) and suitable controllers. Informations about TCP/IP,Schematics,Vendors,driver,C-Code and so on are welcome. Are th
I´m looking for a device witch is housed in a SOT123 . The marking code is D10 . I found it in a Kontronik speed controller . Who can help me ?
does anyone have that? I don't like the xilinx version, it does not address the autorefresh/read/write conflict. there is no req/ack for the interface. thanks ahgu
Hello, I'd like to design the sdram controller. After surveying the current SDRAM frequency, the most common is 100/133MHz. What if my design doesn't run in such high freqency. It's only 60 MHz or 30 Mhz in my design. So can I just use low clock freq into SDRAM module's CLK??? Thank you so much!~~~ :roll:
Hi all, I have to develop a 10BaseT ethernet controller based on the Winbond W89C926 chip. I only have a preliminary data sheet. Does someone have more detailed informations or , better, a reference design ? Or also if there is some ftp site where I can find these informations ? Thanks a lot !!!
Hi, Iam looking for a IC for USB controller, I must interface whit a micro, for example Avr. Thanks a lot, igo64
Hi, everybody, I am seeking cache controller vhdl example, I hope some good guy can give me hint or tell me where I can find it. It is better a standalone module, simple. Thanks :P
Hi, i'am looking for a design for a 3-4 axis pc-based unipolar controller, connectet to the COM port (rs232). Thanks PicBlaster
Hi Any one have a reference for PID controller design? source code ,sch, theory,...
Hi, does anybody know where to get a design of an USB Midi controller. (for example using an 8051-comp. microcontroller with USB Interface like availbale from TI for example...). Is there an USB device class for this problem and drivers shipped with windows, or will I have to develop my one ones? thanks a lot salamander
Hello, i'm currently searching for a Firmware or Sourcecode for the SMSC LPC47N252 Super IO controller.I will implement the Keyboard and Power Management Function for a little Mainboard Project with the Intel 830MG Chipset. Or is a other, similar Chip out with this functions included ? Can only one help me ? Thanks