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ZTX300 BC337= 45V 800mA NPN BD135/BD137 2N2222 ................. 2N3705 NPN General Purpose transistor with 2N2222 2N2219 .................... Need to pay attention to the pinout, 2N3705 = ECB, 2N2222 = EBC, ZTX = CBE
Hi, Is there a transistor equivalent of BFR90 ?
Hello, I would like to build this PSU because I like discrete. I am looking for a transistor equivalent for the 40411 If you can suggest similar circuits with newer transistors please let me know as well.
bfw92a ia used as a power transistor at vhf so replace with 2n2222 or better.... 2n3555
Hi, i'm designing a NIMH battery charger with Ds2711 that requires a pnp low saturation transistor, FCX718. I can't find this where I live. Anyone know an equivalent for this transistor? Tried google but didn't help much. The datasheet for this transistor is here: Tkx
ok for bc 808 but i can'd find BD136 SMD only pth. can i use BCP54 instead of BD136?? i'd like to find a general guide to convert pth transistor into smd. for example how can i change BC547??
Hello, is there any equivalent for RCA 40242 transistor? Any suggestions?
hello I need an equivalent of this old transistor please 2n3607 equivalent.
use any power transistor and made the correct biasing .
pn5179 transistor equivalent for use in the attached schematic?
equivalent needed! I want to know the equivalent of BC638 transistor & equivalent of OP-37 (I.C.)!!!!
Hi all, A model of common-emitter transconductance stage is shown as transistor_equivalent_Circuit.jpg. Who can tell me what Cb is? Some paper describe Cb as base-charging capacitor, and it is linearly proportional to the collector current Ic and the forward transit time(TF) of transistor. Could you explain this problem for me in (...)
I need bc 328 smd and bc 338 smd . Which is the equivalent BC 807, BC 817, BC 846, BC 847, BC 848, BC856
hello, Is there any equivalent to the old BF183 or BF200 transistors? Noise figure and gain are the important factors since this is for an rx preamplifier
Any transistor can use (in the same category ) but the biasing of the circuits will be change .
Hi. I wanna know about each case MOSFET equivalent circuit when mosfet is in ON and OFF. what is different each case? Thank you.
Hello! I want to simulate single electron transistor equivalent circuit using cadence. I am simulating it using Monte Carlo simulation under ADE XL but I not getting the desired response. Please help me how to use Monte Carlo simulations on cadence. If possible please provide me information of equivalent circuit of single electron (...)
Those are germanium transistors later in India, BEL (now it seems stopped consumer electronic items) came up with Bel187 and Bel188 complimentary silicon pair in modified TO92 with in built heat sink tab. - - - Updated - - - rock94, I do have it, international postage will eat and it would not be wort
hello, im a electronics engineering student from philippines.. i need help with my homework... i need to know where to get a design/schematics/website for a full adder ic... from logic gate to transistor equivalent to "stick diagram" to ic mask layers please... thankyou very much
1. The input impedance of a MOS transistor is near infinity near DC. As you go up in frequency it looks like a capacitor. Going further up there is a real part. 2. In your simulator (or in your breadboard use a current probe) take the ratio of the gate AC voltage to the gate AC current.
Use the following command: report_area It generally gives the value as defined in the liberty file given by the standard cell library vendor. Typical units are gate count, square micron,transistor equivalent.
Hybrid parameter (or H-parameter) is one of a set of four transistor equivalent-circuit parameters that conveniently specify transistor performance for small voltages and currents in a particular circuit. The expression hfe, known as a hybrid parameter, is the common-emitter DC forward-current gain. It is equal to the collector current (...)
Hi, Even basic small signal FET model is too complicated to extract from single measured S parameter file. This usually starts with so-called "cold FET" measurements where Vds=0. Then based on two different Vgs voltages (Vgs=Vpinch-off and Vgs=V where V is sufficiengly high forward voltage) the passive elements of the transistor equivalent circu
In my view, Wikipedia gives a good, not too complicated explanation of basic thyristor operation: Particularly the two transistor equivalent circuit is helpful to understand how it works, provided you already understood the transistor. Otherwise, it's most likely too hard and you should go back to the
Yes sure .. at gate level .. transistors do need delay in order of ps ..and is a function of operating voltage (lower voltage lesser time) Here is the transistor equivalent of common logic The NOT gate is simply a transistor i
It's a simple positive feedback effect, that's very visually modelled by the well-known two-transistor equivalent circuit. One the holding current threshold is exceeded, the device switches to saturated state with low residual voltage.
can i use BF494 transistor in place of BF199 transistor and BC549 transistor in place of BC547 transistor ?
Hi For a model of an NPN transistor you can take a look at "Microwave transistor Amplifiers" by Guillamo Gonzalez. There is a litte description of transistors and there parameters. Regards
You may compare the following transistors: BLW96 ( ) 2SC2782 BLW77 BLV33 .. Regards, IanP
I need an European to Japanese equivalent transistor table or which japanese transistor is equivalent to an european one. Regards, Fernando call sign PU2PLL
hii all. it's my first topic here, i am very glad to see such fourm. i intent to build ASK transceiver but i couldn't find KSP10 in my city can anybody help me to find a Replacement or equivalent of KSP10 UHF transistor?
hello ...i just wanted to know that which is the equivalent transistor for bc547?????
i want to know the equivalent transistor for BUV28A, Audio Power Amplifier
hello I need some modern equivalents for the mrf472 old transistor please
When analysing op-amps as a block diagram like in fig1 we say that because node B is at ground so node A will also be at ground but when i look at the equivalent model of the op amp at transistor level in fig 2 I can't see how making Vin- ground will make Vin+ at ground too?? Both circuits are different and cann
Can you help me how to find any equivalent with this transistor FZT749 . THANK YOU !
Is FZT749 equivalent with transistor BTB1243I3 ???.... THANK YOU !..
Hi, Can you point to me an equivalent to the transistor BU508DFI? Thanks, Bruno
Need equivalent for 2N3019 transistor
i need an equivalent for this transistor: 2n3643 thanks
Anyone can give me the name of MRF947T1 equivalent transistor....................? MRF947T1 is not available in our nearby give me the name which replace this.
Anyone know the equivalent transistor for C2570....................?
Bruno, At the page bellow, you can find 2DC5609 parameters : Clicking at 2DC5609 equivalent, results in that parameters : In fact, the only
Hi :) I have an old Russian transistor catalog from 1975 and it includes some data on KT914A as follows: Si, npn transit frequency, fT=350MHz max. collector power, Pcmax=7Watts max. collector-base and collector-emitter voltage, Vcb=Vce=65Volts max. basis-emitter voltage, Vbe=4Volts max. collector current, Ic=0.8A peak collector current
Does anyone point to me who has to absorb RCA? I have need of to replace a transistor 17556 with one equivalent. Best Regard.
Hi all, I have a Hitron car Amplifier named "MCKinley 2-Channel 2x100W RMS". One of the amp-transistors burned and killed also one of the pre-amp transistors. I putted in a new amp-transistor, but I cannot find out what kind of transistor is used in the pre-amp. There are only the letters "C1027" on the (...)
Hi after replacing the 2SD1880 horizontal deflection transistor with one ST2310DHI (equivalent one), the transistor dies just after replacent (BCE becomes short circuit). Any suggestion on what could be the reason? Thanks a lot. Mazz
AC equivalent circuit is used in ac analysis. For example, the MOS transistor is not linear, if we want to analyze it, we must use linear equivalent circuit . But the dc equivalent circuit and ac equivalent circuit of MOS transistor are not same. So we use them in different analysis.
What application will you be working with the transistor because BC557 and ZTX500 are general purpose transistors? Please specify at least frequency or hFE desired.
What is the name of transistor?