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Hi all, I have a Hitron car Amplifier named "MCKinley 2-Channel 2x100W RMS". One of the amp-transistors burned and killed also one of the pre-amp transistors. I putted in a new amp-transistor, but I cannot find out what kind of transistor is used in the pre-amp. There are only the letters "C1027" on the (...)
Can sombody please help me find the equivalents for 2 transistors in a 6v dynamo circuit I have from a Czech website They are : KD605 and KF507 I'm guessing that I could use the 2N3055 for the KD605, but the KF507 has me stumped and it uses 3 of them in the circuit Many thanks
equivalent needed! I want to know the equivalent of BC638 transistor & equivalent of OP-37 (I.C.)!!!!
wolud any body knows the alternative component of this BEL 188. its a transistor made of bharat electronics
I need bc 328 smd and bc 338 smd . Which is the equivalent BC 807, BC 817, BC 846, BC 847, BC 848, BC856
If you need a real good transistor tester you don't need to take it off the board and it will check diode and other electronic parts as well let me no and I will send you the detail how to make it
Hello, is there any equivalent for RCA 40242 transistor? Any suggestions?
hello I need some modern equivalents for the mrf472 old transistor please
google is your friend
Yes as you guess it's 200V/ 32A N- chanel MOSFET transistor Here is the datasheet Regards
The letters are/ were abbreviations for the type of package: SOIC=Small Outline IC SOT=Small Outline transistor TO=transistor Outline DO=Diode Outline TSSOP=Thin Shrink Small Outline Package PLCC=Plastic Chip Carrier DIP=Dual In-line Package etc. The numbers were assigned to differentiate the different packages in the past. Today they so
replacment for k2003 is 2sk1118 or 2sk1404, and for k3451 i didnt found any replacment or data sheet for it but ther is a transistor 2sc3451 and it NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon transistor 500V/15A(used for Switching Regulator Applicationss) and its data sheet is located on:
can any one suggest me equivalent of these these are not avliable in my city. Si9410DY MTD20N03HDL ZTX694B Would you please suggest me a link to ebook or pdf of transistor and FET equivalents
Hi all, I'm using ADS2004A trying to simulate a relaxation oscillator using 2N2646 unijunction transistor. The problem is that I don't have 2N2646 in the library. I've try searching for other equivalents, but come back no results. I'm still new in ADS. Can someone please advice me how should i proceed? Thanks in advance Danny
I do not have a schmatic but if there is no picture (no Backlight) ther is a standard fault where the high voltage ossilater fails . there are 2 transistors on the main board ( looking from the back, on the right , that fail. farley easy to measure mine went both short circuit. tricky panel to get in to and very weird transistor types. It was ov
if set eval freq.=200K: **************** PZ Analysis `pz' **************** Warning from spectre during PZ analysis `pz'. Bipolar Junction transistor - frequency dependent components are present in the circuit, approximated as AC equivalents at 2.000000e+05Hz for pz analysis. ahdl module - frequency depende
the transistor tip30c and diodes 1n4001 are not available in market,,, can i use substitutes of them .................... tip29c or tip31c instead of tip30c ..... 1n914 instead of 1n4001???? please help.........