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Does anyone have a good transistor substitute table. Xorjo
Hello ! Can enybody help me to find the substitute for PT6068 and PT6067 power BJT ? I've search the web but withowt any resoult. The mentionet BJT's are the power devices from an power amp from KÖRTING dated 1983. From the first look I think that they are darlington transistors (TO247 casing) because on the PCB are only TO92 case (...)
hi friends i am looking for this transistor substitute can any one help me in that
What is the name of transistor?
Who can tell the type & substitute for SR52 - marked transistor? May be a link to a datasheet or electric parameters?
Who can tell the nearest analogue (substitute) for 13005 NPN power swichmode transistor (STD13005)? May be a link to a datasheet or electric parameters list? Thanks for any helpfull info!
What are the salient features of a transistor, that need to be compared from datasheet to find its subsitute.. ??? for example here is the datasheet of BFR91 Silicon NPN Planar RF transistor. how can i find its subsitute.. plz give detailed description or links... not just subsitute transistor numbers... !! also any online (...)
Hello wizpic. As I understood you just want to replace an analog potentiometer by some kind of digital option. I propose you different alternatives: 1- Use what is called a "digital potentiometer". Various companies offer this type of component, for example: Analog devices (AD5258BRMZ100, AD5259BRMZ10), Microchip (MCP41010-I/P, MCP41050-I/P)
could anybody tell me how to bias a transistor? on what factors does the bias depend?also, please tell me how to substitute a transistor with entirely different one and how to bias the new different transistor. how to bias an oscillator and tuned rf amplifier? please give me some sources/books on the topic. thanks in advance
Folks, I have a number of 12 VDC flourescent lighting fixtures on my boat, which my wife and I use as a home in the Dominican Republic, where we are humanitarian relief missionaries. After many years, these are failing one after the other. The fault is the "transistor" - looks like a power transistor, flat, black, bolted to the case, three
Hello- I'm trying to source the black part circled in my attachment. I don't know what it's called and so am having a bit of trouble finding it. I made one of these once with parts from Radio Shack called photo transmitter and infrared LED but would really like something in once piece as shown. Thanks! Nora
Hello, I have a defective N-channel DMOS switch part number SD215DE which was manufactured by Linear Systems. I looked in my transistor substitution books but this part number was not listed. Could someone please help provide a substitute part number. Thanks in advance.
Hi All, Im doing a project in college making a pulse oximeter. Im using a circuit design I found on the internet but I cannot source some of the transistors that were used in the original circuit and Im having difficulty finding replacements. Could anyone look at the following datasheets and tell me would it be ok to substitute the 2n3703 for mps3
Hi,you can search the following transistors datasheet but i think A1015 and 2SA1015 are the same.
Not exactly, I am going to build the typewriter II which is an enhancement to one. I think I will go for discrete DTL using transistors and diodes to replace the hex invertersn it should be more difficult. do you think any general purpose PNP transistor like 2n2907 could replace the obsolete 2n5139?
the transistor tip30c and diodes 1n4001 are not available in market,,, can i use substitutes of them .................... tip29c or tip31c instead of tip30c ..... 1n914 instead of 1n4001???? please help.........
TIP120 is a Darlington transistor with very high current gain, D313 is a simple transistor having much lower current gain. To try the circuit you could use two D313 transistors connected in a Darlington configuration until you find a proper substitute. 53001 Alex
I am using transistor FJX733 SOT323 package but somehow their has been mis print in PCB layout . Like Pin 3 of transistor(refer datasheet) is collector but in circuit it has been given to Emitter So trying to find SO323 package with Pin arranement as follows 1 Collector 2 Base 3 Emitter
Hey Guys.. Im building a PicKit 2. Im unable to find the BS250 and could only find the BSP254A transistor. So i would like to know if i could use the BSP254A in place of the BS250. Pls someone try to answer my question. Thanx.
65862 Help me how to determine the voltage at the output of the op-amp... i tried much but couldnt get the right answer... Plz help me out...
What is this transistor? SMD code is Br. this is used in frequency generator output section. If any substitute have this transistor Please help
I can't seem to find the values for a potentiometer I am hoping to use. Well I found what I think is the value @ but I'm not sure if it is correct for this particular one as the last marking isn't available. The pot reads J then a circle with a lightening bolt or similar then 10
2SD1047 is a power transistor rated 160V, 12A , 100W 2SC3263 rated 230V , 15A 130W having same metal tab connected to collector will be the best substitute
Most microcontrollers should be able to drive an optocoupler with an external transistor but with only a limited current. I would suggest replacing the 2sk941 with any general purpose MOSFET such as 2N7002. You could use the 2N2222 but with any bipolar you need to add a series base resistor. Keith
Hello, my name is David and now I'm working with power amplifier in 1030/1090 MHz. I've been using the AM80912-015 ST transistor in my amplification chain, but now ST says that this transistor will be obsolete soon, so I'm looking for a substitute with similar characteristicas in order not to change the whole amplification chain. I've found (...)
You can design in transistor level any multiplier. For that search the internet for Gilbert Cell or Gilbert multiplier. Thanks.
I do not know much about HSPICE or B2 Spice (I used Cadence Spectre), but what is the problem with getting the data from B2 Spice?? Doesn't it support sampling and printing data to file? About moving from B2 Spice to HSPICE - it should not be a problem if you have transistor models for HSPICE for your technology.
For the SS8550BBU made by Fairchild Semiconductor BJT, PNP, Epitaxial Silicon transistor, VCB0 40V, IC 1.5A Equivalent to MPS750, Mps751, 2SB892 Sorry but I have no data for the rest.
At my first try i increased air gap to about 0.5 mm just for to make AC current of the input with no load same as the original.The circuit worked well up to 110 A DC output current without air cooling!!After that 30 USD is gone...Original core had no gap.Switching frequency is 100 KHz.Topology 2 transistor forward. Core E65/32/27 May be i should
Ce is placed with such a value so that for the AC signals of the desired frequency it acts as a short so effectively for the AC signals Re is not there and emitter is directly grounded. In that case the Amplification is simply -gm(ro||Rcload) but when Ce is not present we have a resistor from emitter to ground (emitter degeneration resistance) whic
Please any have a circuit using HT9200 and a opto isolated??? I wanna remove a transistor in the up first image and substitute for a CNY-17... to interface with mcu. The circuit in the mcu generate square wave... I need a sine wave in to the opto CNY-17. And I think about the RC but not works!!! I have problem too with the "pop-corns"!!! sorr
Hi The ADS simulation of transistor level mixer schematic produces Sopt Rn and NFmin The problem is ... system mixer models Mixer Mixer2 MixerHBData produce different result for noise figure when Sopt Rn and NFmin are used (I have idea why...) How to model mixer noise using system mixer model? Somebody know proper procedure? Regards
Hi gladiss, The circuitry on that schematics seems to be basically a bunch of PNP transistors in an emitter follower configuration. The "hard to get" parts are likely those chips with multiple transistors. I assume, that you might try to replace them with discrete transistors of similar characteristics. Also, by a Google search (...)
I've tried two ways: 1.K'=u*Cox; 2.using a current drived dioded connected transistor and calculate from a output data; but I found the result vary as much as 100 times??? I'm afraid there's sth wrong with my method. How do you usually get the K'?
I think we can not use PCLM as lambda directly, since different channel length transistor has different lambda, but the PCLM is unique. So i think there must be some adjustment factor in the model equations to calculate lambda.
The value of Vds must be forced explicitly on the NMOS transistor.
Hi Kekiashi.... Drain wire is after 2 turn for 88-108MHz. Tuning freq also depends of tuning capacitor. If you use standard tuning capcitor from am/fm radio coil must have 5 turn fi-8mm Cu 1mm wire streched 13mm,drain wire also after 2 turn.When i making this i dont use IC for amplifier but ordinary npn transistor conected to headphones. reg
help me if there is a replacement for this kind of transistor..i use it for my IR receiver..because this kind of transistor is not available in the market..
I seriously doubt you want to model the entire array with an analog circuit simulator and transistor primitives. More likely you would want to figure out your worst case timing events, model the paths that change in detail and paths that don't, as simpler "dummies" - contributing (say) line loading, where it counts, but not getting all bus
Doesn't look like a text book converter circuit. An important point that's missing in your schematic is the winding polarity, but if I understand right, it's a forward converter with current feedback from the secondary. It's not obvious at first sight, why the circuit operation would fail. If the current feedback assumption is correct, at too l
i think never let the gate of a not used transistor floating is a good habit. and the floating gate is potentially threatened by antenna effects and CDM events. gate means capacitances, charges love capacitors, electro-static charges will be stored there.
hello I need to make a hex inverter out of transistor transistor logic or better transistor resistor logic. anyone could help? I need to substitute the mc789ap chip
Hi, i am trying to build this project: I am very noob to RF area so o got few questions. First, which components are critical? I mean i should use 1% precison or less? On the noise modulated pulse generator he used some old transistors with Hfe of 50. Any recomedation about this specific trans
I rally dont like to double post, but maybe i did post it on the wrong forum, and this might be more suitable. If not, it can be deleted. I am trying to build this project: I am very noob to RF area so o got few questions. First, which components are critical? I mean i should use 1% precis
Design control systems in matlab and other software today its very easy, get for example the transfer function of a circuit , then optimize it,... its kinda easy these days,... what I'm looking for,... its a easy way , once I have my electronic system, mathematically speaking - get the design of the real circuit with its devices like loads, cap
Yes, you've gone about it the right way for the most part. Question: Is your spec for biasing the transistor so it passes exactly 5A to the load? Or do you wish to drive the transistor at its minimum ON resistance? Because normally you would send sufficient current to the base until the transistor is down to its minimum ON resistance. This (...)
61771 hi guys, as you can see from the picture, the receiver will receive 'play' instruction from my transmitter and the recorder circuit (isd1700 series) will play the sound. the problem is, since the play is active low, when i turn on the supply, my recorder circuit turns on faster than receiver circuit, thus automatic
What is this transistors? 1st One Maker is Motorola, SMD code is 558, 2nd one SMD code is A08. this is two used in frequency generator output section. If any substitute have this transistor Please help me. images.el
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...i need m7, m9 to act as resistance of average value 1Mohm. (in sat i think we can't get this value from a single transistor)... Then you must operate the transistors in triode region!But i doubt if you can get such a big value of ron when the switch is closed... i just bothered of how to connect the gates(M7,M9) to ensure