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I never heard about 2 transister forward converter. Two transistor forward converter is widely used and it's improved version of one transistor forward converter. In such converter two transistors are turned on and off at the same time. This enables to use transistors with lower Uds (2 times) voltage and also, core reset (...)
"Code for the gate pulses" suggests a microcontroller interface. Most simple method would be an opto triac, it can work for thyristors as well. Unfortunately you'll lose part of the dV/dt strength that thyristors have in contrast to triacs. A pulse transformer is the more rugged method, it can be driven through a transistor output stage. UJTs are a
Referring to the links , my explanation is as below. I would like to know whether my explanation makes sense and how can i know how the triacs works. Or someone else can provide a better explanation. How to verify the circuit works or not using LTspice? Trigger circuit works for triggering tria
Hi: How to design a one-transistor Super-Regenerative Receiver? Or where I can find information about this Topics? Great Thnaks hslin000
Hi :) I have an old Russian transistor catalog from 1975 and it includes some data on KT914A as follows: Si, npn transit frequency, fT=350MHz max. collector power, Pcmax=7Watts max. collector-base and collector-emitter voltage, Vcb=Vce=65Volts max. basis-emitter voltage, Vbe=4Volts max. collector current, Ic=0.8A peak collector current
Does anyone have a good transistor substitute table. Xorjo
Hi all Any one can help me to find datasheet for rf transistor TPV376?? Thanx in advance
which tools can i use easy to draw transistor level circuit schematic and can output spice netlist for hspice simulation in linux enviroment? i hope the tools can be easy get, free or cr*ck already.thanks Hi A. Oregano (Free for d/l) 1. Xcircuit (Free for d/l) 2. h**p://bach.ece.
Need datasheet for BFP519 transistor :?:
Hi transistor Level Implementation of CMOS Combinational Logic 1. -> t tnx
Dear friends, I have the book by Gonzalez (Microwave transistor Amplifiers Analysis and Design) scanned. The size of the files is about 50M. Because of that I am not going to upload the book here. If someone interested has a ftp I can upload the book. Just let me know. NandoPG
Dont't you think to apply a ' serial or parallel ' feedback to the transistor ? Generally this technique reduces S21 and provides more stability.. Or ' balanced configuration' might be a solution ..another way to.. Good Luck
Memory design using a one-transistor gain cell on SOI :)
bfw92a ia used as a power transistor at vhf so replace with 2n2222 or better.... 2n3555
Dear friend, anyone have some ideas howto extract the output/input shunt capacitor in the transistor/FET ac model. can I just need to use a Hamonic Balance to get the frequency response then try to find the capacitors values by fitting curve. My model is need only a input shunt capacitance and an output shunt capacitance with a current/voltage con
THE TWO TRANSITORS ARE PATERN COPIES OF NEC 2SC DEVICE AS MENTIONED ABOVE THEY ARE INFACT GENERAL PURPOSE PNP AND NPN DEVICE BUT NOT A MATCHED PAIR 2SA933 is a common device in amplifiers and general switching situations in shit eastern plastic junk crap self destructing badly designed hifi and hous
Does anyone point to me who has to absorb RCA? I have need of to replace a transistor 17556 with one equivalent. Best Regard.
Hello Please I need info about a ETD32-035B TO3 transistor , specifications , Regards Garfield :roll:
How can I design a transistor amplifier that gives -1 amplification? I want to generate a + and - input for briged amplifier configuration. and I notice the distortion is very critical, I tried a common emiter configuration with Rc=Re=4.6k, and with biasing at the base for NPN 2n3903, it simulates fine in SPICE, but in real application, the out
I think this is production date not name of the transistor.. :roll: If you're sure that this a name , it might be Fujitsu.. but :? If it is a Microwave power transistor.. :!:
Frequency tripler is a B class transistor amplifier with collector load tuned to three times input signal frequency as you know. Shape of collector current of such an amplifier should contain as much as possible the third harmonics component of input signal for good efficiency. Frequency tripler can be build with diodes:
Is transistor level simulation is a must for digital IC chip?
Hi all, I have a Hitron car Amplifier named "MCKinley 2-Channel 2x100W RMS". One of the amp-transistors burned and killed also one of the pre-amp transistors. I putted in a new amp-transistor, but I cannot find out what kind of transistor is used in the pre-amp. There are only the letters "C1027" on the (...)
SMD marking codes: A simple search at google for 8fb transitor gave me this link as the first: It seems like 8FB is a BC817-25 NPN transistor. A simple search at google for 9fb transitor gave me this li
Dear All Does anyone has the datasheets of a j6812 transistor. Or knows a comparison type? Regards Acinfo32
Can anyone help me in getting datasheet of STA 401A (transistor array)
I really know what type of transistor i must use for Phase-shift 90° in advance, i have a signal sine of 2 MHz and i want chance his phase 90° in forward so what type of transistor i need????
hallo i want to make the artwork for a transistor in momentum (ads) any advice or hint how to make it thanx
Hello , I need replace damaged transistor from old TDI Yamaha 1100 motocyrcle. The part labeled is ETD32 -835B 8N16 TO3 CASE. Please anyone can give me information or help about replcement part. Regards Garfield :wink:
does anybody know a suitable transistor for x-band oscillator.
Evaluation of Si-LDMOS transistor for RF power amplifier in 2-6 GHz frequency range Grigori Doudorov Linköping 2003
Hi everybody! I'm trying to find a replacement for this obsolete Motorola's RF transistor. I don't have this part's datasheet either, so I can't work on the replacement search. Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks in avance
I've dealing with a circuit containing iMOS and ZMOS transistor. Anyone know what is the difference between them and NMOS/PMOS transistor? Under what circumstance one will prefer than the other. Any link to get more information about these type of transistor? Thank !
Re: need Ganzalez "microwave transistor power amplifier
Hello there, I have a transistor that I am trying to identify. Unfortunately it is not clear from the markings what exactly it is. This is what I know about it: SOT-523 Package Writing 702, on the side V I I What could it be? Does anyone know? Can anyone help? Thanks Rasti
Can any one tell haw does Pspice evaluetes the beta of the bipolar transistor versus the suply current.
Can some one help? NPN transistor 9014 model
i make a design , of nonlinear transistor, igot the i-v curve. how can i plot the load line on this graph ??
I compose schametic with the analoglib components. when I simulate the circuit, it gave me errors on transistor model parameters being blank or not set. I did set W and L in the mos transistor's property. can anyone guide me through schametic-composer part for correct simulation?? I simulated everything OK in school with IC4.X.X. thanks alot
I am tring to design an amplifier with 1 W output using 2N3866 in the FM band ( 88-108) but I can not specify the impedances for the transistor , I tried to use a test circuit to measure the impedances in class C but it failed to give good results ( this methode was ok for higer power transistor and gave a good results) but for this one I coulden
I am searching for a good designing book for microwave transistor amplifier in which designing is given step by step.
HI Vdstransistor in linear region.W/L also effect current flow .
Hi after replacing the 2SD1880 horizontal deflection transistor with one ST2310DHI (equivalent one), the transistor dies just after replacent (BCE becomes short circuit). Any suggestion on what could be the reason? Thanks a lot. Mazz
For a cascode, the gain is approximately = gm*ro^2 = gm * (1/(Lemda*Id))^ So if you keep the bias Id unchanged while increase the width you can boost your gain. However, large transistor increase the node capacitance hence limit the bandwidth. Run the simulation to dertermin the trade off. Be aware not to simply increase the bias Id as gm=sqrt
The S-Parameters of a transistor naked die are always different than packaged version due to parasitic effects such as bonding, capacitive effect of the diepad , etc.. Therefore s-parameters seem to be different. In the databooks, s-parameters are given usually for packaged version unless noticed.
Does anyone can tell me with which transistor I can replace the FTR02 of SANKEN Electrik. I have not found the date sheet. Help me. Best Regard
Select the transistor and then push the q key, you will find the option.
Yes, when we use the inverse ratio MOS(W<>L), we often use several transistor series which every transistor w and L all meet the model max. and min. W and L to guarantee the model accuracy.
I bought that issue. The article describes as title says transistor identifier. It can determine type of transistor PNP, NPN, NJFET, PJFET, NMOS and PMOS. IT allso indicates transistor pins EBC SGD and measures HFE, RDSON and cutoff voltage at fets. Instrument is build arround PIC16F872 it has 2x16 LCD. As I understand instrument is suitable (...)