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8) tutorials * practical applications *pic tutorials *PC tutorials *555 / multivibrator tutorials *Filter tutorials *transistor tutorials *PSoC *... and Downloads. Here! HN
hi can anyone tell me what is q factor in transistor and how i can use it practically? thanks
Hi I need some tutorials or IEEE Papers on UWB LNA using pHEMT transistor. Thanks Kella
Hi everyone. I am looking for some good introduction tutorials on BJT and MOSFET transistors. I am looking for tutorials that list "the steps" to take to do circuit analysis on BJT and MOSFET transistors. A tutorial that goes into good detail for cutoff, active, and saturation modes of a transistor. (...)
Hi: How to design a one-transistor Super-Regenerative Receiver? Or where I can find information about this Topics? Great Thnaks hslin000
oasis4355, kevpat is right. They are not the same (not even close). The unijunction transistor is a switching device. Its primary parameter is the "intrinsic standoff ratio" (eta). The device has two bases and an emitter. When the emitter voltage exceeds a value equal to the inter-base voltage times eta, the devices switches and the inter-bas
I can see some of your transistors, but you need first to place them then use SHIFT+F. Sometimes Layout XL looks like lagging in such issues. Try shut down icfb and restart. Tell me the results. D.
can you provide tutorials for sizing transistor so that we achieve maximum gain in a comlicated large circuit
Hi members, I need materials/tutorials on CMOS transistor W/L sizing. In fact I need to understand the 1/K rule used in the inverter based Oscilators. Any help will be appreciated. I'll donade 20 Points as a reword for real helps. Best Regards, Master_PicEngineer.
Some reference for transistor as a switch.
Hi all, I need progressive tutorials (if possible exercices and solutions) on the gm/Id methodology for circuit's transistor sizing. I know the principle but I can't apply it when dealing with differenctial circuit like differential delay cells. Any help will be welcommed. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Advares.
Hello Is there any tool which can draw my transistor level layout, by a verilog netlist? I have used tools like Microwind but this tool isn't complete and there is no way to limit size of layout and it isn't very clever in drawing automatic layout so it will providing a big layout which is not acceptable in area size!!
Hello all, Anybody is using Cadence UltraSim? I have been used Spectre and Hspice, but I don't have any experience with Ultrasim. I think this sound stupid, but I'm wondering Ultrasim can take the Spectre transistor models? I will also appreciate your help, if you can point me out some tutorials regarding usage of UltraSim. Thank you,
How do you know which hFE value to use from a transistor data sheet in biasing a bipolar npn transistor in common emitter to get desired IC current when Ib current = IC/hFE is applied ? Take a bc548 npn transistor for example how would you calculate the biasing current required on the base to get a desired current on the IC that = (...)
I keep reading MOSFET tutorials that describe the MOSFET as a voltage controlled device that has extremely high input resistance (OK so far) but then state "NO current flows into the gate" (for example The MOSFET or Metal Oxide Semiconductor FET Tutorial ). Why do
Cadence's Conformal-GXL (or Conformal-Custom) can take read transistor spice level netlist and convert that to a verilog structure. The verilog structure can in turn be verified against RTL. You will however, need the Conformal-LEC-Custom license if you want to run the RTL to transistor level checks. Golden: RTL Revised: spice -> Verilog Conform
Small variations in the base current will have big variation in the collector current. Check transistor explanation in the following link tutorials, Electronics made EASY, Williamson Labs Alex
i want to start to desing amplifer on stage with transistor to multi stage could you interduce me with good article or books that explain it very well? i want a book ,text or .... that explain how can design a ampilfer with transistor with eqution and use transistor data sheet.... Thanks a lot
Hello, I am looking into voltage regulators, but so far am having difficulty finding good references to learn about them. Are there some references, such as papers, textbooks, tutorials, etc, that discuss voltage regulators and transistor level designs? Thanks.
In this pdf for the 2N3904 What part of this data sheet should I be looking at to figure out what my bias should be? I want to experiment with my signal generator, so I can see the transistor in action. Every other time I have tried this I get annoying peaks(clipping) that do not reflect
It's a typo error there, a vice versa situation… :grin: 1. The BJT is a current-controlled device since its output is determined on the input current, while FET is considered as a voltage-controlled device, because it depends on the field effect of the applied voltage. 2. The BJT (Bipolar Junction transistor) uses both the minority and maj
Attached image included. Okay, I have already checked the suggested thread but didn't seem to find the exact problem with transistors. 64768 Can anyone explain why the results are not the same? What is the requirement for a transistor to function? A voltage or current input to the base? I do not know how to read their
Here is an explanation of biasing: Some more links can be found in
Hi edaboard... I am having a confusion on a transistor K3567 about the voltage flow.... Pin 1 is GATE which makes the circuit on & off.... But I want to know whether the voltage flows from 'SOURCE to DRAIN' or 'DRAIN to SOURCE'???? Please simplify it.....
hello everyone i have some question 1- what do u mean by biasing in transistor?? 2-list the different types of biasing? 3- what is the operating point or Q point of transistor? 4-why it necessary to have a CAPACITOR between the input and the base of the transistor? thanx
hi, newbie here. we are given a project using transistor as a switch. can you please give me an example or any reference how to use sound as input and light as an output. i don't have any idea how to start to make plan for it. please.
Hello it anyone can tell me how to simulate biasing transistor in ADS 2011 software?Kindly please help me.thanks
Hi everybody I'm confused about transistor saturation current,as i know Vcc=Vce+Ic*RL where Vcc:The source voltage Vce:Collector to emitter voltage RL:Load Resistance and at saturation Vce=0 Volt my confusion is, Is saturation current depend on the load resistance "as the equation prove" , it depends on the value of the base current or on the
Someone interested in ASIC synthesis flow? I have some tutorials and scripts for Syn*ps*s and Prim*ti*e. A good source for S*n*psys documentation is Sold. I have 2001.08 version but I need a fast f*p for upload. A very good site for scripts and documentation:
The tutorials of AVR ?Thanks.
Hi tutorials for VHDL and Verilog. HDL Synthesis for FPGAs: Design Guide (PDF 2MB) SystemC -- Technical Papers Cypress: Programmable Logic: VHDL Page Cypress: Design Resources : Technical Articles Logic Synthesis with VHDL System Synthesis VHDL SYNTHESIS TUTORIAL VHDL Coding Style manual Others These were some of the generic tuto
Hi :) I have an old Russian transistor catalog from 1975 and it includes some data on KT914A as follows: Si, npn transit frequency, fT=350MHz max. collector power, Pcmax=7Watts max. collector-base and collector-emitter voltage, Vcb=Vce=65Volts max. basis-emitter voltage, Vbe=4Volts max. collector current, Ic=0.8A peak collector current
Hi 1. -> t tnx
Does anyone have a good transistor substitute table. Xorjo
Hi all Any one can help me to find datasheet for rf transistor TPV376?? Thanx in advance
I need selsyn tutorials (output signals and decoding technix). Thanx for your helps.
which tools can i use easy to draw transistor level circuit schematic and can output spice netlist for hspice simulation in linux enviroment? i hope the tools can be easy get, free or cr*ck already.thanks Hi A. Oregano (Free for d/l) 1. Xcircuit (Free for d/l) 2. h**p://bach.ece.
Need datasheet for BFP519 transistor :?:
Hi I need a fast tutorial on or*cad sch,pcb and on autorouting with it. please send pdf or any useful links about that. thanks
Hi people, here is some nice tutorial on specman enjoy. Also if someone has anybetter tutorial which actually explains the e language and its usage better, pls do post with regards,
Does anyone know of any tutorials for disassembling eg. 8051 code? And any good disassemblers.... Thanks
Hi transistor Level Implementation of CMOS Combinational Logic 1. -> t tnx
Learn Electronics tutorials and Information
i need sum tutorials on LIN interfacing sriram
Dear friends, I have the book by Gonzalez (Microwave transistor Amplifiers Analysis and Design) scanned. The size of the files is about 50M. Because of that I am not going to upload the book here. If someone interested has a ftp I can upload the book. Just let me know. NandoPG
Dont't you think to apply a ' serial or parallel ' feedback to the transistor ? Generally this technique reduces S21 and provides more stability.. Or ' balanced configuration' might be a solution ..another way to.. Good Luck
Memory design using a one-transistor gain cell on SOI :)