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transmission line calculator. This program allows you to calculate a variety of parameters related to PCB transmission lines for a variety of different configurations and loading conditions. The current version is 2.2, updated 12/11/97. Version 2.2 corrects errors with embedded microstrip formulas in version (...)
transmission line calculator Analysis/Synthesis of various transmission line structures. Uploaded by Fritz Dellsperger
Hi transmission line calculator Transcalc is an analysis and synthesis tool for calculating the electrical and physical properties of different kinds of RF and microwave transmission lines. Transcalc is built using the GIMP toolkit (GTK+) for its GUI interface. 1. h**p://transcalc.sourceforg
Planar transmission line calculator from AWR. Can analyze and synthesize line impedance and electrical lengths etc
Hi all, transmission line calculators in ADS and AWR are valid over what frequency range? and Can i have formula for finding length width and spacing for coupled microstrip line? thanks
Look for SigXplorer application in cadence installed directory or start menu. open this application, you'll find different transmission lines topology. On right hand parameters pan, you can change the values to see changes in impedance. For impedance calculation, variables are- trace width, length, height, Thickness. Please see following docu
txline is a free calculator that can solve this and is quite accurate. For given F, Er, H and T for 50 ohms set w = 1.74mm. The width you gave has a characteristic impedance of 114.7ohms
The length of your Klopfenstein taper sounds short for low frequencies. Connector choice and aluminum sounds good for these frequencies. Press down on the center of the board and see if your measurements change. That will tell if you have good ground contact between the bottom of your sapphire board and aluminum.
transmission line impedence calculator
Hi .. Is there any simulator or formulas available for designing a 50 ohm transmission line for patch antenna. can i get some theoratical formulas for designing a inset fed patch antenna??? Thanks in advance
Microstrip transmission line Impedance calculator for PCB's using VB Script I hope it can help
Hi guys While projecting LPDA antenna I found a problem with impedance of transmission line. In literature the transmission line is built by two round conductors and its impedance is given by equation. But commercial LPDA antennas are built by square or rectangle conductors. Can you help me where can I find impedance (...)
Hi guys, I need the formulas for Capacitance, Inductance and (Im) Impedance of a coplanar transmission line (or coplanar waveguide). Also, design considerations of a coplanar microwave resonator would be of great use. Any Papers or articles known ? Thank you very much in advance (this community is really great!),
transmission line Analysis
An excellent online tool for understanding PCB transmission line concepts Thanks Nerv
transmission line Rules of Thumb
hi: I would like to know if I can change the width of the series transmission lines in my matching networks when i optimize for better results. Can I change the width or it should stay related to 50 ohm? Also when using balance stubs for the matching networks, should the length of the stubs be the same after optimization or I can change one or
hi again! :) I read an article describing how to shorten a transmission line, which is very good if you are saving board space, but the the limiting factor is the high impedance of the shortened line and the capacitors used for resonance. :( Is there other ways? Thanks again. :)
Can sombody help me with some graphs or formulas to calculate or find the Zo of a twisted pair transmission line, depending on wire diameter, wire isolation thickness and number of turns/length unit ? (for Zo range of 25 to 150 ohms, wire diameter range of 0.1 to 1mm) Thanks for any links or info . g579
Hello, I want to realize a 3-order lowpass filter on chip. F cut @ 20GHz A series inductor should be used. I'm not sure that spiral inductor will have a good performance near that freq. And series transmission line is difficult to realize. Can I make the trans line as I__________ __________| I or use CPW? Which
Hello Please help to understand the design of coaxial transmission line transformers used in RF power amplifier matching . Please suggest some application notes or ebooks to refer this topic in detail. thank you
I'd like to simulate transmission line loose coupling. I also found Tline coupling devices are T2coupled, T2coupledX, Kcouple2... but I don't know exactly which one is used in case LOOSE COUPLING, TIGHT COUPLING between 2 Transmision lines. Please help me to find them. Thank you!
Here is how to check your work for this example. Design your microstrip transmission line. Make it longer than 1/4 wavelength. Plot the S11 on a 50 ohm Smith chart starting at zero Hertz and make a note when the spiral 1st crosses the real axis on the Smith chart. Calculate the reflection coefficient at this point. It will be a real number but
Hi all: I want to ask you a question about how to extract RLGC transmission line parameter from S-parameter. For single transmission, the conversion between RLGC and 2-port S-parameter is easy to find. But for coupled transmission line--only two Tline, I have difficuity to find (...)
When I finished simulating 50-ohm transmission line which parameter should I observe ?? My simulation tools is Agilent ADS.
I need the paper: J. P. Shelton, ?Impedances of Offset Parallel Coupled Strip transmission line,? IEEE Trans. on MTT, Jan. 1966, pp. 7-15, and correction in MTT, May 1966, p. 249. or others about Offset Parallel Coupled Strip transmission line., Thanks!
I've got rglc parameters of a multiconductor transmission line system. I'd like to use @ds to simulate the system based on these parameters, not calculate by ads itself. Can someone show me the steps or in @ds and the format of the rglc file. The @ds help doesn't describe it in detail.
One effect is delay in the signals. Another effect is reflexions that produce ringing. transmission line effects (reflexions) start to be important when the round-trip delay is comparable to rise and fall times. These effects are mitigated with terminations in the lines: they should be loaded with the characteristic impedance of the (...)
Hello, I am a new guy here. I hope to compare the Q value of microstrip and cpw. I met a problem when i simulated microstrip (with a shielded ground plane between the alumina layer and the 15Ohm-cm Si substrate) and conduct-back cpw transmission line by ADS Momentum. In the simulation, i have to connect the shielded ground in Microstrip (...)
Recently , I found an interesting question that the T or PI model (Derived from ABCD parameter) of A "Single" transmission line shows that there are transmission zeros when the electrical length goes to: say.. 180 degree or so (ex: arms of T MODEL is Z11-Z12=jZoTan(Θ/2) -> ∞ like "open"), BUT HOW? IS there anything wrong about the (...)
Try @ADS or Sonet software to simulate the transmission line effect
Hi guys In my design in need to bypass the transistor with a capacitor from the drain to the gate, to make the transistor conditionally unstable in order to design an oscillator. But I have a practical problem: the gate and drain of this component is not on the same side of the package, so I have to lay a transmission line from one side to t
y when we design a a transmission line we alway relate it to quaterwave?
is it possiable to design transmission line using fractal geometry
Hi, I need to know if there has been a full wave analysis of a two-wire transmission line with an infinite dielectrice layer between the wires. thanks in advance Mehdi Ardavan
Hi, I need to know if there has been a full wave analysis of a two-wire transmission line with an infinite dielectrice layer between the wires. thanks in advance Mehdi Ardavan
Hello. I want to ask how to calculate biasing resistor for RS-485 transmission line. can you give me some references or some links to solve my problem. Thanx in advanced
Hi, I am trying to create a microstrip patch antenna transmission line model in ADS. In addition, I wish to model a slot line circuit equivalent in ADS schematic? How do I do that? Any response would be greatly appreciated!
How to estimate the reflection of two segments of coaxial transmission line with same characteristics impedance but different size?
LTI system x1(t)-->y1(t) x2(t)-->y2(t) a*x1(t-t0)+b*x2(t-t1)-->a*y1(t-t0)+b*y2(t-t1) transmission line eq. v(z,t)=|V0|*cos(wt-beta*z)*exp(-alpha*z) This is LTI function
I would like to get some reference values of the real and imaginary parts of the complex form of the radiating slots of a microstrip patch in a transmission line model. Anyone has done a transmission line model of the patch? Any equations for the radiating slots so that I can run it in mathcad?
Do you think the power transmission line/conductor (see attached figure) is insulated?
Hello Pow. The approximate formulas to find characteristic impedance and effective epsylon can be found in: "transmission line Design Handbook", Wadel, page 249 Those equations were published in the following paper (according to Wadels book): "Computer-aided design models for broad-side coupled striplines and milimeter wave (...)
Eldo simulating several stages of W-type transmission line. After OP initial point calculation, simulator introduced significant transient noise without any input vector changed. The noise is at far-end and the amplitude is huge. It is going to disappear after several tens of pico-seconds. However, it still makes me uncomfortable, why it is t
First: there is not such thing "differential microstrip" In turn exist CPS and CPW. CPS stand for Coplanar Strip is a balance transmission line with no common ground plane, consist of two strip of copper over a substrate. Theoretically will not propagate common mode. CPW is a single trace with ground on the sides and the bottom. (the
If you read some transmission line theory, you'll come across two formulas for transmission line propagation delays. Specifically for microstrip line : 1) Tpd = sqrt(LC) where L and C are inductance and cap. of the tx line per inch. 2) Tpd = 85*sqrt(absilon_r) where absilon_r (...)
Pls help me where I can find suspended stripline calculator thx Added after 9 minutes: Hello There are lot of free calculators are available from AWR Txline Appcad Online calc
Who can give a coupled transmission line model? The coupled line consists of two strip with 4 port. 4-Port S-parameter file is given by EM simulation. How can I extract the coupled capacitance of the two strips? Thanks.
Can somebody guide me how to calculate the freqency dependant line impedance, attenuation constant and propagation constant of an arbirtrary transmission line calculated by FDTD (MWS) I have access to E and H, the S-parameters, and of course the time responses. In this case I cannot use the port characteristics because they don't (...)
Hi all, There is a interview problem. A voltage source with internal impedance Z_source = 50 OHm is connected to a transmission line with Z = 50 OHm. Z_load is also 50 OHm. The voltage source generates a single voltage step 1V. What will be the voltage level on the load? Is there any intuitive method to solve such transmission (...)