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Hi, Please give me detail information about BLUETOOTH transmitter and receiver with circuit diagram. I want to design to control the applances remotely. Thanks, Sangmeshwar
Hi, Please give me detail information about BLUETOOTH transmitter and receiver with circuit diagram. I want to design to control the applances remotely. Thanks, Sangmeshwar
Hi, Please give me circuit diagram of FM transmitter and receiver for the range of 1 KM having good quality reception of sound. Thanks, Sangmeshwar
Help me...Need circuit diagram for low range AM radio transmitter and receiver by using SCR...
What are you trying to achieve? If you want a separate receiver and transmitter you can simply duplicate the common parts but only fit other parts applicable to that purpose. There is another part of the circuit which is not shown on either diagram, where it says VFO/BFO you have to inject an oscillator (...)
I am a newbie in electronics.. I have been trying to build a 4 bit remote control for different applications in toy cars etc.. i used MC145026/27 encoder/decoder pair to generate the signals n all.. they work perfect when connected directly with each other.. but im having problems in making tx/rx :(.. i used the 433mhz design uploaded here.. unfort
hi, I am using PIEZEO ELECTRIC ULTRASOUND TRANSDUCER operatintg ranges are 12v,100 to 200mA 2MHz frequency. This transducer is used for measuring the Aorta thickness. We can use this transducer As a transmitter and receiver.For my application i am using this one as a transmitter and (...)
Hello All, Iam trying to interface Atmel 89c52mc with RF 433mz transmitter & Reciver. Problem is as follows. 1. When connected TX of mc directly to the transmitter iam, no data is received at the receiver side. i have set the baudrate to 1200. 2. when i connect the transmitter and (...)
I am using ASK transmitter and receiver pairs for transmission. I need the circuit diagram for interfacing ASK receiver with the uc 89c51
Hello Kindly go thru the presenatition for 2.4 Ghz Rf transmitter and receiver. 8051 zigbee interface if this post is not useful ,kindly let me know the frequency of the transmissitter
i need a an ir transmitter circuit diagram using an ir led( TIL38) modulated to generate a frequency of 38 khz so that tsop 1738 can receive it.also need a tsop1738 receiver circuit diagram
Hi all Simple Doppler radar circuit Basically is a form of transmitter and receiver which may also used as simple Doppler radar. This is the following diagram i have for the doppler radar. But i can not find any circuit related with my bolck diagram. Any (...)
I think he is looking for a transmitter not a receiver. I doubt would be a repeater. Here is the problem! In what country you are in, or better where this circuit booster will ever be applicable? I do not know for all the countries but for USA/Canada and almost all of countries of Europe and some in (...)
Ya by software it may be possible to emulate rs232 via SPI port but it may be very tough and it will eat up lot of processor computation power it is better to use a SPI to UART chip with built in charge pump like MAX3111 which takes care of the UART functions (but it is costly) and its performance is good as we have tested it in our design (...)
Hi, I am using a 8-bit binary signal as an input which is then mixed with the 8-bit pseudo random number by using an XOR gate then transmitted the mixed signal by using a wire link. To reproduce the original signal, another 8-bit pseudo random number (which must has the same sequence as used for transmitter) is XORed with the received (...)
i suggest u to use any rf tx/rx with dtmf generator and receiver . u will get 16 chanel pls i need the circuit diagram of 4 channel rc transmitter and reciever without microprocessor. thanks in anticipation
You can do this pretty easily ! But you must be good at digital communication if not you can get a ready made module ( of ASK transmitter reciever pair ) First make an ASK ( amplitude shift keying ) transmitter reciever. If you are not aware of this ready made pairs are available( a pair at 315Mhz costs around 10$) i will give you one such link
I am looking for your advice as to what frequency would be better. I need a range of about 50 meters. and most importantly do you think that the schematic will work. It is a widely availbe schematic on the net. For the said range the any of the modules with any mentioned frequency will work fine. yes...the circuit will
hi every body i really need help in my graduation project i want a powerful applications using RF signals in brief i need to transmit data (voice , text , video , image ) .. wireless by means i need to construct a circuit like a bluetooth circuit but more powerful circuit i surfed more and more on the net to (...)
Hai all friends, Does anybody know about a walkie talkie circuit diagram which uses 3 transistors (npn rf - can't remember the name:-() for boosting the signal, 3 nos 10.7 mhz ceramic filters and 1 capacitor and 1 resistor for oscillators receiver. The transmitter uses a IC with (...)
That's not what I meant was wrong. The IC is basically two switches, one at each side of the motor, turning one on makes the motor rotate one direction, turning the other on makes it rotate the other way. The protection circuit is there if needed to ensure it isn't possible to turn both switches on at the same time as this would damage the IC. Yo
HI, i decide to design a Rf remote control with P16F877A. But now face problem in the program code. My receiver cannot receive the signal from transmitter. Can somebody help me? Thanks!
about fm voice transmitter?
RF module can be receiver or transmitter. Some of schematics you can find by Google.
1-How i can transmit and receive video with the voice .... i need the circuit diagram and how does the system operate? 2-how i can receive this signal on the computer i need the circuit diagram and how does the system operate and the coputer program if (...)
1-How i can transmit and receive video with the voice .... i need the circuit diagram and how does the system operate? 2-how i can receive this signal on the computer i need the circuit diagram and how does the system operate and the copmuter program if (...)
If your requirement is for measuring the distance, this project kit from may help you. This Microcontroller-based Ultrasonic distance meter project employs 40 kHz ultrasonic transducers for distance measurement up to 2.5 meters. Ultrasonic transducers measure the amount of time taken for a pulse of sound to travel t
Dear gun_mike.. I higly recommend to use TX-RX modules to transmit the data signals a distance instead of implementing such circuits. Because, your working environment is very noisy and there are very large electrical surges, therefore simple transmitter and receiver circuits won't work.. (...)
Hello Dear friends My final project is PC to PC communicate over fiber optic I saw this circuit from Indian student but unfortunately he didn't write IC's pin numbers. I tried 5 hours to run this circuit but I can’t..! there are many problems. Please need your help ..!! this is his project's report
Hello I am using an IR receiver Sharp-GP1u781Q Which works on 38khz frequency.... Can any one tell me about a compatible transmitter for that,and if it is an IR led, then kindly post its circuit diagram......
use TSOP-1738 ir sensor to detect ir signal. It will detect a 38kHz modulated ir signal only. You can make the transmitter using a 555 astable multivibrator designed at 38kHz . You could make the circuit in simple way by using some flip flops , counters etc or could make it more efficient using microcontrollers. Using a microcontroller you coul
Use IR transmitter and receiver with a 8 pin comparator, it will cost you around 30-40rs. use l293D ic for driving dc motor. try this if you dont get i will give circuit diagram and code for your project. But try yourself
i am doing two grid follower robot in which one bot would transmit coordinate and the other would receive it..i have with me 433rf moduled transmitter and receiver along with encoder HT12E and decoder HT12D..m using atmega16 and feeding code at avr request here is can anyone provide me a (...)
you can use an IR transmitter and receiver led type... availability should not be a problem.. use comparator circuit with receiver...
everyone.i am a newcomer in the field of embedded systems.i have bought a kit for practising on 8051,avr,pic,arm,arduino and some other also has led's,7 segment display,lcd,ir receiver,ir transmitter etc.i am practising on 8051. CAN someone tell me how to make use of IR transmitter and IR (...)
Can you post a block diagram of your proposed system. My first guess based on what you have said is you should use the '675 (why not another 628A?) as a serial transmitter and use the USART in one or more '628A as the receiver. I use a similar principle to address many PIC devices on a long serial bus over more than 100 (...)
Yes, you can build a simple shaft encoder by many way : 1)use proximity switch with rotary disc mounted your device , Clemson Vehicular Electronics Laboratory: Crankshaft/Camshaft Position Sensors 2) infrared sensor (transmitter and receiver :
Hi, I want to control upto 8 dc toy motors wirelessly(clockwise and anticlockwise rotation). I want to make my own transmitter and receiver circuits. Can any one please help me for making this wireless remote control. and you would be helpful if you provide me a working schematic (...)
I would agree with Syncopator. If you try to use the audio to decide if a scanner is active you run the risk of the LED flickering on and off in time with the sound and unfortunetely if the radio link is FM, it staying on when the channel isn't in use because it would see the background hiss as valid audio. The best method is to use the squelch o
I want to simulate 27MHz transmitter circuit in PSPICE. circuit diagram is given as Figure-1 in following link. for Tx_A At the moment I am not including any antenna and just want to check the oscillations at transistor collector in PSPICE. Firstly, I am n
Hi Friend, You don't mention any programming detail in uC in your post about. Sometime problem also in program not in circuit because circuit diagram of MAX232 it very easy. Also, you can check and debug receiver and transmitter fucntion one by one like in (...)
There are many circuits that can work as you need. You need an IR transmitter, a LED fed from a battery through a switch and a current-limiting resistor. Then you need to tell us how far you need the range. This can define the IR receiver complexity. You can use a "remote" IR controller as the transmitter (...)
You can use Zigbee's for wireless transmission of data, You can buy zig-bee modules from CCS. You need two circuits one for transmitting data and other is for receiving data. transmitter circuit is consist of micro controller and zig-bee receiver circuit is consist of (...)
is it possible to do decoding of data in the microcontroller?v hav encoded the data and transmited it through rf transmitter and at the receiver side the data is received by rf receiver ic and output of receiver is sent to uc is it gng to work?
I am developing an application where a PIC18F4420 device is sending data to another PIC18F4420 device. The receiver device is not getting the code as sent by the transmitter. I'm attaching the circuit diagram, and program herewith. transmitter CODE: (...)
Are you aware of you need a Licence from your local authorities before you are going to use a GSM frequency? Be carefull every country take it very serious when you are trying to use air medium for transmission. If you are planning to go for GSM modem what i recommend you to use the telcome operator sim with EDGE, GPRS, or 3G technologies for data
Hi, I found the following circuit that reads the skin phototype. I assume that uses the principle of refraction. The amount of signal emitted by the IR transmitter reflected from the light skin is different from that reflected from dark skin. So the IR receiver will give different values ​​depending on whether the skin is (...)
hello everybody, okay, to the subject direct, i am working on RF Transceiver module, using remote control with four buttons, and required to drive a vibrating motor with every button click, momentary " as long as button is pressed the motor is vibrating" , the module is paired of pt2262 transmitter, and pt2272 receiver, (...)
need your help in interfacing microcontroller at89c52 with RF transmitter and RF receiver.could you please send me circuit diagram.