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I used a triac circuit design form littlefuse AN1003.16 Phase control permanent magnet motor. I connected it up to 115v ac and measured the outut on a multimeter. I measure approx 100v before the triac when short circuit and blow a trip. Not sure what I have done wrong, does it matter which way MT1 and MT2 are connected? (...)
The schematic looks ok (it's the datasheet suggested application circuit); you may find aditional information here: there could be a problem with series zero cross detectors indeed. Though as long as y
SSR =Solid State Relay, which is what you asked for. However, as you have found, most SSR are used in AC applications where they inherently turn off when the control voltage is removed. In a DC application, an AC circuit using a triac or SCR will not work unless you have a method of disrupting the current to turn them off. (...)
Hai.. I am using the below circuit for one of my application. For the resistive load it is working properly. But my loads are capacitive loads(SMPS) around 20W to 40W. When I try to ON the first load, Sometimes load 2 gets on for a short time. I Thought it may due to the gate noise. So I removed the 39 Ohm resistor to the gate but still the proble
Greetings, Does this circuit work well? application : to control speed of ceiling Fan or to control brightness of a Light bulb. Components : MOC3021 (optocoupler), BTA12 600 (triac) 110117 Thank you !
how to make a ssr using triac to switch 5aurrent at 230v rating. please post any circuit diagram what is the term zero crossing detector in triac drivers such as moc3041 what is the use of it can i use moc3021 for switching application that is triggering triac please suggest some (...)
Sorry for the question but what is the difference between the 4q and a 3q triac?
Hi all, I want to control AC water pump which may be having max current=10A using BTA41600B triac. And I quiet new to designing snubber circuit for such high load. And I am not getting the values for R and C and I read in application note that "R" should be a snubber resistor. What is snubber resistor? is it the High wattage (...)
hello, i'm sorry if i post this on wrong section okay, here's my question, i have a problem with firing angle when i'm using 220V/50Hz AC Source... this is my triac schematic (snubber included) : me show u all my virtual osc
Hi Friends i'm in need of circuit which should switch (Hot switching NOT neutral) 2500 watts inductive load from micro controller. Please explain about when and where to use snubberless triacs. What current rating triac should i use for the specified load. Thanks in advance.
Hi! Can someone help me on designing snubber circuit for triac. Our professor gave us this circuit and ask us to find a triac that can operate the motor. I will appreciate all the help that I will get. Thanks! file:///C:/Users/DELL/journal/Desktop/metro.JPG
Thanks for your prompt response. I noticed that in your schematic it says IGT <= 15mA The triac I am using has an IGT <=35 mA Will I have to change the resistors and capacitor values?
Hi , can anyone give the details about the triac BTA12 and BTA40, and can we use triac in higher amps application based circuit. Awaiting reply Thanks & Regards dayal
Hello, I have triac circuit which I want to use to control a split phase motor. Currently I am trying to send some pulse train using a micro to switch the triac on and off but I don't seem to get anything at the output of the triac. I am trying to based triac switching on this (...)
You'll need a microcontroller, a triac, and a zerocross detector. Thats all. Check out microchip and atmel application notes. App. notes about motor phase control would describe the circuits more or less the same you need. Load would be lamp rather than a motor.
Hello, I want to switch (just ON/OFF no Dimming control) 20 compact flourcesent lamp using triacs (BT139 or BTA140) and an opto isolator(MOC3021). every lamp a separate triac, and i control them with a mcu(AVR). I have tried the Typical application circuit in MOC3021 datasheet, but i have too many problems! (...)
Sense a zero cross @ rated frequency as long as you have a active cross enable a triac to feed AC.