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Any reference for me about a circuit work for a short while when power lost? Of course It should backup power when alive. Anything about such a circuit will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hi, it was suggested to connect a serial 100nF + 100Ohm "complex" directly to the triac, also Leg1 & Leg2... Remember pls; "control is better"...:-) K.
I want use this IPM for my BLCD motor driver but I cant find any document for application PS21562-S can you help me finding application circuit with this IPM ? for example what are these pins ? what for are they used ? VNO FO VN1 VNC CIN CFO
have several questions about this triac interface circuit. I am trying to build a circuit that is very similar, except that it will primarily use 120V 60Hz. It is fine if it works for 120/230V and 50/60Hz. The incandescent bulb will be no more than 75W. My first question is abou
Switching the triac terminals wouldn't power up the DC side of the MOC3021 but there is one other thing to check that I should have mentioned - if the triac mounting tab isn't isolated, make sure you haven't shorted it through it's mounting screw to something else. Brian.
Hi , can anyone give the details about the triac BTA12 and BTA40, and can we use triac in higher amps application based circuit. Awaiting reply Thanks & Regards dayal
A specification like 275VAC usually refers to a "X2" capacitor, a family of devices dedicated for mains voltage parallel connection for filtering and EMI supression purposes. They are mainly build as polypropylene (MKP) or polyester (MKT) metallized foil capacitors, available from all major manufacturers. They are perfectly suited as triac snub
Hi Friends i'm in need of circuit which should switch (Hot switching NOT neutral) 2500 watts inductive load from micro controller. Please explain about when and where to use snubberless triacs. What current rating triac should i use for the specified load. Thanks in advance.
Hello, I want to switch (just ON/OFF no Dimming control) 20 compact flourcesent lamp using triacs (BT139 or BTA140) and an opto isolator(MOC3021). every lamp a separate triac, and i control them with a mcu(AVR). I have tried the Typical application circuit in MOC3021 datasheet, but i have too many problems! (...)
All, I want to make a dimmer project using PICAXE as brain that control PWM output. I would like implement MOC3041 (Opto with internal Zerro Cross Detect) and a triac as output of dimmer. Does any one have circuit/schematic for MOC3041 or alternative circuit, maybe? Much appreciates for your attention. Irfan
RC snubber is for filtering voltage spikes, it won't do anything to limit in rush current. What you need is a suitably sized choke in series of your triac For example a toroid wound with wire.
Hi, could you someone help me in the polarization of a triac placed in the attached circuit? The triac must switch the phase line andthe uP is grounded on the neutral. Thanks If a opto isolator is used, both circuits ie, the AC side and the micro side are isolated. Thus no need for grounding the micro to nuetral. If the ga
hi...friends..i have a problem with RS485 multipoint full duplex communication.. i use IC 75179 but i don't have right circuit that to be implemented... so i use 75176 appication circuit.. but the problem occur. i can't access both of the slave in the same time. anyone please help me to solve this problem.. if you have a right circuit for (...)
LNA Output pin.This pin is an open-collector output. It must be biased to VCC through a choke or matching inductor. This pin is typically matched to 50Ω with a shunt bias/matching inductor and series blocking/matching capacitor. Refer to application schematics. Can someone tell me what the functionality of the "RF choke circuit" on pi
I understand that you are driving he triac directly from ?C, so we don't need to discuss about different opto triac types involved in the design? triac control is phase angle control rather than PWM. According to the fact, that a triac can be only switched on and is staying on until the next zero crossing, the trigger (...)
Hi Prince Vegeta I think your circuit is a bit confusing because you didn't explain what you're about to do exactly ! are those ac sources in opposite phases ? did you use such a circuit to change phase of signal which is going through the load ? Anyway I hope you know when you want turn a triac on you should give it a suitable value of (...)
Hi All, I am very new about the opto triac driver circuit. My intention is to use a microcontroller I/O to switch the 240VAC signal to control a solenoid coil . The solenoid coil require a input of 240VAC, 50 - 60Hz and 80ma. After I done my research, I find that opto-triac and mechanical relay are very common to use in this kind of (...)
Hi I want to add a booster fan further down the ducts in my house. The heat exchanger ventilator has 3 selectable speeds; I would like to drive the booster off of the same command board. I could probably drive the second motor directly in parallel with the first one by adding a heatsink on the TO220 triac but I am concerned with durability be
Hi, Does anyone have an application circuit for interfacing PT100 to ADC in 3 or 4 wire connection? Thanks in advance.
hi, i have read the icsp guide in the microchip website ( ) i focused on the 16f8x programming. there is a circuit at the bottom of page 2-21 (figure 1: typical application circuit). i am very noob in icsp/isp and i would like to learn using it... i have several questions that reall
Please provide more information: triac type, load type, nominal load, etc. triac's generally can tolerate 20 times overload for one (1) 60Hz full wave cycle. Fractional phase conduction has even higher overload tolerance (easily exceeding 100 times for small angle conduction cycle). You can protect your triac and other (...)
I need an application circuit of 433MHz SAW oscillator. 1-port or 2 port is ok. Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks,
Could anyone provide me any application ckt for MAX1518? Thank you!
Hi, Can any body suggest a circuit of a Pulse generator with following spec. Frequency: 0.1Hz to 100kHz Duty cycle: 10% to 90% Amplitude: 5V Regards Itp
i want to design a circuit that will show the amplitude of a certain frequency signal just like a car audio equalizer works. the output of the circuit will then be connected to a LED that will glow weak if the signal is not strong and will glow bright if the signal of that certain frequency is strong. can anyone help? thank you.
Hello I am working of P89V51 with ISP Programmer with Flash Magic from Last three year. Now,I want to use PIC16F877A . Can any send me schematic for ICSP ? And application circuit of PIC16F877A that is use with ICSP Programmer? Please Guide me.. Karan
Hi, I have made a schematics for some MCU based board that I will use as an alarm central. Now I would like you to examin and correct if there are any mistakes, especialy for resistors and capacitors values and for power supply and osilator. Please do examine/correct optocoupler and darlington NPN array connection. I also want to ask if I need
Well the circuit using the triac the potenciometer only adjust the RC time for the gate of the triac. So, you could control with a uC the time of the gate of the triac and then you have a "digital potencimeter" in you dimmer. You should use an optocoupler for isolating the uC from the AC dangerous voltage.
I am attempting my first project with a PIC mircocontroller (16F84A) and I am having trouble figuring out debug and programming options. After scanning lots of Microchip documents I, for better or worse, purchased a PICkit 2. I chose the PICkit 2 because this is just a hobbyist project so I am trying to keep expenses down and I could fine the PICk
I've seen more divergent design blocks sharing a PCB... Very well or not, it's mainly a practical question of instrument design. I can imagine some reasons for a single power board design. Form factor may be a reason against it, however. A triac phase angle controller would use the motor inductance to reduce harmonic currents. Then there isn't m
I would like to know about pressure sensor circuit if I am using a Motorola MPX2100 sensor. Also, what would be the circuit requirements in the case of a Honeywell HSC series digital output pressure sensor?
Im using the TL494 app circuit which is in the datasheet, the TIP 32A is im looking at changing this for a P-channel MOSFET, IRF9520NPbF. I understand I will need to change the two resistors around the transistor the 150 ohm and 47 ohm resistor. Can anyone tell me how
74010 there is no EA in the LOOP and the feedback voltage is directly given to the COMP, and the chip can be used in BUCK , BOOST AND buck-boost after analysis I just find out : the working frequency is fixed by clock, and the duty is determined by the Vfb and Vref during one cyc
I am using NCP3125 regulator to convert 12V to 1V (4A). On the 21 page of the datasheet there is shown Ceramic Capacitor application circuit Diagram, which I am going to use for my project. So I am looking on it and cannot understand why all the values on the Figure 32 are different compared to Figure 31. For example, why 2.2uH inductor is used
Hi All, I want to ask a question. I am confused about it. I made a low power application circuit that work with thermocouple with rectifier at the beginning then the booster and then the voltage stabilizer IC to make the output constant at 2.7. The 2.7V drive micro-controller. Now at 2.7 Volt I have to check the power of the (...)
Hi All, I want to ask a question. I am confused about it. I made a low power application circuit that work with thermocouple with rectifier at the beginning then the booster and then the voltage stabilizer IC to make the output constant at 2.7. The 2.7V drive micro-controller. Now at 2.7 Volt I have to check the power of the (...)
Hi All, I am reading one application notes from . They use two op amps to realize absolute value circuit without using diode. But I have a question of its operating. Could someone give me some explanation of it? Like this circuit 82979 As the a
Hello friends, i have 1 issue....i cannot remove and install PIC16F628A and many other PIC's. I have read that this all supports is it possible to connect PICKIT3 from microchip to the circuit in whihch pic is installed and i can program it directly without removing chip and placing it on universal programmer ? also...i m uinsg Mik
Dear Friend's I need 250 volts 10 Amp, 16 Amp, 25 Amp controller through triac's Please tell me any body which triac's I want to use :???::x
FvM give You good point for thinking, you should think about that. What current is needed ? triac dissipation ? Size of heatsink for triac ? Additional circuit and PCB ? Compared to iron transformer or switcher psu or transformeless design.
G'day, I'm trying to build a high speed high-side current sense amplifier and while searching out possible candidate op-amps I came across the LT6016/LT6017. The datasheet shows an application circuit of a high side current monitor with a FET output... (I've included the circuit below)
Hi to all, I facing the Reset problem in the Contactor while de energizing the another Contactor. I updated my triac switching circuit and flow of the signal from the controller to 3Phase AC Motors. First i triggering the first contactor On by sending the value 1 to the output port to Buffer IC, Buffer Ic output pins also get high(5V). an
Dear all, I am using dimmer circuits designed with triac (BTA16-600B) which is shorted. What could be the reasons. Connected incandescent lamps/LED drivers. When i replaced the triac the incandecent lamp is flickering. What is the purpose of choke in dimmer output? Please suggest. Regards, Sundar.A
SCR's and triac's are simple in concept but difficult to master. I recall making a 3 channel Light Organ with triacs and home-made pulse transformers in 1968. It was simple and worked. But you should read [URL="April 2004 1/9 AN436 application NOTE triac CONTROL BY PULSE TRANSFORMER Rev. D2A - 3575 INTRODUCTION Among the many
I want an algorithm for scan bitmap file for signbord please help!! Thank! 8O
hi I need to measure the human tissue impedance. Any suggestions on how can i get accurate data or pointers on building impedance measurement circuit will be most appreciated. Thanks you !
I want to know how many the compensation technology for stability for power IC. For example, miller compensation and slope compensation and so on. Is there any other compensation technology for stability?
Hi all, i need schematics which connects telit gm862 to microcontroller ,please forward me the application circuit which uses telit gm862 Thanks and all.
can any one give me the application circuit or method to convert the parelle flash rom into serial falsh rom by ic 74HC166 i have an serial external rom interface mcu and want to coneect with the parellel flash like mx29lv tp this mcu using ic 74hc166( parelle to serial shift registor)
Hi, I want to do the powerup analysis for my simulation. What value I should select for the rammpup time of power supply? Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance John