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you can try high di/dt rated triac from SGS thompson (BTA series)
wat s difference between bt136-600 and bt136-600d
Hi, NO ! you cannot use a ULN2803 for controlling a mains triac there is no isolation, use a proper opto isolator, many circuits around.
Hi, I had a problem driving a digital triac from my pic microcontroller. I've been using +12vDC relays to control 220vAC loads. Christmas is coming and I want to build a simple light sequencer for my Parol composed of 8pcs of 10w 220vAC incandescent lamp. I'm sure that relays are not suitable for this application. Our local electronic store
you first test this circuit ........ for under standing the basics of the triac........ see any power electronics course book
Hi all I made this circuit to be a light dimmer but it did not work. I use bt136 for the SCR and MOC3022 for optocoupler. Can you tell me what is the problem? may be I should use another SCR. I have tested this circuit with bt136. It worked. Most probably you must have interchanged MT1 and MT2 terminals of triac and tha
Hello That problem maybe the power of the fan. If the current is less that the I lacthing of the triac the semiconductor dont enter in coduction. Other problem is the power factor of the fan. If is to inductive when you fire at an angle prox of 0 the other part of the semiconductor cannot be fired becouse the corrent in the moment is not
Hi All, Is there a direct subsitution from a U.S. company for a bt136-600E triac ??? I'm trying to repair a burnt-out touch dimmer lamp without spending a fortune ( meaning a 50 to 100.00 minimum order for 1 triac ). Thanks !!! :-)
Your circuit misses the RC snubber that are required in the MOC30xx datasheet for inductive loads. Depending on the motor inductance, you have a high risc of retriggering the opto triac by the commutation dV/dt without a control signal. Use the suggested circuit and try again.
Hi, it was suggested to connect a serial 100nF + 100Ohm "complex" directly to the triac, also Leg1 & Leg2... Remember pls; "control is better"...:-) K.
Hi, The datasheet states 600V, 10A, 50mA gate current. It seems okay, the Q6010L4 may help, since it has 25mA gate current requirement. Datasheet: Hope this helps. Tahmid.
can we use triac like bt136 to control a dc bulb of 6v or 9v or 12v . for light dimmer.
I am not using a microcontroller but a 555 timer as a monostable and a decade counter 4017B together with an opto-isolator NTE3042 and triac bt136. i think u want microcontroller based Remote controlled Fan regulator ? i am right ?
I am driving a heater wire from triac bt136 which previously was controlled by a relay. Heater wire resistance : 78 Ohms Heater wire Inductance: 0.47mH (measured by digital multimeter---UT70A) Heater Capacitance: 0.15uF (measured by digital multimeter---UT70A) Heater wire current: 2.55 Amps (RMS) at 220V(RMS) I just have to sw
Hi friends.... Does anyone uses the NI Circuit Design Suit 11.0????? I am having a problem in designing a voltage regulator with a bt136 triac.... I have decompiled the circuit by reading the values of components & connections from a fan regulator circuit... My readings are correct and I designed the same circuit in NI Circuit Design Suit 11....
Hi, I am trying to built the light dimmer using Microcontroller and i am using MOC3011 and triac bt136 and Zero crossing detector using Transistor BC847 Can any one give me the source code for Zero crossing detector in C
Hi All, With internet help I made one triac circuit to switch on my 230V AC portable vacuum cleaner. It works with some issue. When switch on the socket power, though I have not given 5v power at MOC side, the load gets ON for about ? second and turns off. 88805 I?m using bt136 600D , MOC3062 , 700 watts 230v
hi guys i need optoisolator for my circuit design,i do need the input as the neon bulb and the out put anything,transitors or triac or....i do care about the input becaus i have ac voltege and around 90v ac. thanks guys
use electronic fan regulator for the same. see the concept. use bt136 triac based circuit.
HI I want to drive a 230V AC load from a triac whose gate is fired by MOC3020. The circuit diagram is at as per debugging done uptill now, I found that output of MOC3020 isn't able to drive the triac gate. Currently I am using bt136. suggest something else.
can any 1 plss help me tht which triac should i use if i m controlling 12v dc motor intead of 220v bulb. rmember i m using bt-136 for bulb as a 220v dc bt bt136 is not working for 12v dc motor. kindly i m new help me plsss. here is the crkt dgrm working with 220v bulb bt not for 12v(12v from step down transformer) dc motor imag
hi freds! I want to build a triac dimmer by using Transformerless power supply. I am using common hot power supply. i am using PIC microcontroller to drive the Gate of triac bt136.i am aso having the Zero cross detection by using software problem is the bulb is not glow.i checked in simulation there is correct Pul
Hi, everyone... i am new here, i doing my college project and i found that i cant get MAC223A triac, can anyone tell me what triac can i replace for this triac... thanks :razz:
Good afternoon. I am trying to use a triac to turn on and off the mains connection to a load. This load is directly connected to the mains (without a transformer) because it is a Cockroft Walton Ioniser (with capacitors and diodes). I'd like to use the triac with this configuration:
can any one help me schematic of "zigbee-wireless mesh networks for building automation and control" ?? i am using ARM7 that is lpc2148, MAX232 , zigbee module , triac moc3020 ,bt136 and the loads....... please help me its very urgent....... thanks in advance
u can use MOC3021 optocoupler with any triac like bt136 for phaseangle control. But this method u can use before the 12V DC convertion at the high voltage AC side. or u can use PWM method at 12V side. the dimmer circuit I'm using uses a potentiometer so I just need something to operate the potentiometer from a distant can u po
You should have resistor to limit current for optotriac diode. You try this with real parts or in Proteus? What code did you use?