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Hi, NO ! you cannot use a ULN2803 for controlling a mains triac there is no isolation, use a proper opto isolator, many circuits around.
you can try high di/dt rated triac from SGS thompson (BTA series)
wat s difference between bt136-600 and bt136-600d
I am not using a microcontroller but a 555 timer as a monostable and a decade counter 4017B together with an opto-isolator NTE3042 and triac bt136. i think u want microcontroller based Remote controlled Fan regulator ? i am right ?
Hi, I am trying to built the light dimmer using Microcontroller and i am using MOC3011 and triac bt136 and Zero crossing detector using Transistor BC847 Can any one give me the source code for Zero crossing detector in C
Hi All, Is there a direct subsitution from a U.S. company for a bt136-600E triac ??? I'm trying to repair a burnt-out touch dimmer lamp without spending a fortune ( meaning a 50 to 100.00 minimum order for 1 triac ). Thanks !!! :-)
What is the circuit between PB.0 and the triac's gate? Maybe you should consider optocoupler such as MOC3021, or similar? .. see picture below .. Regards, IanP
you first test this circuit ........ for under standing the basics of the triac........ see any power electronics course book
Hi all I made this circuit to be a light dimmer but it did not work. I use bt136 for the SCR and MOC3022 for optocoupler. Can you tell me what is the problem? may be I should use another SCR. I have tested this circuit with bt136. It worked. Most probably you must have interchanged MT1 and MT2 terminals of triac and tha
Your circuit misses the RC snubber that are required in the MOC30xx datasheet for inductive loads. Depending on the motor inductance, you have a high risc of retriggering the opto triac by the commutation dV/dt without a control signal. Use the suggested circuit and try again.
Hi, it was suggested to connect a serial 100nF + 100Ohm "complex" directly to the triac, also Leg1 & Leg2... Remember pls; "control is better"...:-) K.
Hi, The datasheet states 600V, 10A, 50mA gate current. It seems okay, the Q6010L4 may help, since it has 25mA gate current requirement. Datasheet: Hope this helps. Tahmid.
can we use triac like bt136 to control a dc bulb of 6v or 9v or 12v . for light dimmer.
I am driving a heater wire from triac bt136 which previously was controlled by a relay. Heater wire resistance : 78 Ohms Heater wire Inductance: 0.47mH (measured by digital multimeter---UT70A) Heater Capacitance: 0.15uF (measured by digital multimeter---UT70A) Heater wire current: 2.55 Amps (RMS) at 220V(RMS) I just have to sw
Hi friends.... Does anyone uses the NI Circuit Design Suit 11.0????? I am having a problem in designing a voltage regulator with a bt136 triac.... I have decompiled the circuit by reading the values of components & connections from a fan regulator circuit... My readings are correct and I designed the same circuit in NI Circuit Design Suit 11....
Hi All, With internet help I made one triac circuit to switch on my 230V AC portable vacuum cleaner. It works with some issue. When switch on the socket power, though I have not given 5v power at MOC side, the load gets ON for about ? second and turns off. 88805 I?m using bt136 600D , MOC3062 , 700 watts 230v
I want to switch my basement lights (2x40W tubes @ 110V) and have selected a MOC3041 optocoupled triac driver and bt136 sensitive gate triac. The schematic I am looking at is Figure 13 on . It specifies 360R resistor in series with the load and 330R between the gate and one terminal of the triac, for use w
for operating triac you need zerocrosing detection circuit connected to your interrupt pin and moc3021 driving circuit on out put pin of 8051
Has anybody a schematic for an easy and cheap working circuit, which turns of the light from a 230VAC/100W-Bulb by using a triac. Time for getting dark should be more than 2-minutes. P.S.:I´ve got no equipment for microcontroller-programming
How can i drive a triac from a 16c54 with only a resistor to drive a selenoid working 220 volt 50 Hz. Thanks advance. This is not a software request. Moved here erickki
the common way is the cathode of triac connected to 5V and the gate at I/O port with a serie resistor (330 ohm or less), the triac is drive with negative pulse
Hello, I have problem with IC which is marked TFKU210B. It should be triac U210 from Telefunken. Does the anybody know where I can find datasheet, where to by it or if the replacement exist. Thanks
Hi! I?m looking for a way to get an 80w ordinary 230v bulb flickering by the use off a triac. I want to imitate a live candle, I seen it in some theather. I?m thinking like drive the triac with a microcontroller, or just some op-amp?s and transistors. Looking forward to get some help. TrixMan
Hi ALL This 800 W light bulb flasher operates directly off the line and needs no transformer. Power for the timer circuit is derived by limiting the current using a 330 nF capacitor (acts like a 9.6 k resistor at 50 Hz), rectifying with a full-wave rectifier composed of four diodes (you may also use a pre-made bridge rectifier instead of the d
hi guys i need optoisolator for my circuit design,i do need the input as the neon bulb and the out put anything,transitors or triac or....i do care about the input becaus i have ac voltege and around 90v ac. thanks guys
Please provide more information: triac type, load type, nominal load, etc. triac's generally can tolerate 20 times overload for one (1) 60Hz full wave cycle. Fractional phase conduction has even higher overload tolerance (easily exceeding 100 times for small angle conduction cycle). You can protect your triac and other circuit (...)
The power supply is very simple ( no transformer based) so all the circuit isn´t isolated, and for that reason i don't need an optotriac (reduces project costs). There is another problem... the gate current must be over 50mA... for opto diac the command curent is reduced to 5-10mA. Your power source is enough to supply energy for
I found this two devices, i.e. BCR5PM (triac) & SM8JZ47 (Triode Thyristor), on a washing machine controller board. Is it possible to 'diagnose/troubleshoot' these devices by using only digital multimeter? If it's not possible, pls advise how to determine those devices are still in GOOD CONDITION? Do you think triac = Triode Thyristor? Thank y
Hi all, i have an application where a triac is turning on a load which is powered by 24VAC. the analog circuitry that determins when to turn ON the triac is referenced to its own 15Vdc supply. because the triac is a current controlled device, do i need to have the interface between analog circuitry and triac opto (...)
I think it's another idea for transformerless power supply. You can try it with resistive load before working with the Batt. And please let us know your experiment's result. Yea, coupling batteries via rectifie-bridgein serial to 2 KW heater... ---- don't try this depend of risk for electrical chock and destroy batter
Hi i´m need a dimmer 220VCA to control an load that have 5500 Watts. Any suggestion are wellcome. If i change the triac that supports 25 Ampers can i use the above circuit to control that load? Thanks in advance. Marcelo
If you intend to control an inductive load (motor) in burst mode with zero-crossing MOC then you can consider elimination or reduction of the snubber .. Here is an article on "NEW triacS: IS THE SNUBBER CIRCUIT NECESSARY?" which will help you in selection of a triac and snubber circuit while working with inductive loads: labcontrol.pqui.
Hi ! I have designed a tranfer switch based on triac. It is to be operated between the output of a modified sinewave inverter and the triggers whether the line is missing or not.The switching time OFF--ON (blackout to emergency ) is about 10ms and the ON--OFF (emergency to AC line OK) is about 10us.I want to connect in parallel the AC li
What are Thyristors,SCR,Diac,triac,UJT used for? How do i use a Thyristor? How do i use a SCR? How do i use a Diac? How do i use a triac? How do i use a UJT? What type or circuits use them ? What kind of Applications can i use these components for?
Use MOC3042 to isolate 8051 and the triac. THis one has zero crossing cct to minimize swithing noise.
hi. I want a schematic about current control with triac:cry::cry:D
I am designing a project that will use a triac to control a resistive load (fuser from a laser printer), for isolation, I plan to use a moc30xx (probably moc3032) to drive the triac. Here is an example of the kind of circuit I will question is on sizing the 180 ohm resistor
Brake the motor first (turn on both triac for some msec) before changing dir. or install 1 cap in series (at least 1000Vdc (400Vac) to give some resistance refer to equation on capacitive reactance for the value for each dir. good luck
I always have many doubts on what would be better: triac or relay. These would be used for switching 230VAC devices such as flourescent bulbs (with "electronic transformer"), inductive loads and heaters. The first idea that comes to mind is to use relays as they can withstand surge voltages and currents better than triacs. When it comes to (...)
I've just installed Elecronics Workbench Multisim 9, and was tinkering with a classic triac/diac lamp dimmer circuit. Waveforms are extremely spikey, inconsistent, and at times just plain wrong. Some signal excursions are even higher than the AC input voltage. If I breadboard the circuit, and put a scope to it, I get completely different (and
Today I pulled four "good" triacs from stock. Each had R(mt1,mt2) = approx 33MΩ I'm calling them bad from stock. Yet, I'd imagine there'd be some leakage, right? Curious about this, I pulled another string of four of a different part number. Those triacs, all four, gave me infinity; hence, they actually read >48M and could've been i
The question is not what kind of triac it is but how it is triggered .. If 50/60 Hz power to the load is controlled using an on or off system with a fixed duty cycle such that integral numbers of complete 50/60 Hz sine cycles (synchronized to the line frequency) are applied to the load during the ?on? portion of the controller duty cycle and no
Hi all. Pleas have a look at this pic. The triac dosent work.There is no common GND betveen triac section and digitall section .I want to know how it works
Nothing special is required to do that. Use Optically isolated triac driver like MOC3022. The LED inside MOC3022 will be driven by 89C51. This driver will depend upon AC voltage in your country. MOC301X - For 110V AC RMS MOC302X - For 230V AC RMS See datasheet (Fairchild is good) of this driver for exact shematic or let me know if you can't
Most likely you don't have enough current through opto's LED. You should drive it with 10mA. On 5V supply, you should use current limiting resistor of 360Ω and make sure your microcontroller or logic gate output has capability of sourcing 10-15mA. Optocoupler is needed only when you need electrical isolation between MCU and mains. Most MC
Hello That problem maybe the power of the fan. If the current is less that the I lacthing of the triac the semiconductor dont enter in coduction. Other problem is the power factor of the fan. If is to inductive when you fire at an angle prox of 0 the other part of the semiconductor cannot be fired becouse the corrent in the moment is not
Hello Int this configuration the triac is on in all cicle becouse the tension that is on the gate is the tension on the main supply an not an dc tensio. The optoacupler is able to let the triac be fired in the positive cicle and negative The gate is syncronized with the Main and the triac conduct all the wave. Just need to put a (...)
hi, I m currently working on project named, Butt Welding controller.... In this pro triac (BTA41) is used to control the load voltage(AC).... 89c52 microcntroller is used to provid Variable voltage To fire the triac.... Via DAC0808.... Now finally i want to disply the ACTUAL Load vltage on my display. Here i m using ADC0804 to rread t
Hello, I want to switch (just ON/OFF no Dimming control) 20 compact flourcesent lamp using triacs (BT139 or BTA140) and an opto isolator(MOC3021). every lamp a separate triac, and i control them with a mcu(AVR). I have tried the Typical Application Circuit in MOC3021 datasheet, but i have too many problems! triacs burns! With ALL(or most (...)