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Hi I am using a triac to drive am AC contactor. the contactor coil is 1.25H & 385ohm The problem is that the snubber circuit burns when I turn on the supply "220V" What should be the R & C values and rating for the snubber circuit to drive such load? Best Regards Hossam
more details power supply ? relay , Opto triac wit zero detect DC power supply ? datashett on powersupply .. power (max Voltage , Watts or intensity) is PIC powered with another source ?
This is a very simple dimmer with a triac output (phase control). It uses timer0 to do the timing. The code is written in mikroPascal. The control part (here a P12F629) is competely isolated from the 230V mains supply: - the zero crossing detector contains an optocoupler (4N25 or similar), - the drive of the triac also conta
Some home appliances have a microcontroller directly tied to mains power and can use direct triac control. The disadavantage is that the microcontroller circuits and all switches, displays, sensors etc. must be protected against accidental contact like high voltage circuits. Testing and debugging a circuit with direct mains connection needs spec
Hi. I'm designing an open loop voltage controller for my water heater element. I'm planning on using a triac and controlling it using PWM. There is no temperature sensor feedback , just plain AC voltage control. Now , could anyone point me in the right direction regarding this ? I researched AC voltage controllers from various books and have a gen
Hi guys. I' ve bought these leds and this dimmab
Hello All, I am trying to drive triac with Positive power supply. With positive power supply it should be possible to drive triac in Q1 and Q4. Here is the circuit I am using. But triac is not triggering. I have checked in oscilloscope the signal on gate looks (...)
Use an opto triac. An opto triac will 'hard fire' the main triac. ( Edit - this applies to triacs. I've not used it with Thyristors but I suspect the following still applies ). A hard fire means that the triac gate is ALWAYS being driven when required to be on. Soft trigger is the transformer type - (...)
I design a board with 3 triac output. The power supply is 220VAC and i want to give 150VAC to a load. The load i a switching AC/DC load with power max cons. 40VA. I detect zero cross and i trigger the MOC for 1ms only. The problem is that after some times a triac is "burned". I am using the (...)
A three phase 440V 63 A contactor will need a inrush drive of 100W, with a holding power of 20W or so. You can drive this via a solid state relay which will contain a opto isolator and a triac and will require something like 5 V at 20 mA to operate it. The real problem is that the contactor coil will require a supply when the mains is (...)
If you can specify the resistance or impedance of your heat electrode, then you can determine what voltage you need to apply to dissipate 1.5kW. Most likely you can use triac control AC or cycle count burst control using a ZCS triac with suitable driver.
Hi guys, I have searched forums to no avail, so I figured maybe you could help. (I am an absolute novice) I have two wires which have DC current flowing through them. One has 5V DC at 500mA, and the other ranges from 10mV to 3.3V with a small varying current. The current has to flow in two directions for that second wire which is hooked up to so
I'm doing a project and want to use a microcontroller to control an LED from 230Vac mains. What I'm looking for is an LED driver that can be digitally controlled (i.e. PWM for dimming) but that operates with ac mains. Most of the drivers I can find seem to only achieve dimming using a triac rather than PWM. Could anyone point me in the right d
It seems like it ought to work. 1) Turn on the switch as the sine wave approaches zero. 2) Draw several amps to charge a smoothing capacitor. 3) Then during the rest of the cycle, the capacitor maintains volt level on the load. --------------------- However the current burst will consist of tens of amps, going through the SCR/tria
Hi! I'm working on designing a touch button using pico power AVR microcontroller. upon detecting a touch, the system should activate an AC appliance. For that i will use a triac. The whole circuit should consume no more than 1 mA at 2V. Now I'm searching for the best way to power this circuit from the AC mains without using a bulky (...)
Subject says it all, really. I am a little out-of-my-league when it comes to triacs and SCRs. The power supply is a square wave and I cannot get the triac to turn off. I suspect it has to do with the fact there is no zero-crossing or that the load is capacitive but don't know how to fix it. Here's the circuit: (...)
I need to control a a load (heater) using a triac. I need to use something like pulse skipping modulation to control the heater. The Microcontroller board and Analogue part will be working from a +12-0 -12V transformer based power supply. I think I can use the DC before filter with a transistor arrangement to trap the zero crossing point for (...)
if constructed the circuit then conect a 100watt bulb in series with the regulator vary the pot . then also their is no dimming then their will be the fault on diac/triac
if R3 is not added, the 2N3906 will break down for unknown reason . . . Look sharp and write obvious instead of unknown. Actually, you have two options: 1. Connect DC power supply GND with triac A1 terminal. Requires either an isolated supply or rearrangement of the AC load. 2. Use an optotriac for (...)
Anytime i want to build some power supply i have to have a there any solution to build some power supply without using a transformer?I was thinking about an pwm regulated power supply which uses triac(s) and the current coming right from the main source ( 230 V 50Hz).Does (...)
Hi I have to design a cicuit diagram. design a circuit diagram on change-over switches which is i can build it in the lab which is include in the circuit two switches, using current sensor(important), power supply, two load to test your switches, microprocessor to control switches( so u need a program), MCB and triac.....etc. (...)
Hi. I'm trying to use an MOC3021 opto triac to switch On/Off a little power supply(the 230 V side). I want to use it for direct load switch, not using it as a driver to a second triac. In MOC's datasheet it is a "warning" such that: "This optoisolator should not be used to drive a load directly. It is intended to be a (...)
I think it's another idea for transformerless power supply. You can try it with resistive load before working with the Batt. And please let us know your experiment's result. Yea, coupling batteries via rectifie-bridgein serial to 2 KW heater... ---- don't try this depend of risk for electrical chock and destroy batter
I assume the 'high power' of the DC motor is 'DC power supply'. If it's DC power supply, probably you could use MOSFET or IGBT to replace the triac. Can you have that option?
The power supply is very simple ( no transformer based) so all the circuit isn´t isolated, and for that reason i don't need an optotriac (reduces project costs). There is another problem... the gate current must be over 50mA... for opto diac the command curent is reduced to 5-10mA. Your power source is enough to (...)