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RC snubber is for filtering voltage spikes, it won't do anything to limit in rush current. What you need is a suitably sized choke in series of your triac For example a toroid wound with wire.
i use the attached circuit for controlling the speed of a universal motor instead of lamp . so as the motor is an inductive load i need some precaution please help me what components should i add to the triac part of my schematic to make it practical ? thanks
Sense a zero cross @ rated frequency as long as you have a active cross enable a triac to feed AC.
I always have many doubts on what would be better: triac or relay. These would be used for switching 230VAC devices such as flourescent bulbs (with "electronic transformer"), inductive loads and heaters. The first idea that comes to mind is to use relays as they can withstand surge voltages and currents better than triacs. When it comes to (...)
As shown in the attachment, a motor control circuit in which a surge current protection circuit is included. Basically, the motor speed is controlled by changing the value of the variable resistor "R4", different value of R4 will trigger the diac and triac at different voltage level. It is also called phase control. However, I do not underst
As shown in the attachment in the link, a motor control circuit in which a surge current protection circuit is included. Basically, the motor speed is controlled by changing the value of the variable resistor "R4", different value of R4 will trigger the diac and triac at different volt
Because an SCR is not a symmetric device (NPNP != PNPN). A triac is a bidirectional SCR pair that can / must be triggered in the appropriate direction.
We finished talking about this circuit on the other website. It has too many errors such as the diodes and triac connected wrong.
Is there any difference when using a SCR or triac in a 13,8Vcc crowbar circuit overvoltage protection? I mean triger voltage, action time, short circuit current capacity, RF imunity, size, power dissipation, etc... 73, Fernando - PU2PLL - BRAZIL
at first I thought I saw 250VAC, that would most necessarily require opto trigger. remember the triac gate voltage must be + with respect to the triac M1 terminal (hmm or is it M2....) so how are you to do that with the 0V common you have with the PIC circuitry. If you have that right it should work, I take it it is a sensitive gate type (...)
I have a lot of questions :-D What are the things to keep in mind if I want to switch a computer smps (230Vrms, 50Hz and 3 amp) using an optobased triac? please suggest some links. also the triac should be able to take direct inputs from an mcu (i am using the atmega 8). is there any protection required in between the (...)
check the snubber ckt. there is a snubber for triac and MOC3021 and combiled with gate protection. ref MOC3021 datasheet. Microcontroller initialization should happern without any initial delay. Microcontrller may get reset during mains ON/OFF. Due to EMI/EMC. u can chaeck that. Trigger signal I/P event may get triggered during mains ON/OFF.
You have several problems here. #1, voltage spikes, these are "cured " by putting Zenamic or such like across the line. These are voltage dependent resistors, that go low resistance for a voltage overload. Their problem is that they will soak up large surges, provide they don't last too long. They are normally rated for pulses of up to 50 microse
Hello, Why is the surge protector, R26/Q4 in the schematic of page 7 of the below link (DER318)? Page 9 of DER318 says its to stop damage due to line surges. -In this case, why haven't all the Mains LED drivers got such protection? Is the R26/Q4 circuit put there to stop damage in case the customer accidentally connects it to a triac dimmer?
As you know, all switch mode mains LED light bulbs need protection from the overvoltages that may occur if they are accidentally connected to a triac dimmer. Given that such circuits are usually dissipative dampers, would it be acceptable, as an alternative, to simply sense the DC bus voltage with a potential divider, and if it gets too great, th
Hi, I'm trying to protect my microcontroller inputs and outputs using a series resistor and a protection diode. I just don't know if is better to use dual diode (like BAV99) connected across vcc, my signal and gnd, or use a single TVS (like MMBZ6V8AL ) connected across my signal and ground. Thanks, Mauricio
Hi, I'm searching for the schematics of the I2K power inverter because the official download site seems to be down, so if you have it can you share ? I'm also searching for an efficient overcurrent / short circuit protection by measuring the DC bus Current (each phase of my three phase power inverter have an 100uH inductor in serie with it)
Has anybody a schematic for an easy and cheap working circuit, which turns of the light from a 230VAC/100W-Bulb by using a triac. Time for getting dark should be more than 2-minutes. P.S.:I´ve got no equipment for microcontroller-programming
Does anybody have some infos about this devices, I mean low cost types metal-oxid varistors or other types of fuses; with manufacturers and distribuitors for Europe? Thanks
I have a design that uses a PIC16F874. Can I rely on the code protection offered by microchip to protect my code? The reason I ask is because I have a company interest in purchased programmed PICs with my code. Can I be ripped off by using code protection? Does anyone have bad / good experience or advice for me. Thanks. Duplex
How can i drive a triac from a 16c54 with only a resistor to drive a selenoid working 220 volt 50 Hz. Thanks advance. This is not a software request. Moved here erickki
the common way is the cathode of triac connected to 5V and the gate at I/O port with a serie resistor (330 ohm or less), the triac is drive with negative pulse
I've heard rumors that some PIC chips can implement a boot loader while having the protection bit set. Anyone know if this exists? I'm using a 16F876.
Hello, I have problem with IC which is marked TFKU210B. It should be triac U210 from Telefunken. Does the anybody know where I can find datasheet, where to by it or if the replacement exist. Thanks
nice papers about protection circuits for CMOS
any idea? wide mosfet or diode? parasitic capacitor of mosfet or resistor harmful? Need suggestion, thx!
Hi All, Spark gap discharge is always the common method of prevent ESD (electrostatic Discharge)! I want to know is there any data or measurement that how the ESD discharge voltage related to Spark gap distance? Rgs
I need a simple and reliable over current protect circuit. Circuit must cut the line current when it exceeds 2A @28V.
Pease explain me what does mean "over voltage protection" in in AC/DC switching adapter characteristics ? For example I see the following characteristics: VOLTAGE : AC INPUT 90Vac TO 264Vac, FULL RANGE OUTPUT REQUIREMENTS:+15 V, RATE LOAD 2.2 A protection : OVER LOAD protection : AROUND 150 % RATE LOAD AT 115Vac (230Vac). OVER (...)
I need of a simple circuit for protect integrated circuits 74HC245 ( that i use like buffer to interface PC with test circuits ) from unforeseen event strong absorptions of current. Thank you in advance
I am looking info about protection circuits for microwave transceiver input . Also I'd like to find information on step attenuator. Do you know usefull references. Thank you
hi all. i need idea. some of my products are cloned. they stealed my hex code from chips. i've used pic16f628-04/p chip. i need idea. 1- is the 16f682a is more secure than 16f628 i ask this question because the 16f84a is improved security feature. 2- i readed from this from there is a way to read hex file. power monitoring so n
hello i know that for dc coil the besst protecton against overvoltage is a reverse diode, but what about ac coils example a ac valve what is the best protection , itried a series RC parallel to the coil but it didnt work anything else
Hi! I?m looking for a way to get an 80w ordinary 230v bulb flickering by the use off a triac. I want to imitate a live candle, I seen it in some theather. I?m thinking like drive the triac with a microcontroller, or just some op-amp?s and transistors. Looking forward to get some help. TrixMan
hello I want to know what protection schemes can be inserted in front of analog input circuitry? and the same for digital input circuitry? Is there ICs for input circuit protrction? Bye
In case of using X9572XL to receive digital (TTL and CMOS) input directly from connector. Any recommendation for input protection circuit that will prevent CPLD pin to destroy from uncertain condition. THX
Hello! Does anyone have any info how can I simply calculate transient protection needs for circuit in automotive. Best regards!
Anybody know the difference of Code protection CP Bits and Write protection WRT bits on PIC18 devices? I thought CP bits inhibits external RD/WR and WRT inhibits internal WR only. However, I "code protect" CPD=0 and enable Writes WPD=1 on eeprom memory, and the cpu can not Write/read bytes of eeprom memory. I have read the errata sheets and I
what device is appropriate to use for primary protection from lightning and overvoltages :?:
Where can I find 500W or more RS485 tvs-surge protection diodes in Axial package? (I suppose bidirectional assymetric diodes required) Regards
Hi ALL This 800 W light bulb flasher operates directly off the line and needs no transformer. Power for the timer circuit is derived by limiting the current using a 330 nF capacitor (acts like a 9.6 k resistor at 50 Hz), rectifying with a full-wave rectifier composed of four diodes (you may also use a pre-made bridge rectifier instead of the d
Hello, Could you provide me a schematic or needed devices for a Li-Ion accumulator protection circuit? Thank you in advance, Cube007
I am looking for this beast with internal current limit protection (between 250mA to 500mA). Something like LP395. But the LP395 current is only 100mA. Does anyone know any part like this? Thanks in advance. yoyo
In E1/T1 lines used F1250 Fuse for overcurrent protection. But can I use resettable fuses? Which componet and Mfg.?
I am designing a embedded system with PS2 Interface. I encounter a problem that PS2 control chip's relative pins is often breakdown when the system board is tested ESD(15KV).
Hello I have made car amplifier 1x100W 4ohm.The dc/dc converter is made with sg3525 PWM, two buz11 mosfets,torodial ferite trafo.The Amplifier is consist of one pair tranzistors tip35c,tip36c. I HAVE MADE IT AND IT SOUND PERFECT.Now i need schematic for making dcprotection for speaker. Here is the schematic and picture
hi all anybody could give me valuable advice on this topic? as you know,load mismath is a big problem in PA design.Valuable materials will be appreciated.
Could anybody point to Microcontroler data flash/eeprom protection algorithms. To have ability to fix bit or multiple bits if error or change appear?
Can someone give me any advice about how to design a data memory protection algorithm for embedded ram in a smart CPU card. the function of the data memory protection can described like the followed: "Any access to RAM by the CPU is interfaced by a special protection mechanism . Designed as security feature, this interface (...)
Please provide more information: triac type, load type, nominal load, etc. triac's generally can tolerate 20 times overload for one (1) 60Hz full wave cycle. Fractional phase conduction has even higher overload tolerance (easily exceeding 100 times for small angle conduction cycle). You can protect your triac and other circuit (...)