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Hello... I have my project of designing of microstrip patch antenna using hfss please help me i m new in hfss
hi..i m working on triangular fractal antenna.can u plz tell me how to use ansoft hfss 11 to design the antenna?
hi, i am designing a 5 patch antenna using hfss and facing error of "adaptive pass did not converge based on specified criteria" during simulation.Can someone advise me on the error as i am new in using this software.I tried simulation in one element using same analysis and radiation setup (...)
Hi Everybody, I am new to this forum. Could somebody kindly answer my question regarding dual coax-feed in hfss v9.2 or v10? I am simulating a patch antenna using hfss above version, and I try to use a dual coax feed to get circular polarization. So the two coax feeds need to be orthonogal (90 (...)
Hi, I am new to EM (So to hfss). I have used FDTD for my initial patch antenna simulation so I have some basic concepts. Now I need to do a fast start in hfss. I will summarize my situation so that it helps your suggestions. I know how to calculate dimensions for the patch and substrate for my (...)
can anyone help me to design mm size antenna, for 60 ghz frequency, using hfss, one of the research paper is attached for ready reference.
hi, I need help on designing triangular patch antenna with cst design suite and I need to see the resonant frequency? how can I see the resonant frequency and which mode should I use? thanks
i am doing a project on analysis of triangular patch antenna using finite difference time domain ;and i have to do the simulation using matlab pleaseif any have the code for this please help me
hi friends ,,,i am new here hope you are fine and doing well i need your help .. i am going to design a microstrip patch antenna by using hfss ....but i don't knw about this ....can any one of you send me some helpful examples of microstrip patch antenna through which i cam learn about my (...)
i need a papers on slotted triangular patch antenna using artificial neural network.plz help me. M also need some notes on slotted antenna.
hai ,now i am try to design fractal antenna using hfss 13 , Please give me any tutorial for this,Thank you
Sir I a'm abhishek karwa having a problem in designing the microstrip patch antenna in hfss. I had tried many geometries in hfss from various research papers but i never got the same results as available in that respective paper. Sir i much confident that I'm making some silly mistake in the designing of MPA in (...)
105224 Hello. I am Student in Korea. I'm interested in design Microstrip patch antenna using hfss. But. I don't know antenna Theory. So I'm very hard. Can you help me this problem?? My goals. are.. 1. Microstip line feed. 2. Dual band (...)
Hello to all, Iam very new to hfss software i need your help to start designing my project please. How do i draw a slot on patch antenna ? and also how do i draw a shap on the ground plane thank you for ur help
What should be the size of the waveport in a line fed microstrip rectangular patch antenna ? How do i det the waveport. i know the question sounds silly but i am new to hfss so please help. i use verson 10.1. my substrate height is 1.5mm and strip width is 1.76mm. What is the use of the integration line in the i need to define
I want to simulate Cylindrical microstrip antenna using hfss i dont know how to curve a patch on cylindrical base can any one help me is the design i am working on plzz give me help file of anisoft to design 3 d design of conformal mic
hi plz help me................. kindly send me hfss example on " circular patch antenna " thanks in advance
I am simulating a patch antenna in hfss with a probe feed. The probe is excited by waveport on a coax similar to the hfss example. My coax height is just 2mm and radius is 1.6mm. Coax pin is 1mm radius. My bandwidth frequencies are 2-2.8 GHz. I am using the Driven Terminal solution. I am not sure if the size (...)
Hi, We designed a microstrip patch antenna using hfss having the following parameters shown in fig. 89522 In this fig, when the inset distance is varied slightly ie even by 0.001mm also, the impedance decreases drastically. This could be pretty dangerous when manufacturing the antenna is in question. Is (...)
can somebody please upload for me a project report about microstrip antenna using hfss with details.i have to do a project but i dont have enough time for it. please help me thanks in advance
I would like to simulate a basic patch antenna with hfss. But I have somme difficulties : 1)What kind of excitation must I take (incident wav, lumped wave ,....) ? 2) Should I choouse the PML boudaries ? Can anyone help me to draw this antenna and to simulate it ? Thank you in advance. Added after 2 minutes:[/s
Hi all! I've a trouble modeling a patch antenna in hfss v.10 It still displays a meshing error report: Volume meshing failed. Fault tolerant mesher failure. Error in stitch module. I think it's related to some mistake I did in desing but I'm not able to find out the bug. Could anybody be so kind to shine a light upon this prob
Hello All, Can some one help me on this Simulation of a Microstrip patch antenna using EMPIRE-3D EM Simulator (project file required) Problem Details: A square Microstrip antenna etched on the above substrate (air) has a length of 63.7 mm and width pf 63.7 mm. A metal rod is used to connect the ground plane and (...)
Is there anyone can share the experience of design antenna using hfss? Do you inspect the E field or surface J or H field distribution before you decide next slot position? what is the rule to decide the right position? Everyone knows that it's very hard to get good performance if only cut and try.
can anyone help me with a software to simulate microstrip patch antenna using FDTD formulations. thanks in advance.
HI, I urgently need a few tutorials to learn to design a microstrip patch antenna. Its my semester final project, so i need them urgently...........Pl. post a link...bcoz I dont have enough points to download
i want to design three layers electromagnetically coupled patch antenna using the coaxial feed line as feed line can anybody help me
i try to design a 6GHz microstrip antenna using hfss as exist in attached paper but it doesn't give me the same result can any one check it and tell me what is the problem
Hello All, I need an example on FAT DIPOLE antenna using hfss... ---manju---
Hi. I am just beginning to use simulation tool, hfss and I am currently simulating QD (Quantum-Dot) laser fed patch antenna using hfss. During simulation, I need to use the data based on an experiment as input signal of an antenna. So far, what I know is that there is Lumped port or (...)
can anyone show me how to measyre input impedance of antenna using hfss
i need a tutorial of how to simulate yagi antenna using hfss? plz plz dear friends
hi all, I am trying to simulate patch fss using hfss. I dont know how to simualte. can any one help me regarding this.
I am trying to simulate patch fss using hfss. I dont know how to simualte. can any one help me regarding this matter
Dear All, I have simulated a patch antenna using hfss V11 the result gave me very good BW and radiation pattern, from here i am new and i have no idea how to start the fabrication, my question is how to layout the simulted patch antenna? Thank you
How I can draw and simulate conformal patch antenna in hfss? I couldn't draw a microstrip antenna that was conformed to a cylindrical in hfss. I would be pleased if you could help me
I've drawn a patch antenna by hfss and I already knew that there is a resonance freq nearby 1.74GHz but the simulation doesn't show that. I've attached the simulation file and would appreciate if somebody can help. Thanks
Hi.. Good Morning to all... AM new user for ANSOFT. I would like to design microstrip patch antenna. I dunno how to start and from where to start. Can someone provide me with detailed manual for the same
i need help in finding equivalent model of triangular patch antenna thanks
can anyone help me regarding transmission model of a triangular patch antenna
Hallo, I am trying to optimize the parameters in a design a rectangular microstrip patch antenna using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference system. My outputs are the patch dimensions and the feed point. Is it possible to optimize parameters using ANFIS and get more than one output? I read some articles and (...)
Hi freinds I am new to CST MWS. I have designed planar patch antenna using CST MWS. but when i check with original S parameter graph and smith chart, it is totally different. I have attached original image and my image here. Any help/advice will be appreciated my file S parameter [
Hello Please help me with the simulation of patch antenna using 4NEC2. I 'm new to this. and aldo help me with supernec. Please its urgent. :?:
Hello Guys, I need someone who has designed CPW patch antenna. I want to design this type of antenna and microstrip antenna with enhanced performance and will them in my thesis. The problem is how am i going to design and simulate CPW patch antenna. I can't find clue how to begin (...)
Hi everyone, Can anyone help me providing with any paper related to designing a UWB fractal (carpet) antenna using hfss. I need that badly for my thesis.
how to find input impedance of a triangular patch antenna
While simulating the rectangular patch antenna following error will occur. Port refinement, process hf3d error: Failure in solving the ports.please help to solve this problem.
Hi, Can anyone give me a c code for analysis of rectangular patch antenna using cavity model (can be any feed method)? Thank you! Bob
How to locate E field and H field null on patch antenna in hfss. Please help me out its urgent.
im facing problem in designing the airborne antenna using hfss Software...the main problem which am facing is related to the the airborne antenna is made up of slotted waveguides, and combining those waveguides into the form of an array the slotted airborne antenna is designed..right now am working on an (...)