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Hi, all, What are the difference between (0.18um)high-voltage triple gate process and other process (typicallly used in mixed signal circuits)? I have seen dual gate process so that we can double the supply voltage so that we can have higher output swing...and so on... I understand that thicker gate process endures (...)
i mean like(strained silicon) (triple gate mos) finfet) ....etc
triple means the package includes 3 of these NOR gates. Positive means the gates are responding to positive logic states (high (or "1") is active, low (or "0") is inactive). Valid for inputs and output.
Hi gurus, Am new to this groups and novice in hardware stuff. I found that If (in protected mode) A20 gate is used to access odd megabytes. and is used to reset the cpu so that we can go back to real mode from protected mode. In another article i read that triple faulting also used to reset the cpu. 1. if present day OS boots at prote
We need to know the range of voltages you are trying to pass. If it includes the negative range, are you sure that your process has triple well capabilities to support it?
basically the substrate isolation. triple well transistors are more isolated. khouly
Hi everyone, We are using IBM 65nm cmos10lpe process. Our design used a triple-well RF nfet (nfettw_rf). However, when we checked DRC with Calibre, the tool generated the following result: "triple well tie-down rule: must touch RX, which is electrically connected to (RX over NW) through M1" Could you plea
Hi guys, I'd like to ask you a question regarding the triple well MOSFET: In the schematic view, it is supposed that a triple well mosfet has an extra terminal?
does anybody of you know a mixed gate ic, which includes different logic elements like (and, or gates) in the same package ? hope for info, SyNTaXer
I am looking for a low noise inverter chip (8pins) to generate the negative voltage for biasing GaAs Fet's gate. I tried the Maxim and Linear Technology chips. They performed good but they did'nt accomplish with the temperature range requiride. Does somebody suggest me some other manufacturer? Thanks in advance NandoPG
Synopsys Power Compiler can use integrated gate-clock cell (Latch type) to implement a low power design. Which StandCell Library support the integrated gate-clock cell (Latch Type) that can be used by power compiler ?
When Verilog/VHDL design(s) are synthesized into the gate-level netlist, how do you import the netlist into ECS schematic environment ? Because I am doing the digital design, and I use the ECS schematic to do the module interconnection. In order to integrate the whole design into the same database, I hope to translate the gate-level netlist int
Hi All, Since Dual-gate FET is a four-terminal device, the traditional model of S-parameter S2p is not enough to model the device. Anyone who have experienced on it because it is quite common employed in Mixer design ? Best Rgs Rayengine
Could someone tell me how to do gate Level Simulation? Thanks
Every time when I do the gate level simulation, I get a lot of troubles such as the simulator is dead, the result is not waht I want, ..., I am wondering if my method has some problem. Any good book about the flow chart to do gate level simulation (including the EDA tools) for ASIC and FPGA? Thaks a lot.
layout results have Flat Multi-Million gate ASIC Designs Using ASTRO
I learned how to simplify logic terms with one output variable by Karnaugh Veitch-Diagrams or simple boolean algebra in combinatory logic. But how do I get the leaste gate count solution for for example two output variable which are using the same or part of the same input variables? is it somehow possible to state a count of components(for exa
Need to shut down a small signal dual gate mosfet amp the idea is to switch off the amp during transmit in a transciver ? any idea thanks bobi
hi, When I synthesis the same rtl code for different asic libraries in leornad0. I am getting different gate counts. Does anyone knows why is this. tnx
Could you explain simply the FET gate Common Mode Parameters diagrams given in datasheets? S11 is the reflection coefficient of the input S22 is the refleciton coefficient of the output S21 is the forward transmission gain S12 is the reverse transmission gain (from output to input) There are polar graphs but I don't know what does it mea
Hi Open-Source path to multi-million gate Verilog+VHDL designs 1. -> t tnx
Hi Signs - free gate-level logic synthesis, analysis and simulation based on a VHDL subset. 1. -> t tnx
Here is something that came out of a discussion not long time ago - what is faster - source follower or common gate amplifier? Assume the same conditions for both - same bias current, same load capacitance, same size of transistors. Any opinions?
Hello everyone i want to decode a 22v10 PAL, and understand the complete gate logic implemented in it. help from anyone of u will greatly solve my problem thanks
Dear all, Xilinx advertizement or datasheet says about the size of FPGA as System gate. Does anyone know how to come up with the calculation of the system gate? The largest Virtex-II XC2V8000 is about 8 M sytem gates. Does this mean I can implement 8M logic gates? I guess this is definitely not possible. Thanks.
I am looking a CPLD. I need 512 or more FF stage and 8000 gate array but usualy this type IC has more pins. Iam looking around of 24 I/O. Do you know this type CPLD?
Hi, I am trying to find a mosfet gate driver design that I can use in PSpice simulation. Are they only available as i.c's or does anyone have a specific design? I am trying to use the mosfet as a switch in a dc-dc boost converter. Thanks for any help that you can provide.
Hello Looking for e-books or papers on triple band LAN What is the advantage and disadvantages Thanks
I want to design a class d output. who can give me some gate driver design document. Thansk
Does anybody know how to convert spice gate level nelist to verilog netlist? Please help me . thanks a lot.
Hi How to calculate gate count in synopsys. Is there need to map to any library to check the gate count thanks in advance shiva
Can anybody show me how to calculate the gate resistance(Rg) in a MOSFET? It's better to give some example on calculation or simulation on that matter! From 'Impact of Distributed gate Resistance on The Performance of MOS Devices' by B.Razavi, R.Hong Yan and Kwing F.Lee it shows that there is a relation between Rg/3 and 1/gm. 8O
:arrow: There seems no any parameter about "gate Noise" defined in BSIM3v3.2, So the simulation of Noise Figure(NF) doesn't include "gate noise", is it right? :?: :?: :?:
Noise Figure obtained from ADS, Is't include "gate noise" or not? :?: the BSIM3 model doesn't include parameter of "gate noise", How can ADS to get out right NF if it doesn't calculate "gate noise"?
I'm using Modelsim 5.7, an I'm tryng to simulate a gate level netlist. But if i use an implicit wire declaration es. or2 (siga,sigb,out); the simulator don't attach the net to the module output and I find always X. But i if I check the module itself it behaves correctly. Do anyone know if exist a directive for modelsim to compile thi sctruct
hi to all I need plain program about Logic gate user flash or Microsoft power point or Microsoft publisher
I have read a great deal of articles, and evaluated several varieties of charge pump cell in both CMOS & bipolar - has anyone else studied or built charge pumps? I'd like to open a discussion. I'm talking mostly about integrated charge pumps, suitable for 100-200uA of high voltage generated inside an IC. The applications are: -Hot swap and s
I'm curious to know what kind of applications need 100M gates in a chip? :?
HOW to Clock gate DW IP ? I connected "CLK & EN" to CLK of DW IP but my boss says this is not acceptable.. anyother ways...
is there any tool that can convert the gate level netlist of a particular std cell library to its equivalent layout .... the tool should read in the gate level netlist and also the layout of std cell library and generate the layout of the final netlist...
In the old process , some was appied to metal gate in the mos transistor , but with development of Si gate, Metal ( AL) gate process was replaced by SI gate? Who could tell me the disadvantages in the AL gate process? TNANKS!
Hi, Would any one be able to help me in modelling a double gate transistor using VHDL-AMS. or any material on double gate transistors?? below is the VHDL-AMS code for a single gate transistor.... is there a simple way to modify it ?? library disciplines; use disciplines.electromagnetic_system.all; library ieee; use (...)
I'm confused about this problem.
The manual said for gate-level, producing forward-annotation SAIF just follow 2 steps: 1.read_lib(ASCII format) 2.lib2saif 1) I am confused. Doesn't it need read in gate-level netlist? If don't need, how does DC know what or which information it should write to saif file, but not all information in library? 2) When I use read_lib, DC told
can someone show me the gate level implementation of digital sigma-delta modulator thanks
I forgot what are the important properties of these amplfiers/buffer: CMOS common source, source follower, common gate amplifier :?: I need to know their: 1. input/output impedance (high or low) 2. what they are normally use for 3. gain & BW 4. advantage/disadvantage 5. etc...
I am using umc technology library for synthesis how can I calculate the gate count of my design if I know the cell count. moved here from DSP by davorin What the hell it has to do with DSP???? Post in right section next time or you'll risk to get warning
Hi, I need a schematic (gate and transistor level) for a I2C interface. Please help. Thanks. Topic moved, posted in wrong forum.
I am using Precision Synthesis to do VHDL design. Some time when I do synthesis, it doesn't give all gate level circuit. Any one knows how to sysnthesis a digital circuit only with gates? Thank you.
I am designing a Limiting Amp, process is ST0.13um, when W/L=23/0.13, the BW is about 3GHz, but if gate fringer number >1, the BW is larger with peaking. As I knew using fringer configuration can reduce the Capacitance of gate, becasue of the areas shared, But what induce peaking? Is there any theory to explain this? Thank you in advance.