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A question regarding TV channel synthesis. We take for instance a PLL TV Tuner using the TSA50XX series of chips. Most, if not all, have a 4 Mhz clock. The divisor is 512 (taken from the datasheet) which produces a 7.8125 Khz (4.000.000/512) reference. The prescaler used (again taken from the datasheet) is 8. Step size is : 7.8125 * 8 = 62.
Try winding your own transformers with the appropriate gauge of wire for the power you're working with. The attached has data for your bandwidth, but if you're looking for 180 degrees, open up a cable TV splitter and modify the design to higher power.
Hi all, I've built a genlock at 15625 Hz sur TV digitalisation using an ELANTEC chip : see EL4585C. It's distribute by Radiospares you can use LC oscillator + varicap or Quartz + varicap. Good luck
You don’t need any experience to build this adaptor. Just connect pins 1 and 2 of the S-video connector to the ground and pins 3 and 4 to the central of RCA connector (composite video). In series with pin 4 you have to add a 470pF capacitor. Be sure that your video output of
I am using a DAC to generate a composite video output signal (1Vpp). The problem is that I output between 0V and 1V at the DAC output and need -0.286 to 0.714V at the TV input. Can anyone tell me how this is done? Do I use a resistive divider to "Ground" level of the COAX cable to 0.286 volts at the source? Thanks for any help.
The frequencies are so high that a few pF of stray capacitance will change the frequency that is calculated. You must make it on a pcb then try it. Don't use a breadboard that has very high stray capacitance and stray inductance. TV tuners use PIN diodes to switch inductors and use varactor diodes (variable capacitance diodes) for tuning. They
Hello, Please can you explain the current flow path in my recent AC mains electrocution?......... I was working at a Flat Screen television company. We were testing the Flyback SMPS that supplies the TV electronics....We had supplied the flyback through an isolation transformer , but when i touched the flyback circuit with a single finger
Terminator3 TV transmitters use many stages of power splitting to get the correct radiation pattern. if you take a horizontal dipole, it transmits power in the shape of a dough nut, so in the vertical direction the beam width is 360 degrees. if you stack 64 of them on top of each other, you can get the beam width down to one degree. You do this