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A question regarding TV channel synthesis. We take for instance a PLL TV Tuner using the TSA50XX series of chips. Most, if not all, have a 4 Mhz clock. The divisor is 512 (taken from the datasheet) which produces a 7.8125 Khz (4.000.000/512) reference. The prescaler used (again taken from the datasheet) is 8. Step size is : 7.8125 * 8 = 62.
Try winding your own transformers with the appropriate gauge of wire for the power you're working with. The attached has data for your bandwidth, but if you're looking for 180 degrees, open up a cable TV splitter and modify the design to higher power.
I have a PC with Tv tuner card. The reception was good when my PC was in one room. I brought my PC to other room & hence i had to use another cable (a new one). After that the reception quality was bad specially for lower frequency channel. I use PAL BG standard. Can anyone help me to get my quality back to normal or tell me how can i find the fa
;********************************************************** ;* TUN_LED.ASM V1.0 * ;* Ansteuerung des Nokia-TV-Tuners 5827 (I2C-Bus) mittels * ;* des Mikrocontrollers AT89C2051 * ;* Softwareversion fuer LED-Display (mit SAA1064) * ;* Taste C/P: Umschaltung zwischen Anzeige de
SAA1064 & TV-tuner CODE. use 's iar c comiler. you have't help. successful !!!! good c source function. * i2c-bus function. void i2c_start(); void i2c_stop(); int i2c_clock(); int i2c_ack(); int i2c_read(); int i2c_write(char data); * saa1064 function void disp_led(unsigned int index,unsigned char count); * tv-tuner (tsa552
Hi, I'm looking for a TV-schematic of a Panasonic type TX-25W3C. Does someone have this or knows a URL where to find it? Thanx
Hi The best way to ensure that your signals are good is to use a moniter tv rather than a signal strength meter. Many aerial contractors just sit the areial up on a roof and point it in the general direction. The best way is to attach a cable to the arial and walk the site and choose the best signal IE no ghosting colour fade and grain . A signa
Requesting : ===> Radio System Block Diagram TV System Block Diagram VCR System Block Diagram Satellite Receiver System Block Diagram Phone System Block Diagram
Can someone give me some vhdl source code about Fraction-N frequency divider.
Hello I want to conver a 0-10Vdc signal to 0-2.5 Vdc .I do it by two resistor (1%)as a passive voltage divider,Both the linearity is not good and in some region of full range the value of nonlinearity is high.If I use a .01% resistors the problem may be solved but the cost is too high. I need to know is there an active solution with opamp fo
Hi all, I bought a Hauppauge WINTV card that has a Philips TV tuner onboard. It seems that it is controlled by I2C. Does anyone have any microcontroller code to contrlol channel selection, etc. ?? I really want to explore the VBI portion of the composite TV signal. Any help would be appreciated . dspcode
Hi all, I've built a genlock at 15625 Hz sur TV digitalisation using an ELANTEC chip : see EL4585C. It's distribute by Radiospares you can use LC oscillator + varicap or Quartz + varicap. Good luck
I want to build a receiver which can make TV without Teletext to see captioned TV program (PAL). Anyone has some schematic and design?
Hi all, I want to build (or buy) a receiver module which can make TV without Teletext to see captioned TV program. Any informatio about it?
Hi all, I want to build or buy a receiver module to make TV without teletext to see captioned TV program. Any information about it?
The TV Transmitter combines linelevel audio and video signals, and transmits the resulting signal up to 300 feet. MOD : Do not upload materials which are freely available on the net. Just give the link
Is there any paper on distributed active power divider available????
Hi, I need a schematics for a uhf tv booster. or any good uhf antenna design Thanks for any help
DEAR, I WANT TO SHOW TV SCREEN TO TFT-LCD PANEL,how to design on my hardware ? who can give me a hand , thanks a lot ^_^
Any info about how to generate a non-integer clock divider. Like Clk_out = Clk_in x (N/M), N and M are integer. Thanks !
Hello, I am thinking on building a syncro generator for PAL TV signal, when syncro is supressed. I want the circuit to generate syncro lines taking as a reference when color burst isn't detected, so taking the time from last color burst we can trigger the syncro for the first line. It also needs to filter or do something attending that syncr
Design of TV AMP is not problematic. You can use ordinary disc ceramic capacitors and 1/8W resistors. PCB can be simple one layer providing wide ground. You can use SMD components with BFR92 transistors. Amplifier can be placed in metal or even into plastic housing. The important thing is that ground connection between input and output connector sh
I'm educated as TV- and radio technician and have been reparing TV's as a living for five years before I started my engineering education. I haven't got any books in English though, but if you have any questions I can try to help you. Regards - ME
Hi there, I would like to build a project with lcd screen+tv tuner+camera.But i don't know any manufacturer of lcd screen.(I will use it in car also indoor places) I want to combine camera and lcd screen.I also want to connect an external tv tuner to lcd.If possible :) i also want to connect s-video source such as vcd player or dvd player to it.
Hello, I need a Balun Tranformer for a TV trasmitter that I'm building . I can't find it here at any store, and it takes too long time to order . So, I want do design it !!!! If you have any information,links,data......about designing - please send me . Thanks, Zachi
Hi my Elektroda, If you are interesting in TV or VIDEO PIC projects, you will find the next program is very useful for you. This program can simulate the TV set and many of other interface like LCD,Seven Segment,LED,Keypad....etc Here are some screen shots for the program for simulate tetris PIC game. Bye Pharaoh Of Egypt [co
I attach the datasheet of this I.C. it is UPC1490HA IC,REMOTE-CONTROL AMPLIFIER/PREAMPLIFIER,BIPOLAR,SIP,8PIN,PLASTIC MB. it's an IC - part of IR receiver of Philips TV set
I will need to implement the Fraction-N frequency divider using ALtera or xilinx FPGA.Can someone give me some vhdl source code and aritiles about Fraction-N frequency divider.I donot understant the principle until now. THX?
Hi, Thank you for your kind replies for my problem.I think i need to reply answers. @Borber : Your schematic is very interesting i will try it but i need to ask something different.I have no inductor meter and i need to convert all inductors to 10x microHenry ( i plan to use resistor type inductors if possible) So do i have
if your tv set has a scart connector on it then you can convert the svhs to a scart input pin signal for composite it is a very similar just difffernt spec signal so just a couple of resistors i found the mod on the net and sure thing works ok with a standard tv set to av channel and scart used ps the detection is
Hi all I need service manual for SAMSUNG TV 14" CS-3390. Thanks
i want to feed a microstrip patch array antenna with corporate fed ....please help me about this fed and how i can use power divider in this project .....and intruduce me a good website and homepage about antenna and propagation.. thanks,, my Email
i want to use my comp as a dvb receiving i want a good picture,no flickering...etc.should i buy a video card with a tv out or an vga 2tv is a better option(price ofcourse). please be onest and remember this is not an experiment i realy want a good picture on electroda give me some info but the results didn`t seem so incurag
hey everybody!! i'm looking for a microstrip patch antenna for tv reception at the range of around 0.5GHz, does anyone know where i can find one around that frequency range? thanx pzizi
I need tested good UHF TV antenna building plans. (dimensions, material etc) Regards
Is there any way of programming a PCI TV Card with a bt8x8 chip as a digital oscilloscope? I was thinking that by adapting signal levels to tv ones it could be possible in some way... Thanks in advance.
break apart an existing lib part and make one using the design rules if you need read the manual on how its done its that simple other than this for lazy people or complex footprints there are several companies allow download of pcb dxf files these will happily import {via orcads import pcb dxf file} you need to
Nice and handy manual for Loewe TVs. If you have any question how to access the service menu on Loewe Vitrus just pm me!
DEAR ALL: Who can give me the detail design flow on TV or Projector products or schematic is better New display must can receive multi-signal foramt such as RF,DVD IN Y/C in,Video in ...ETC I think it a very complex system so I want your help VERY THANKS!! ^_^
Interested in knowing how a cable TV decoder works. Specifically the Jerrold brand set top boxes. I expect the box to receive commands from the provider but not sure if the box also send info back to the provider. Thanks.
need service manual for SAMSUNG TV S60MT chassis thanks
Hello!every one I'm designing a 8-outports divider now. Freq is from 8GHz to 18GHz ,I fell very difficult because the practice is worse than simulation. i use SERENADE8.71A Can someone give me a practice ? Thanks a lot!
Hi there Our community is looking to set up a 24hour UHF TV transmitter. Transmission frequency has not been worked out yet. That will be sorted out with the authorities later. What we need to know is for a range of about 50km radius what type of transmitter would be required? That is at what power (watts) do we need to transmit to achieve t
If anyone has the Service Manual for this TV, please contact me. Regards abb652
I have two TV remote control systems: RC113 and 807156. Which code do these infra-red remote controls systems send? I know there are several popular systems such as NEC, RC5, RC6 and RECS80. But which systems does Blaupunkt use? Thanks. Wim
ST have a nice OSD-chip:STV9936
Hi all, i have an AIWA TV which i bought from the UK. I was told however that if i take it back home (Greece) i wont have sound reception due to the different PAL versions the two countries are there any way around this problem? Cheers
your request is not well defined, but a simple TV tuber would be the voltage sensing tuner (VST) that the center frequency of the RF filter is adjusted according to the applied voltage. many companies produce this type as LG, Timic, Philips, ...etc
Hi all I am fiddling with some direct conversion receivers. My question is this: I want a try using a Tayloe detector. For this I obviously need a vfo. Most of the designs I have seen use a DDS to achive high resolution tuning, but I was wondering if it wasnt possible to do it with some sort of fractional programmable divider or something, in an