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Aver media joy TV schematic diagram needed. Please send to
Aver media joy TV schematic diagram & service manual needed. Please send it to me Thanks.
hi i need a schematic diagram for tv Siemens FC301
I need a schematic diagram of one smartcard splitter used in DTH systems TV s via satellite), as for example of the site: Grateful for its promptness. "With this CardSplitter you can share one original smart card between all your receivers(up to 3 receivers at the same time) a
This set using a BX-1S chassis . You can find many manuals for this chassis for example KV-AR142P52 chassis BX-1S : KV-HW21M80 chassis BX-1S : KV-AR142M50 chassis BX
Funai plasma TV, F42PDME schematic diagram is available online. However, Funai doesn't include the power supply diagram. Any one has idea how to get the diagram? Why the manufacturer doesn't want to release this?
hi, my sony trinitron color tv kv-1982m7 has a black screen but has a number of the channel appears at the top it has a power but no broadcast of the station please send me a schematic diagram of this unit thanks!
I need schematic diagram for this tv.Many thanks in advance.
any one can help me? i need a schematic diagram of sharp tv model:14v-dc90m. the ic regulator is broken then the number was lost.
can i request schematic diagram..
Try this.
I have a LG 29 inch TV model number RT-29FD55VA. I need the default settings for the service menu of this TV. Eg: VA, VS, Angle, HS, EW, ET etc. Does anyone own this model or has access to it who is kind enough to go to the service menu or schematic diagram and post the values? Thanks for your time, RASSOOS
Hallo I would like to get the service manual and/or schematic diagram of the TV Daewoo 2898st. Many thanks Mazz
Try this link: Go to pages 9 & 10 for full TV SMPS schematic diagram .. Rgards, IanP
I need to practice on measuring,testing,checking TV,video,radio signals and modulation waveforms What function generator has Radio AM and FM modulation waveforms and signals? What function generator has TV and Video signals and waveforms? What function generator has scanning vertical and horizontal and Video sync pulses? Is there a
Hi , I need the schematic diagram for this 29" tv set, or the corresponding model for the chasis. You know that this brand of tv use to have the model of chasis just below the flyback transformer, on the soldering side of the printed board, but this tv don't have this reference. Thank you very much.
Please, I need service manual for tv Sanyo CEP2873
Hi everybody, i need schematic diagram for tv sony kv2970t, does anybody can help me? thanks a lot
Hello all, I have a problem with my final project and the deadline is Monday 07/08/2006. I have been able to find a schematic diagram online from . I used this schematic to wire the components but the main problem i have is how the ciruit designer arrived at the value of the passive component
hi if u can give the chassis number it'll be easier to find the right schematic diagram and getting effective help , so write down ur tv's chassis number here . Kind Regards
S6307, I suppose pin 1 is the main switcher this diagram I found Yes its a TV fault. When its switched on, very briefly observe on pin1 switching (I think) then nothing. Any tips to debugging this circuit ? If I may
Se if u can decrese(vol -) from tv keybord. Also check for dry solder points on audio panel. At home I think I have schematic...i am at work now:(. best of luck
I need schematic diagram for this tv. Tks.
hi help needed for zec tv model ztv1845 service manual and schematic diagram
Hello all friends This is a information note for all technician of LCD,PLASMA t.v and monitors repairer that i have now created a group at LCD PLASMA TV MONITOR REPAIR - Forum for Electronics And now i need real technician there who loved to learn and involved full time in LCD and Plasma repair,so pl
search on the links updown: note also this site : Schémas électroniques (Circuit diagram) de téléphones portables toute marques Plein de schémas de Moniteurs Des schémas de moniteurs Sony, Acer, LiteOn, Mag, Pack
Hi, I'm new here, please help me!!! I have problem with Samsung CK-5073T power supply. Firstly, I have replaced Zener diode afret trafo, HIS0169C (which was burnt), and SMR40200 (also burnt), but it didnt work and SMR got burnt again. Could you please send me the part of the schematic diagram with the power supply? Do you have any suggestions
DEAR ALL: Who can give me the detail design flow on TV or Projector products or schematic is better New display must can receive multi-signal foramt such as RF,DVD IN Y/C in,Video in ...ETC I think it a very complex system so I want your help VERY THANKS!! ^_^
For no, or out of sync OSD check crystal X401 and replace the series trimming capacitor. Those components are located at the rear corner as a seperate screened PCB assembly, above the main board. This, assuming that the tv is working, - normal picture and sound. cheers sda
hi please someone only give the service menu code of that TV... thanks
Hi, If someone has a manual or schematic from the Seleco tv BS665 chassis please upload it here or let me know where to find it. Thanks. Arold
this a schematic for samsung tv cs-727xx series i think it muct be similiar to ur mode
hi colleagues i need complete service manual for tv Daewoo model numbe DTC-14D1 which is based on chassis CP-320 i already have a poor quality schematic diagram but need a good quality Service manual . please upload if u have it and many thanks in advance cheers
I need this service manual (schematic diagram) for repearing this Philips TV model 42PW9982/12 chassis FTV1.5E Thanks!
Please if somebody could tell me where to find or provide this diagram. rgds marco antonioi
hi to all hop all fit in fine's i have lot diagram of tv and monitor and programing code of tv's i have lot code of sony panasonic nobil samsung orin suba sanyo LG magnavox philips etc ; if want any one mail us at < > :D
I need schematic for tv Goldstar model CBT-4282
In this diagram how works each button, vol, chan, power. When I press vol+ what happens and so with the others, what is the reason of the rrsistors rgds marco antonio
Please help me with schematic diagram for the CMO I320B1-16A inverter for 8 CCFL used in tv OKITV32HDA.(32").Many thanks in advance.
do you have a cuc chassis number for this set?printed on the pcb somewhere
Hi! Can anyone offer any help with:- 1) A circuit diagram for a Logik L22L618B 22" LCD TV fitted with the MTK5330CI_DVD_1.08 PA-0199-2--4TG -UMC E22/13B-GB-TCD-UK -MAIN BOARD please? I have one of these sets working but no LCD illumination! The TV/DVD is otherwise working and plays DVDs OK - I got a replacement IVS19408 Invertor board
Xilleon is ATI's high definition TV chip. They claim to have a 40% of market share worldwide. I am about to join ATI ShangHai HDTV design center next month.
hi all i have a goldstar TV model CF-16D16A stuck in standby mode , i suspect microcontroller chip DSM225-050SP as everything and all power voltage sound ok including standby supply , but no response to commands from user interface switches and i don't have circuit diagram for this model and couldn't have any datasheet or pinouts for this IC . i
Yeah... send me the circuit to convert a pen drive into a TV too please. I don't need anything special 50 inch HD with LED backlight and 3D compatible will do. Can I run it on watch batteries to keep the size small. Oh, I nearly forgot, just one more requirement, it has to roll up so it fits in my short pocket. Get real 'lakshmipathi.vemula' rea
Hi, I am building my own digital photo frame. I am using a Haier 7" LCD TV for the screen, which requires a 12V input, and the SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer (SDV2-A-A30), which requires only 5V of power. I understand I could possibly use a 5V regulator, but I don't know where to insert that into the circuit, or if I would possibly need a diode or he
hi i want to turn on and off a relay using RF signal or using infrared remot control ,above the range 20-30-? meter,, for explain - i saw a L.E.D bulb wich ON and OFF with any cd,musicplayer and tv's remote set ,i am beginer so i want simple circuits , i want both RF and infrared