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If we have a power supply to a BTS711L1 High side switch, decoupled by two capacitors in parallel, C2: 220nF/C7: 100nF. The transient test pulse 2a (+37V/+50V, 0.05ms cycles for 500 pulses) with a source impedance of 2 Ohms. How would you calculate the maximum transient voltage across C2/C7?
David; indeed the TPS7A4701 is an extremely versatile regulator, but a QFN package is beyond my capabilities for hand soldering. As I become older and my eyesight becomes weaker, how come electronic components continue to become smaller and smaller? Anyways, to your original question: I would do two separate supplies. It would be more flexible t
Hi I have a 5 volt supply and a 3.3 volt supply and i need a switch which can choose between those 2 supplies and give an output which is either 5v or 3.3 v.i want to have a mosfet switch.can anyone tell me which mosfet to use and is my circuit correct? 5V o------------------(mosfet)-----------
I cut ground pin with a saw near to its root becuse here, earth wiring is not common and most sockets are of two pins. So when we have to plug thee pin plug to two pin socket, we simply cut it.
Hi All, I have two 220V power sources. I want to power my device with this. If One power goes off , the device need to switch to the other 220V source. Is there any IC's to do this?. Help me regarding this.
hi, I want to switch on/off about +/-1A DC current using solid state components. the problem is in off-state this switch current should be in pico ampere range. the way I was thinking about is to connect two power n-mosfets source to source to allow bidirectional use of them. (...)