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I don't think you can. Why not just use a three way resistive splitter to combine two sources?
then DC-DC converters is the only solution,,... you can design two separate supplies having two separate paths with each having component values required for the output you need(9V)....
An alternative solution could be to monitor the current of an RC-network connected across the AC-terminals. When the current reaches zero you have reached peak voltage. It is vital that the corner frequency of the RC-network is well above the frequency of the power source to achieve zero currnet as close as possible to (...)
Hi.. I got some questions regarding the power switch standard EN 61058-1. The switch that i going to use is as below: Under the Electrical Rating side, for the ENEC compliance, this switch comply to rating of: 250 VAC 16(4)A T100 1E4; 250 VAC 10(10)A T
why NMOS cannot be used in power switch
Somehow I found that this circuitry not so stable... when designing complementary MOSFET switch, what parameters are important? Here are some I suspected: - Vgs for both FETs need larger to avoid switch on at the same time - Rds for PMOS has to small in order to avoid voltage drop Anything I missed out? For NMOS what should need to pay atte
if you use a AC current transformer then the LEDs have to be used two at a time, wired back to back to stop the DC component saturating the core. Frank
Hi, Can we use a N-Channel MOSFET as a PWM power switch to give divided-down power supply to a component? The picture shows an example from OnSemi App Note Using MOSFETs in Load switch Applications. Because VGS needs to be positive (depending
ATX power switch substitute If you install an AT motherboard with both ATX and AT power supply connections, in combination with an ATX power supply, in an AT enclosure, this circuit will save you from also having to install an additional pushbutton switch.
Hi friends, i need help to calculate the power dissipation from a power switch (MosFet). I need help in Turn on and Turn off calculation !! Thank you Regards
The model should contain the effects of the two source pins. This two pin arrangement is used to reduce the effects of the parasitic lead inductance of the package. This approximately halves the inductance.
Hello all, I want to attached a schematic to the PC parallel port. My schematic is powered by 12v battery. I designed software that use one DATA pin of the parallel port to switch on/off my circuit in order to safe power of the battery. So, my question is: What is the best idea for a power (...)
two switching power chips each with soft start are working together. For them work properly, what I should take care of? Such as should I add extra soft start circuit between them? By the way, How to simulate the analog chips? Thank you.:D
Want to realize soft start between two switching power chips. Is there any commercial chips can realize this idea or I have to design one by my self. Thanks.
Transistor can be used as a power switch in power mangement BJT & MOSFET are commonly-used transistor in electronic design why sometimes BJT is used as a power switch (because of low current, low voltage, low cost or related vbe, large current leakage?) why sometimes MOSFET must be used as a (...)
Hello to everybody on this forum(newbie:D ).. I need your help with the following matter: I 'm looking to order a power switch (on/off) controller over bluetooth. The object is to remotely start/stop an appliance through a mobile phone. I'll write the corresponding software for the mobile phone as a project to acquire my diploma. The problem is t
Does anybody can tell me the detailed steps for designing a two-stage power amplifier in ADS, Such as loadpull, matching etc. Or you can tell me good a demo about PA design, both document file and video will be ok. Thanks.
how to get the power switch's size (w/L) in dc-dc converter? thanks.
what is the power requirement of this ckt? Added after 1 minutes: is this is differential or an integral type??^^ Added after 7 minutes: Intelligent power switch ICs Intelligent power switch ICs are employed in applications that include USB ports and peripherals,
HI all, I have a PC power switch that I'd like to modify to a fixed and stabilized 12 volts. I know how to modify power switch with controller IC TL494, but this one I have has the following controller IC: 2003 IFF67K0224E There is no datasheet available for tihs type of IC, anyone knows where can I find (...)
thank you for your reply. but i mean using both two clocks in one chain. i ask for the detail. Only one clock can be triggered at one time or you will have problems. I suppose you are talking these two clocks will be used in different modes, such as function mode, scan mode and BIST mode, etc..
If your VNA source power too low , the Signal to noise ratio is no enough. The signal will near the noise level. How many power will be output from your DUT? VNA damage power level normally is +27dBm. VNA maximum input level normally is +15dBm. Above +15dBm , the VNA receiver will be compression. I suggest you (...)
Dear ALL How To connect two wired (data switch) Lan using WIFI? thanks bye
dear all I am designing a 7.4 V/2Ah lithium polymer battery operated device. The power switch (single pole single throw) is in series with between the battery. On turning on the device abruptly the device rarely turns on, If the switch is slowly turned on, it powers on almost everytime. The device works perfectly all (...)
I am designing a mixed (analog and digital) electronic circuit. The system is composed of 5 different modules. One module is dedicated for conversion (28 V to 5 and 3.3 V) and distribution to other modules. One of the module consists of a microprocessor and related interfacing components. Now, the requirement is to provide two isolated power suppl
Hi, I have two AC2DC power supply -48Vdc. What is the voltage I'll measure between "RETURN"s (or between "-48V")contact of both power supply? Why? Thank you
Hello, I have a question about the signal modeling equation of power switch as shown below; and my question is how to get (deduce) the equation of s1 and s2 in a buck? it confuse me a lot! for me, it is very clear that for the up slope of buck, s1=(vin-vout)/L but how to transfer this expression to s1=vac/L ? thanks!
I plan on using the qflowl for design exploration, but I need power and/or energy numbers for this task. Does anyone know of a FOSS tool for power analysis?
Hi All, I have two 220V power sources. I want to power my device with this. If One power goes off , the device need to switch to the other 220V source. Is there any IC's to do this?. Help me regarding this.
Hi I'm designing a circuit that works with both battery & USB. I want an analog switch like as 4066 with two channels to change the source of the circuit from battery mode to the USB mode whenever the USB cable is connected. Can you suggest any circuit or IC to do it? Thanks
Simplest solution as per Sunnyskyguy's response. If you are using low voltage, silicon diode will drop .8V, while germanium drop .3V, so are the best to go for. The most sophisticated solution is to have a diode derived " Aux line". This then powers an opamp which accurately compares the two power sources and uses a (...)
HI Can the grounds of two different power supplies each supplying different voltages be connected? If not, why? And if they can... what about the theory of isolation? For instance in the case where a microprocessor operating at 5V is connected to a device using 240V, the have to be isolated from each other?
hi, I want to switch on/off about +/-1A DC current using solid state components. the problem is in off-state this switch current should be in pico ampere range. the way I was thinking about is to connect two power n-mosfets source to source to allow bidirectional use of them. (...)
Hello experts, I want to implement a simple on/off switch cutting in the high current (5A) power supply high side (24V) path. This switch on/off can be set simply by jumper. Except for the power supply being controlled, no other power rails are availiable. Could anyone give me some hints? Thanks in (...)
may be your equation is incorrect. take reference as below POUT_0=0.5*real(mix(VOUT,{0,1})*conj(mix(I_LOAD.i,{0,1}))) POUT_1=0.5*real(mix(VOUT,{1,0})*conj(mix(I_LOAD.i,{1,0}))) POUT_dBm=10*log(POUT_0+POUT_1)+30 these equations used in caulation two tone power.
Hi all. I have a situation and I need your help. Here is the current status of what I have: two power switches ("toggle" switches with on and off) that operates an electric motor (220V@~0.15Amp). One switch for one direction another for the opposite. Obviously, if both switches are turned (...)
Hi, I wanted to use an IC to switch power on and off to a PCB board. I would like to control it with TTL logic. What do you sugest? Best regards
No matter how hard you try, you can't combine the two ‘’power sources’’. You may try to multiply the ‘’30mV/30mA’’ by 50 -100 units, in order to combine in series for a total of 1.5-3V/30mA and later on to use additional step-up convertor circuits…
Is there anything that i need to be careful of when putting two power MOSFETs in series? If I use two P-channel MOSFETs, is it as simple as connecting their sources together, their gates together, and using their drains for input/output? I looked for integrated circuits that incorporate this design but have not been lucky i
Greetings, I am looking for a way to make low power signal (about 2V and 5oo uA) to turn on switch to short another independent source (about 8 to 12V and 1 t 5 mA) without stealing power from another source and without loosing power by this process. My first choice was MOSFET however, (...)
Hi all, Could anyone help me with a very simple circuit? I have a large 240v ac fan, that needs to be switched on if a supply is detected at either of two sources. The large fan creates an air flow, dispersing the heat from the heater more evenly, it is also used to push the air the to the extractor fan, when either of
Hi, I want to use a MOSFET to control a 3.3V power supply. Please tell me a SMD part number that can fit my requirement. A small schematic would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
machine got power supply faulty. This power supply have two output voltages. The +15V and the -15V with 18A current. I don't have spare for this type of power supply but I have two separate power supplies with +15V output 30A. Now to up my machine I had configured these two (...)
109838109839 As you can see from the figure... So i have two switches. Close switch S1 gives me 230 Volt AC, whereas closing switch S2 gives me 5 Volt DC.. I have two appliances one works on 230 V AC(A1) and the other works on 5 V DC.. all the elements have a common ground or neutral. the truth tab
Does someone use the two buck inverter topology? How to drive these power switch?
Hi, I want a touch power supply switch (like in calculators) with auto power off if idle for 1~2 minutes. The supply need is regulated 5V from 9v battery and total current consumption is aroud 15mA. Please somebody have a suitable circuit or link? Regards
Hi, I am using the chip, RF2472, a LNA, and I am trying to determine its S-parameters. However, the problem that I am facing is that my S-parameter readings are extremely noisy. My guess is that it is being driven to saturation. The company has mentioned that I should set my source power on my VNA to below -20dBm. However, the problem that I
I tried to make H bridge ckt using 4 N type MOSFET. But they don't work. The upper two FET,never switch on despite positive gate voltage. What could be the prob
Hi, Currently I'm doing a project to design an air-bag controller system. There are accelerometer, microcontroller, gate driver and power mosfet in the system. Now, I want to design power backup unit for the system, so if the main supply (from the car battery) is broken, the airbag system still can operate for a short period. I was thinkin