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First, in both codes you will need at least this line: Loop: SJMP Loop or: SJMP $ so the main program executes this loop endlessly and is only interrupted by arriving of a serial character.. What I don't understand is how are you going to call TRANS interrupt? You will nee to use INT0, or any other pin (for example P1.0 ..) to execute TR
Hi, In my design I have a free 8051's port-1. It's a bit-addressable ll'l port. I have a iPAQ HHT with serial interface. But my txd and RxD of 8051 (UART) are used for prog and debugging. How can I interface my iPAQ? Is serial to ll'l convertor is the only solution? Please suggest your ideas... Thanks in advance, Abid.[/c
2=timer 0 1 2=int 0 1 1=serial 1=reset ========== only but the variant of it has more ints
which type of bt you want to interface. A ready made bt which has serial interface is well suitable for you. which has both txd and rxd unit.
Micro Controller and GSM are working separately through serial cable to Computer means Swap the txd and RXD and check it once..
2 RXD ?? Receive Data 3 txd ?? Transmit Data DB9 serial (RS232) port. Pinout and signals for the PC RS232 connector 65282 65283
it is the serial data buffer. when you want to transmit in serial mode write 8bit data here. it will get transmitted serially in txd. when 8051 receives serial data in Rxd , it assembles and put the 8bit data here for reading.
i differ from kandhu in this answer... The moment a byte is written into SBUF, it is framed with the start and stop bits and transferred serially via the txd line... SBUF is 8 bit register, so how and where is the data framed and where is it stored? and from where is framed data transmitted.....
yes we have 2 ucs -one having a transmitter and one with a receiver at the other end....and we are using txd and rxd pins for transmitting and receiving...
Hi your are trying to establish serial communicaiton using IR modules, for this the above circuit is not appropriate. you should make some changes on that circuit do one thing remove the first 555timer(left side) and connect the txd pin of the 8051 to 4th pin of the second 555timer. Because the second (right side) 555timer is for to generate 38Khz
hi,all i want to ask if i use usb to rs232 adapter will change the bits pattern of my binary data when i send binary byte from matlab via usb to rs232 adapter im try and try all formats of fwrite function to send binary data from matlab and display it to 8051 leds .i notice when i seend fwrite(s,00000001,'uint8') i receive 00000110 is the data chan
can anyone reccomend me a good design to develop hard en soft for the 80c32 . i do have an eprom emulator i'll be needing ad conversion frequency measuring lcd output etc . thx
One idea is to use LadderWork I put specification for dedicated Hardware with 8051 family in FM Koky, If someone project a hw i can buy integral sw and shared it in fm
Hi Here is the VHDL code for 8051 MC. tnx Uploaded file: 8051 in
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic LCD? tnx ...
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic LCD? tnx ...
does anyone have a 8051 uC/OS port?
Hi Dis51 is a simple 8051 disassembler for Unix-like systems. It may even compile under Microsoft Windows, but that has never been tested. It takes an object file in Intel Hex format as input, and outputs an assembly language file. This disassembler assumes by default that everything in memory is data, and nothing is code. It starts at any numbe
How does one get started with a 8051 derivative SoC and C programming for the same.
Could anyone tell me how to compile my 8051 source into hex file ? Does any kind of application exist for this purpose ? If you know that , Please tell me . :wink:
I am looking for 8051 Schematic or PCB Eagle File with EPROM and I/O Connection for design of applikation. Can somebody help me?
hello friends, I'm having problems initializing the 8051. It's P1 ports are driving 4 relays using a ULN2003 driver, the problem is, when I power on the ckt, all relays are switched on and off. I've tried to use a 7414 to invert all P1 ports, but did not work. How to solve it? regards, 2000
Hi i need a Source Code that implements the PS2 Mouse and Keyboard functions to a 8051 Microcontroller. Have only one seen such a Source ? Thanks
Hi! I would be glad if somoeone have any real 8051 ipcore. Don't need to post usual open sources core. I would like to try any real core like (c.a.s.t. aldec dolphin) I'm targetting xilinx device Thanks in advance Best Regards
I am working on a data logger project where huge amount of time stamped data is to be stored. For economical reason storage into compact flash is required. Can somebody provide me C Code Interface Library Thanks Zastereo
Hello everybody.... I'm searching info to build a 8051 system with Fast Ethernet comunication. I'll need information about specifications, software and schematics... Any chip implements the OSI levels? Thanks for all....... :lol:
hello friends, I´d like to know if there is any C Library with voids to interface a 8051 to a gps. Any help is welcome! regards, 2000
Here is the site where u get GPS with 8051 microcontroller integrated with LCD, Keypad. with Scheatic & Source code For futher more information mail me
I need full working TCP/IP stack for 8051 controller!
Hi, I search for Keil C 8051 short tuorial ? Any help be welcome :(
hi, I just finished a board to make a direct conection to internet via modem, my board has an embbeded 8051 microcontroller. It's conect to my ISP very good and my problem is, I have a network at home, this network is connected to internet by an ADSL router. Well i have an static public IP, the port i'm going to use is 4390 and i have open t
Hi! I am looking for a ready to use 'C' code (Keil51 V7.x preferably) to interface a standard PC AT keyboard to a standard 8051 micro. I plan to connect the Keyboard CLK line to an Ext. Interrupt on the 8051. and sample the data line (on a standard port pin with a pull-up) on every interrupt. Any code to enable something like this would be pe
Hi What is the best debugger for 8051 ? tnx.
Need 8051 pascal compiler.
Hi all, The DS80C400 of Maxim allow TCP/IP with a 8051 core. (mac + stack TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP...). Cost of 9$. See : Perhaps an alternative of Z-World rabbit core module for me... beuch
Hi anyone, I have to design a rds encoder using a mcu 8051. Can you help me in the realization. Best Regard.
Hi I need to know what 8051 components on the market have the prices under 3$?
What you think about Hi-tech 8051 compilel ?
Hi All I want to design a memory map decoder for the following scenario. I am using a 8051 variant with a special memory interface. This has 22 address lines and 8 data lines. This means that potentially 4 mb of memory or i/o can be interfaced. I want to add 2 mb of SRAM and also 32 bytes of i/o to this microcontroller. This is what I have
Hi how can i find hi rel 8051 microcontroller , or any 8051 microcontroller working at -55 celcius ? thanks
Does anyone know of any tutorials for disassembling eg. 8051 code? And any good disassemblers.... Thanks
hi How we can disassemble an hex file of 8051 fimily when there are lookup tables of data in it and we do not know the location of it? I have problems when disassemble these hex files. bye
Where can I find some information about fast 8051 core, which use 4 clock as one instruction cycle?
hi,does anybody know about CRC in a 8051 cpu?can a 8051 do this job esayily?i have some important data saved in a nvram,but i found they maybe changed sometimes.for example,a 0X00 changed to 0X01.what can i do to deal with it? thanks a lot!
need a free c 8051 compiler for small and medium programs size (<4Kb)? Take a look at
Hi all, I have to read/write files to an harddisk connected to a 8051 uP. The hard disk is formatted in FAT32. I was searching for "C" source (no asm) to read/WRITE files in this device... Can someone help me ? Many thanks in advance. Sirio.
need some rtc based on 8051 with alarms code or any help how to do that. I have to do this using assembler. I can't use c or basic :(
Hi all can 8051 be used for making the PLC to be used for small industrial control, if yes pl helpme to know any web-link is avalable to design with hardware & software I am very much intrested to know more about it. thanks a lot! :P
Hi! I would to start learning the 8051 core software development. I would buy a development board / development software package with buit-in RAM, EPROM, network and RS232 support. Where could I look? I need something with tons of tutorial/examples, and an affordable price! Thanks