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Hi, I am looking for passive seekers that seek Primery radars. This Seekers lock on received signal from radar and going toward it, Antenna types and setup Configurations are my interests. Thanks KMPA
For automotive radar you are probably looking at FMCW types, I have found a book by Scheer & Kurtz called "Coherent radar Performance Estimation" excellent as a practical textbook
I've posted this one earlier but apperently id did something wrong because it's gone.. I'm lookinf for a book regarding design of radar system, which explains different types of antennas used in such system and so forth. Any suggestions?
If you are interested in the classical single RF source and feed, the MIT RADLAB series is good. Another classic is Introduction to radar Systems by Merrill I. Skolnik. The other type of more modern radar is the fixed array of antennas that are each fed by a dedicated amplifier. The feed to the amplifiers are changed in phase to steer the beam
Classification is always difficult, you could have a class depending on application(surveillance or tracking), use(civil or militar), range(output power), etc, etc. some of the radar types that can be found are: Tracking radar Surveillance radar Doppler radar Weather radar (...)
Yes this is what I am talking about. I'll google METRRA more.. I'm particularly interested in the development of these types of radars throughout the past decades. I reckon these can be very useful for detecting and finding in anti-terrorism scenarios (some of the projects I am involved with) .. Having a wideband will its increase its accuracy
Hi everyone, I want to learn something.. I knew that there are laboratories or facilities for testing purposes and they have anechoic chambers or rf shielded rooms for testing purposes. They're trying to do radar cross-section calculation, EMC-EMI tests, mobile phone tests etc... Do you know that what kind of antenna types are used in thes
radar basically includes receiver system, TX system, DSP system. Each is not simple. radar types are pulse radar, CW radar etc. Pulse radar includes no compressed in pulse and compressed in pulse. Only Pulse compress is very complicated. Now almost 100% military radar is (...)
Antenna types are selected according to radar type and application. Some radars use low power and have a wide field of view; then patch or horn antenna is suitable., Other radars use high pulsed power and need a narrow beam width, and often must scan the scene. The classical approach is a parabolic dish with a mechanical (...)
i need docor help for new types ram sync sram Async sram dgb sram !!!! and ....
Hi all Simple Doppler radar circuit Basically is a form of transmitter and receiver which may also used as simple Doppler radar. This is the following diagram i have for the doppler radar. But i can not find any circuit related with my bolck diagram. Any ideas wher i can find some info (books / web pages) Thanks a lot (...)
How do i go about designing a linear FM (chirp) signal for synthetic aperture radar application? help
PIC Disassembler for lot PIC types Tornado
YAGICAD 4 OS DOS Description: YAGICAD 4.1is a program that will allow the user to analyse or design all types of yagis.
Sorry if this is posted to the wrong place .... (Have browsed the whole forum .. and don't known where to post this) ... This must be the place ...... ====================================== I have a problem in calibration of a radar system. The model for calibrating a radar system without Grass-clutter is M = R*S*T where, M = measured
Hi! I'm looking for these e-books: 1) De***vine P. radar level me@surement - the user's guide 2) Dr. Michael He***im Pulse radar for mm-precision in tank g@uging Or maybe other similar e-books or links. Best regards.
hi anybody has matlab code or any program to plot radiation pattern of different types of antennas (dipole,...) both 3d and in the planes xy,yz,xz,... or any other plane thanks
hi all good circuit for radar detector S 8O KRAT
Here's a good link for all types of circuits. Enjoy S
Hi Mr.GHz I work as a teacher , and I want my students to build something during one week. They don't have to fully understand the complete derivation of what they are doing. I want to make them more interested in microwave and RF if by letting them learn by doing. The level of the students are pre-university. I would like to have one or m
Hi, I made a pcb for this radar detector in OrCad PCB 9.2. Don't forgot to solder the 0.22uF Cap. Have fun, Pharaoh Of Egypt
Try this link The stand-alone Automobile Cruise Control is a microwave radar-guided, 68HC908QT4-based cruise control system for all types of vehicles. Using the Doppler effect, the system detects stationary and moving objects 50 to 75 m ahead or behind the vehicle. --chewbecca
I need this book,who own it? pls upload,thks
hi all i just wanna ask about the different types of ic packaging. if any one can help me in that thanks
where i can buy 77 ghz radar ?
Hi, I need to model a concrete wall in MATLAB for UWB radar. The radar is 2-10GHz. Is there a way to model the response using a FIR filter or is there another way?
Hallo, everybody :) Can somebody tell me what are the main types of noise in the oscillators based on the SAW (surface acustic waves) devices?What are the main causes of them?
Are there different types/languages/... available for CDL netlists? For example, Dracula and Spectre. Can they use the same CDL netlist or do they expect a different syntax? Tnx! S. 8)
Hi, I am working on different types of antennas design. Which EM Simulation software( HFSS or CST ) is suitable on which different types of antennas can be designed, accuracy point of view plus how fast, Best simulation results and easy to use. Waiting an early reply.
I'm a greenhand.Synthetic aperture radar image prosessing about raw data with range-doppler or chirp-scaling algorithms.Only matlab code needed.Thanks! If some one can offer help,please post it in this board or send e-mail to:
Anybody plz explain Fading and its types.
I know that there is some algorithm that can increase the resolution of radar using interpolation, I was wondering if anyone have any resources
after radar invention the ways to radar attacks developed. this ways is the electrnic warfare. this ways consist of : RGPO,VGPO,DRFM,Jammer that placed on airpalne or scort airpale that radar could not detect airplane so easily and is defense for airplanes or weapons. have you worked on this systems.
Hi guys! What do the file types -- .vr .vrh .vri mean in vera? Thanks! zhpy
It depends on what you want to do! Do you want to put different types into one array or do you want to make/use a general container class? When you want a general container class, you should look at the stl (standard template library) vector, list, map, set, ...
Hi, Im doing general battery study. Can anyone give me some good PDF's on different types of batteries. Its description, comparision , and end application. thanks in advance ~niks~
i hope someone can talk with me? for counter-strike radar, how to select the source of it? and what is the latest technology? thanks.
What are the types of noises in images and videos? Can image processing techniques can be directly applied to video processing? What are the techniques that can be used to overcome noise in video?
Do you have the some material about a butler maxtrix for radar System. Please, advise me of it. Thank you.
In general , the ultra lowe power low voltage IC is designed for what types of applications ?
hi all my friend is there any software to simulate radar systems ? help please
hi all i need you to help me in building a mini radar with pc intrface
Any ideas/help/links? Thanks!
could somebody suggest some good matlab based project for radar applications...i am a final year undergraduate student studying electronics and comm engg in India..Thanx in advance
Hi All, I understand the basic of radar system, but I don't know how the processing are made to give us the position or the sound......Any help?? Thanks
Hi All I'm looking for a good schematic for radar Thanks for ur help
What kind of antenna is used for communications links and radar?
Can Anyone tell me about the display monitors used for displaying video signals carrying radar information? What type of Monitors are used there? If anyone can post its picture then it will be more helpful.
Does anyone have a circuit diagram of car radar detectors, that were tried in person by him and known to be reliable ? If so would you kindly upload it here. Thanks in advance.