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Dear htcompany , May be problem in uart init
Hello. Is it possible to make a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) Tracker. Can anyone suggest if there any PLB Module (406MHz Transmitter) available which can control via uart AT command? Thanks in advance. Regards.
Don't what "Boot PLUS" is, please clarify. Generally a bootloader must have been programmed to the PIC with regular programmer before to allow uart download. The methods to upload the binary code are different, most bootloaders simply write the hexfile to uart after starting the bootloader via specific command or hardware signal.
Hi I have readymade working electronic product. I am applying reverse engineering on it. The WiFi module is connected to microcontroller via uart( RX & TX). The android app sends command to wifi and microcontroller works as per the command. I have attached a USB to TTL cable on RX and TX also command ground as well of (...)
Hi, you don´t tell wich interface.. But "hyperterminal" sounds like you use RS232 or TTL_uart. --> My hint: baud rate setting, baud rate error, wrong uart setting. Klaus
A straightforward way could be to implement a small soft processor in FPGA and write the AT command handling in C language. Of course it's possible in pure VHDL as well, but no fun particularly. Some necessary steps: - write the RX and TX uart code - write a command state machine to send specific AT commands - write (...)
Hi. Thanks for reply. I am mainly looking for an Embedded Module solution, not a WLAN Router. Is there is suitable Module which can be control via uart AT command for CDMA/GSM to WiFi? Regards. hi, we have desigend the 4G LTE module to wifi. If you want to CDMA/GSM version, just replace the 4G module with CDMA/GS
Hi all. Can anyone suggest if there any uart command Based Stepper Motor Driver Chip/Board? I'll use Bipolar NEMA 17 Geared Motor... 12V/ ~2A. Please advise if any suitable driver available. Thanks.
As far as I know, all mobile phones support "AT" commands. There is no need to separate it from the rest of the phone, even if that was posssbile, just conect it via a serial link, either USB or using a conventional uart, whichever it supports. Brian.
I'm unaware if it exits, but you could alternatively write a very simple routine that waits for ASCII characters from uart and toggle the LED accordingly. This certainly would not exceed too much beyond a dozen lines of code.
Hi All. I am passing very hard time with my Telit Module to activate the GPRS from MCU uart. I know the EasyGPRS AT commands to Activate GPRS and send UDP Data. The strange issue is ... when I an sending the AT command manuallly by typing from PC Hyper-Terminal then all works. Module can send UDP Data to Server. But when I am sending (...)
I'm using PIC18F4550 at 115200 baud rate to get GPS information from SIM908. It works fine with commands sent from PC. Also it works fine with commands from MCU. But the problem is, the MCU can not read the GPS data sent from SIM908. I checked the MCU, it can read data if I send the data from PC uart. But can not read SIM module. It (...)
hello on GSM M95 (QUECTEL ?) after global init : * STAT must be =1 (status of power ON) * NET info must blink GSM must give response when sending "AT" command =>"OK" means uart speed OK send PIN code "1234" ? and test presence of network 20:01:44.125> Test si enregistré sur le reseau (AT+CREG?) // send AT
hello, if i get a right understanding, you want un GSM Simulator program ? I don't know if this kind of software exist.. but you can use a litle PIC as a PIC12F1840 (DIP 8) to write a program wich can simulate a GSM .. handle the uart receive the AT command handle delais for feeback Answer with appropriate message (stored in
Hai, I am work with SIM900 module, and i send AT command with raspberry pi over uart.some commands are working fine but nd then am trying to connect using AT command but the following commands shows the error message AT+CSTT AT+CIICR AT+CIPSTART AT+TIME if am send the (...)
According to the SIMCOM Technical Support: 1) command AT+CMUXSRVPORT is used to make physical uart interface for few virtual ports after AT+CMUX=1 enabled. And for host, there should be some special driver for linux/window OS. 2) command AT+CGPSSWITCH is used to switch NMEA sentence output between USB –NMEA port (after install driver (...)
hi, i am working on stm32f4 and know i try to flash my stm32f4 with uart, but i dont understand about erase command that i found on document number CD00264342, it says data frame command should use two byte addressing as page number to be erased, thanks for any help
Hi, I use sim908 as a gprs module, when I send any command (AT, ATI, ...) to rx of sim908, module echo that command without executing command. (I'd tried ATE0 too) also I updated to B02, B03 and B04 versions and problem still not fixed What's the problem and how can I fix this issue? So many thanks
That's not a Proteus specific problem. The data is received characterwise by the uart. To decode commands you'll usually transfer the data to a circular or linear buffer.
Hi fiends , I have made GSM modul with SIM900d and PIC16F870 . I make voice call and it work only if the gsm number is in code . But i want SIM900 to take number from sim card . I have write number in sim phone book in first position. For this i send via uart AT command : AT+CPBS="SM" ATD>SM1 And this not work ... Could you please he
Consider a simple point. Your uart RX ISR will receive any response send from the modem, including an unkown number of command responses. How can you expect to find a CMGR message text at a specific buffer location? That's the basic problem with your code. There are additional problems like e.g. overflowing the buffer. Instead you should desi
Simple method to transfer data from FPGA with EDK software is uart. Send the output data through Xil_printf command. Create Matlab GUI to construct image from 1D to 2D array.
You can always start by writing the 3-digit counter and verify that it is working. If it counts correctly from 000 to 999. Then write the uart communication part to receive text from another mcu. You can either test it with proteus sim using the "virtual terminal" to make sure that it is working properly by sending the command text to it to
Hello : Excuse, I want to take two modules interconnected by the network, such as the following diagram. 108837 I confirm that my setting of baud rate and 8 N 1 are correct and same. How do I set the module? thanks.
@Azzy, Pls use the below said command. AT+CNMI=3,1,2,1,1 You will get the new message indication in your uart...Once this message is captured in the uart just display the same in the LCD...
I have a problem communicating with the M95 via uart. When you send the uart command M95 mi returns the same command that I send. M95 turned on by the pwr key and status pin indicates to me that the M95 is turned on. via FTDI send from PC command "AT" and M95 returns "AT". The uart is used (...)
Hello, I am currently working on a project with GSM module SIM900. I connect this module with Altera DE to send command and read data. I build a Nios system with uart core. Everything is quite good, but I still have a problem. After I power up this module, if I use DE board to send the first command to module, there isn't any response for (...)
i have to configure uart1 on my pic32mx575f256h . so please help me to my problem ? how to configure interrupt based transmit and receive char . and also how to receive full string and transmit full string via uart . suppose i have to send command through PC to PIC like {START} and how to get response like this method . if any c
Hi, I am working on a application where I need two timers with 20kHz and independent duties. I have micro controller on board but it gives me only one timer channel output. Is there some IC exist which can accept some command via I2C or uart and generate two timer outputs? Thanks in Advance for you support; Umesh
hye..I am such problem which i dont know how to insert or apply command GSM module into verilog code.Because we know that uart transmitter and receiver will enable signal be communicated between fpga board and PC. But the problem from me,which I want the signal or message send automatically when vibration sensor be triggered and send to my phone. W
what a pity,my one answers. in fact,when you meet a question,you should search materials from web firstly. if no result,then ask in the forum. - - - Updated - - - i remember the GSM module always has a uart interface. send the necessary command to it.of course,you should study the AT command .
I don't use AVR. I use PIC. If you want help then mention which bit of which register is to be set or cleared to enable uart receive interrupt. I will write a code in mikroC PRO AVR for testing.
Isn't the uart_ command for the internal uart module? If you are using the MAX3100 you need to write your own routine but the example on the Maxim data sheet works fine and if I remember correctly will work on the 16F84A without modification. Brian.
If you want to read in temperature from Android application using BT then you can make a uC board with LM35 or DS18B20 temperature sensor and a BT module interfaced to uC uart pins. You send command from Android application and uC receives it through BT and then sends the temperature reading back in string format. Android app should read in the str
Use uart library in MIKROC to do this task. In help you will find every thing you need.
Ofcourse it will not work. printf will not print to uart .... Incorrect, by default the printf() routine in KEIL is configured to output to the primary serial port, serial port 0. The following document outlines the changes required to move the output to a secondary port, serial port 1, if the de
There is no code which sends or received strings. Is your commands 1 byte wide? Use Serial interrupt to receive data. Also make a function to send strings through uart.
Hi, In any GSM application, uart should be used in interrupt mode, because whenever you apply SMS read command to GSM module, it immediately send SMS message as whole. So you must use uart in interrupt mode. If you want to use uart in polling mode, you should use Hardware flow control. Regards,
Send AT commands using C Code (uart send string).
Hello guys, i'm trying to send input and receive output from a fingeprint device. I have this code. i know how to send the command as you see in below code but i don't know how to receive data from the device. This is what i actually want to do, after sending the command, i need to wait between 1-5 sec because the device will give output at random
HI friends, I am facing one problem communication port of sim908 is connected to xmc controller but sometimes the garbage data is received from uart of controller which is in connection with sim908 i also checked commands , string termination but still i am facing that problem some time . Please if anybody have the idea about how to solve thi
you need to be be more specific of details like what kind of control? what type of motor.. phew.. a whole lot of details.! any way.. you can do somme speed controlling and stuff like that using serial library available with the visual studio tool chain and can send like a command via uart to the uC (assuming) and then drive the motor.
you need use uart and AT command
Hi, I am interfacing controller(MC1322x) with GPRS modem(GL-865). I did the following- 1. Program MCU to send AT command using uart (printf) and receive the response using scanf function. 2. Connect the serial cable from MCU to (Max 232)gprs modem serial port. 3. reset the MCu to send the AT command to GPRS module. But I got no (...)
JY-MCU default BR : 38400 Either works in AT commands or when paired with BT (AT commands don't work). can I connect it directly to uart on MCS51 ? Tx and Rx ?
hi, are you using a microcontroller to send the AT commands to the sim900 using uart? you can't transmit 'AT+SVR=svr_val' to the sim900. try transmitting the AT command one character at a time or treat the AT command as a string and simply replace the '?' in 'AT+SVR=?' with the character of your choice. thinking of the AT (...)
Hi, I am interfacing USB Flash drive to my micro controller using VINCULUM device via uart. The Vinculum device sends the response in string format, but in micro controller i am receiving in hex format. i am storing all these hex values in an array. for example if i send IDD command (IDD is for knowing the Device Information), the device w
I'm doing a project in which using PIC24FJ128GA010 mounted on explorer 16 board, using uart n I2C i need to check the battery specifications. I do'v have smart battery command codes. The problem is i wann a program which cofig's uart n I2C so that i can send d codes to batt so that i receive the code description of that (...)
AT command signal (let say GSM Modem) in form serial (RS232 @ uart). The command list can have in the AT command manual.
Good day, I'm using COMPIM to communicate proteus VSM PIC16F877A with my GSM module via AT command. However, in communicating AT command with the module,I get distorted response. Pls I need help. Betterstill how do I code my PIC to get response reliably from a GSM module via uart