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Hi, I am interfacing PC + DS89C450 + GPRS where I will send AT command from PC terminal (serial port 0) and DS89C450 will send the command to gprs modem (via serial port 1). Then the reply will go from gprs modem -> DS89C450-> PC terminal Now serial port0 works fine with the following configuration. /**********Serial port initializatio
you can use an uart interrupt. Use a getchar() function if you receive to your serial port the character e.g "A" and the second character is e.g. "T" then move each received character into an array as element.
Hey HI u DID this ;-) Now m also trying to do the same right now m writing for the uart let me know Regards,
hi, I am working on GSM and controlling using i need TO KNOW how to program xilinx fpga and how to send AT command to gsm modem..i know the AT commands but by using VHDL how to write the code ????? for that I did uart vhdl coding for sending AT commands via RS 232 to GSM modem. thanks in advance
Hello there, After writing some data to the PIC micro EEPROM, i'd like to reset the device. I can communicate with the device through its uart. Here is what I tried (under CC5X): .... codes else if (tmpByte == '0') { // Get next char tmpByte = getc(); if (tmpByte == 'R') { putc('S'); PCLAT
You can refer to example to program uart module in the microcontroller. Send the text for your AT command. From: Siong Boon MODERATOR - SIGNATURE LINKS ARE NOT ALLOWED
Hi ahmed Thanks for you interest. I have already succeed to make LCD work via uart, The main problem was that the sequence of initialization of the serial differs from the parallel . In serial , before starting the code of the initialization sequence found in the app note, you should first init the status register of t
hi i have problem with uart,i wanna use PIC16F84A in serial communication,the problem is when i write the program to send data ( i make initiazation &use this command ( soft_uart_write(i) )) the program works and i can see that on LED i connect to transmit pin,the problem occur when i wanna use the read command ( i= (...)
I am using cc2500 with atmega32. I want to use cc2500 in uart mode because i think in spi mode it is too big to handle. for that purpose i did following things: 1. i reset cc2500 using sres command strobe.(0x30) 2. then i configured the data rate to 9600 by writing appropriate values of DRATE_E and DRATE_M in respective registers. 3. then i
I have this project using this PIC24F04KA201. I have two inputs coming from two sensors, temp and load cell. I want to acquire the two data via serial port(RS232) to be plotted using MATLAB. This project is all about getting the moisture content of the soil using an oven that is controlled by the MCU, only on and off of the oven. The host computer
Hi, First thing - are baudrate of you uart the same as baudrate of module? And second one - do you have an oscilloscope to check if sth is getting out of the buffer?
Hi Basically to send AT command via uart is to send ASCII chars First learn how to convert chars to ASCII (adding 0x30....) , fill your uart buffer with the ASCII and hit the sand button All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
Its for a project, and I pretty much can handle all parts of a bluetooth module and MCU through uart... With Hyper Terminal, set same baud rate for both chips through serial port of each USB to rs232 converter AT commands through hyper terminal for module is easy considering they are giving when buying module ( baud rate, setting password, ect
I am not sure about it as well. I would say they should be driven manually...but as I said I am not sure ...I was working on it more than 1year ago I don't remember it very well... here is some advice from datasheet(probably u already know it): ON/OFF It is important to note that the ON_N signal voltage level is different between the modules. I
Hi, I have problem sending command through using uart. I could not seems like able to communicate with my gps. my code is below. #define SYSCLK 99532800 // Output of PLL derived from (INTCLK*2) #define BAUDRATE_0 115200 // Baud rate of uart0 in bps #define BAUDRATE_1 9600//115200 // Baud rate of (...)
hello to everyone I kown how to control servo motor and DC motor using h-bridge but I don't know how to combaine these two code together and can I control them usnig only one port such as B because I use uart and I can't control more than one port when I send the data through uart using PIC16f877A and MikroC Pro please help me thank you
As I can see from the dayasheet, you will need a "Level Translator" chip since the transceiver uart levels are CMOS 3.3V You will need a MAX232 to interface the transceiver to the PC, and you will need a 3.3V to 5V level translator in case your controller is working with 5V. www.r
Hi, Read library functions; Usart_Data_Ready Usart_Read in mikroC help. They are used to read return values via uart of a PIC. You should store return values in memory; then at the end print them on LCD. You can use LCD-library there also. similar discussions are on following threads; www.edab
Well warnings are pretty useful when it comes to efficient programming, it tells you about unused variables and other things which not necessary. but still with warnings your project can run you may ignore those when you are developing but by the end when you are finishing you should remove these warnings... now for your problem please tell which c
How to Send ATD and ATA commands from controller to GSM Modem through uart. Can anybody Plz send me the source code in C language
have you tried looking at the signals with an oscilloscope, e.g. write out to the uart "AT\n\r" in a loop 1. You should see the 3.3V from the uart then 5V into the modem 2. if that works you should the modem reply at 5V then 3.3 V into the uart this should show where it is failing (could the baudrate be incorrect?) a MAX3232 sounds a (...)
how do you display the lines of text +CMGS: OK could it be that during the time you are printing the CMGS message on your screen you miss the line with OK from the modem. when talking to modems I use an interrupt driven ring buffer to receive the data to make sure I do not miss messages (using polled IO it is easy
i search in forum and i found that the connection with modem is in serial port also i found that often the code is for pic 16F and the uart library i really wanna know if i can use USART it's possible or no because pic 18F don't have uart but they have USART and am programming in mplab with c18 compiler
I want to use uart to send a code from pic16f690 to pic16f887. If the code is correct a led will be turned on. My problem is that none of my codes isn't work. Please help me. These are the codes: the emitter int i; void main(){ i=11111111; uart1_Init(9600); while(1) { Soft_uart_Write(i); }
i didn't get any o/p from the sim900a the module is GSM/GPRS TTL uart MODEM- SIM900A please help me. I used a max232 to connect to pc. In hyperterminal i send the commands. But i failed to get the return back messages. Even to "at
hey all. i have a problem with a uart code i have made in MikroC. i have tryed many things, but cant make it work :I i want to send a text command via the uart and then the Chip lights up some certain leds, but i cant light 2 leds up at once and turn them off as i want to because the loop just keep following its path and i dont know (...)
A command delimiter, e.g. carriage return will be required though. command decoding goes like this: - receive the uart data to a buffer - when command delimiter is received, convert the buffer content with atoi().
For Wireless transmission is it compulsory to use uart Tx Rx ? Just want to know
Reminds me of old uart days in the 70's +ICF=[ Valid numeric values 0 auto detect 1 8 Data; 2 Stop 2 8 Data; 1 Parity; 1 Stop 3 8 Data; 1 Stop 4 7 Data; 2 Stop 5 7 Data; 1 Parity; 1 Stop 6 7 Data; 1 Stop Defined numeric values 0 Odd 1 Even 2 Mark 3 Space from the V.250 standard w
AT command signal (let say GSM Modem) in form serial (RS232 @ uart). The command list can have in the AT command manual.
I'm doing a project in which using PIC24FJ128GA010 mounted on explorer 16 board, using uart n I2C i need to check the battery specifications. I do'v have smart battery command codes. The problem is i wann a program which cofig's uart n I2C so that i can send d codes to batt so that i receive the code description of that (...)
hi, are you using a microcontroller to send the AT commands to the sim900 using uart? you can't transmit 'AT+SVR=svr_val' to the sim900. try transmitting the AT command one character at a time or treat the AT command as a string and simply replace the '?' in 'AT+SVR=?' with the character of your choice. thinking of the AT (...)
Hi, I have the same type of problem but slight different. I have connected ATmega32a to AT90USB1287 using uart and AT90USB1287 to PC using USB. Intially, AT90USB1287 is talking to the PC via USB. ATmega32A is talking to the PC via USART(RS232). Now i have connected ATmega32A board to AT90USB1287 using uart communication(RS232 cable by disablin
Hello I am new using the LAntronix Xport. Can someone help me and sending data from the lantronix Xport to another location. I am using a mcu ( NXP CorteX M0+) and want to send data from the uart to LAN. Thanks...
HI friends, I am facing one problem communication port of sim908 is connected to xmc controller but sometimes the garbage data is received from uart of controller which is in connection with sim908 i also checked commands , string termination but still i am facing that problem some time . Please if anybody have the idea about how to solve thi
Hello guys, i'm trying to send input and receive output from a fingeprint device. I have this code. i know how to send the command as you see in below code but i don't know how to receive data from the device. This is what i actually want to do, after sending the command, i need to wait between 1-5 sec because the device will give output at random
Send AT commands using C Code (uart send string).
hi recently i`m trying to send some data over another avr uart by fsk transmitter . when i connect two avr`s by wire it works great , but when i connect them to transmitter and receiver it has so many error`s and works too bad , have to send data 10 or 15 times to send data correctly. i think maybe it`s because of the uart that is high when its
Ofcourse it will not work. printf will not print to uart .... Incorrect, by default the printf() routine in KEIL is configured to output to the primary serial port, serial port 0. The following document outlines the changes required to move the output to a secondary port, serial port 1, if the de
Serout does not use uart Protocal I believe.
If you need ready to use solution - sorry I can't help you . But if you would like to design one - first choose mobile phone to use depends on what type of interface you are going to use to access mobile : IR ,bluetooth, or uart . Some mobile enabled PDA could support USB The phone should provide AT commands necessary to send receive and per
I think that compact flash can not connect serially using uart. As far as i am concerned the Multimedia Cards and not compact flash cards do have serial interface (SPI) which is not quite compatible with uart interface. What DO you want to use: Compact flash or MMC? If you wish to control a compact flash then you can use BASCOM AVR ver 1.11.7
Everything, including your own command set, depends on your 8051 firmware. You only have to configure hyperterminal to establish the connection without using the handshakesignals. That's all. If a "A" is pressed in hyterterminal the 8051 uart receives the character 0x65 ("A"). If a 0x66 is sent from the 8051 you'll see a "B" in hyperterminal. Wrapp
You must have a server in someplace, either by IP or DNS lookup You set the apn context, attach and you are connected You may then send udp or tcp packets to your server I also use rtp for VoIP + data its kinda (press Start|Connect) i c no trouble I've implemented all from single uart port, no os, no winsock, no nothing can be done by a pic
I am using a modem with an 8051. Simply connect TX of the modem to RX of your micro and RX of the modem to TX of your micro (via MAX232). Here is an example of sending an AT command to the modem: code const char commandMODUS={'+', '+', '+', 0}; void serial_out(byte zeichen) { while(!Transmit) continue; // warten bis das näch
Please give more details: What is the speed of your ADC?, or what is your ADC number. I think a good way is use a microcontroller with ADC incorporated (like PIC16F877A or PIC16F628A), the you can use the uart from the uC to communicate with your PC, and also can buffer many samples before sending it to PC.
You can use AT command to control the Gr47 GSM/GPRS modem via the uart port.
you may used uart used protocol or emulate your port such that output signal for keyboard protocol command thank's
the example works well for me. just that the design that i have is more complex. i also discover that in the abc.vhd file, there are a few other entity too, like memory modules, uart, etc... wonder how that affect. i ran the simulation in the original site, everything works fine and when i bring over to my env the error came it.
Hello You have to connect the modem to the uart - use cross connection{ TX -> RX ,Rx -> TX } and send AT command to control and transfer data from & to the GSM module All the best Bobi