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As far as I know, all mobile phones support "AT" commands. There is no need to separate it from the rest of the phone, even if that was posssbile, just conect it via a serial link, either USB or using a conventional uart, whichever it supports. Brian.
1. AT+CMGF=1 2. AT+CSCS="GSM" 3. AT+CMGS="DESTINATION mobile NUMBER" 4. > ------>This will be recvd in your uart...Once this symbol is received type something and to send give CTRL+Z".. 5. 0x1A
I'd totally recommend Simcom SIM900 module for that. There's no way to mess with stand-alone cellphones. You can get Arduino SIM900 shields on Ebay for 20-30?, way less than any mobile phone. Easy to control with uart AT Commands. You can use "SoftwareSerial" library to aquire multiple sets of uart. (...)
Hi all.... i have completed my project to send and receive messages between mobile LG "GW300" and Pic16f877 using uart for controlling two relays. I used frequency of 8MHZ and baud rate 9600 using the program MikroC Pro. I faced big problem with my code which`s attached below. I can`t read the message, there is no action happens when i received th
Jinan USR IOT Technology Co., Ltd. work on IOT(internet of things), have deepth advantage in serial to etherent convert products, we develpment and manufacture RS232/RS485/TTL uart to Ethernet/WIFI/GPRS convert products. This program is for test TCPIP socket commulication, please do not directly use in commercial use. Our website : ww
a uart is the serial interface device used in computer system, see Serial and uart Tutorial also have a look at SPI is a protocol used for communication between a microcontroller and devices such as EE
any idea how to write the program for gsm to connect with PIC uart module ? This was discussed in many times here. Run the search to find them
Hi, use AT commands to interface a PIC to your Nokia via uart. This might be helpful:
Hi, you need to know if the connection cable is an USB cable or an USB to uart converter. In former case, this task is really complicated, as you need to find an open source driver for the phone or simply hacking it. in the later case, all you have to do is to control the phone with AT commands and to try accessing the camera. I advice you (...)
For a project, I need to connect a dsPIC30f3012 - 30I/P to a blue tooth enabled mobile phone. dsPIC30f3012 and that blue tooth via uart, and its data rate is about 20kbps What is the best choice? LMX9830SM/NOPB or [url = h
just send "AT" via uart to mobile,it will reply u "OK" if everything is ok.. MikroC might be having in-built function to send string via uart.. for example if the function available is something like printf() then printf("AT\r\n"); //make sure carriage return is used.. it will reply "OK"... use some functions to get th
To send AT commands to mobile phone, you supposed to use a mobile with Serial port(RS232)... MikroC comes with a library for uart... you can find Circuit diagram to convert uart level to RS232 level in MikroC help file. Just send those AT commands calling Library functions..
Hi friends, I have a question about new technology 3.3V : ?Can a device PIC24HJ256GP210 handle and communicate with module uart from a 5V device? I know only digital pins can handle 5V TTL levels, it also implies for transmission and reception events such as a uart serial communication between 5V and 3.3V devices? Thank you very much.
i want to control devices connected to pic16f84A by sending sms in text mode to cell phone connected to my pic.I have the problem of serial communication between pic and cell phone because the pic has no hard ware uart i have to do it in software in assembly language can any one help with how to do it?The other thing is say i have software (...)
i am using pic 16f84A interfaced with cell phone i want to send sms and control my devices.can i use text mode of sms rather than pdu format?serial communication between pic and cell phone can be implemented by software uart?
hey all; i'm a newbie and it is my first time to interface a mobile phone .. i wanna interface nokia 6210 with a uart in my PSOC..after some search i found that this can be achieved via DLR-3 cable i searched on this type..I found many topics on how to build a self made DLR-3 and they usaually uses with it MAX 3232..but i donn (...)
Better use a PIC with a uart. There are plenty avaialable. Comm with mobile phone will require some resourceses. You dont want to waste them on softwre uart.
115200 bps is maximum baudrate for FBUS, its doesn't mean its baud rate requirement is 115200bps, you can run FBUS on 9600 bps! You can use any uC which has uart to control cell phone
Hello, I want to use a GSM module with a mp3 reader hardware. I have no experience with GSM module. Most of GSM modules have an uart interface. I'd like to know if I can get the gsm compressed data voice to send it to the mp3 recorder in order to record it. It would be nice too if i can read mp3 file and send it by GSM. thank you for your he
The 16F84 does not have a uart so you will have to send and receive serial data in software. Do you mean that I can't send the sms directly to the mobile phone.??? Thanks for help
The only circuit you need is a microcontroller (with all the components it needs to run (cristal, capacitors, power, ...) Connect the uart to the GSM and write software to receive SMS, get Signal Strength and send SMS (all using AT commands) Antharax
If you need ready to use solution - sorry I can't help you . But if you would like to design one - first choose mobile phone to use depends on what type of interface you are going to use to access mobile : IR ,bluetooth, or uart . Some mobile enabled PDA could support USB The phone should (...)
Hi guys, I know my contribution to this forum so far is still on level zero, but I'm running against time to finish a university project on time. After that, I promise to be a contributor :) Here's the problem: I'm sending AT commands from the PIC to the phone, using the built-in uart Tx-Rx lines of the pic, I see no response from the (...)