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Hello everyone, I am newbie at RFID sector. As a part of my project work, I wanted to design a RFID tag in CST. I tried
Anybody has any video or written instruction about uhf RFID tag design and port allocation process for CST simulation software? if you have then please send me the link or doc to this e-mail address: removed or share here. Thanks in advance.
how to design differential probe for tag antenna impedance measurement at uhf frequency(915MHz)
Hello everyoneWould you please tell me what should be the port impedance for simulation of RFID tag uhf passife antenna how to calculate
I want to read data from RFID tag. I use VS2010 C++ and Qt librabry to design a GUI. I can read data from passive tag but when I supply battery to this tag I cannot read any data. The RFID tag sensor I use is SL900A. In the SL900A datasheet, it has 2 logging forms and has different memory banks. I am a newbie so let me know (...)
Disclaimer - I am very very new to Electronics (literally a week), but am doing a lot of reading to try and catch up with the knowledge I need for my eventual project. Background: I run a lot of endurance running races and almost all of the races use uhf RFID passive chip timing systems where the runners wear a uhf passive RFID tag (...)
Hello, i want to design a uhf RFID tag antenna, before i arrive to this step, I wanted to replicate the simulation presented in the attached paper, i used the same parameters as mentionned in the paper, but i didn't get the same results, i'm getting a low adaptation level and a resonant in a different frequency, i can't identify where is the pro
Hi, I am trying to use CC1101 IC to read uhf RFID tags at ~868MHz. I have only seen EPC gen 2 Class 1 rfid tags for that range. Can I use CC1101 transceiver to read those tags? If not can I read any sort of RFID tags using this chip? Looking forward to your replies. Thanks a lot in advance.
Hi! I am going to develop RFID system which can read tag and update data to server. I am looking for reader which can read passive tag even if it is in pocket/bag or in box. What parameter/factor i have to see to find such type of antenna of uhf reader? I have read about linear and circular polarized antenna,but something i am (...)
I am working on uhf band of 866-868 MHz and will utilize CNT's as material for windshield RFID tag designation. Kindly help !!
Hi everyone, I am new to the field of uhf Passive RFID tag antanna's. I am using ADS tool to reproduce the tag antenna of a research paper. I have made the structure and set all the parameters like substrate material, conductor thickness, radiation box, solution frequency 866 MHz and the chip impedance 9.8-j73. I am getting very bad (...)
hi all, i really need help in finding chip for my antenna tag. i want to built an rfid at 8-12G but hardly to find chip that can matching with the freq. most chip areat uhf freq. do anyone can help on this?
At uhf you could use directional antennas. Also reader and tag antennas with linear polarisation and using the polarisation for the identification.
hi guys, i have used HFSS for a long time,and i also designed and fabricated two or three RFID tag antenna for various applications.but now,i confuse about some setup about simulation,beacause i had seen many different viewpoint to this,but i believe some of them must be wrong or fallacious,i hope u can help me and make clear why. my questons a
i am making my FYP "design and analysis of Low profile uhf RFID tag antenna for liquid bottles"on HFSS and i need to learn basic terms and system concepts involved in RFID, can anyone guide me which steps/note key concepts i have to follow during literature review?????
The RFID used for Road toll collection is usually a uhf chip operating on around 980 Mhz and will be a passive tag but capable of read and write at very high speeds even more than 100Kmph speed of the vehicle.
Hi, RFID passive tag is tuned to work at 865MHz (uhf band). What should be the frequency of oscillations for the clock generator used inside the tag?
I have done some research on this subject. but the thing is that, there are only a few iCs avialable for this reading kind of operations. I tried digi key, element -14, farnel, and everyone is saying no to me. My question is. >>Is there any dedicated IC for reading from a 865-867 MHz Passive tag?
i am new comer in uhf rfid. i am working development and doing a new project in uhf RFID. i want my passive uhf rfid tag can be read in some gallon of full water. example: there are nine gallons with tags. ninegallons are put such as square. how manner rfid tag which is located in center can (...)
First of all, we want to excuse us for my bad English.. I want to make project on "prevention anti collision system using RFID ". I'm facing many problem in select RF reader and tag . because ,I think according for this project required uhf generator ,tags ,reader all things are expansive. If any idea about "distance measure in RTL(real (...)
You can try here , it is not online sale but they are able to sell uhf RFID chips from Impinj .
Hello, I stumbled upon this site while doing research for a DIY project involving RFID technology. Be Gentle! :) Idea: * I want to be able to read a RFID tag from about 5-10 meters away. * The tag must be able to tolerate some rougher conditions and can be wet. * I will not have an unobstructed view to read this tag. * I want to (...)
Anybody in work on uhf RFID design? We've been discussing differential impedance measurement for RFID antennas or tag chips, one question still bothers me, which is below. As we all know,dipole has differential ports, as the load of antenna,the tag CHIP usually has single-ended port. Such as NXP/Alien, the tag chips (...)
Dear rf1008, 1) The CST transient-solver is extremely faster than the finite element if the structure does not have multiple resonances. For the design of the uhf dipole it is perfect and the speed comparad to a frequency solver is considerably better. If you start designing RFID coils at 13.56MHz you need a finite element solver (in freq. domain)
Can anyone suggest a link to read more about tag modulation in uhf rfid?(backscattering) I want to know how the tag is modulation the carrier wave?
Hi Can anyone suggest from where I get hardware for RFID tag stimulation. I am working in 860-960 MHz. My requirment is to stimulate tag for testing RFID readers. Umeshms
Hi, Can anyone help me out in calculating power budget analysis for a RFID tag(any sample tag)? I want to know how much power is extracted by the tag antenna and how much power is required to initiate the chip, power consumed by all the blocks/modules of the chip, power dissipation of the chip. If you have any doc/pdf stating the (...)
Since u are new to the electronic world, forget about making a reader by yourself. Considering the distance requirement, it is suggested to use a uhf RFID system. Careful selection of tags is needed in order to maximize the tag performance when they are mounted on human body. Multiple reader antennas can be connected to a reader to cover the (...)
HI, I am trying to do power and link budget analysis for uhf RFID tags. I am trying out for FCC regulated 865~867MHz operation and 4W EIRP. In order to do power budget analysis for the RFID tag, I need to know how much power is received by the tag if reader transmits 4W EIRP. I have to do circuit level simulation of (...)
Hello, Anymone could say me how can i connect the lumped port and discret port (in a same time) on my RFID uhf antenne using CST microwave? Thank you so much
You mean all directions viewn from the tag, so the tag should have a kind of isotropic antenna? In case of inductively coupled RFID, this would require multiple decoupled coils. A uhf or microwave RFID tag with circular polarized antenna should basically work for this purpose.
Folks, Gen2 is the communication protocol for reader-tag interface in the uhf range. So, what is the protocol used in LF, HF and Microwave region? -Shaikss
Hello, I am using ADF7020 (daughter board with 11.0592MHz XTAL) to design a RF uhf reader which reads the data in the RFID tag (passive), as the tag comes within the range. I use dsPIC33fj256gp710 for interfacing with ADF7020. I will have to show the tag data onto a computer hyperterminal (UART), as the (...)
Hi folks, How to select an antenna to match the requirement of passive/active tag, LH/HF/uhf/Microwave range? What are the things to be considered to select an antenna? Please suggest some good articles/materials for the same. -shaikss
Hello everyone! I am currently trying to design a uhf RFID tag to resonate at 867MHz for my project work. Problem is that I am not very good with CST and it is giving me serious problems. I have already designed my antenna but I am having problems with placing my ports. can some one please tell me how to do this? the antenna type is a slotted lo
chip NXP+antenna RFID uhf hello, chip impedance : 22-195j substrat: polyester (PET) : h=50 um antenna: aliminum: h1=9 um
Hello Everybody, I am currently trying to write a program able to manage a communication from a reader point of vue to communicate with a unique tag using laboratory instruments : modulator, HF signal generator, spectrum analyser and oscilloscope. Obviously, the process follows EPC requirements, but I am facing a little difficulty : after the
I decide to change the RFID tag chip. Monza4 of Impinj which operates at uhf band is selected. Now, the design of tag antenna is in process.
Hi, Yes, it is possible the detail information is available only under NDA. Please see a picture it is an application is marking of metal bottles . uhf RFID tag is place directly on metal , thickness is only 1mm.
hi, i designed uhf rfid tag antenna (860Mhz-960Mhz) which is a meandered half wave dipole antenna on FR4. As it needs balanced signal at its input to measure the input impedance etc. of this antenna. VNA provides unbalanced signal. I am confuse how do I make a balun or any measuring structure with which I can provide balanced signal to it. Anybody
I badly need an open source portable uhf RFID reader schematic. Can anyone share anything? If it's available in the internet, I can't find it, all I can find are modules... Pleeeease.. Thanks! =) First uhf tag readers (designed in 1998 or so) used discrete components but their circuits where never available
Hi Plasma , I do not sure that Higgs-3 is for uhf RFID reader , for uhf RFID tag it is ok. Libor124
Hi all! I'm working on a uhf RFID tag project. The tag chip was fabricated in TSMC0.18um process. The simulated power conversion efficiency is about 28%~35% with different corners, but the measured result is only 10%. We use SBD as rectifying device. Our test method is as the same as the method written in the attachment. (...)
As far as I know, the published smallest thickness is 1.52 mm, which is a PIFA-type antenna made on Taconic RF-35 substrate. Have anyone seen any uhf tag antenna thinner than this?
I've simulated an RFID tag antenna by both ie3d and hfss. (The antenna is posted by K. V. Seshagiri Rao, in the paper "Antenna Design for uhf RFID tags A Review and a Practical Application".) But there are big differences in the results. In ie3d, the impedance at 875Mhz is about 50+j420.(close to the result in the paper) While in HFSS (...)
Hi, guys! Have somebody worked with uhf chip having two antenna connected to two different port? I obtained increment of read range about 1.4 times (near to theory ) using two orthogonal straight dipole, but using dipoles of different form led to essential decreasing of read range. I think there is problem with out-of-phase combining of signal fr
After using the formula of loop antenna Which "formula"? The frequency range is uncommon for RFID, because there are no free frequency bands. I'm also not aware of chipless RFID systems. EAS (electronic article surveillance) is usually based on simpled resonant circuits, but in a lower frequency range. uhf RFID systems are mo
I've simulated an RFID tag antenna by both ie3d and hfss. (The antenna is posted by K. V. Seshagiri Rao, in the paper "Antenna Design for uhf RFID tags A Review and a Practical Application".) But there are big differences in the results. In ie3d, the impedance at 875Mhz is about 50+j420.(close to the result in the paper) While in (...)
For writing a RFID tag you need a RFID Reader. Detail Information about RFID is given in the standards. Different RFID systems, at HF and uhf frequencies for example, have different standards and implementations. The RFID Handbook gives a good overview about RFID systems.
Chipless RFID-tags are possible. They working with the SAW principle. SAW tags for uhf RFID exsist, but I don't know about LF-tags