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Hi I need the Library umc 180 nm, if someone can sed me it i'm so gratefull.
hi i have simply design a inverter in 65nm and completed layout so that i can understand all layout process in 65nm. i have cleared DRC in LVS i have given the path of rules file. and for inputs i have given file path but i not able to give correct path for layout netlist so it is giving some error. i m attaching the sreenshot of error message. ki
Hello, I'm designing in umc 90 nm technology using Cadence Virtuoso. Finally I may have to do Layout and maybe subsequent chip design. I have some idea about layout, however I do not know how to place pad rings in the final design in umc 90 nm. I have searched the internet but could not get a clear idea. Are there any tutorials available (...)
Hi, I am using umc 90nm technology. There are 2 types of transistors in the library SP (Standard Process) and LL (Low Leakage). Can I use both of them in the same design?
Hi guys, I am using a 130nm tech from umc. I would like to get an estimation for the umc 130nm un*cox parameter through simulation. I think this is the best way because we take into account higher order effects. Can anyone help me out with this? How can I get the un*cox value? Kind regards.
Hello friends, I am using umc 90nm technology in Cadence6.1. I am able to view the results of Assura DRC and Assura LVS but when it comes to Assura RCX, then in log file it shows the error as no technology directory can you please help me in this.
HI, I want to how to implement a resistor of value around 450M ohms on chip. I am working on umc 180nm technology. Can anyone suggest me a simple MOS based circuit for the same?
I need to create 5nH inductor in umc 0.18um technology for high frequency(10GHz).I am using sonnet for that.I created inductor in sonnet by defining cell size of 0.01um since standard grid size of 0.18um technology is 0.01um. But after exporting it into Cadence it give me DRC errors.(Off-grid errors).Could anyone suggest me a method to (...)
i have designed differential ring oscillator using replica bias load my specifications are differential swing 0.4v ,ISS=200uA vdd=1.8v load resistance =2k technology used 180nm umc i used four stage ring problem is when sweep a control voltage i am getting linear chracterisitics in small region only.after that by increasing control
... i want to to do dc mismatch analysis for folded cascode op-amp.when i am doing dcmismatch analysis in spectre it is asking threshold value.I don't know how much value to give .i am using umc 180nm technology in that i don't know how to include variations in model file for dc mismatch analysis..... If fa
Hello guys. I am using umc 0.13um RF technology to design a TIA. I am facing problems with Assura QRC verification. An error message appears: ERROR (ASSREXT-88016): cap ground signal 'agnd' cannot be found. Check if net 'agnd' exists in design ad has the correct ?netNameSpace (Schematic, Layout) specified in RSF. if the ground signal name c
Hi Maithreyi. I also had these errors with umc 130nm RF technology. I am also facing problems with assura LVS run: 89939 Did you have these errors in your design? Thanks for your attention.
Can anyone tell me where can I find the parameters of umc 0.18 technology in order to simulate a mosfet spice model??
The WIDTH and LENGTH refers to the dimension of your PDIFF over the NWELL. Hi All, I have to design a P+/Nwell diode in umc technology. The parameter I have in my hand are - width and length. Now how should I choose the width and length? The diode will be used in a dc-dc converter application.[
what is the advantage of differential spiral inductor over single inductor.I am getting two options i.e.,single or differential when choosing inductor from umc 130nm technology library.which is the best option and why?can any one explain.Thanks in advance hi would you please email me the umc130nm technology if
You can see this material:Simulating Switched-Capacitor Filters with SpectreRF~I designed one 4th order switched capacitor biquad filter in umc 180 nm technology using cadence software (version 5.10.41).This circuit is operating on a two phase non overlapping clock generator (i/p frequency = 1 kHz). To simulate this circui
I saw umc foundry in the net but I couldn't find any foundry where they use gpdk. Is there any foundry for gpdk? thanks a lot.
Hi everyone, I have a question regarding connection of the momcapacitor in umc 90nm technology. I have seen that the schematic of momcap contains three terminals , plus, minus and bulk. IN the layout i see only the plus and minus terminals. There is no bulk connection. My assura LVS gives me malformed device error without a bulk connection i
thanks for replying. actually i want to ask which process technology of mos i should use to simulate mixer design. in cadence i m using umc .18um
Hi , i am supposed to do a full custom design a 1 Mhz cmos ring oscillator consisting of 5 stages of inverters with CL = 10pf. The delay of each stage comes out to be 0.1 usec.. i am using 180 nm umc cmos technology with 3 volts supply.How do I find the W/L values of each transistor? I know the W Of Pmos = 2 * W of Nmos .. Kindly show me a he
I dont know the different. But Synopsys DC is mostly used. It can be used for any technology 32 nm or 65 nm from ST or TSMC or umc or GloFo.
I need 0.35um TSMC process ( as I know only TSMC , umc no tdb file ..) who can share it ..
Hi, I am trying to do parasitic extraction of a cell which has a P-plus resistor using Assura QRC (GUI). The technology being used is umc CIS. I get the following error when I run QRC: ERROR (AVPXV-10017): In spice cell tc909ba_chopperbgr_clkmodule, inst |I1/|I6/avD29_1 of device RNPPO_WS20_CIS has no vdb correspondence. Verify cellView (R
what about the PDK documents or the QRC rule deck itself? sorry no access to umc 65nm...
hi i have started with the layout for my design. i am using umc 180 nm technology in cadence virtuoso.i generated the layout from my schematic in layout xl so the devices where there.but when i try to genrate a contact from create>contact >m1-poly (N.B. i have actually tried for a few combinations this is just an example....this happens
Hi, We know der are many library vendors, for eg, a. TSMC b. umc c. Samsung d. IBM e. Chartered etc... consider a technology (45nm) above mentioned library vendors will provide libraries for 45nm technology, 1. what is the difference between TSMC libraries with others? 2. Is der anything related to power, timing etc...? (...)
I am trying to import verilog netlist in virtuoso composer schematic view so that we can interface analog part with the digital one. But I am facing some problems. 1. The reference library I am using consists of faraday standard cells of umc 180 nm technology. The reference library has only symbols and no other views understandable by Virtuoso C
Before open the drc gui, make sure you have load the assura_tech.lib to the technology under Assura's menu. A sample of the assura_tech.lib looks like: DEFINE umc90nm_DRC ./RuleDecks/Assura/DRC DEFINE umc90nm_LVS ./RuleDecks/Assura/LVS When Assura receive the technology file, you can open up DRC command window and do the check.
Hi guys: anybody has that problem when doing the noise simulation for the equivalent gamma, the value you get is smaller than 2/3? my value is 0.4~0.6 (umc 130nm technology, PMOS). this is a very strange value, right? it should not be less than 2/3, because it is the ideal value. i do not know whether there are some errors of my testben
Hi, I am designing a circuit using umc 90nm technology and generated the layout automatically. But I am getting certain DRC errors, some of them being: i) metal corners should be 135 degrees ii) vertice not on grid Please suggest some way out of it. Apart from this, the DRC rules file had certain problems in including other files mentioned
Hi friends, i am designing VCO using umc 0.18um CMOS tech. If i replace the parasitic inductor with technology inductor of the same value then i am unable to simulate it......Can anybody please tell the proper way to simulate it.....
i have made the layout of op-amp in umc 90nm technology.... now i want to add io pads to my layout..... how can i do it.......
Hi, I'm working with umc 130 technology but I can't find the maximum value for electric parameters: current, voltage, power density. For example, I need to use a current of 20 mA in a CML inverter with Vdd=1.2 V. Is it too much? Thanks.
i m having the error while connecting the metal layers in umc 90nm technology... error is............. use redundant vias to connect all metal layers
i am working on umc 90 technology , in Hspice model of 1.0v vdd nmos, vth is given as -1.00e-3..... i want to know that is this the correct value......and similarly for pmos the value is -5.82e-2....... thanks what specific type of nmos or pmos are you looking at?
Assura (tm) Physical Verification Version av3.1:Production:dfII5.1.41 Release 3.1.6 Copyright (c) Cadence Design Systems. All rights reserved. @(#)$CDS: assura version av3.1:Production:dfII5.1.41 07/21/2006 04:00 (tux21ee) $ sub-version 3.1.6, integ signature 2006-06-06-1703t run on from /cad/Cadence/AS
can anybody provide me the sample of layout made in umc 90nm technology with no drc errors..... plz help me....
i m having a problem while doing LVS check. i made a layout of op-amp in umc 180nm technology library, in whivh there are two separate pins gnd and vout in my schematic but in layout it is showing both of them connected, thats why it is giving error in LVS check. plz tell me what is the reason behind it...... thanks
obviously power and delay will depend upon ur tech. library on which technology u r working, likke for umc 180nm tech. u can work upto 1.8v vdd and in umc 90nm tech u can work upto 1v vdd. what will bw the current in the circuit will depend upon w/l ratio of transistor. so both are tech dependent ant parameters dependent.
Hi everyone, Does someone knows if the PDK umc 0.18um RFCMOE supports auto-abutment for MOSFETs? In the user manual of the foundry I read that it is supported surely for the 90nm node, but after using this technology I discovered that either it is not supported or I have to activate it in some way. Do you have some information about MOSFET a
does anyone know the Flicker coefficients for nmos and pmos for technology umc 0.18? thanks for your attention
I want to do corner analysis in umc 0.18 um technology in caadence the model files required for umc are modelFile( '("/usr/local/cadence/umc/umc_18_CMOS/../Models/Spectre/core_rf_v2d4.lib.scs" "tt") (...)
Hello All, I'm new to ADS and I'm trying to include a specific library into ADS. I've downloaded 65nm generic core design package from Faraday-tech and have no idea how to use that one into ADS. I'd appreciate if anyone helps me out in this. Thanks, P
A rectifier (more precisely a doubler circuit) using umc 0.18um technology. I have my RF port source then a capacitor with a shunt transistor followed by a series transistor and a shunt capacitor. Transistors are low Vt (3.3V version), and the input source is set at 1MHz, with an amplitude of 1Vpp. Transistor number of fingers is 17 and caps are 50
Hi everyone, anayone who has worked with imagers please answer this question. a question relating to the source follower that is present in a pixel of a cmos imager. how much capacitive load can this pixel source follower drive. the technology is umc 180nm how fast can the source follower charge the given load capacitor. Thanks
Hi everybody, I´m designing a two-stage Miller Ota for a project at my university and iI would need the .olb files for the umc 0.18 ?m technology transistors or some advice on how to convert the hspice files from umc into pspice files. Thanks for any help
Hello All, Please anyone provide me the links/suggestions to get Calibre/Dracula DRC rule file for umc 0.18um Process technology. I'm unable to find from the library provider from which I've downloaded the library. Thanks All.
hi everyone, I would like to know if there is any means to suppress the parasitic capacitances in mim caps. The technology used in a umc 0.18um imager technology which has 4 metal layers and the mim cap is between m3 and m4 layers. I am designing a charge redistribution sar adc for 12 bit resolution and i think the parasitic might play (...)
Hi all, Has anyone tried using Analog I/O pads from Faraday technology for 0.18-um umc before ? I am starting to use it and I found something which is not clear to me. First, it is indicated in the document that the connection from the "bonding pad" to the "core" of the circuit is linked directly by Metal 1 and Metal 2. I am wondering that,
Hi all, Just would like to know that, has anyone been able to do a Post-Layout simulation in Cadence using a umc 0.18mm RF technology ? I have know from many friends that umc don't provide a technology file to do a post-layout simulation, but I am not sure about this. Thank you so much, DYLinux :D

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