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Is it okay if I mention the positive output node (voutp) in the oscillaton node box and negative output node (voutm) in the reference node box, as shown above?Okay. See analysis statement in netlist. I don't know what simulator you use. However see "spectre -h pss" as unix command, if you use Cadence Spectre.
Calibre's dbdiff does not in any way use timestamps -- it isn't even an option you can set. Are you sure you are getting Calibre dbdiff and not, say, Github's or Linux's? For some unix/Linux variants you can check which one is happening by typing "which dbdiff" on the command line. To be sure you are getting Calibre's dbdiff, you could try (a
How can I use it?Enter it as unix command.
In unix environment, only "HPEESOF_DIR" is required to be defined as Envionment Variable. Try to set it as System Environment Variable in Windows. Not User Environment Variable.
Hi All, I'm using laker tool in doing layout design. How can I invoke a laker command in unix shell terminal. For example, I wanted to export my layout into a gds file. lakerExportStream -lib LIBRARY1 -topCell TOPCELL1 -viewName layout \ ... ... ... -file TOPCELL1.gds -logFile TOPCELL1.expor
On a unix or LINUX system, try chmod -R 755 /CMC/kits/cmosp18.5.2 Should you have no permission to run this command, ask your system administrator.
After simulation, I get ms0~4 file which is coner simulation result, tt ff ss fs sf. I want to see one file. how to combine .ms# file? In unix or LINUX: cat >
I'm not familiar with the snapshot report. You can use the Olympus command "help" to look up possibilities, similar to unix's "man -k". A friend of mine who works with Olympus suggested "check_design" or "report_design" to figure out the stage. Those commands let you know about unplaced or unrouted components, and technology issues. (...)
Hi, I want to execute vim commands from shell script Below are two examples i can work in exec mode of gvim/vim and can edit a file :%s/text1/text2/g :r Is there a way to execute the above commands without opening the file either on unix command line or embeded in sh script. I am also trying to replace a (...)
Hi, Is it possible to provide password protection for linux folders without using zip command? If yes, let me know the command. Regards, Nidhin
echo Turn on/off echoing of text commands to the console. When this is turned on, text commands read from a file or from the VMD prompt are echoed to the screen before they are executed. Do not confuse this with the standard unix echo command. < on | off >: Turn echoing on or off.
check vsim -help in your unix login. it will give you all the options available with vsim command.
Hi, Anyone can guide me about C-interpreter functions to modified the physical models in Silvaco? I refer to ATLAS manual and the call function is activated using unix command. I'm using ATLAS in, have problem to call the functions. Thank you
There are more ascii tables available from google than I can shake a stick at. Here's a good one:
hi.. im learning seismic this i want to know about the command can antbody help me,please..
hi......... can anybody tel solution for my problem that is i want to see first 10 files in my directory then how to use ls command in unix operating system please....
i need to change the lib file with adding related pins to before the timing arks. I found that if i can include any special character at the end of pin description like with }# i can make the extraction easy. To include i tried :937s/$/#/g command in vi editor. I want to run a unix script that can go to the line numbers of the file and work as abo
config file must be in unix format and not DOS. command "file configure" should tell you if configure is in unix format.
If you don't get a cadence/calibre command, you could try a std. unix/LINUX command: od -a | head Here's an example from one of my old .gds files: od -a CLKBUF3.gds | head 0000000 nul ack nul stx nul enq nul fs soh stx nul nul nul nul nul nul 0000020 nul dc2 nul etx nul eot nul nul nul nul nul nul nul dc2 nul etx
If you are using ISE GUI, you have "Generate Post-Synthesis Simulation Model" under "Synthesis-XST". If you are using unix, You have netgen tool available along with ISE software. command would be : netgen -ofmt verilog X.ngc (This will generate X.v)
use system("unix command here")
Just for clearance sh is nothing but bourne shell, which is unix default shell...
Can anybody tell me how to generate S2P file from Cadence spectre ? i want to use S2P file on ADS?See analysis setting of SP-Analysis of Cadence Spectre. Here output option is available. Or see "% spectre -h sp" in unix command line.
Under Linux and unix, use command called unrar. By default unrar is not being installed on Linux, FreeBSD or unix oses. You can install unrar command with the help of apt-get or yum command. For the djvu, I never tried it but I found this -- Amr Ali
Hi There can anyone suggest a reference in which i can find an idea on how to make a batch file program that would automatically run or executes a unix command like zcat...etc... Added after 1 hours 55 minutes: Is there a debugger for shell scripting?
I was told it is possible to use unix commands in fortran code. Can anyone guide me how shall I do that. My work requires (a) running fortran code which will produce a data file .. (b) then some unix commands will select certain portions of the data and do some processing .... (c) finally fortran will do further (...)
What ever the script which is executable in unix shell can be executed in any of the synopsys tools using the exec example cshell script abc.csh:: #!/usr/bin/csh ----------- dc_shell> exec abc.csh
Hi, CVC is a VLSI Design-Verification company based in Bangalore, India. We at CVC are looking for highly talented and motivated individuals to join our team. Qualification: B.E./M.Tech: Computer Science/IT. Must have skills: 1. Solid command on C++, OOP 2. unix/LINUX system administration, networking 3. Compiler design – basic Parse
hey, common.. u should not type "encounter fg"... fg is a unix/linux command used to bring the background process. launch encounter using "encounter -license type"... example: cmd>encounter -fexl cmd>encounter -socel cmd>encounter -nanor here -fexl,-socel & -nanor are different license options. Hope this helps..
This is due to changes in some of the unix commandline tools. On the commandline, simply type the following: export _POSIX2_VERSION=199209 And then try running the installation again, ensuring you run it from the same commandline as you just typed the above command in < from : (...)
Hi, I would like info on running the calibre drc and lvs commands from the command line thru unix. Also, wht is the difference when u do a hierarchial drc and jus a drc? i mean, difference b/w "calibre -hier -drc" and "calibre -drc"? Please help...
if you have design compiler installed in ur unix machine, try "where dc_shell" command to find out the installation directory, in that location, you'll find the release notes for that particular version of DC. Changes from the previous version of DC to the current version will be listed in the release notes. Also, i suggest that you create y
Hi, How to adjust the speaker volume from the command line? I mean is there any command for doing this? Please help because everytime i want to do it, i have to open the volume manager. Also please tell if similar command exists for unix OS? Please help.
did anyone knows a command line in unix to change the number format from hexa to decimal or how i could make a shell script to do that ?
it is the best command style most of people using unix must grasp it
Ho wcan i run a unix command from the ncsim prompt . Thanks Ash NCSIM supports TCL, so: ncsim> exec {"my_unix_cmd"} should work! Look for "exec TCL" in google if needed Ajeetha, CVC
I am replacing a single line text with multiple line text. I will be doing this for about a hundred files and I think its crazy to work on it 1by1. Im new to shell scripting in unix and cant get the following command to work on replacing single line to multiple lines. #!/usr/local/bin/tcsh foreach file (*.TECH) set newname=`bas
you can access by typing icms in the unix command prompt and the same you can do for icfb.. only thing is you need license to do any work on this tool...some companies will buy only icms for doing schematic 'bse layout tool is very costly..
In the instructions for the Windows version of Hsim it says Hsim should be called from a unix shell, not a DOS command prompt. Which unix shell that can run in a Windows environment would folks recommend for ease of use/installation etc? Thanks, R
You can access the first one from Tools menu of icfb. If my memory is good enough, the command to start the first directory is awd (run from unix shell).
it should OK ,if you have set path = (your_install_dir/tools/bin $path) I guess you may have install the unix version.
VTC unix Shell Fundamentals Tutorials unix is a family of operating systems. unix Shell is common in text-based or command-line unix programs. The commands of unix shell are compatible with all brands of unix, including Linux. This Virtual Training (...)
Dear all, Hello, I am doing my simulation using Matlab, and i will start using Matlab under unix, i got an account to acces one of the super computers in my university, but the problem is that i dont know hoe to do the simulation using this method, they gave me a command to write it on the termenal but i alwayes receive many errors, pleas for t
Hi how to run unix commands in magma command prompt? regards, Manivannan
There isn't an open source command line program that will do what you want to my knowledge. You don't say if your server is Windows or unix. There is a Windows command line program that is cheap ($49 US), and has a free trial. It may do what you are after. You can get a copy at:
Have you tried unix command ? tail -336 the_file No sure if it can handle so large file. Added after 5 minutes: Or try this ... my @lines; while() { for(my $i=0;$i<335;$i++){ $lines = $lines; } $lines = $_; } print @lines;
DISK_SERIAL_NO Was abandoned many years ago, but it's worth a try - what is puzzling is the command should return all valid hardware HOSTID's - or since it's been years since I worked on unix, (equiv. Linux), does the command return the HOSTID in the lic. file? - if so it could be port@xxxx - if the network is unavailable then you might get (...)
hello, im a bit confused between unix and linux. are they the same thing. is there an idiot guide on the command use for these system. i am not very good at operating unix/linux system, and have many problems operating it. please recommend me some books and where can i find them. thanks
Another way use Cshell command : ######################## #! /bin/csh -f foreach cell (`cat lists`) ps2pdf $cell end ######################## File "lists" is the list of all ps files which can be created by unix command "ls >lists".
i'm using cadence software in unix Solaris . i have a hsim licence ( i see that in cadence.lic ) but i don't know how to run hsim . please help me using it ! lam