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Hi. When I running simulations rocketio in ModelSim show this error: Error: (vsim-3043) fibre_mgt.v(154): unresolved reference to 'ALIGN_COMMA_MSB' in GT_FIBRE_CHAN_INST.ALIGN_COMMA_MSB. # Region: /top_mgt/mgt Why??? Thanks
Hi all.. When i run dft_drc scan.spf i get a error like this. scan.spf is my spf file.. unresolved reference (Signal "x"is not a netlist pin). (V5-1) What will be the reason for this? Kindly help me.
Hi I am using Modelsim_xe ver6. When I try to compile some design I get this error "Error: (vsim-3043) C:/Xilinx/verilog/src/uni9000/FDCE.v(31): unresolved reference to 'glbl' in glbl.PRLD." How to overcome this error? another note: Xilinx library is not @ that location "C:/Xilinx/...", and even after copying the Xilinx library to that
unresolved reference to 'glbl' Your list of ModelSim HDL project files should also include $XILINX/verilog/src/glbl.v $XILINX is the environment variable pointing to your ISE installation For more info, search your ISE "Synthesis and Simulation Design Guide" for the word [color=bro
Hi everyone, I am getting some errors while running Tmax during DRC: How to overcome these errors.. DRC> set drc /home/student1/sk4xilinx/proj4/proj4stil.spf run drc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Begin scan design rules checking... ----------------
hi.. while simulating a vhdl entity using verilog testbench using questa simulator i got the following error ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # ** Error: (vsim-3043) /home/lma/lma-verilog/ca/questa/states_chain_test.v(728): unresolved reference to 'cap_ac0_aifs_r' in uu_acmac_cap_tb.U_CAP.cap_ac0_aifs_r. #
I would like to see the inside of a module, without using a port module submodule (a,b,c); . . reg subtest; . . . endmodule module _main (testout); submodule _sm(a,b,c); assign testout=_main._sm.subtest; endmodule synplify report error: unresolved hierarchical reference _main._sm.subtest I do
Hi, may someone provide me bsd complier user guide or reference manual? thanks! ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Thanks
Anyone have some I2C bus reference design pdf datasheet covering this standard? Expecting that Philips released something like this but nothing found in complex form.
Hi open verilog international programming reference manual A 350 pps pdf ebook. tnx Uploaded file: open-verilog-International.programming-reference-manual.pdf
Hi open verilog Language reference Manual A 391 pps pdf ebook. tnx Uploaded file: Verilog Language reference Manual.pdf
Hi VHDL QUICK reference Guide Ready for onboard prints tnx Uploaded file: vhdlref.pdf
Hi Verilog-XL reference Manual A 264 pps ebook. tnx Uploaded file: verilog-xl.pdf
Hi The VHDL Golden reference Guide A 136 pps ebook. tnx Uploaded file: vhdl-golden-reference.pdf ************************************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Thanks ! (No Me-too's, no Thanks-you's, etc ... use
Hi this is the latest verilog standard reference. regards Uploaded file: 1364_2001.pdf
Hi VHDL Language reference manual. latest edition. regards _________________ ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Any other replies are always welcome via PM. ***************************************** [ This Message was edited by: KARLZ on
Does someone knows any reference design for a stand-alone mp3 decoder which can be used in an Aiwa cd system? Has someone worked on Atmels 8xc51 based mp3 decoder chips? Who can help with the mp3 algorithm? hock
Hi Any one have a reference for PID controller design? source code ,sch, theory,...
Used a DC/DC converter with a KA7805 as supply for an ADC chip. Measuring the output of the kA7805 I only have 4.90 volt in stead of a nice 5.0V. I need to have 5.1V reference for a 0-25.5mA / 0-255 step conversion. So each step is ~0.1 mA Any good idea's for fixed regulators that precise? Any idea why the KA7805 doesn't regulate at 5.0V
Does anyone know of any web-sites or databases that I can use to find cross references to all kinds of electronics parts such as IC's, passives, audio devices, power supplies etc...? Thanks Tjendon74 8)
Wireless communications: Free Case-studies, reference Designs and Technology
it is never to much one more reference to this site
VLSI design reference
Few good links if you like cross reference databases. NTE QUICKCrossTM database has more than 470.000 semiconductors. You have online and offline version. NTE Electronics Inc. NTE Cross reference Software QUICKCrossTM v10.0 beta - offline version Semiconductor Cross Refe
Hello, I am looking for DACs (similar to the TI Tlv5623). I have seen that for example this one should have an external reference of about 2 volts. then it has a x2 amplifier inside. Analog and some others have DACs with internal reference programable. I don't know which is the reason for having an external reference, why not the (...)
EMC reference Data
Does anyone have any reference designs of a DSP implemented on an FPGA? The kind of information I'm looking for involves schematics of interfacing various componenets, primarily ADC. Followed by how the HDL blocks come together to control the ADC obtain the data then pass that through to the actual DSP engine. Has anyone done anything like t
Does exist (Advance, Comprehensive, Powerfull) - Serious URL where we can find equalent components. Without Purchasing. My search capabilities returned this (for me dissatisfied but not bad) sites, here are: Analog Cross reference Search NTE Electronics Semiconductor Cross reference Search
Hi there! Here, to find atmel mcu is the greatest problem.Everybody use pic i need to convert avr projects to pic there any dissasembler+converter+cross reference list?? :? Thank you.
Electrical Designer's reference (EDR) is a source for electrical calculation software including General Purpose Voltage Drop, Series Voltage Drop, Fault Current or Short Circuit Current, and Motor Circuit Fusing/Circuit Design. The EDR is intended for the benefit of all Electrical Professionals, including Consulting Engineers, Designers, Plant E
Hi, does anyone have a good cross-reference software or link to online service? I need a third-party crossreference that isn't mfg dependent... I'm most intresteded in discrete semiconductors like diodes, transistors etc... /Froggy
I am looking for reference design and/or application notes about a converter from 18-32Vdc to 200-230Vac 45-55Hz to drive a 1kVA single phase induction motor. Thanks.
Hi! I´m in need to design a voltage reference to be used with an A/D converter (10bit). I need the reference to be 2.048V I´m designing a 5V system. So, I was looking at the LM385 because the referensce design looked simple but I do not know how to convert it from 9V to 5V system (if possible). Later, because of the need of greater Temp.
On-line Verilog HDL Quick reference Guide.PDF
hello guys where to get a full reference on all the packages available for ICs, uP ,uC, FPGA, CPLD...?? for example what is VQ44,PC44,CP.... i want to know how they look and what is the shape of the fotprints thx
Hi, can anyone give me the complete details of BGR band gap reference for IC designing.
hello,anyone who can upload C@dence diva reference or give the http address? thank u
Someone knows a good reference for creating a HID for a general purpose IO device? I have some examples from the Intel website and the HID Tool 2.4 but it doesn't really help (o; And no: I don't wanna buy a fancy book which is focussed on x51 processors (o;
provides a streamlined methodology for ARM licensees to customize, implement, verify, and characterize soft ARM microprocessor cores to their chosen process technologies and produce highly accurate models of the processor for integration into a SoC by the end designer. ARM licensees gain the predictability of a hard core with the flexibility of a s
For an antenna problem, such as aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna, we set the source at one edge of the substrate, I think now the reference plane is at this position. If I want to see the impedance of the center of the antenna, how can I shift the reference plane to that place. Maybe there are some wrong for my understanding on this softwa
Who can give the AHB reference deisgn? Thanks!
Dose some one knows any reference design for a VoIP phone H323. Thanx in advance!
Hi Elektroda circuit designer: Does anyone of you have experience on designing the Metallic line testing circuit fro both POTS/xDSL? If you can give me some reference circuit or suggestion, I will really apprecate. The testing items (1) Line resistance (2) Line capacitance (REN testing) (3) Current (4) DC/AC voltage (5) DTMF generatio
In the CoreConsultant User Guide, this reference is mentioned often but I couldn't find it anywhere. anyone can help?
I use ADF4112 from ADI does it any problem for output frequency in RF when I change reference frequecy's phase noise or jitter . hoe does this effected the output?
I Want to design a gain and phase analyzer,need some reference! anyone have this reference?
does anyone know of IC cross reference links or documents where I can check one manufacturers part numbers, say a particular SDRAM or FLASH device and it will pop up others that either are a pin for pin replacement or have identical features, etc. - Jays[color=oran
Can anybody help me with the following issue. I'm currently building a custom symbol lib for orcad capture. I have some connectors which need to be add to the library however I'm never sure about the graphical presentation of this symbol. Are there documents/reference lists/ anything available describing the graphical presentation of standard compo
hi guys, do u have any reference on fundamental design of fractal antenna? i have some journals n don mind to share thanks for ur concern :wink:
I want to simulate a microstrip filter in EM sight of MW0. In the filter,the first section and the last section microstrip is 50 Ohm line. After I add a edge port,I wonder where should I put the ref. plane. Thanks for any suggestion!