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hi if you using pcb editor means select tools--> update symbols. and then click ok..
Hi, I'm new to using allegro pcb editor 16.2. I want put some through hole Pad for mounting. but I can't find info about how to put Pad on pcb, anyone can give me hint how to do it ? I need create a packages symbal? Thanks
How to change a package of a component used in allegro layout (*.brd file). Any Procedure !
Hi, I got a problem when creating a footprint symbol for a 64pin connector using allegro pcb editor 16.3. The default page size is about 800*800mil, but my connector is 36mm*6mm, which far exceeds the page size. I tried but still can't figure out how to change the page size. Anyone can tell me how to do this? Thank you!
Hi I am new in allegro pcb editor. I have converted some of my Layout Libraries in to allegro pcb editor for my new pcb. I have placed and routed my board and mean while some of the component reference text are found miss aligned. Rotate command is not active (...)
Hello, I want to make a test board for an ASIC which will be composed of a main board, and many smaller boards where the chips will be mounted, and then plugged to the main board. In allegro pcb editor I made my design, but now I would like to copy and repeat the design of the small board many times on the same .brd files. My (...)
How to set the board stackup thickness and layer in allegro pcb editor. Regards, vignesh.G
Hi, is just that i have no idea how to relate a line with a net in allegro pcb editor, it keeps showing me that the lines ar not in a net, how could i solve this, i need help, thanks in advanced.
Hello, i am facing problem without fan out feature of auto router in allegro pcb editor. the through hole component should be connected to plane without via but auto router is using separate via for its connection to plane. images of before auto routing and after auto routing are attached. please advise
I am not sure what are you asking for. Are you asking for a 5 pin relay footprint? If yes please post its Manufacturer Part number or datasheet. - - - updated - - - If you are talking about the KT-603 relay(attached the is a through hole relay. You can follow the footprint dimensions in PAGE2.suppose if you are go
Hi all, I am using allegro pcb editor 16.2. I was trying to create a new foot print in allegro pcb editor. The steps that I found in some tutorials are 1. File -> New. In the "Drawing Type" Select Package Symbol 2. Click on Setup, "Drawing Size" - enter the desired size .... But (...)
Hi all, Till now i only having experienced in designing 2 sided board only,Now i need to learn how to create layers like power,gnd can anyone send me how to do this on allegro pcb editor platform.
Dear all , i had drawn my simple schematic in capture cis . & created netlist for allegro. but it says can't locatae sysmbol file. But i hav already assigne footprints in capture CIS . that is i hav typed footprint name which are located in share->pcb_lib->symbols. but still not able to get components with ratsnets in (...)
Hi , i want to create .art files(Gerber) files in allegro pcb editor, but when i select Manufacturer >> Artwork it shows like below instead of TOP,Bottom and other related layer name and also it can not create .art File77475 so, please help me to solve this problem and make Gerber files Thanks
Hi, is just that i exported a pcb into allegro pcb editor, but i haven't been able to assign nets to vias, line segments or pads, how do i assign nets, rename nets and solve refdes???? pleas help, thanks in advanced.
Hi all, I'm new to the allegro pcb editor Tool.Actually when i tried to Click on Route->Route editor or Route->Route Automatic,an error "Program has encountered a problem and must exit.The database will be saved(if applicable)." Can anyone pls give me solution to this?Why does this error occur?
Hi, Where can you find the component libraries in Cadence pcb editor, so you can see the footprints? Thank you
Dear all, I am testing pcb editor 16.3 and have some problems with the appearance in my computer. My colleague has installed the same software in his computer and everything is running correctly. Please take a look at what is happening and give me some clues of what may happen. I have wasted a lot of time trying to solve it with no success until
hi sir/madam, iam new for orcad pcb editor software. iam having a problem while creating a new component footprint. how to create a component footprints in orcad pcb editor. the problem is the footprint which i have created is not visible. in capture while (...)
Dear All; i need to make the grid in allegro pcb Lines insted of Dots; is this Avilable in allegro? thanks
Hi mate,.. I have generated the netlist for allegro (5 schematic pages ) using orcad capture. that is, having three dat files.. As a next step, i am tried to import the netlist into allegro pcb editor. It just showing the blank page after importing also. The path i used is file--> import --> logic --> (...)
hi mate.. i am using allegro pcb editor 16.2 version. while routing through one via, i m facing problem that already routed line through the same via get deleted. So, is there any restriction that one via should have limited number of connections?? if so, plz suggest me... thank u so much.. Prince Moses
Hello, I am a new user to allegro pcb editor. I am wondering do the pads of to220ab and dip8_3 packages in the package lib of pcb editor 16.3 have the flash pads? Or, how to get what kind of pad is used in the package file (*dra) in package lib? Thanks a lot ---------- Post added at 15:47 ---------- (...)
Hello everybody, the thing is quite simple; I must draw some traces with the same exact (+ tollerance) length. I tried to defined it in the constraint manager without good results. I'm using the allegro pcb editor (Cadence) 16.5. Can someone help me? :cry:
I am looking forward to use allegro for pcb designing. I have a query. how we can use two monitors in allegro pcb environment, one to view schematics and second for pcb layout just like it happens in Altium? Reply soon..
hi how to assign keys in allegro pcb router? regards, neena.
how to define keys in allegro pcb router Regards Neena
I am new in ORCAD pcb editor(ORCAD.16).Please suggest me to delete deleting rats net/connection in ORCAD pcb editor without modifying in schematic.
Dear all , pls tell me , how to set Color view file in orcad pcb editor Permanantly. everytime i make new design i have to keep on setting colors . is there any way to freez color view files? i hav tried macro recording but did not worked. when i make new design i can get the layer view which i recorded in macro but cant get colors properly.
How to move the components using keyborad in allegro ? once the component is attached to my cursor , i want to move component usinf up down arrow keys . i m not getting how to do this . ? what setting are require to do this ? my grids are set to 0.1 mm all. but when i try to move component using keyborad key , it steps by 0.6mm. i m no
i want to know is there any delta origin available in allegro.? can i make origin zero by pressing any key?
how to load EDIF schematic files in orcad capture or edif brd files in allegro pcb? is thr any format. ? i m using altium , i tried exporting edif from altium & importing it to capture & allegro pcb. but got the errors. not working. what may b the problem?
I would like to import a logo in allegro pcb DEsign version 16.3. I' ve tried to import a dxf file and to map the content into the board geometry class> silkscreen top but I have found an empty board even if the import procedure is successful. Could you give me some hints?
hi sir/madam i wanna know how to use general edit and etch edit options in orcad pcb editor. if we used it once how we have to deselect or remove from our design.
i am new to cadence . i go through various tutorials. i make one footprint in orcade pcb editor and save it as dra file at location C:\Cadence\SPB_16.3\share\pcb\pcb_lib\symbols\ location. when i open pcb editor and then open this foot print its look perfect as i created (...)
Hello! How can I disconnect a pin from a signal in allegro pcb designer without using Orcad Capture, I mean, just in the pcb designer? I'm using v16.5. Thanks in advance.
Iam using orcad 16.0 version.I obtain the following session log error when i tried to create netlist from Orcad Capture to be used by pcb editor for layout.I can able to get netlist files but it can't update in pcb editor.I getting following netlist files. 1) pstxnet.dat 2) pstxprt.dat 3) pstxchip.dat (...)
Hi, May I know in Altium what is the steps on how to change or update footprint in pcb editor without affect routed existing trace? Thanks.
Hi... I have just entered into the world of pcb designing. Learnt how to make schematic in Orcad capture and bring it to ORCAD pcb editor (allegro). There are some components for which I have to create footprint. Can anybody help me out with the beginner's tutorial as how to start and make a (...)
I use allegro/OrCAD pcb editor for pcb design. I have problems with irregularly shaped pins. “Shapes” not always can be used to define padstack for such pins. In such cases I have to add copper over the pins. Example: Vishay POWERPAK-1212-8 footprint requires exposed copper that overlaps (...)
thanks for the detailed info. Regarding the database version update, do you know if there is anyway that I can update all my libraries to the latest version using dbdoctor?
Hi everyone, I am currently doing pcb designing in OrCAD and wanna learn allegro.Can anyone tell me how to start with allegro? And how to import logic and nets from capture to pcb SI and allegro pcb editor??? Please help me..... Regards, Pavan Vora
Hello I am using pcb editor and when i route the tracks, one single track always has this spotted line as seen when its being routed. I have attached a picture for reference. Kindly anyone let me know if its a error. if so how can i rectify it. Regards Sachin image
Hi mates.... Can u please say that how can i and where can i pick up the usage and procedures of this tool, allegro??.. I am a beginner to this tool.. Please share how u became expert in this allegro.. Thank u so much.. Yrs.. Prince Moses, Bangalore.
Hi mate... I am using allegro 16.2 pcb editor, where i have placed all the components after importing the netlist created by the orcad capture.. I want to know that how to rotate the placed components horizontally as well vertically after placing inside the board geometry shape.. thank u so much.. Yrs... Prince Moses,
update: I realized that I can make exactly the shape I want by just placing a filled rectangle on the etch layer, then placing a rectangular void inside of that. However, if I make my own "power plane" in this way, placing through-hole parts through the plane causes DRC errors ("thru pin to shape spacing"). The void doesn't seem to do anything wh
I am trying to make a Rebel Es library part from the information they have on this link ( ). It opens as the .max file as a board, which i am trying to create as a part in a library but i can not save as a *.dra. Can anyone explain this to me?
Can someone explain the difference between the two? I am a little confused. I am not sure where to start. I have a board outline and i am tryind to add a component (Rebel Es), there wouldn't be much of schemetic because all i am using is the LED and to contacts for power. I am bouncing betweem the two trying to get this to work. I have the rebel es
Hi, I have just changes a footprint in the library, then deleted the component in the scem , then replaced it with the new component, then "design updated" it through to pcb, but the footprint in the pcb is still the old footprint. do you know how i can change to the new (...)