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hi if you using PCB editor means select tools--> update symbols. and then click ok..
I have created a pcb symbol in allegro that has two pins and looks like a short at DC. I basically connected pin1 to pin2 with a piece of copper. At DC this looks like a short but at microwave frequency this is filter. When I load this into allegro, it complains that I shorted two nets. Is there a workaround for this issue? This must be a common pr
Hi All, What is device file in allegro??? Thanks
Hi, May I know in Altium what is the steps on how to change or update footprint in PCB editor without affect routed existing trace? Thanks.
if you dont have a required footprint ---------------------------------------- * craete new footprint (*.dra file) * in capture CIS attach the footprint name in PCB footprint column *generate the netlist *load to allegero If you have a PCB with same footprint name you required (...)
Hello, In allegro footprint, how to add user-defined attributes like TEMP COEFF, Power Rating, Current Rating, customer's part no. etc.. for the whole symbol? Thanks in Advance.
HOW do you create a footprint for use in allegro 16.3 in general and for TSSOP 28 in particular? Can we find these footprint somewhere? rterke
How to do Incremental Reference Designator update in allegro HDL entry 16.3? For example I have resistors from R1 to R50, few of them deleted during design cycle. Now I add 2 more resistors in design. After back-annotating design new resistors gets missing references (say R20, R21) instead incremental value R51 and R52. How to overcome on this
Hello, I am using allegro 16.5. I created my own BGA footprint using the inbuilt Package symbol wizard (File -> New -> PAckage Symbol (Wizard)). However, I cannot seem to view it when I try to open it. When I open the symbol, the command window says "Opening Existing Design ..." and then goes to the command prompt. My screen refreshes but it ref
Hello I design a footprint with allegro but when I import it to my board it have not connection with other parts and dose not get on my pcb . can you guide me ? Regards.
can any one help me how i can renumber the footprint pad numbers. thanks binu george
while i move the component it stick to the one initially connected. why its not geting real time update. or there is no such faclity in allegro ?
Open the symbol as a .dra - you can change the padstack on the fly using - tools - padstack - modify design padstack - but if you refresh padstacks in your design they will revert to old pads - better to create new padstack and use tools - padstack - replace. After modifying your symbol don't forget to update it in your design - Place - update s
Hi all, Can I know how to create a flash LED footprint in Orcad cadence. I have tried to created a footprint for this, but it said( LED for comp D1 has at least one pin(CATHODE) which has no corresponding pin on footprint LED). Can I know how to add Aathode and Anode into the footprint. Can i anybody send me a example? Thanks
Hi all, I want to use allegro 15.7's component footprint for allegro 15.2. Is it possible? If so, how can I do it? regards, damian_s
One of my PCB footprint requires thermal inside it. The shape of thermal is not a regular rectangle. It has to to a polygon. Take a look at the thermal requirement of TI Part BQ24103A. How can I create a pad with a polygon shape. Also how can I add via in the thermal location.
Hi, I'm new to using allegro PCB Editor 16.2. I want put some through hole Pad for mounting. but I can't find info about how to put Pad on PCB, anyone can give me hint how to do it ? I need create a packages symbal? Thanks
How to change a package of a component used in allegro layout (*.brd file). Any Procedure !
i have design and routed. if i want to change symbol(example dip16 into soic16) or edit pitch symbol in design. how to do?
the command you are looking for is called "update free primitives from component pads" on the pcb side. look under >>design >> netlist >> update free primitives from component pads.
Hi, I got a problem when creating a footprint symbol for a 64pin connector using allegro PCB editor 16.3. The default page size is about 800*800mil, but my connector is 36mm*6mm, which far exceeds the page size. I tried but still can't figure out how to change the page size. Anyone can tell me how to do this? Thank you!
Hi, I have just changes a footprint in the library, then deleted the component in the scem , then replaced it with the new component, then "design updated" it through to pcb, but the footprint in the pcb is still the old footprint. do you know how i can change to the new footprint?
Hi, Is there a way to place note text in a Cadence allegro PCB layout design? In altium I used to place a lot of text note on mechanical and other layers, now in allegro I cant find a menu option to do that.
Hi all, I going to use a SOCKET, SMA, RIGHT ANGLE, 50OHM in my PCB link here I was able to find the smb_90.dra and smb_90.psm files in the allegro Starter / Evaluation Library Cadence_Starter_Library Downloaded from the Cadence web page ww
thanks Kapil , I am using DDR 2 and here i want length match for Address and make T points from Controller to 2 Memory Devices and length match it .there are Diff pairs also to match upto 5 mils ,so i need help to update all in Constraint manager . Thanks in advance
Hi... mate... can anyone know about how to create a new foot print in orcad... i searched lot but still i can't get this exact ans pls kindly acknowledgement me...
Hello, I had a .brd file and need to modify it to insert a connector. I change all the layout and insert a connector symbol in the board, but I can't set a ref designator to this conn and I need it to change my netlist. Could you please tell me how can I create a new ref des in allegro and associate it with my connector symbol ? Thanks in ad
How can we get an extracted netlist from a PCB layout? I am working in allegro 15.1 studio version.
Hi all is there any way to give the library that was made in layout to allegro and spectra quest?
hi, how i can save the colour template of the existing design, and load to a new design? binu g
hi, how i can do undo in allegro ? binu g
hi, How to can change the size of the tool bar in allegro? thanks binu g
Hi, Is it possible to locate a component by defining the X and Y co-ordinates in allegro. like what we can do in powerpcb. regards binu g
hi , i there a way where i can define the net color for selected nets in allegro ? like what we can do in powerpcb binu g
hi, how can i shield a net in allegro? is it possible to define a net to shield with other net and make it automated ? binu g
Hi, I'm beginner in allegro and I'm having trouble with placing components. I want to move some components from top side to bottom side of board, but I don't know how to do this in allegro. Does anyone can help me? Thx.
In allegro 15.2, if plane is set as negative in design, how to generate artwork as negative plane? Selecting negative option while generating artwork creates gerbers. But, the data comes as 3 splitted layers if imported in cam. Converting this to composite layer doesn't provide correct data. Same problem exists if in design plane is made as positi
Hi How I can edit the parameters of package as width or length in allegro without creating new package.
Hi all, I'm using allegro 15.2 and I want to change text size of components' ref des number in my board. Can anyone tell me how to change them automatically instead of changing them manually one by one? Thank you.
how to route difference pair in allegro? i can't add difference pair . who can dipict the sketch of route a difference pair, thanks.
Hi, can anyone tell me that for lenth matching we create ACCORDIN in PADS which is automatic , how can we do that in allegro or we have to manually create it. thanks
hi how to assign keys in allegro pcb router? regards, neena.
Dear all, Kindly, if there's any one has a tool or method which is able to make a comparsion between two netlists in allegro or capture Best Regards, Amour
Hi , Is it possible to edit or delete spacing rule assignment table in allegro when we define constraints. Regards, Neena.
i want to route a 50o transmission line ,how to calculate the line width in allegro? anybody can help me? thankyou very much
I've got a strange problem. The color of cursor in allegro is pink now, which I feel very blurry after long time's focus on the screen. I prefer white better. The problem is: I have searched everywhere I could to set related parameter, but all result in vain. Does anybody have solution? Thanks! PS: I have set my cursor as infinite stat
how to hight lighit component and it's connected net in allegro