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i have many problem with this paper(Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Arrays for Meteorological Nano-Satellites for UHF uplink) i simulate this paper with a new substrate (tmm4) but my radiation patterns are not correct i have this problem with tmm6 too i can not reach to true responses133132133133
i have many problem with this paper(Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Arrays for Meteorological Nano-Satellites for UHF uplink) i simulate this paper with a new substrate (tmm4) but my radiation patterns are not correct i have this problem with tmm6 too i can not reach to true responses133086133085
i have many problem with this paper(Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Arrays for Meteorological Nano-Satellites for UHF uplink) i simulate this paper with a new substrate (tmm4) but my radiation patterns are not correct i have this problem with tmm6 too i can not reach to true responses plz help me
I want to understand the difference between TDD and FDD PRACH procedure for UMTS. As in FDD the power estimation (to be sent in uplink) is based on transmission on downlink frequency, while in TDD these both are on same frequency.
Hi LTE FDD will require two frequency spectrum allocation, one for UL (uplink) and another for DL(downlink) separated by a few tenths of MHz. Does RB allocation by eNODEb have to be symmetric? For example, if my UE is doing Youtube which is heavily DL, can it be allocated, for e.g. 50RB (10MHz) for DL and only 1RB for UL for example (sync
HI to all please help me! what is uplink & downlink and out put power of 3g,wifi,satelitte phones,cordless phone and wireless caneras? thanks.
hi i am doing project on "uplink Interference Management for Coexisting MIMO Femtocell and Macrocell Networks:An Interference Alignment Approach" but I'm lacking in the initial matlab codes for simulation, which stops me from going on. Could you provide me with some matlab codes.. or any material regarding this topic .. thanks in advance..
Hello, I need your suggestion on the next: For a cubesat project I was told to suggest an RF transceiver for the communications system. The specs are: 1. The uplink should be around 146MHz and the downlink around 433MHz. 2. To match the already purchased 9600kbps FSK modem, the transmitter oscillator must use a crystal and a varactor
trying to find matlab code for sage algorithm for time and frequency synchronization of uplink OFDMA system. any help will be appreciated thank you
mat lab code for frequency synchronization in uplink OFDMA using sage algorithim
you have several different uplink/downlink sites. One's uplink could be interpreted as a downlinked data stream if they were not different frequencies
I am a PHD candiate student , now try to implement LTE uplink scheduling algorithm using MATLAB Is any one can help me find those resource prgrams so that I can work on it ???
Hi everybody, I have to do some research on GSM Relay. And now i am in the part of standards and regulations. My questions is : Are there any rules(regulations) between the uplink transmission (Cellular to BTS) and the downlink transmission (BTS to Cellular) ? (Like limits of power transmission, time delay etc..). In fact, in some active repe
Choose for example a X-Band LNA followed by some transmission line, and maybe a down-converter to L-Band. There are sometimes also bandpass filter to reject nearby uplink transmit signals. I can find fine LNA kit out there claiming +/- 1dB gain variation across a passband around 700MHz wide. Some have a second specification, typically 0.5dB ov
dear all, i need help on how to get a code on matlab about uplink and downlink pathloss!! i need to make a function for the link budget and then call it for different propagation models!!! For LTE, the basic RLB equation can be written as follows (in units of dB): PathLos = TxPower + TxGains - TxLosses - RequiredSINR + RxGains - RxLosses - RxNoise
hi, i am looking for a matlab code for radio linket budget in both uplink and downlink!!! i am confused about the parameters so i would love some help!!! tnx!!!!
hi i have a project to do on matlab and i have to get a function for radio link budget for both uplink and downlink in order to use it after in calculations with proragation models! my problem is that i dont know how to put the parameters on the code and if i have to give the values they get !! please if anyone has done something similar it would h
What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of TDD vs FDD? Here is what I can think of: TDD advantages: utilizes same channel when channel is not varying quickly (CSI can be estimated and is known for TDD on both ends) in-band filter is simpler (does not change in varying datarate scenarios between the uplink and downlink) TDD disadva
well, lets say your uplink to the satellite was at 10.000 Ghz at 10 watts, and your downlink from the satellite was at 10.000 GHz and -120 dBm at the receiver. And the tranmitter and receiver used the same antenna. Do you forsee any potential problem with that?
Hi all, Part of an advanced graduate project, I have implemented LTE uplink physical layer processing blocks (CRC, turbo coding, scrambling, modulation, etc..) for both transmitter and receiver using C/C++. Now I want to verify it on a DSP board. I am thinking TMS320C6713. The reason for selecting TMS320C6713 is because I am new to DSP programmin
Hi, I am selecting the uplink and downlink frequency for a satellite system. As a consideration, I have taken A, B and C as the three packets of consecutive packets being sent down. If one considers dual modular redundancy( there are better n-modular redundancy types), shouldn't the uplink frequency be selected such
Does anyone know about the solutions in IS-95 or the other advanced CDMA systems on the uplink carrier synchronization? Suppose that each MS user (say, a mobile phone) has different carrier frequency offfset. Sometimes it may be large. Then this would definitely demage the code-acquisition/tracking as well as the despreading. So in practice, ho
I am working on a reconfigurable decoupling and matching network. To make it reconfigurable i need to use varactor diodes ,which will help me tune uptmy network from uplink to downlink frequencies. I need to know how can i model and achieve biasing of these varactor diodes. Using skyworks 2019-2023 hyper abrupt varactor diodes.
Dear friends, I need a help about uplink CDMA. From my study, in downlink CDMA we can use Walsh code. Kindly, What about uplink CDMA? Can we use Walsh? Thank you so much
Check this:
Hi guys I am doing my TeleCom Eng under graudate project on LTE PHY implimentation. I want to primarily focus on measuring the difference between the uplink and Downlink ward to speed. So I firstly want to impliment the OFDM (which is used with the Downlink) in matlab using simulation. But I need some idea from any end that would prabaly be hel
please help me , my project is on femto cell uplink interference calculation in CDMA . i have no idea about how to implement the project in matlab . so please help me. give me sample M file for that Plz did yoy find any simulation for the femtocell??
For Example, Is this filter, LP0805A0836AW for 824 - 849MHz can separate the downlink that is on 869 - 894MHz ? And vice verse, How can a Low Pass Filter be used for 869 - 894MHZ if in lower frequency there is a disturbance of the uplink frequencies ?
can anyone support me by sharing a Matlab CODE that simulates transmission of four-user MC-DS-CDMA over uplink and downlink in Rayleigh fading channel and plots the BER versus SNR
Hi, In LTE OFDMA is used in Downlink.OFDMA having High PAPR.signals with high PAPR requires highly linear power amplifiers inorder to avoid excessive intermodulation distortion so,amplifiers must be operate with a large backoff from its peak value.High PAPR is particularly critical for uplink trasmissions because of power constraints at UE. SC-
hi,can u sent to me your code matlab about mimo and uplink lte? my email is Thanks
On which side are you working..... uplink or downlink
i have a very basic question the question is that as we know that wireless mediam have very large fading effect (noise ,scattaring, distructive inteference) and the power of the signal (uplink) frm mobile to BTS is very low in mili watt. 1. mili watt power mean that the amplitude of the signal is very small 2. in freq modulation information is
hi, I want to write a code in maltab which will show me correlation between users in uplink. Can somebody do that?I have found a picture with wcdma gold code generator but i have trouble to understand what is the initial sequence and other details. thank you
Hi everyone , I am currently doing my research on uplink LTE I need help in generating Two length-31 binary sequences used to generate the SSS. so that i can work on constructing the LTE Time frame i used the formulas to generated the s,z and c sequence , but i am stuck in generating the s0(m0) and s1(m1). If anyone knows how to genera
Article One Partners (AOP), the world?s largest online patent and technical literature research community, is looking for Technical Literature Researchers for an Enhanced uplink Service prior art research study. Using market knowledge, web searching, technical experience, and/or literature databases they may already be familiar with, Researchers c
can anyone support me by sharing a Matlab CODE that simulates transmission of four-user DS-CDMA and MC-DS-CDMA over uplink and downlink in Rayleigh fading channel and plots the BER versus SNR
Hello. How about starting your project with PAPR analysis of LTE system? uplink of LTE system takes a "SC-FDMA" instead of "OFDMA", due to the PAPR problem. Actually, there's a some of advantage in PAPR reduction using a "SC-FDMA". It would be helpful if you compare and (numerically) analyze the PAPR between SC-FDMA and OFDMA. Also, (I t
does anybody know some simulation program or something similar to it, which is able to count the capacity of the cell and I can change parameters like orthogonality factor in downlink, uplink or add other user to the cell and see how they are interfering with each other or how orthogonality, multipath propagation influence the capacity. Can anyon
The frequency separation in using a higher frequency for uplink and a lower one for down link is historical in origin. The reason was that on Earth it has been easier to generate a high power density while generating RF power aboard a geostationary satellite is dependent on solar power and antenna size, among other conditions. Today with better t
we are doing project on physical uplink channel in LTE.... In dat we have a transform precoding block, we need Verilog coding for dat block.... And we also want to know that whether FFT algorithm can b used for transform precoding.....???
helo there.. i need help in simulating algorithm uplink power control LTE using matlab.. there are several references from IEEE journals mentioned system level simulator and link level simulator.. what are the differences between them? and what are the major aspects simulating uplink power control.?? and last, is anyone has block diagram or fl
hello, I really need help, I want to simulate the physical layer of the new technology LTE. More specify the uplink, using the technique SC-FDMA for transmission, my questions are: I want to work in the bandwidth of 5MHz, so: 1 - the number of carriers employed is 301 (with CD), so the size of the IFFT is 512 => what is the number of carrie
Hi, I am trying to undertsand OFDMA uplink transmission. Can someone explain me, how it works, if there are multiple users at different locations, how can it be used ofdma,,,, plz i need help regarding this,,, Thanks
I have some confusion about the scrambling code 1. As far i know scrambling code is used to mix(re-arrange) the the data is it different from turbo/convolution code that we use. 2. When scrambling code is assigned ( Is there any other scrambling code other that what we search in cell search procedure) 3. How UE get the uplink and downlink scr
i want a matlab simulation regarding the poisson traffic model.parameters are Simulation parameters In the simulation design, . 1)Bandwidth available in the BS:10Mbps divided equally between the uplink and the downlink. 2)Frame duration: 5ms. 3)The arrival process of new call is Poisson in nature with parameters λ(the arrival rate var
I googled the satellite and found some parameters, such as following: 1. Asia 3S: uplink:14.000-14.500 GHz downlink: 12.250-12.750 GHz the following satellite maybe cover India: 1.Europe*Star 1 at 45.0°E: 2.Insat 2DT at 55.1°E: 3.Nss 703 at 57.0°E: 4.Intelsat 906 at 64.0°E: 5.Intelsat 704 at 66.0°E: 6.PAS 7/10 at 68.5°E: 7.Insat 3C
hi, please check this LTE Toolbox library from Steepest has full downlink& uplink with channel models...there is a free evaluation period too.. Search for "3G Evolution Lab - LTE Toolbox and Blockset" by steepest ascent.. cheers, rb
About choosing uplink and downlink frequencies for CubeSat 1 kg, 1 cubic decimeter mini satellites Why most of the cubesats use downlink frequencies around 436, 437 MHz in the UHF 70 cm band and uplink frequencies close to 144 MHz in VHF - 2 m band? ( see also the detailed explanations from here: cubesat.ifas
Hello Mr Rizwan, Differnet GSM operator are given a part of the frequency band. Like the operator I work for has 5MHz band starting from 895.2 to 900.2 in uplink and corresponding downllink. To remove adjacent channel between different operators , one particular frequency is used as guard band . And yes since frequency is limited