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I need some codes examples, routines, schematics interface for the micro, and of course this is to using usb interface, and if someone know where to find for the delphi, any aid is well coming. I don´t know where to start!!!!
How I can made a program who interface a pic or avr with the usb port , so I can send data and sound (analog sound), do I need to create a driver , with which program a can control the usb , how I get access to the usb .
for usb driver : see f t d i . com in example you see complete example comp and electronic board in the base jedi for serial many component av. some of it free see t o r r y .net for paralell port depent you need : if in win me or lase you can easy use assembly language in parallel address p
Use the FTDI FT232BM chip, read the data sheet. The 16f628 has an intergrated uart, so the interface should be quite straight forward. Just change the vid and pid numbers in the ini file to the ones you choose in your device descriptors. You have to be assigned a vid from the usb forum before you can make a commercial device. But for your own use,
There is a delphi usb HID component that is free and will work with Builder. Search for delphi Jedi using google, you should find it. If you are going to use a pic chip, Microchip have a free download demo driver for Windows that is quite easy to use. I have used it with Builder and a pic chip no probs.
7rots51: If I understand you correctly, you will have a "windows" component to programm some usb - Soft??? If so then I would try
Hi , Does anyone point me a resource for controlling Cypress EZ-usb FX2 usb device by delphi or Visual Basic 6? A good tutorial / project? Actually I just need to read/write few hundred bytes from/to RAM of FX2 chip by delphi or Viual Basic 6. Thanks in advance.
"NO relation between these two languages if you code PIC in C you can interface with any language PC side, VB for example" only thing you have to do is implemeting a protocol for mcu and pc side . protocol must be identical not the languages Yes this is correct, there is no relation between the two languages but you
I want to interface AT89C5131 with delphi and window see AT89C5131 as usb device (not com port or hid class) help me please. Thanks.
Hello Where can I find PIC18F2550 usb connecting Schematics? Or does it connect directly D+/D-/GND to usb PORT? BTW: I want to connect it to a PC with a delphi program. How do I do to send/receive data from/to PC/delphi/PIC18F2550, in a easy way? Thanks jS
Hi together I already did some successful usb-programming projects with the PIC18F4550. Communication is done with the usbAPI provided by microchip. However, the applications are very fine, I would like to improve the usb speed by using bulk transfer. Has anyone of you already testeted bulk transfer and a small example (...)
Check out the Jedi project. There is a usb hid component for delphi somewhere
At the pripheral side you need a usb controller such as Cypress ones or other options and You need a driver either developed by the chip manufacturer or by you and the final thing that you need is a software developement library that is able to be used in VB6 The easiest way is to use FTDI usb to serial converter module (...)
Please, can someone tell me more about usb driver programing... thx.
Please note: I am asking for personal experiences and no for links. Too long time reading in the Web and the mambo jumbo in my head is enough. Also, please note: I know nothing about C. I've got a basic usb device up & running just by using Brad Minch's software and now I would like to read on the screen, data sent by (...)
Hi, I am returning to programming after a few years networking. I was previously well versed in COBOL, CICs, Easytrieve, REXX, Clist etc all on mainframes. So I am quite good with most concepts, analysis and design etc and more or less, I hope, have just to get to grips with the syntax of the new technologies like C++. An over simplification
There seems to be a misunderstanding with usb ms SOF (start of frame) tic. It doesn't restrict the througput, it's rather a kind of idle signaling. The host can start a new transmission at any time and it's also required to send a new request packet following a full data packet received from the device. Thus a FT245 has no problems to achiev
You can not program the Pic18f4550 with C++ Builder. Two different ball games. You need to use a C compiler targeted at the Pic18 family. You can download Mplab development environment for Pic micros and a free student version of Mcc18, a C compiler for the Pic18f family. usb programming is not trivial, Microchip provide a free usb stack (...)
this IC can comunicate with usb and it is 3 axis interpolator with 3 puls / dir outputs do you know which IC is this ?
Hello friends.... I have to connect 89c52 micro controller with PC using serial port to usb adapter. Now i can saw the received data in hyper terminal mode but How can i store received data in PC as a file anybody can help me? i want program in C language... Anybody have source code means please send me.
Hi, Assume you have seen the masses of free working code examples from Microchips usb pages ..?
Hi there, All you need to do is modify the report descriptor and rpt buffer size in the usb stack. Shouldn't be too hard
I need to develop a PC based software for steam turbine simulation. The software will be installed on a powerful laptop computer connected to a hardware I/O that genetares(acquires the 4-20mA signals,speed probes signals and other relevant input/output. The hardware I/O shall be connected to an unit control panel PLC based. I need real time si
FTDI's "D2XX Direct Drivers" for Windows offer an alternative solution to our VCP drivers and allow application software to interface with FT232 and FT245 devices using a DLL instead of a Virtual Com Port. Both AM and BM series devices are supported. The architecture of the D2XX drivers consists of a Windows WDM driver which communicates (...)
Well, I used this dll. But as all the interfaces in PC (LPT, RS232) will dissapear in the nearest future I use usb port.
I have downloaded the software in the 1st post and it works with me. Can I connect this software to an external circuit via cables(RS232, Parallel, usb, Firewire). It's really important for me. Thanks very much for your help.
Can I connect this scope to an external circuit using cables(RS232, Parallel, usb, Firewire,..etc).???? If yes, What is the interface circuit.??? Thanks to all of you.
It is not important to me which protocoles I want to use. I have a PC and its Paralle and serial and usb ports and PCI slots and a modem, and i work with delphi. :?:
Of course you can do. A few months ago i connected a pc to pic using 2 com port. One for debug, other one for commands and data. First of all you will need a pc with 2 com ports or usb to serial convertors. I wrote a visual basic program for this. (Real program in delphi but it is only for command (...)
C is good for port interfacing. Study VC++ for more about GUI and usb interface For parallel port and serial port C is enough. See parallel port tutorials in this link bibin john
first you must choose what type of mobile phone you want to use GSM/CDMA and also have a serial / usb cale data to communicate with computer second what compiler you want to use to build your windows based application. i usually used delphi 7 and cport component to communicate with the mobile phone third you must find (...)
Hi, If you plan to use serial port you'd better use a usb to RS232 converter. Thus you can monitor your system even using you laptop. For programming use VB or delphi. Search there is a lot of threads on this issue on edabaord. Check this one for exemple.
Hi, I'm using the code found in the link To read the data from serial port in interrupt mode , The problem is this code is, it needs com port address and vector address , and if I connect some usb device it creates the virtual comport , and this virtual comport wont be having any addres like 0x3F
can I use any usb to rs232 cable to communicate with PIC , 8051 and AVR s ?