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PSoC with usb: CY8C24x94
helloo, i'm newbie for this programming language (VB, Visual C++, and delphi) i have some questions, i hope there is someone will answer this 1. when we use VB, Visual C++, and delphi? 2. what are the advantages and disadvantages of using them?
I want to ask a simple question : Is there certain applications the new serial communication standards usb and Firewire can't replace the old RS232 standard ???
Recently, I study the process about hot plug in and reconfig(including HW&SW) for ethernet, usb, and fireware. But I can't find these information about these. Does anyone know these in detail or provide any information about hot plug? Thank you.
and I dont think thjat you will find an answer. You will have to write your own usb driver for interfacing.
Hi guys! how r u? can anyone tell me how to interface usb and Printer using AT89C51, and how can i get there codes? Plz help me Thanks BlOcKHeAd
Dear Forum, I need your suggestion and solution. I have problem with my semester project, I make data acquisition using AVR Atmega 8535 and delphi 5. This data acquisition use for measure voltage (ADC 10 bits) and the result will be display at LCD Graphic and delphi Chart. I use four (...)
My Platform Cable usb II works just fine on my Win2k computer. I also have a Platform Cable usb and WinXP system. I can mix them around with no problems. I'm running ISE and EDK 10.1.03 tools. I haven't used ChipScope, in case that's where your problem occurs. I haven't used FCPU-X.
Don't get confused, you can only connect a host to a device. If you have two devices they cannot be connnected together. The phone is a device and the PIC18F4550 is a device as well. You need to get a microcontroller with a usb host and this can be connected to the phone.
Many companies has special tools that allow conversion between IDE and usb. Thanks to that you can easily plug an IDE device to usb, but you still need to have own schematic . Below you can find list of tools for that: IC’s Cypress there are also a lot of design files. Aliusa with a New usb2IDE devilce called (...)
Can anyone help me to interface usb and any circuit which is controlled by usb and software without help of any microcontroller.
have a look at Measurement computing which have a range of usb data acquisition systems, e.g. usb-1208FS Low-cost, 8 channel, 12-bit 50 kS/s analogue input, usb-based DAQ Module from Adept Scientific - The Technical Compu
Perhaps going through these threads will make you more comfortable and acquainted with the involved "mechanism": Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hello All, What is the difference between usb and HSIC? Thanks & Regards,
Hi, I'm working with my project using PIC18F4550, my goal is to expand my I/O ports so I guess I need a Port Expander like MCP23S17 and connect my PIC18F4550 with usb and the PC. My first plan is to use the USART(RS232 Serial Communication to PC) but I see a little bit details of PIC18F4550's Datasheet (...)
hi matrix, usb has Differential pair more detail check and
Hello All, I want to interface between MMC card and usb pen drive with a PIC 16F controller. My problem is voltage level two devices, usb has 5V logic and SD card operates on 3.3V, So how can I do this with out voltage level convertors or anything else am I missing? I am New to usb, So please give me if (...)
Hi all How use WinCC tags in delphi Apps? I need help, example or VCL. Regards.
i need some information about any pic whit usb and flash programming memory
Hi could anybody provide me a good ebook on Pascal and delphi Thanks
Tried to make PC to MCS51 interface using TComPort 2.6 delphi component. I'm not experienced in delphi, but everything is working!!!! Need advice from rs485 and delphi experts how to implement 9 bit networking. I made it in such way: 1)set parity Mark 2)open port 3)send device number 4)close port 5)set parity Space (...)
Hello, Can any one have idea how to interface a usb printer or or other usb devices to a uC? Like I want to control my Creative MP3 player via its usb and don't want to use PC. Thx
hi, i have read sth about usb and microcontroller and i want to do some simple example in usb micro. and also designing deriver for usb by windriver(jungo).well i hope sbd will help me in finding more about usb driver and windriver first (...)
yap, try cygn@l
I need some codes examples, routines, schematics interface for the micro, and of course this is to using usb interface, and if someone know where to find for the delphi, any aid is well coming. I don´t know where to start!!!!
where are implemented the functions like usb_read_byte, usb_clear_rx, usb_rx_complete.... ? I can see they are used a lot, i know what they do, but i can't find them in extenso. Those are not functions. Are macros. You can get them from usb_drv.h header file #define usb_read_byte ( ) ( UEPDATX )
How I can made a program who interface a pic or avr with the usb port , so I can send data and sound (analog sound), do I need to create a driver , with which program a can control the usb , how I get access to the usb .
I won't say it's impossible, but it's highly complicated. The reason is that you need a usb host to read data from a usb device. On the other hand, if you can get your hands on an OTG controller, things may be slightly easier.
I am looking for usb JTAG kit which connected to PC host byusing usb and to PCB board through one wire JTAG interfacing for National microcontroller. Experience user please help me out. Which usb JTAG is suitable? The IAR J-Link only support ARM & MSP430 family. I wonder this too. Can some one explain to me?
Been using a couple for embedded robotics, comp. peripheral and control systems (with custom RTOS). They are bloody sweet! Fast, easy to program and have all the I/O ports you could possibly need! Be warned though - if you get their cheap demo boards (AT90usbKey), sourcing I/O headers (not included) is a pain in the arse! Not (...)
is it possible to interface usb pen drive and at89c51 uc and read and write data from the pen drive?? with regards, buts101
Hi, I need to use ?controller with usb driver and USART embedded in it. I already found "AT90usb646" but I didn't find this devices in CodeVision or IAR. How can I use it? or Is there any other device has usb and UART(AVR prefered) .. BR.
hi dears I am using AT89c5131A for the conversion of serial to usb and viceversa. Here I am using a baudrate of 115200 and usb transfers the data at 12Mbps. How to synchronize these speeds. How to calculate the Endpoint Interval.... Pls help me....its very urgent regards sunil
hi , i need to write a driver sofrware for connecting a microcontroller device to a computer . so how do i write the software for that?give a info regarding all these and links wr i can find them . for eg: i connect a usb to com1 of the computer and it detects that since microsoft has written that file, so here is no need to writ the (...)
Floppys have a limited number of sectors while the same is not the case with usb devices... So, it might be dufficult controlling it via a floppy disk drive... You may have to think of alternate ways... there are usb PICs that may interface well with ISA Bus.
hmmm what the above ones said are not exactly correct..... PCI supports hot plug support too...... all PCI devices are not parallel data transmission... (ex: PCIe uses serial - deserialization at phy layer) the main differences between usb n PCI is the protocol. usb control transfers data serially and the protocol is very easy! (...)
Standard is not final and more similar standards will come soon... unless you need to but better to wait and see first which standard to follow. For the rest, only advantages compared to wired-usb, except for power hungry devices with no power supply connection :-) So Wireless (...)
Or else the easy way is to use Microchip's usb stack and modify it for your application. This saves lot of time.
Hi, usb means Upper sideband LSB means Lower sideband NBFM means Narrowband Frequency Modulation Chapters 4 and 5 of Lathi book have more details. Ahmed
hi there! I've built an ICD2 clone that have both interfaces: usb (pic18LF4550 as bridge) and RS232 (pic16f877a as main controller) It's just a potyo2 with a max232 and a db9 connector each pic (f877a and lf4550) has its own 20mhz xtal the serial interface works well, icd2 can connect, download os, program, (...)
hi....i'm newbie here.i got a problem relate to read and write data using vb6 through my hardware using usb connection. is it impossible to do that in vb6?? if it is so, what should i do to connect my hardware with vb6??
Can help you with the hardware but the software is definitely not for newbies. It is not the smartest way to use 2 MCUs if there are several micros out there that can do the job easily on one device. There would be the LPC2300 series, the LPC2400 series, the STR9 series, the STM32 connectivity line, the SAM7x just to name a few. The all have usb a
Lot of posts has been posted regarding usb and Ethernet design in this forum.First check the forum if not available then ask dis type of questions Regards Rajan
Are there functions in Matlab which allow me to communicate, that is,send and receive number or characters, to the usb port? I want to be able to read that data (very few bytes) to control some parameters on my external device. and this of course, over usb. If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it!
Hello all, I'm a student and I have a project to do and its based on the PC-PIC (18F4550) communication via usb, and I really need all the help I can get. all I want is: send a command from the PC and control a certain PORT in the MCU (blink Led or whatever) I'm using the C18 (...)
Hi Ilgaz, Since outputs of IMUKit are analog. you'll need additional hardware to digitize the analog inputs and present them to PC. There's a couple of alternative routes you could take: * add microcontroller that has A/D channels on one end, usb or UART on the oother end. * add a usb data acquisition (DAQ) device. I usually use (...)
I want to power my microcontroller board using a 7805 (which receives input power via a DC adapter) and a usb port. Assuming only one of these power sources is active at a time, can i just tie the output of the usb and the 7805 together without using a jumper to select the appropriate power? If I tie the outputs together (...)
hi experts i have one 8GB maxtor hard disk and i want to use this device as external hard disk connecting to usb port .i want circuit diagram .here is the picture .
1. usb was designed to allow many peripherals to be connected using a single standardized interface socket and to improve the plug-and-play capabilities by allowing devices to be connected and disconnected without rebooting the computer (hot swapping). 2. usb generally requires specialized (...)