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Hi All. I'm using my TYTN II to listen to radio when I have a long drive. The TYTN II is connect using a FM radio transmitter, with the usb converter. The problem: When using the Internet, then battery drain is quite fast, especially if you are on the move and the radio signal is not that strong. I tried few usb chargers, and all
They'll undoubtedly make that a feature on the next model. There is only one output available on the exterior of the unit as made, the battery charge port. You wouldn't want to try using that since it has a charge regulator dedicated to 7.2V to 18V packs. If it were mine and I wanted to make such a modification, I'd be looking at the internal ci
Hello, can i give power to my usb mp3 player with my Samsung Charger what i want to ask is i listen to mp3 songs from my mp3 player in my car and im tired of changing cells i have got a Sumsung charger which i use to charge my samsung mobile from car i want it to also give power to my mp3 player... is it possible or harming ??? i (...)
ok , all i want is to navigate through the car stereo , not from the mp3 player or the ipod , so is it possible for ecample to get the files from an usb flash disk !!! i just want the files to be read from the usb drive then the car stereo complete the rest of the work like it used to do with the cd drive , is that possible (...)
hey i got a quetion for you'll i'm intrested in building a car charger that will output both 3.3v(nokia jack) and 5v(female usb for ipod) i was thinking of using a simple 7807 and from there one to 7805 and one to 7803. i was wondering what protections should i put on the circuit and maybe some capacitors for voltage spikes? any help or tip would
Using VB is fine for this kind of thing. I agree that the tech used in door operners are more complex signaling schemes than just on off. However the use of Serial / Paralell ports on notebooks is becoming rare very quickly. You might need something like usb? If the notebook has integrated Bluetooth wont it be easier than WiFi. I know that Bluet
To make a charger you don't need to know about usb beyond pinout, Vcc=5V and Imax. (500mA nominal). Data pins remain unconnected. Since Nokia phones refuse to charge with Vin beyond some threshold (about 3.X volts, don't remember exact value) you need a DC-DC converter with a current limiter to avoid overload usb port. That limitation will make cha
Hi, you can't do that with a PIC. You have to use a usb HOST chip. Regards. Franck.
actually i need to know how to create a FM modulator to send the data to car's original radio devices...the data is from a usb flash memory device
Well I have a candy tin and wanted to put a 9v (battery) input and a 12v (car) input. And have it go out to a female usb port. I need one of these So it will regulate the voltage to 5v. It is rated for 5v to 18v s
Do you need a usb microcontroller to do that? It will be similar using other microcontroller.
I use my laptop in my car on a daily bases. It only has 1 usb port and I use about 5 usb devices. I bought a powered usb hub. It works ok without power if you only use one or two usb devices. However, when I use more devices, they don't operate correctly. And it doesn't have enough power to operate my (...)
Common place to tap off battery power on the car is the cigarette lighter. There are plugs available to easily connect to this. Here in the US, there are many cheap cigarette lighter plug to usb charger devices. What these contain is a version of the circuit pranam77 has shown above. (The only two pins of the usb plug supported are (...)
First of all hi, I am new here so i dont know many things, but I would like to learn. I am wondering how I can make a usb external port in my CD/MP3 car player. I dont remember the model but the brand is JVC, I will look for more details. Is it possible to make it?
Hi all, what is the need of usb 2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface (UTMI) ? Thanks
Hey guys, I'm quite new to electronics. I'm currently studying to be an avionics (aviation electronics) tech but so far have only done electrical fundamentals and some basic electronics involving transistors, servomechanisms, IC's. The problem I'm having is, I bought some cheap dodgy rudder pedals off ebay to use on my flight simulator. Rudder
In the following text I described how to connect normal audo device with mp3 player that consist usb slot for pendrive. For a long time I wanted to add an mp3 function to my old mini – audio system. Device is so good that I rally want to keep it. So idea was to insert some mp3 player with low costs. Choice was a car transmitter mp3 (...)
1. Can I make a usb out of the last 4 pins in the lower right part of the picture? The device supports only 9600baud. So you will need to wire a usb driver specific to this device to make it work for usb (It might be easier to use the regular Serial port). Also, you might need some line/port drivers to connect this to the
Hi, I bought a video camera Cannon Legria FS200 but I lost the charger which had a usb end. I have a charger for a car vacuum with a similar voltage (9.6) and I wanted to cut a usb cable and connect the end to the vacuum charger. What I have done is connect the usb black and red cable to the red and black from the charger (...)
Good day, my goal is to learn usb interfacing and I would like to use C++, however I'm still new in this field of interfacing could anyone give me some directions as to where to go. My end goal for this is to be able to interface a radio controlled car to a pc with the use of the usb port.
This can be better explained and guided by the vendor from whom you have bought the tool. Cheers Thank you, i had conneted the laptop to OBD-II through OBD2-usb cables and free software.
I am planning to by car mp3 fm transmitter.I this device is a orignal stereo or a mono transmitter?(cheap chinies around Rs.190 to 250 ).wil l i get stereo seperation through my car
Hi, I've been struggling to find something that can help me and I wonder if I can simply design something around. I have a car GPS, it has a single usb port which is used for charging it or to use as a usb host, I'd like to make an external battery to power this unit and at the same time be able to use the usb port to (...)
ok frist u must choose which car that u can work with it & then use a cabbus interface to usb that it's module is avalible
The cigarette lighter chargers are inexpensive 13v to 5v switching power supplies. You can open them and use the PCB if you want. Buy one with usb socket instead of dedicated cord. You can order a separate usb cable to connect to what ever variety of plug the phone uses. The charge current on a smartphone is 700mA to 1200 mA's. A LM317 linea
I created a Mass Storage Device with a PIC18F26J50 and the Microchip usb stack. It works great on everything I've ever connected it to. However, it does not work on my car radio. I made a recording with a Beagle usb Analyzer, and the only difference between when it works and when it does not is one byte (in bold, at the end of the reco
Hi, I have ZTE MF631 usb 3g data modem having an external port for connecting antenna . that port is CRC9 connector .. the professional antenna available in the market are to expensive too buy .. so i want to make an home made antenna .. i have that CRC9 connector and aluminum wire.. see the attached image to get idea how actual antenna i
I found simple converter circuit with IC MAX but you must change IC number to MAX604 (3.3 V output) thus circuit as below. usb car power supply circuit
Hello Is it possible to have devices such as: Vehicle GPS Tracker VT310 Vehicle GPS Tracker AVL02 or the like, to provide internet via cable usb? -- Edit I wonder whether the device ( ) or its analog
Hi all, I want to build a car usb charger using the 12v of the cigarette lighter. I already found a regulator for the job but how do i protect my circuit? I have heard that the 12v of the car varies a lot. Is a high power zener enough? Should i use a crowbar circuit? Maybe a low pass filter? Thank you in advance.
I m using a car battery to run 2 usb chargers. There is a switching regulator circuit in between the battery n chargers to step dwn 12vdc to 5vdc and the 5vdc to power usb charger. That should be SAFE with such configuration ? - - - Updated - - - Is the switching regulator circuit sufficient to p
You mean for a car charger? Cheap chinese manufacturers do it like that, they also melt if you're actually pulling 0.5A (or more) 14-5 = 7V 7V * 0,5A = 3.5W There are plenty of usb current limiter chips out there, but all said and done, the 7805 is not the right choice.
Testing of the usb charger circuit was conducted using a small solar panel and a car battery. The results are as follows. For small solar panel, the phone charges normally without any problem. When connected to car battery, phone keeps on changing from charging to discharging mode very often and does not charge at all. What could (...)
A good quality usb car adapter will do exactly that: buck the 12V fairly efficiently to 5V or thereabout. They are made for 500mA but the good ones will probably do well @700mA. If you're not too familiar with electronics this might be an easier, more likely to work and probably cheaper solution ;)
well for serial communication, you will surely need a microcontroller. There you have a UART port, but to connect it to PC you need to convert this TTL UART signal to RS-232, so u need an RS232 converter IC (max 232) or you can use FTDI chip ft232 for usb to uart conversion. ft232 has some gpio as well, so if your IO requirement is less, you can e
Max power drain of a usb powered device is 500 mA. If the device is not yet enumerated, the limit drops to 100mA.
im working on a school project to control a "rc car" from the pc, the rc car is controled by 2 servo engines my goal is to manage to control these servos from the pc remotlly- in other words reaplace the remot control and insted use a pc. i am going to use the orignal receiver that is made to control servos if matters it a "sanawa RX-515, FM 72MH
Working on installing a laptop in a friends car, and we were playing with the idea of controlling HVAC controls with the PC. All we would need is a motor that would turn left or right, around 300 degrees (turning the same wire that the knob typically would), connected to the PC by serial port or preferably usb. We would also need to be able to run
hi, i am an electrical engineer student in his 4'th year and i am trying to find some information about motherboard design. the company that i am working with wants to develop a little board that connects to a small lcd, operated in a car. aldo i have "learning knowledge" concerning cpu, memory, lcd, usb, chip programing etc i barely have "
hi friends is there any circuit to connect flash memory to the mp3 players.i had seen mp3 fm kit for car. Regards snf dear this was not only mp3fm kit it is mp3 player with mp3 fm transmitere ,you can use only pendrive{like any usb}. Do not make any folder in pendrive ,just put only mp3 songs. [/col
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Hi all. I wish i can explain myself well, since i'm not good at english. Mmmm, let explain you the project. From a pc with bluetooth(usb-dongle) i want to send orders to a cellphone(with bluetooth) that is on a car. A microcontroller may get the orders from the cellphone by AT commands, and make the car move. My principal (...)
1) U can charge ur video player via car cigarette lighter slot. 2) U can use a 5 volt power supply 120/240v. 3) U can use ur laptop usb port. 4) U can use ur laptop battery, my laptop has 14v lithium ion battery slim & light weight + 7805
Hello all, I'm sorry in advanced if this is a post that has already been asked. For my design project, my group is working on a solar-powered battery system which can charge via usb or car charger. We're going to have an LCD monitor displaying things such as battery voltage, battery percent remaining etc. My question is: What would be some go
Depends on usb Driver that controls the device, if its going to be recognized as com/serial, uart connection, you shouldn't be facing any problem.
in some new computers there is a current limiter inbuilt with usb, but some don't. so better not connect high current applications to usb or you have to include a current limit circuit in your application, the maxim usb current is around 1A so i dont think it is ok for led acid battery( around 250-300ma at charging volt)
I got a 1998 model Hyundai H1, with 12 pin diagnostic connector There is only 3 pins in use. 1 K-Line Engine control diagnostic and error codes 2 K-Line Airbag diagnostic 12 GND Ground I want to use Vagcom 409.1 to read the data And a KKL usb Interface 409.1V cable (usb) I want to read the air bag data And my question is wh
helo all i have a usb/SD/MMC Wireless FM transmitters (China made) for car , can i connect direct antenna cabel from Wireless FM transmitters to my port antena in car stereo ??? so i can get no interference for my audio ??? if not any suggestion for my problem anyone thanks for your help and sorry for bad English ......
i have graduation project smart car with (low power) dsp what processor should we use for image processing using digital camera(usb)?
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