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Hi All. I'm using my TYTN II to listen to radio when I have a long drive. The TYTN II is connect using a FM radio transmitter, with the usb converter. The problem: When using the Internet, then battery drain is quite fast, especially if you are on the move and the radio signal is not that strong. I tried few usb chargers, and all
I have been browsing google looking for mods done to a dewalt work radio dc011. I want to install a usb charging port and I don't know how I might wire it in. I know the battery is a 18v and usb needs 5v, but don't quite know if it would work. :?:
I found simple converter circuit with IC MAX but you must change IC number to MAX604 (3.3 V output) thus circuit as below. usb car power supply circuit
A good quality usb car adapter will do exactly that: buck the 12V fairly efficiently to 5V or thereabout. They are made for 500mA but the good ones will probably do well @700mA. If you're not too familiar with electronics this might be an easier, more likely to work and probably cheaper solution ;)
I use my laptop in my car on a daily bases. It only has 1 usb port and I use about 5 usb devices. I bought a powered usb hub. It works ok without power if you only use one or two usb devices. However, when I use more devices, they don't operate correctly. And it doesn't have enough power to operate my (...)
First of all hi, I am new here so i dont know many things, but I would like to learn. I am wondering how I can make a usb external port in my CD/MP3 car player. I dont remember the model but the brand is JVC, I will look for more details. Is it possible to make it?
Good day, my goal is to learn usb interfacing and I would like to use C++, however I'm still new in this field of interfacing could anyone give me some directions as to where to go. My end goal for this is to be able to interface a radio controlled car to a pc with the use of the usb port.
Hi all, I want to build a car usb charger using the 12v of the cigarette lighter. I already found a regulator for the job but how do i protect my circuit? I have heard that the 12v of the car varies a lot. Is a high power zener enough? Should i use a crowbar circuit? Maybe a low pass filter? Thank you in advance.
I m using a car battery to run 2 usb chargers. There is a switching regulator circuit in between the battery n chargers to step dwn 12vdc to 5vdc and the 5vdc to power usb charger. That should be SAFE with such configuration ? - - - Updated - - - Is the switching regulator circuit sufficient to provide protection to the ch
BE sure to only provide 500mA maximum to your MP3 player because this is the maximum an usb port can provide I think. You better check the usb standard for the exact value of maximum current.
ok , all i want is to navigate through the car stereo , not from the mp3 player or the ipod , so is it possible for ecample to get the files from an usb flash disk !!! i just want the files to be read from the usb drive then the car stereo complete the rest of the work like it used to do with the cd drive , is that possible (...)
hey i got a quetion for you'll i'm intrested in building a car charger that will output both 3.3v(nokia jack) and 5v(female usb for ipod) i was thinking of using a simple 7807 and from there one to 7805 and one to 7803. i was wondering what protections should i put on the circuit and maybe some capacitors for voltage spikes? any help or tip would
To make a charger you don't need to know about usb beyond pinout, Vcc=5V and Imax. (500mA nominal). Data pins remain unconnected. Since Nokia phones refuse to charge with Vin beyond some threshold (about 3.X volts, don't remember exact value) you need a DC-DC converter with a current limiter to avoid overload usb port. That limitation will make cha
Hi, you can't do that with a PIC. You have to use a usb HOST chip. Regards. Franck.
actually i need to know how to create a FM modulator to send the data to car's original radio devices...the data is from a usb flash memory device
Well I have a candy tin and wanted to put a 9v (battery) input and a 12v (car) input. And have it go out to a female usb port. I need one of these So it will regulate the voltage to 5v. It is rated for 5v to 18v s
Do you need a usb microcontroller to do that? It will be similar using other microcontroller.
Common place to tap off battery power on the car is the cigarette lighter. There are plugs available to easily connect to this. Here in the US, there are many cheap cigarette lighter plug to usb charger devices. What these contain is a version of the circuit pranam77 has shown above. (The only two pins of the usb plug supported are (...)
Hi all, what is the need of usb 2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface (UTMI) ? Thanks
Hey guys, I'm quite new to electronics. I'm currently studying to be an avionics (aviation electronics) tech but so far have only done electrical fundamentals and some basic electronics involving transistors, servomechanisms, IC's. The problem I'm having is, I bought some cheap dodgy rudder pedals off ebay to use on my flight simulator. Rudder
In the following text I described how to connect normal audo device with mp3 player that consist usb slot for pendrive. For a long time I wanted to add an mp3 function to my old mini – audio system. Device is so good that I rally want to keep it. So idea was to insert some mp3 player with low costs. Choice was a car transmitter mp3 (...)
1. Can I make a usb out of the last 4 pins in the lower right part of the picture? The device supports only 9600baud. So you will need to wire a usb driver specific to this device to make it work for usb (It might be easier to use the regular Serial port). Also, you might need some line/port drivers to connect this to the
Hi, I bought a video camera Cannon Legria FS200 but I lost the charger which had a usb end. I have a charger for a car vacuum with a similar voltage (9.6) and I wanted to cut a usb cable and connect the end to the vacuum charger. What I have done is connect the usb black and red cable to the red and black from the charger (...)
This can be better explained and guided by the vendor from whom you have bought the tool. Cheers Thank you, i had conneted the laptop to OBD-II through OBD2-usb cables and free software.
I am planning to by car mp3 fm transmitter.I this device is a orignal stereo or a mono transmitter?(cheap chinies around Rs.190 to 250 ).wil l i get stereo seperation through my car
Hi, I've been struggling to find something that can help me and I wonder if I can simply design something around. I have a car GPS, it has a single usb port which is used for charging it or to use as a usb host, I'd like to make an external battery to power this unit and at the same time be able to use the usb port to (...)
ok frist u must choose which car that u can work with it & then use a cabbus interface to usb that it's module is avalible
I created a Mass Storage Device with a PIC18F26J50 and the Microchip usb stack. It works great on everything I've ever connected it to. However, it does not work on my car radio. I made a recording with a Beagle usb Analyzer, and the only difference between when it works and when it does not is one byte (in bold, at the end of the reco
Hello Is it possible to have devices such as: Vehicle GPS Tracker VT310 Vehicle GPS Tracker AVL02 or the like, to provide internet via cable usb? -- Edit I wonder whether the device ( ) or its analog
You mean for a car charger? Cheap chinese manufacturers do it like that, they also melt if you're actually pulling 0.5A (or more) 14-5 = 7V 7V * 0,5A = 3.5W There are plenty of usb current limiter chips out there, but all said and done, the 7805 is not the right choice.
well for serial communication, you will surely need a microcontroller. There you have a UART port, but to connect it to PC you need to convert this TTL UART signal to RS-232, so u need an RS232 converter IC (max 232) or you can use FTDI chip ft232 for usb to uart conversion. ft232 has some gpio as well, so if your IO requirement is less, you can e
I had added battery holder link please check that and tell me how many time. Yes, this is battery holder which connect batteries in serie to achieve high
Hello, Also, how do I tell the tablet that my circuit is capable of charging at 2A, since the PC only should supply 500mA? ZJ This is slightly tricky, different manufacturers use different ways to tell the tablet whether the charger is capable of heavy currents. Generically, I'd suggest you start by using a splic
how is a charge-only usb cable different than a usb data cable? I have a usb charger, and when I connect a data cable between my Samsung galaxy s3 phone and the charger the battery charge current is about 20mA. When I connect a charge-only cable then the charge current goes up to 400mA. Now I made an adapter to short the data pins on the (...)
Take a look at Cypress. They have a bunch of nice usb chips, ranging from 8051 cores to home-grown risc processors.
Web based calculations. car Audio: Passive Crossovers/Capacitor & Coil Audio: Passive Crossovers Index of Calculators, Charts, and Diagrams
These pens are certainly gimicky and as Simbox said it would cost a lot to design one from scratch. I'm now using Smart Media cards as they have plummeted in price and the usb read/writers are only about 20 quid - so I have one at home and work and just take the cards around with me.. Slightly off topic but does anybody know if there is a (...)
At this link you'll find numerous usb chip sets. Also, Atmel has an AVR Controller With usb integrated into 1 chip at:
how much of the usb data rate is lost in this conversion?
Has anybody infos on interfacing usb cameras to microcontroller. I'm interested on the packet of data coming from the camera...... Thx
You can try TITusb3210 ,it usb ctrl Mcu by 8x51.
Hi there, thank you veru much for providing information on usb. The uploaded file gives UTMI specification. Can you please provide the usb2.0 specifications. Thanx again.
There are really two answers to your question, one hardware and one software. Hardware: PCMCIA and usb connectors are designed to make power connections on insertion before signals and break power after signals on removal. This provides a relatively safe "hot plug". The other bus connectors (ISA, PCI, IDE/ATA) are not designed with this feature.
I am in search of some information about the Nokia 8210/8310 car kit, called PPH-1. As I broke the special plug of the unit that consists of 1 power connector and 1 headset connector, I want to replace the plug with a 2 seperate plug that can be found easily. However, I need some cable information for connecting the new plugs. I search the GSM link
PDIusbD12 of philips
Hi All I'm planning to built a small MIDI keyboard and want to communicate using a usb connection for laptop use Does anyone have any good Ideas or sample code biggest problem is the Windows driver and the device descriptor I have already built a few project using Microchips usb chips communicating with them as HID devices but I want wind
I agree with Wizzard, I am using FTDI chips in a few products and they make usb as easy as 123! They are about to release a second generation of thier chip which has some very nice new features and needs less supporting circuitry. Down load the data sheet from the web site. Royalty free, maintained drivers for Win, Win CE, Mac, Linux. Hard to be
Anybody have a schematic or info on usb to GPIB interface? Thanks.......
If you need for digital camera I sugest you to by PCI usb board for PC it is cheap (obout 100EUR), and you got very high speed !