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Hi Does anyone has seen a Oscilloscope home project on the web that can be connected by means of usb 2.0 ? Thanks in advance.
you could use slave FIFOs with Auto-IN mode of FX2. You don't need a special driver for FX2. There is a example generic driver comes with it. You just need to download code with EEPROM or from usb and use windows API to communicate over usb driver. See EZ-m@nager's source code... MFC is not a problem for this. there are two projects with FX2
sorry for the repeat of this question in the microcontroller design section and this section however i do need help with this problem:::::::: hey everyone, i would appreciate any help with this little problem, basically i'm building a dso using a cypress ez usb fx2 board (connunicating through the usb port naturally) model num (cy7c68013. (...)
Good day. imxo, dsp + fpga, is truly standard decision of this problem. Why You prefer SRAM version then DSP with SDRAM External Memory Interface +SDRAM module decision? Also, Look at Agilent HFBR fiber optics product for PC interface. For example, HFBR-RUD100, HFBR X5XX If You want use usb interface to PC, loook at DSP with usb interf
Hello Friends, I'm planning to make a computer based CRO using usb.. Earlier I have made a computer-based CRO using the parallel port & PIC 16F877A... Now I'm planning to use PIC 18F4550 which has an inbuilt usb module... However, the 18F series is much different from the 16F series.. I'm currently reading the data sheet to understand the wo
Have a look at this one they do a PIC18F2550 KS0108 Graphical LCD Oscilloscope and usb scope using a PIC18F2550 sorry forgot to add wizpic
everyone!! Im planning to buy this oscilloscope from ebay. Does anyone have used this oscilloscope? any comment regarding this? thanks. :D
Hi, We have a bunch of those scopes at work. They do the job, but they're not great. If you were thinking of using the usb connection, forget about it. It's as useless as they come! For maybe an extra 10% you can get an Agilent or a Tektronic which offers the same functionality, but with improved user interface, better usb / PC connectivity,
usb control is the simple part of your project. For the other, it depends on the specification. If you regard acquiring of kHz audio signals as "dso", it can be simple too. Several 10 MS/s, as achieved by typical usb oscilloscope black boxes, is already demanding. It requires special hardware and a profound analog and digital electronics (...)
Ok Guys i am a bit confused. i want to learn about filters and their designing so i need some thing to measure the frequencies. i have few questions: 1. i already have a 25MHZ dso with FFT as its Maths function, so do i need a spectrum analyzer, if yes than why? 2. why does basic standalone spectrum analyzers starts from 9 KHZ why not from DC
Take a look at Cypress. They have a bunch of nice usb chips, ranging from 8051 cores to home-grown risc processors.
These pens are certainly gimicky and as Simbox said it would cost a lot to design one from scratch. I'm now using Smart Media cards as they have plummeted in price and the usb read/writers are only about 20 quid - so I have one at home and work and just take the cards around with me.. Slightly off topic but does anybody know if there is a usb sock
At this link you'll find numerous usb chip sets. Also, Atmel has an AVR Controller With usb integrated into 1 chip at:
how much of the usb data rate is lost in this conversion?
Has anybody infos on interfacing usb cameras to microcontroller. I'm interested on the packet of data coming from the camera...... Thx
You can try TITusb3210 ,it usb ctrl Mcu by 8x51.
Hi there, thank you veru much for providing information on usb. The uploaded file gives UTMI specification. Can you please provide the usb2.0 specifications. Thanx again.
There are really two answers to your question, one hardware and one software. Hardware: PCMCIA and usb connectors are designed to make power connections on insertion before signals and break power after signals on removal. This provides a relatively safe "hot plug". The other bus connectors (ISA, PCI, IDE/ATA) are not designed with this feature.
PDIusbD12 of philips
Hi All I'm planning to built a small MIDI keyboard and want to communicate using a usb connection for laptop use Does anyone have any good Ideas or sample code biggest problem is the Windows driver and the device descriptor I have already built a few project using Microchips usb chips communicating with them as HID devices but I want wind
I agree with Wizzard, I am using FTDI chips in a few products and they make usb as easy as 123! They are about to release a second generation of thier chip which has some very nice new features and needs less supporting circuitry. Down load the data sheet from the web site. Royalty free, maintained drivers for Win, Win CE, Mac, Linux. Hard to be
Anybody have a schematic or info on usb to GPIB interface? Thanks.......
If you need for digital camera I sugest you to by PCI usb board for PC it is cheap (obout 100EUR), and you got very high speed !
Yes, this can be done! The Roland Corparation supplies a device driver that redirects MIDI requests to usb. Find that driver?
1ch ADC with usb Interface AK5371 2ch ADC with usb Interface Incorporates usb Audio Controller ? usb Serial Interface Engine ? Audio Class Encoder/Decoder ? 2 Endpoints (FIFO) ? usb transceiver 16 bit A/D Converter ? 1 channel ? Mute/Volume Control ? AGC
Hi all, I am searching for a library (a .lib file) to develop an application with usb support. Please can someone help me to find this library and the specifications to use it ? Thanks a lot Overflow91
code need Tanx
first of all you must see what usb have PDA (host or slave) only PIC16C745 or PIC16C765 are with usb,i don't know if there are host or slave another way is to SL811HC ( ) -host/slave usb
Hi, All Anyone know usb 2.0 transceiver, only analog frontend part, single chip. Thank you very much.
NEC uPD720121
There is a `usb on the go' technology officially supported by the usb consortium which handles computer to computer data transfer. - Jayson
Does anyone have some sample C code for the Philips usb 2.0 ISP1581 chip when used to build a mass storage device with an IDE disk? I know there is an eval kitt with code, but I only need some C source not the kitt? Regards Me
hello friends, I´ve already bought a FT232AM chip and made a serial-usb converter test board to test this IC. The hardware seems to be ok but I simply cant install it in win98. I´ve contacted FTDI and sent tehm my sch, they told me the hardware was ok but they told me also that win98 had problems with drivers and said I had to update the OS
@crypted what should I "raed carefully before advise anything"? You ask about PIC&usb. I gave you link to this page: At the end of that page you have link to this site: and their project: SmartMedia Flash usb Reader / Writer with PIC18F872
HI guys, I need connect to Pic micro (or any micro) a standard PC Modem. Via usb or RS232. Are there a software routine and hardware interface to do it ??? Help please Thank you
Check out this dso design. 2 channels 50MS/s. Up to 100MHz (Interleaved sampling of two channels.) Parallel port interface. greetz, venz.
Anyone here who is using K*eils ULINK JTAG usb debugger with the new Infinion C16x Controllers ? Does it work ? Is it worth to buy ? Cheers usbman
FTDI's site: and their project: SmartMedia Flash usb Reader / Writer with PIC18F872 or SX28. Source and schematic are here: regards meax98
Does anybody have an information or a URL for a usb EPROM programmer please? Git
for usb driver : see f t d i . com in example you see complete example comp and electronic board in the base jedi for serial many component av. some of it free see t o r r y .net for paralell port depent you need : if in win me or lase you can easy use assembly language in parallel address p
Hi all, please can someone tell me where to find a good project (schematics and software) to build an IDE to usb interface to external connect my hard disk ? Thanks in advance....... Overflow91
Hi there, Great idea. I think the bottleneck will be that your 8051 system must emulate the usb memokey's Device driver. I'm really interrested.
How to build usb link cable?
Usually, there is EEPROM on the board near usb controller and you put your device name there. example: regards meax98
I found similar one. "Developing usb PC peripherals using Intel 8x930Ax usb Micro Controller" May be useful. Goodluck.
Dear Zeron, If U need a simple device acting as usb slave device U can use some RS232 to usb bridge... U'll found many cheap component... I recommand you FTDI chips (works cool and is simple to interface with any kind of controller...): w* best, //a
There are chips which can do usb/RS-232 and usb/Parallel port conversion. I did not tried to test the parallel port version, but the RS-232 convertor works without any problem. Maybe you can test it. Look at:
I'm developing an usb mouse interface on FPGA. I will testing it using my home PC, with Windows 95 as operating system, but I don't know how to send usb packets to my device (without writing my own program, of course). There are some freeware tools to send and receive usb packets? Win95 and usb is a very bad idea. I recom
In usb to serial it maybe not work. In my experience it not work when I try to download program in to RD2. Why you try to use programmer with pararel port such as Propic2. Best Regard.