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Hi Does anyone has seen a Oscilloscope home project on the web that can be connected by means of usb 2.0 ? Thanks in advance.
hey everyone, i would appreciate any help with this little problem, basically i'm building a dso using a cypress ez usb fx2 board (connunicating through the usb port naturally) model num (cy7c68013. my problem is that i do not know how to interface the board with the computer as in , how do i create a handle to the device driver associated (...)
sorry for the repeat of this question in the microcontroller design section and this section however i do need help with this problem:::::::: hey everyone, i would appreciate any help with this little problem, basically i'm building a dso using a cypress ez usb fx2 board (connunicating through the usb port naturally) model num (cy7c68013. (...)
Good day. imxo, dsp + fpga, is truly standard decision of this problem. Why You prefer SRAM version then DSP with SDRAM External Memory Interface +SDRAM module decision? Also, Look at Agilent HFBR fiber optics product for PC interface. For example, HFBR-RUD100, HFBR X5XX If You want use usb interface to PC, loook at DSP with usb interf
Hello Friends, I'm planning to make a computer based CRO using usb.. Earlier I have made a computer-based CRO using the parallel port & PIC 16F877A... Now I'm planning to use PIC 18F4550 which has an inbuilt usb module... However, the 18F series is much different from the 16F series.. I'm currently reading the data sheet to understand the wo
Have a look at this one they do a PIC18F2550 KS0108 Graphical LCD Oscilloscope and usb scope using a PIC18F2550 sorry forgot to add wizpic
everyone!! Im planning to buy this oscilloscope from ebay. Does anyone have used this oscilloscope? any comment regarding this? thanks. :D
Hi, We have a bunch of those scopes at work. They do the job, but they're not great. If you were thinking of using the usb connection, forget about it. It's as useless as they come! For maybe an extra 10% you can get an Agilent or a Tektronic which offers the same functionality, but with improved user interface, better usb / PC connectivity,
usb control is the simple part of your project. For the other, it depends on the specification. If you regard acquiring of kHz audio signals as "dso", it can be simple too. Several 10 MS/s, as achieved by typical usb oscilloscope black boxes, is already demanding. It requires special hardware and a profound analog and digital electronics (...)
I am looking for a PC based function generator (at least two outputs) that can generate continuous square waves (of course) but great added capabilities could be: a. Ability to release a "burst" of pulses (i.e. defined number) b. Ability to program a shifting range of frequencies Any suggestions? By the way, for a PC based scope, I think I
Ok Guys i am a bit confused. i want to learn about filters and their designing so i need some thing to measure the frequencies. i have few questions: 1. i already have a 25MHZ dso with FFT as its Maths function, so do i need a spectrum analyzer, if yes than why? 2. why does basic standalone spectrum analyzers starts from 9 KHZ why not from DC
Hope this helps What's the point of uploading documents freely available on the net ?
Hi I have one of the older Bitscope, I am not satisfied with the frame rate when updating. The new ones is much faster and have ethernet / usb. I depends upon the budget, last time I checked the PICO were more expencive. It also depends if you like to buy a finished product or build something yourself. If you have money I would buy a external
I want to modify the design of PC base oscilloscope given here But the bandwidth is limited to 500kHz due to the FT245 usb data transfer limitation of 1MB/s. I want to increase the bandwidth to something useful like say 20MHz using high speed ADC (40MSPS, 8-bit) and FIFO buffer. Now the problem is that how
I am evaluating the posibitity to replace the Cypress usb on the ICD2 with a PIC18f2550 or similar Reasons for this are: -CY7C64613 seems to be dificult to obtain. -Lower price ($20 vs $10). -SMD package requires a pcb and more or less skilled soldering. The pic is available in DIL. -Solutions around FTDI alike ICs are just COM port emulatio
Bitscope natively uses Serial Port (RS232 using PIC16F628) Communication, which is then converted either to usb or ethernet, depending on model you choose. So screen refresh rate would be a rather low. I would suggest to go for a pure usb version, something like these (Good Features and S
I want to buy an oscilloscope. I saw these two products: 1.dso-5200A 50GS/S PC usb digital storage oscilloscope. Bandwidth for this oscilloscope is 200 MHz and is higher then bandwidth of the other one. Max. Sample rate is 250MS/s - i.e. lower then the other oscilloscope 2.RIGOL 1052E Digital Oscilloscope DS1052E 50MHz 2ch. Bandwidth is 50
Micro4you Studio - ARM JTAG, ARM usb JTAG, ARM JTAG usb, ARM Debugger, ARM dso, dso Nano - (Powered by CubeCart) is a good place with different varieties. -- Amr