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Hello I want to send something to my computer with usb interface. I am using AT32UC and atmel studio 6. there is example project but it doesn't work for me. when I plug it in to my computer I receive this error " A request for the usb device descriptor failed.". could you please tell me, what I should do? thanks
Hi I have a Hantek 6022BL PC usb Oscilloscope which I would like to use on linux. Hantek does not provide linux solutions but I found a wiki which refferes to openhantek. However, openhantek was last updated in 2011 which is a bit old. Are there other known wa
I would suggest inserting a usb stick or DVD with a bootable version of Linux on it, Ubuntu for example. That will demonstrate whether the problem is hardware or software as none of the original software will be touched, it will boot entirely from the DVD. If it does boot up that way, you can run diagnostics or even repair the Windows installation
Hi All, I want power my LED using I-Phone lightening connector. Have anyone tried to do that or Did you have any suggestion for me? For example:- Powering a usb fan. Instead of usb ,I want to use I-Phone to power on my LED.
Hi a question has come into mind related to these HF HAM commercial transceivers. How do these handle the SSB and LSB related to the oscillator frequency? I can think of two cases. It is better to present an example, to understand my question. For both cases LOSC=10MHz and transmitter baseband modulating audio signal=1KHz tone. Case 1: When switc
We could use Z-turn board as an example. FPGA program of ZYNQ is conserved on RAM, you should redownload it when you electrify the board each time. We could utilize platform cable usb DLC9 to download it, vivado version is 2014.4. JTAG interface of Z-turn board could be used to download and debug program of ARM and FPGA, ARM and FPGA are linked to
Hi, I?m trying to build a midterm system between a costly and highly custom VPX and a platform where each board interfaces with one another by cables. for example: imagine I have an off the shelf mini-itx motherboard, a switch, and 2 network video encoders my idea is to have a back plane that would supply power, serial communication (if requ
Hello, Trying to interface M590 with Arduino Uno. example sketches did not work. Then I connected GSM to my laptop via usb to serial FTDI module. Using arduino serial monitor, communication with GSM Module seems alright as all AT commands responded by M590 module is correct. But M590 module does not recognize the SIM card. It says SIM FAILURE.
When I connected a newbie LPC11u68 to usb port,it recognized in windows as an usb mass storage device.When I programmed LPCOPEN HID example by Flash magic to it,after resetting the board,my PC can't recognized it.Only when I pulled down PIO0_1(ISP selection pin)it still recognized as a Mass storage device.???
iam trying to follow this Sparkfun project example I will be powering the circuit by a 3.7v single cell Lipo battery with built in protection board. Also I will be using the usb power to charge the battery when usb is plugged in. I have few questions though: 1) in the first diagram picture I am not sure what they mean by "Vin must (...)
That means that differencial pair is used, like in usb, Ethernet, CAN and e.t.c, but most simplest example.
Dear All, I've a question. I'm still not quite understand when we should use SRC(synchronous) and when we need to use ASRC. For example, If I need to get the I2S audio stram form the HDMI receiver chip. Can I use SRC(synchronous)? It look like if you want to play the audio from the usb source you need to use ASRC. Thanks in advace for a
They are just numbers allocated by Windows when it sees a serial port. The numbers themselves have no meaning, they are just to identify which port is to be used. The hardware allocated the number may be different from one port to another, for example, one may be a usb serial port and another may be RS232. Brian.
any microcontroller with a usb device interface would probably support a simple project such as this, e.g. will you be writing the PC software? if so which language C++, C#, VB.NET, etc and which protocol, e.g. HID, Winusb, etc look for example code for both the micro fir
Hello I want to make an application in Labview which can communicate with PIC18F45K22 using UART. Please help me how to make the Labview file. It should be bi-directional that is I have to control PORT of PIC using Labview and also display the ADC value on Labview.
Hi all I have a board with LPC2364 proccessor. i run usb mass storage application(IAR example) on my board and it work. but when I changed my start address of application from sector 0 to sector 2 and debug my application, it can't work.and stop or hang in bellow line ( h // Init SCSI module ScsiInit(); __enable_in
hello, i tested HID read write on a Startusb 18F2550.. need to have a bootloader allready intalled, to be able to detect the usb deviceby PC HID terminal.
I Want to read data from a sensor which has RS485 interface the computer has only usb port ,I used RS485 to usb windows i am getting the response data when i send request data.When using in linux i tried minicom software ,but I am not getting the response data when i send request data. It shows the ftdi driver for the converter.
Hello!! Everyone I am new in the filed of Cortex-M3 and using LPC1343 micro-controller for my project, which also requires a usb HID. I found usb HID demo in Keil example folders and by using the usb Stack i created my project, which is exactly similar to example project provided by Keil. I have to send (...)
6 MHz - Low Speed usb 12 MHz - Full Speed usb 16 MHz - Full Speed usb (some implementation) 24 MHz (x20 PLL) - usb 2.0 However this speeds may vary with respect to hardware implementation of usb Phy
If you want to make a proprietary wireless connectivity between two device for example your own wireless mouse with your own usb dongle (with same or similar chip) then you can use this chip. It is not BLE device. No need of an external microcontroller because it is already having many peripherals, advanced 8051 core, DMA etc. But just a reminder,
I am giving you a simple example. Computer (PC) is a host, and whatever usb device that can be connected to PC usb port are usb devices. You can connect many usb devices to a Host (Limited). One more example. Tablet when connected to PC behaves as a usb device and when a (...)
are you using the MLA example C:\microchip_solutions_v2013-06-15\usb\Device - HID - Custom Demos\Firmware\usb Device - HID - Simple Custom Demo - C18 - PICDEM FSusb.mcp if so the ADC is used in the ReadPOT() function by changing ADCON0 you may have caused the ADC conversion to hang and hence the usb (...)
unless you are building 1000's of units I would go for a PIC24 device for example, we recently used a PIC24FJ64GB004 to interface to a Bytronic Control Systems Trainer using the usb HID protocol using Visual C++, C# or VB.N
The question is if you have time to learn the usb related hard- and software topics. If you have a known working design example and development kit, it may be quite easy to proceed from there. Many years ago, I had the "pleasure" to debug an erroneously designed AT90usb development kit (insufficient bypassing caused occasional (...)
Hi all, I'm trying to implement virtual com port functionality in atxmega32a4u.I actually downloaded asf example code and i've modified that code with somw LUFA library,when i connect the usb cable between pc and xmega after flashing code ,device is not detecting.can anyone help on this problem its very important for me to complete th
hi all does anyone using TI tivaware c series for their project using usb communication? currently i have problem i saw that there are some example can be used which is usb_dev_serial, but i try modify it, i mentioned that if mcu receive letter "A" then do a function, but this case i have modified, but no function as i expected, can (...)
hello, So, in your PC you must have a vrtual COM port ,linked to your usb/bluetooh interface ? and you need also a service (program) to establish this link after you can use the created virual COM port with your Basic Program.. Do you know BlueSoleil application ? (or another programme to get the virtual port !) an example of link betwe
Hello, I am trying to develop the usb interface with a PIC18F4550 with the help of a EasyPIC6 Development Board. I am using MPLAB v8.56. After looking through the usb device example (HID Device Custom) on Microchip Libraries for Applications (MLA), I could build the hex file successfully for my project. Then, I used mikroProg Suite to (...)
Like i sad in title, i need schematic for Labview DAQ card that has outputs and inputs (for example NI usb-6008). I know its very expensive but i hope i can find any schematic at least some clone that can work with Labview, because i dont have money to buy one. Thanks
Hi All, As mention in usb 3.0 Specification section 10.7.10, It is require to send SKIP order set when transmitted symbol count reaches nSkipSymbolLimit. I am bit confused about sending of SKP oreder set. Have look at below example. For example. Downstream Port is going to send Data Header Packet + Data Payload which is (...)
You can also search micros with usb OTG .... For example PIC24Fxx
Of course, this is possible, but if you have some very good reason for doing it. If you just want to build DAC/preamp/amp to have usb interface to PC, use PCM2707 or something similar. Connect I2S output from PCM directly to (for example) TDA1543 and you will have good sounding PC device.
Yes, at least a usb to serial driver..
We have sigtest 3.28 and test fixture now。 How to test usb3.0 with sigtest? For example,how to let DUT (host) send CP0 and CP1. how to choose sigtest template。 and how to test in the far end。 My english is poor,and thanks。。。。
the usb protocol aint a problem Isn't it? But you don't understand it at all. A simple point, difference between usb device and host. There's no device-to-device communications option. You need an usb host, e.g. a PIC24 processor to access an usb device like a memory stick. There are example projects in (...)
HI nidhublessy, If you need usb and SD card, you may find a suitable microcontroller in PIC18F series(I have used PIC18F4550). Microchip provides library and example codes for usb and SD card. If you are a complete beginner, i recommend having your hands on a development board which has code examples of all (...)
I want to make DAQ board using PIC18F4550 with usb communication. For beggining i am trying usb communication example given in MicroC library. I can built my program without any problem. But the moment i try to "start debugging" I got some application error.(Images attached) So Please someone try this code and tell me what is the exact (...)
Hello, I am newbie in usb PIC programming. I am simple trying usb example given in MicroC usb library. I can easily "Build" this example. But whenever i try to "Start Debugger" it shows some application Error. I have also included descriptor file in my project.
All variants of the NXP LPC21xx series of ARM microcontroller share the same baseline features as they are all based on the ARM7TDMI-S core, the major differences between these variants is an increase in Flash, RAM, GPIO and the addition of various peripheral hardware modules such as CAN, usb, ADC, Ethernet, etc. For example, the only difference
can i used ethernet usb adapter as charger? Huh? :shock: You need to elaborate as to your exact intentions. For example, to charge what? To what type of Ethernet/usb Adapter are you referring? BigDog
In the attached circutry (its from a usb to RS485 converter), what could cause the driver SP485 to burn? I know a high voltage on the A and B wires could probably burn the SP485, but could for example a high load such as a terminal resistor placed between A and B also cause it to become overheated? Any other suggestions? 101970[/
i am troubling bcoz of usb communication from long time.I have downloaded usb_HID example from keil website. so how to add this code to my project.Consider it is based on interrupt transfer method.And there is key's on software and i have to blink led with this aplication. And if i mark Use memory layout from target Dialog then it gives (...)
hello, I don't have Proteus and PIC18F4455 with usb i just can show you an example with 18F46k22 with many possibility for FOSC internal or via external Quartz. Maybe is more complicated with usb because need of 48Mhz clock for usb part.. I am not sure that with Q=20Mhz you can satisfied for usb (...)
Hello every body, After applying HID usb with 18F4550 example using usb Power and external power supply, my laptop usb ports don't work. if i want use it, i must shutdown laptop at 15-20 minutes. if i connect any device, it work little time then stop. so If any one face these problems can you help me. another Q. : (...)
Hi, I am new to the usb, i have studied about usb theory in the internet. I have found a example on below that host application developed in the visual studio, HID firmware in the mplab. When I try this example, my pc not detecting the the mic
In most embedded applications, a ?C with OTG functionality would be the straightforward solution, e.g. AT90usb1286, PIC24FxxxGB.
Hi i am trying to simulate usb example in proteus ..using pic18f2550 . What would be the easiest way to connect to the usb . I want to know how to write windows gui c program to connect to simulated usb in proteus . can i simulate the hid terminal in proteus itself . Please Help .
Hi, Does anyone know how much current a typical 2GB usb flash drive (Kingston, eg.) will draw? Could it run up to near 500mA in high-speed write/read mode? And does the figure differ with usb 1.1 (max speed 12Mb/s) and usb 2.0 (max 480Mb/s) controllers? Matt
Hi, We would like to design an usb host device, but would like the device to be able to power usb peripherals (up to 500mA current) from battery when not connected to DC power. For this purpose, it seems that a power IC which could buck-up 3.7V battery voltage to 5V is needed. Could someone recommend such a power IC for this purpose? Ad