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A senior design engineer has just given me a usb stick with protel pcb layout software on it. He tells me that any design i do must be drawn and layed out in this Protel What is it? Is it that DOS based PCB layout package? I have been told its a version before ver 3.5.2. I have been told that if i (...)
Dear all I am Using sprint layout five for PCB design I can not found usb symbol in the library any body knows about it please help Thanks
Lot of posts has been posted regarding usb and Ethernet design in this forum.First check the forum if not available then ask dis type of questions Regards Rajan
Dear all i need to make atmel 89s52 . not the one with paraller port my computer doesnot have parraller port can u send me seial or usb design of 89s52 programmer thank you ahmed please see the you would find a schematic driver software and layout done by Naieem is good. it works w
Any one has a schematic of KIT128? This seems to be a nice design. I would like to redesign the PCB layout and use it for ICSP only. So the box would be very small: 1 entry for usb plug, flying lead with RJ45 connector for ICSP. Benefit above the old TAIT programmer is that there is no need for additional power (...)