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usbscope50 is very tiny usb scope,i also want to made a home scope,anyone can send me usbscope50 schematic. Added after 5 hours 14 minutes: very beautiful scope
i need ericsson DCU-10 usb cable schematic diagram please! best regards
Hi check this link herea a schematic. It don't include the VCC and GND. Note the connection changes according to your application speed and if it's self powered or not. Salam Hossam Alzomor
A pc based usb oscilloscope,high quality ,low price. uso-2300 series,20M/40M/60M/100M/200M
i will buy universal usb programmer schematic,doc and all information for built if any freind have this information i will buy it please give support ic info thancks
Hi everybody I've used my PC's sound card as a very basic oscilloscope for a while now but since I switched to a laptop which only has a mic input (very high sensitivity and can't be relied upon because of internal filters) I decided that I need an usb oscilloscope. Plus I'd like to upgrade the bandwidth. I searched on the net for (...)
dear sirs i need an usb programmer schematic Diagram for DSpic programming that can work with Mikro Pascal Language program. if possible please send to my email ( Best Regards:D EVERY ONE HERE HAVE GOOD EYE SIGHT. I THINK THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR EYES OR PROBLEM WITH YOU
Please let me know that can anyone have PIC usb programmer schematic and it is running successfully.Please share me its schematic.
Need Chines EVD,DVD,TV,usb, PLEYAR schematic
... and it doesn't contain the schematics! Regards, ep20k.
picall no other never lets you down you can buy a kit and its a nice sunday project comes complete with firmware pic and a great level of support you can add new types on the fly most often with no change to the ide or firmware its a parallel port i tried it via a usb parallel converter leed on my laptop with n
Hi everyone! I used to use a Serial programmer for my microchip projects until today, but as everything changes, my new computer only has usb port and my serial programmer became "ancient history". Does anyone have a simple usb programmer schematic , with easily availabe components ? Tks in advance!
I have a 10MHZ Voltcraft single channel oscilloscope which is not working. Does anyone have a schematic for this? It is a Model 610-2. I have opened upthe oscilloscope and done some preliminary checks. Everything looks fine. The tube "heater" is functioning, but there is no trace. Please see the enclosed picture of the scope. Would (...)
Hi all, If some one has the circuit diagram of DUAL CHANNEL usb oscilloscope published in ELECTRONICS FOR YOU 2006 DECEMBER issue please post it.Our college library has one copy of the particular issue but it is closed for some days.the circuit diagram that i am able to download from Efy website is a blurred one so please upload the circuit diagr
Hi, Does anyone have any idea what parts are inside the "Swordfish" Hand Held usb oscilloscope (ADC,UC,RAM,FIFO...) ? Thanks
Does anyone have the schematic for such an interface cable? bimbla
Can anyone give me a copy of the schematic for a VU-Data PS915 Failing that then any similar model would be helpful. Thanks, Peter.
FT2232C Dual usb UART / FIFO The FT2232C is the 3rd generation of FTDI?s popular usb UART / FIFO I.C. family. This device features two Multi-Purpose UART / FIFO controllers which can be configured individually in several different modes. As well as a UART interface, FIFO interface and Bit-Bang IO modes of
Hi, last week, my scope (MO-53) made the following: on the left side of the screen, the beam made a high intesity, big point... so big, that the full screen was green. I think, that the controller circuit, which is responsible for the turnig up of the beam is faulty. Since last weak, unfortunately it appears often. I searched the NET, for the s
Hi I have one of the older Bitscope, I am not satisfied with the frame rate when updating. The new ones is much faster and have ethernet / usb. I depends upon the budget, last time I checked the PICO were more expencive. It also depends if you like to buy a finished product or build something yourself. If you have money I would buy a external
Hello Friends, I'm planning to make a computer based CRO using usb.. Earlier I have made a computer-based CRO using the parallel port & PIC 16F877A... Now I'm planning to use PIC 18F4550 which has an inbuilt usb module... However, the 18F series is much different from the 16F series.. I'm currently reading the data sheet to understand the wo
The simplest usb dongle:
Please upload schematics for Hameg HM207 oscilloscope.
hi every body i want a shematic and firmware of usb jtag can any body help me
Does anyone have A schematic or servicce manual for the Iwatsu SS-7611? Even in PDF format would be a good start. Or even a longer shot, Anyone have one for parts they looking to get rid of?
take a look at this usb programmer schematic here you have in it a converter to make 13v from 5v everything is explained you can also have a look a texas instrument or maxim web site, they have circuits called "step-up" converters that will fit your needs.
Hello everyone. This is my first post in this forum. I am a student of 4th B Tech (ECE). I have planned to build a PC based usb oscilloscope using PIC 18f4550, to plot high frequency signals upto 10 MHz, in these vacations of mine. I am thinking of using external ADC made by TI for signal sampling,( TLC5540) which has sampling rate upto 40MSPS,s
usb control is the simple part of your project. For the other, it depends on the specification. If you regard acquiring of kHz audio signals as "DSO", it can be simple too. Several 10 MS/s, as achieved by typical usb oscilloscope black boxes, is already demanding. It requires special hardware and a profound analog and digital electronics (...)
i have the old Topward 7210 oscilloscope,now the focus very big,i can't correct it by focus var,i trying repair it but i do not have schematics,i need Topward 7210 oscilloscope schematic,please help me! ^ ^.
hi Go for Texas Tusb6250 check
You're not going to get that kind of range and rate in the same device, expect. At least, back when I was working in 30V technologies you couldn't. More likely you will have a switched attenuation network at the front end (your vertical/div) and work with whatever ADC provides you the sampling speed / accuracy you want. You would have
Hi all , I got the circuit from following site it works usb oscilloscope
HI, If anyone has the computer software and firmware for pc based usb oscilloscope published in ELECTRONICS FOR YOU 2006 please upload,I have lost mine,please help me.
Hello, I have found this Ultra-Simple oscilloscope I wonder if there are other similar simple oscilloscope projects out there. I tried to search but I could not find any. Any links for a simple to make solid state oscilloscope? (around 30MHz max frequency would be nice)
HI, If anyone has the computer software and firmware for pc based usb oscilloscope published in ELECTRONICS FOR YOU 2006 december please upload,I have lost my cd,please help me.
Is this a good oscilloscope for repairing Tv,Lcd Motherboard etc.. oscilloscope link : NEW 2 Channel PC Computer Digital mini usb oscilloscope | eBay i am a repairer and i need an oscillo
Hello all! I must resolder Picoscope2000 wires. Does anybody know whether a Picoscope2000 schematic diagram is available somewhere? Thanks a lot gusts
hello, i would like to buy a cheap oscilloscope, i could buy a used from you, but im watching at ebay some cheap ones, and would need info about what specs to focus on. for instance this mentions, measura
Hi, I tried to contact the company where I bought a bluetooth 4.0 component and I asked them to provide me there bluetooth usb dongle schematic because I want to integrate into an arduino pro mini. I am still waiting and I think I won't get a reply from them for that. In the connection guide I found on their website, I found the (...)
in this website have A SIMPLE usb oscilloscope FOR THE PC using FT245 up to 500Khz
i want to build pic programmer for PIC16f877 and uses usb port (having problem using serial port ) also i need software that program it , can anybody help me:?:
Hi all, I'm designing a PIC32 based usb oscilloscope. I need a dual supply for the opamps as it simplifies input impedance and level shifting. I selected a unregulated +5V to +/-5V DC to DC converter (needs to be isolated so this limits my choices here) and then I was either going to use +/-3V LDOs in front of this to provide the supply for the
Hi ! i m doing usb oscilloscope as my FYP i m completed hardware circuit now tell me how to use A to D converter of PIC 18f4550 to convert analog signal to digital plz give me a sample code I begin to think that I am the only user of Google.
Hi! Here's a cool hack I came up with during the weekend, and surprisingly enough, proved to feasible: Capturing composite video NTSC signal with a usb oscilloscope (Picoscope 2204 to be exact, they have a nice C API), and decoding it realtime to emulate a composite display in
Try using oscilloscope and see what's going on with voltage lines on your processor. I am assure it is best method. usb oscilloscope and DSO oscilloscope, helped me alot with low frequency signals, power lines, data lines, etc. problems. Cheap, frequency is enough to find all kinds of problems. Also: Maybe you make too much (...)
can anyone share a schematic of a usb-based oscilloscope? thanks!
Have a look at this one they do a PIC18F2550 KS0108 Graphical LCD oscilloscope and usb scope using a PIC18F2550 sorry forgot to add wizpic
Hi Does anyone has seen a oscilloscope home project on the web that can be connected by means of usb 2.0 ? Thanks in advance.
Need usb link cable schematic. Thanks