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Dear All, I am designing a board with FE1.1s and FTDI chips which are FT232RL and FT4232HL. I am using 2 FE1.1s chip and get 4 usb port and different quantity serial port according to device model. I have a question. I now that High Speed usb lines should be differential and they should be 90 ohm in differential. I am little bit confused.
Please I need help on a working usb pic programmer with pcb circuit it's really urgent
Please I need working usb pic programmer using pic18f2550 with pcb circuit urgent.
I have build an c# application which connects to an embedded mcu based hardware via uart communication . I have used mcp2200 i am connecting the system as follows : mcu tx-rx --->max232----->db9 female connector ----> dm9 m connector on module pcb---->max232 on module pcb ---->mcp2200 on module pcb-----> usb connector on (...)
Short answer - Yes, it would be almost impossible. If you open the monitor you will find a tiny pcb with a custom IC on it, you would have to replace it with one of your own while still maintaining the functionality of the original. Why do you want usb anyway? The Raspberry Pi has an analog video output and a HDMI output, neither are compatible w
- buying the pcb that already has 2 usb ports, 1 charging port, and 4 leds, and the battery separately and putting them together in my custom case I think it is the best choice for you , I had a power bank with damaged charger-discharger circuit , I fixed that with a Li-ion battery charger and two DC_DC converter with usb out pu
Thing is my gigabyte usb reciever(Dongle) that came whit keyboard stoped working, board from wireles gigabyte keyboard is working. How do you know that the keyboard part is working? Checked with a second receiver? Any indications that the keyboard controller is able to drive an usb or PS2 keyboard interface? Why should it at all?
Hi, I need a pcb electrical schema for 3 female 5Ah usb connectors (phone charging) and 1 female Jack 3.5 connector (for audio line in). I have no previous experience with electrical design or pcb manufacturing, can anyone help me out with some resources and/or advice? Thanks!
Hi, I need a pcb electrical schema for 3 usb female connectors and 1 female jack 3.5" connector, further details to be offered on demand. I have no previous experience with electrical design or pcb manufacturing, can anyone help me out with some starting tips and/or advices? Thanks!
Hi all, I found a new project on IndeGoGo: usb powered air-free solder paste dispenser, that you can be very handy for those who make SMT pcb prototypes. It has linear stepper motor inside and definitively will be faster and more precise than applying solder paste by hand. :lol: Check it out:
I haven't used this kind, but another one similar, the JDM. As far as I can see it seems prone to face the same problem related to the usb/RS232 cable that you are certainly using. There programmers had no issues on "onboard" serial ports which was abe to provide 12V. I would recommend you take a search on another circuit, but having a higher volta
It's probably being bit manipulated in that Cypress usb microcontroller code. Based on the datasheet it has an 8051 embedded in it and the code is run from RAM, EEPROM, or an external memory device. I'd wager that the original board designer let the pcb layout person to pin swap on that bus to make routing easier. I'd also wager the firmware eng
Hi, I want to design a pcb which will connect with a tablet (slave) either an Arduino pcb (host) and either with a PC (host). At the below image i took a senario where of a trouble shouting all devices will connect together (for instance because all relays are damge). My question is if and the three VDD of three devices (below picture) will connec
Hiii I want to connect my 5V ,1A servo motor to my pcb using usb port. I am using same cable which is already given by manufacturer of servo, i just want to replace it's header with type A usb connector. I am not using usb cable as its maximum current limit is 500mA. so can connect usb Connector as (...)
we are thinking of designing an embedded design which includes wireless technologies such as WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth. we are thinking to do new pcb board by integrating wireless modules in it. however, some ppl in the team believes that buying controller board (EBOX) and connect wireless modules in usb dongles and PIC Express cards will save cost an
The design is for usb Power Interface. If you have any pcb and pcbA projects,please feel free to contact us for RFQ 122559
Hi, I would like to check if I doing this well. I am designing a board which has a samS70 controller (100 pin LQFP version) that uses i2s, i2c, SPI and usb (but the connector is next to the SAM device). There is a wifi module next to the SAM as well (ATWiNC1500-MR210PB). I have done most of the routing on top and reached a 80mm x 80mm board.
usb2 is half duplex. usb3 is full duplex.
uhg! could you post more information? like the model and number of your sensor? can you/ do you want to modify the sensor circuit? can you take photos of the instrument pcb? if you don't want to touch the sensor, then, you need a usb Host to serial... I suggest you to check the Vinculum series
Hi everybody. Some time ago I started to design/develop an usb controlled CNC machine, intended mainly for pcb drilling. In this post I'm trying to show my work until now. The attachment contains a PDF file with the schematics of control board, based on PIC18F4550 from Microchip and also a ZIP file with gerbers of pcb for this controller (...)
Hi ctzof, pcb layout, gnd loop have significant effect on esd performance. Generally, the shunt diodes should place close to usb connector so that the pulses will divert to gnd without getting into the system.
You can get an Offline converter packaged with wall plug and a 3W usb port for $3 then no need to certify board since it is low voltage. IS there a compelling reason to make it pcb mount?
Hello, I am looking for an usb interface board that acts like a joystick. I took a few gamepads apart and used just the pcb but there must be better solutions. Also I would like to connect not only buttons but also rotary encoders to the board, so it has to determine the rotation direction. Can we make such a board ourselve
have a look at the dsPIC33E usb starter kit in that user guide has the circuit schematics
Hello! We would like to introduce our cool project! We have been worked on with micro controller developer board which has built-in followed features... Wireless connectivity: 2G Quadband GPRS WLAN BT 4.1 Wired connectivity: Micro usb 2.0 GPIO pins on pcb JTAG on pcb Sensors: 3D Accelerometer A-GPS Location (...)
hi, Are any of these type s suitable.?
If you are using these interfaces on a pcb then I would suggest you go online and get the relevant details regarding each interface, its layout requirements (impedance, length matching etc.) all of these interfaces have defined standards for usb) a search will get you all the information you require. I keep this (and tons of other document
I had issues in the past with high speed usb products that didn't work with some usb cables, although the cables weren't particularly bad. It was rather a pcb design issue with the high speed traces.
I could not find any usb type B 4 pin connector eagleCad layout from that matches the digi key part can someone give me such a connector part number from any vendor and a eagleCAD pcb layout from any site? thanks
i need a exact working schematic of ft232rl with max232 ic, i am designing a pcb for usb to rs232 converter i get a lot of circuits in the net but i need the exact working one kindly help. thank you regards kalyan
if you already have a pcb with serial output you could use a usb to serial converter, e.g. if you are building a pcb why not add usb functionality? e.g. you can then power the pcb from the usb 5V line
Hi, I am new to pcb design. I am using KiCAD to build a pcb of my own following CC2531 usb Dongle (v2.4) reference design (done using CADSTAR). I see VBUS and VCC_EXT in the reference design. The symbol looks similar to VCC. I don't see VBUS and VCC_EXT symbol in KiCAD. Are they same as VCC with
I've got a project I'm working on that requires using a mini usb connection to supply various components with either 5v or 3.3v. This board is my first real pcb. After making it myself, everything seems to look ok. Checking the output and ground pins shows the expected voltages, but as soon as it's connected to the usb, it blows the (...)
Dear All, Can someone recommend me a complete pcb milling machine with usb interface for sell which is relatively cheap ? I target to design pcb's with double side layer for prototype SMD components over it (accuracy 20-50 mils). I see a lot of pcb routing milling machines over the internet with reasonable price but (...)
Hi, I am trying to make a dual-side pcb by combining at one side the Lilypad Arduino usb (without the pins except + and - ) and one the other side the HC-05. I am trying to make this pcb as small as possible in or
Hi, It might sound simple to some of you but I would like to merge the schematic of a bluetooth usb dongle to a schematic of a usb to UART. The most important thing is I don't want the microusb plug on the usb to UART board, that's why I want to merge those 2 above and then create a pcb. Also, I will (...)
Hi everyone, I want to use a Bluetooth 4.0 transceiver from Laird (BT800) which is normally made to create a usb dongle. But because space restrictions for my project I opted for this transceiver even if I don't want to use it for wha
Hi I would like to save Ares pcb layout made in my home computer on my usb pen drive to print it in my office printer. Can anyone help me as the office printer is better for this works than mine. Sully
You can use power from usb. Voltage is 5V and if you need 3,3V use adequate voltage regulator. Best regards, Peter
I have used the following: SMSC (now micro chip) usb2504A available at digikey etc. We had stressing video requirements and this device worked perfectly at turn on, on a new pcb design. I recommend it.
A senior design engineer has just given me a usb stick with protel pcb layout software on it. He tells me that any design i do must be drawn and layed out in this Protel What is it? Is it that DOS based pcb layout package? I have been told its a version before ver 3.5.2. I have been told that if i have anything later than WinXP, (...)
Hi, If you search this forum you will find many pages for a simple diy pickit2 clone, many with pcb designs. You need to program a chip for the Pk2 and again there are many crude programmers detailed, however have not seen one to work from a vga port ? Perhaps you might be able to use a cheap usb to serial converter cable to make a jdm programmer
I've made a simple circuit to deal with a problem in a computer lab. It's a simple usb switch that turns off the monitor when the computer is shut down, thus preventing the monitors to spend electricity with the standby current. Schematic: 86488 pcb: 86487 You can use it as you wish. Plea
I don't think that will work. While it is JTAG, it won't work with any of the Xilinx programming tools and may have the wrong logic levels and so on. You will need something called a 'Xilinx Platform Cable usb'. They're expensive, but cheap clones are available on eBay. If you're designing a pcb for your CPLD, it's a good idea to fit a JTAG header
Hey Guys! I'm working on a project that requires both an Atmel2560 and a connected computer to both have the capability to read/write to an SD card. Basically, the Atmel2560 is connected to the MicroSD on board the pcb through a Hex Converter. The board is designed to operate with connection (and power) to a usb-B port. The Atmel will be dumping
Dear All Good Day! I am working on 1 Functional Test Station development for pcb,I am developing the Tester by using the LabVIEW,in pcb Microchip-11AA010T-I/TT Flas Memory component will be mounted,already some data will be stored on that Flash Memory location,I need to get that data and I need to store new data in that Flash Memory by Using
What type of package (DIL, SOIC, TQFP etc)? Do you not have the pcb? lol - cross post. OK, check with a multimeter for connection between the RS232 shell (or the ground pin of the RS232) and the two outer usb pins. That will give you the ground pin. Usually, the opposite end usb pin will be +V, but see what if connects to on the board (...)
Does some one has this circuitiry ? Use usb to charge the battery.
See this usb keyboard logger :
Hello, I'm looking for a cheap FPGA evaluation board to implement a automatic pcb hardware tester. Please recommand a cheap (~100$) FPGA board with at least 40 GPIO pins and a UART port (either usb to UART or direct RS232). P.S : Does the DE0 board have a UART interface (the datasheet says nothing about it) ?