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Aaaaalways test your communications with a known host.. like communicating each board with a PC first... (go buy a cheap usb/ttl cable to test ) then, what compiler are you using? It seems XC8 but... finally... did you read the XC8 Peripheral Library Manual? it seems you need to use the OR operator '|' to join the settings Open2USART
Is this possible to inter-fetch USM GSM modem with pic18f4550 micro-controller? As far as I know usb inter-fetch required higher speed.
HI nidhublessy, If you need usb and SD card, you may find a suitable microcontroller in pic18f series(I have used pic18f4550). Microchip provides library and example codes for usb and SD card. If you are a complete beginner, i recommend having your hands on a development board which has code examples of all (...)
hi daniii if you have not enough knowledge about usb communication, its better to use usb to UART ICs to send and receive data over usb. then you can use a low cost MCU without usb module.
Hi, I have avr dragon and the vusb usbasp programmer with me. But I need some thing simple similar to the usbasp but it should be much faster so that it will not take much time to load a 1MB or 256KB of flash. Is there any one already did it in pic18f with usb hardware?
1) So If I want to only read and write the Hex file. Then I have to have pickit 2 programmer and ZIF socket which is on the following option. Really the onl
Did we not previously have this discussion? Or was it a usb PIC bootloader? The following pic18f based UART bootloaders have Linux compatibility: Jolt pic18f Bootloader Tiny PIC bootloader - See Link Below for Linux Compatible
hi! plz anyone provide me the circuit diagram of pic18f4550 interface with usb
Hi ! i m doing usb oscilloscope as my FYP i m completed hardware circuit now tell me how to use A to D converter of PIC 18f4550 to convert analog signal to digital plz give me a sample code I begin to think that I am the only user of Google.
Look here: Building a pic18f usb device - WFFwiki
What is the exact model of PIC you are using in your design? The VDIP1 offers three methods of interfacing with its host MCU, UART, SPI or Parallel. The UART method of interfacing would most likely be the simplest if you have limited experience with PIC programming. Here is an example of interfacing a VDIP1 with a pic18f: [URL="re-innovat
I avoid this problem by using usb TTL serial cables such as those from FTDI when plugged into usb they give a COM serial port that can be used by programs such as teraterm pro. as well as 5 volt TTL they are available in 3.3 volt versions enabling one to connect directly to devices such as PIC18, PIC24, PIC32, etc
Hi, i want to start learning usb pic18f programming, but i dont know where to start. Can you give me some advises, links, books names etc.
I want to ask all of you about the hardware that we build by our self and than connected to PC by using LabVIEW. I want to build many project with LabVIEW but now I just start test the hardware, I dont know how to connect via LabVIEW. I had been install already the NI VISA, for connect my hardware where it use the usb port. So please kindly to tell
Hello all, i m a newbie working in a project. can anyone help me with usb interfacing between gsm module/modem with pic18f/pic24f/pic32f. i have been trying with pic18f4550 but it seems it is not supported usb OTG function. may be i need maxim3421 for the host controller. can anyone provide any tips, idea, schematic or (...)
You can not program the pic18f4550 with C++ Builder. Two different ball games. You need to use a C compiler targeted at the Pic18 family. You can download Mplab development environment for Pic micros and a free student version of Mcc18, a C compiler for the pic18f family. usb programming is not trivial, Microchip provide a free (...)
you can you pic18f4550, 8 bits microcontroller, it consists 102 KSps 10 bits 16 channel A/D, full speed usb 2.0 interface and internal memory of 32KB, usb firmware is ready from Microchip corpopration under the name "Microchip usb framewok for pic18f and PIC24F". the BPF technique i think you should know, (...)
Hello dear all........ Now I need to do another test. I want to transfer some data (array of data) stored in PIC to PC using usb interface. What I know that....I need to write 1) Firmware for PIC 2) GUI interface for PC. I dont know how to do this. I want to use mikroC and C#. Please give me your valuable ideas, suggestions and so
You need a serial bluetooth adapter, the usb one won't work with the 18F4550. (they are both usb clients, you need a usb host)
I'd say more your frustration lies with the ancient JDM type programmer and not with the 18F4520. They're simply unreliable with modern OS's and GHz computers, plus you can't use usb adapters with them (legacy ports are disappearing fast on desktops and are all but gone on laptops)
Maybe the new feature of the PICKIT2 programmer is the solution. It can store any new firmware in eeprom inside the programmer and with the aid of 5V power supply (or any usb port available and able to supply 5V) and connecting via ICSP to the application circuit PIC reprogram it without a PC. PICKIT2 is light, easy to use, cheap and programs the 1
Then buy an EasyPIC board. My kits can do all the things you want but I made them modular so you could buy only the options you need. Eg: Junebug will get you started and you can alot about the pic18f with it *you can use a 16F88 but the I/O is different. If you want LCD, GLCD, usb then my Unicorn would be a nice add on for the Junebug.
look Added after 13 minutes: a use delpi for the pc look Added after 13 minutes: