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@W: CL279 :"C:\users\karl\documents\lattice\breathingleds\br eathingleds.v":24:1:24:6|Pruning register bits 14 to 8 of cnt pwm_cnt <= cnt ? ~cnt : cnt; // You are doing nothing with bits 8 to 14 of the reg. cnt @W: CL279 :"C:\users\karl\documents\lattice\breathingleds\br eathingleds.v":24:1:24:6|Prun
Hi . i want to design fingerprint based attendance system using i just want to know how many users can register in this sensor . her is the link of this sensor
I don't like FB at all, but looks like many users using it.
i got a copu of opnet modular from my teacher. but he has gone to englan. i could not contact him. i need a user name and password and group id to register it, Kazim! go to OPNET website, ( ). you can download and register OPNET IT GURU, This is a free version for academic users,also newer than opnet 8.0.
If you look at the users guide you will see that the Spartan 3e kit already has the code to control the Linear Tech A/D that is on the board. All you need to do is feed the analog signals to the preamp that is connected to the header on the board. The FPGA will control both the preamp and the A/D. Once the data is converted it is brought into t
Ya, HLR will store all the data of mobile user when he/she register the mobile. IMSI and MSISDN are the numbers to identify the mobile users. When our handset get out of original area, the handset will update the VLR, and VLR will retrieve the data from HLR. If I'm wrong, please correct me.
Go to Ansoft website, then to support, register - it is free - and then you will have access to some tutorials, applications, faq's. They have also discussion list for HFSS with many answers to problems encountered by users. Take a look at their workshops - the presentations are online and you can learn from them. But generally you should be pre
Hi, first of all Windows registry is nothing to register programms in the mean of grant access to "registered users". The windows registry is a file that contains application specific data, as example: position of main window, last used files and so on ... As far as I understand your post, you want to control the usage of your (...)