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Dear smnobo: my friend and i discussed this problem , and in my opinion : the "solution frequency" is very important to uwb antenna , you know , if it is a frequency fixed MS antenna(has a center frequcny,when you design it ,for example) , the "solution frequency" is just fr, but regarding uwb (...)
hi all friends, help to me,iam doing ph.d on uwb antenna design for RF radio,any antenna papers or thesis report related to uwb antenna design please send to my mail id is ; , Ph.No: here available softwares are CST and hfss. thank you,reply soon friends bye
6978469784Hi everyoyne I'm trying to design a uwb microstrip antenna for wireless sensor applications using hfss for my final sem project.I have attached my base ieee paper which contains the shape and dimensions can anyone help me with designing this antenna in (...)
Wave ports are good enough to sort uwb antenna issues in CPW case, with lumped port also u can get the results. Please upload ur model for more help....
Hi omair_aziz It's better that you export your uwb antenna structure in hfss for AWR and import it in AWR. you should select open boundary in AWR and proper grid for workspace. The two simulation results should be close.
I work in design uwb microstrip patch antenna with finite ground plane and i want to know what the boundary condition can i assign to get the result what boundary condition for the finite ground plane ??? i design using Ansoft hfss 11 Thanks in advance Eng.M.Hassanien
Hi, I am a newbie to this forum and also to using hfss for antenna design. I have simulated a design using hfss and still unsure whether the antenna can be used within the uwb range. So far, I have the VSWR, s11 and Gain radiation patterns (...)
Hi everybody, I have simulated a uwb antenna with CST, but my result in wrong. I'm new in CST, plz help me. I have attached the CST file. Thanks
hello, i m making antenna for uwb but i fail to get the better result. I m attaching file and the dimension of the antenna is right because this antenna has already being made by someone in CST simulater but i m using hfssv9.0 and i haven't get the same result.... PLZ help
Hi all, I am researching on uwb antenna, specially the Sinuous antenna. Who can help me to plot the sinuous curve? Plz! This my email : Thanks so much!
Hi, could you send me your antenna by hfss 12 that i have to see your problem. i designed U shaped antenna for uwb applications.. Thanks
hello everyone I'm doing a project on rectangular monopole antennas with notch frequency function and i have created the geometry can someone help me on how to assign boundary conditions and setting up the solution parameters and getting the solution My refernce papaer:Printed uwb antenna with Coupled Slotted Element for Notch-Frequency (...)
hi everyone. i have to design a uwb antenna with bandwidth ranging from 3.1 ghz to 10.6 ghz using fr4 substrate. i have designed many antenna according to calculations using formulas yet none of my results stand true..consider me a noob and please help me in this (...)
Dear Friends I have simulated above antenna using CAD FEKO & CST at some other institute but still results are far from mention in IEEE paper. Now what should I do. Actually i am designing smart antenna for uwb communication & MIMO system. I am working on both side front end (RF design) (...)
Hi, I am trying to simulate a wide band patch bowtie antenna using hfss. From the literatures, I found the uwb bowtie antenna falls into two categories, slot bowtie antenna with CPW feeding and self-complementary bowtie design. I want to design a patch (...)
Hai everybody.. thanks for ur time to read my post... =D I already design my folded patch antenna using hfss v10. My design antenna dimension is 15mm X 15mm for Ultra Wide Band (uwb) application. My bandwidth is 81.8%. My problem is i need someone who can check my (...)
Hi, I am wroking on some uwb antenna designs , If you like i can check your hfss file. please upload your hfss projects. regards
...for the Relative dielectric constant and loses , h, Metallization thickness, t Frequency , the first antenna is uwb's antenna and i will choose any dielectric the frequancy is around 5.6GHZ for example . I don't understand what you want to do. You cannot especify the lengths and widths of a antenna and exp
hi all, im designing (3×3 ) sierpinski gasket fractal array antenna using IE3D for uwb application. can any body who can help me designing this antenna prior thanks asit
Hi , I am working on design an uwb microstrip patch antenna using Fork-like feed techniqe Can anybody give me some help about that type? and how can i enhance the bandwidth of the antenna to operate in uwb range? Thanks.
Pls, I am currently designing, A Study of Band-Notched Characteristics on Ultra-wideband antenna using CST Studio. I am new to this software and having difficulty setting up d design struture for simulation. Pls, can any one be of help to that. Thanks Godfrey
omni directional uwb at 3.1-10.6 very easy but at low frequency it has some hardship for more information about UHF log priodic antenna u can see the A-info website
I have designed microstrip antenna for uwb applications but its radiation pattern is not giving the correct results. In this schematic, Square Slot microstrip antenna is fed by CPW, All the dimensions are checked, however i thought there may be some error in designing CPW. so kindly help me...
Hi, Adel_48: I see your comment on that IE3D did not have periodical boundary condition or unit cell in 2005. In fact, IE3D did have the periodical boundary condition since IE3D 9.x? The latest IE3D 12 has the FastEM design Kit. We demonstrated how easy a user can design a uwb antenna in a movie using (...)
Hi, I looked into using a ferrite clamp (Fair-Rite 61 material snap-it kit) to suppress leakage current being excited by a uwb dipole. To be honest it didn't really have much effect. Though I do have some data I obtained of Fair rite, which I have attached, and gives material properties up to 3 GHz. I think using a ferrite bead or (...)
Hello everyone..., I want to make antenna bow-tie for uwb, actually for microwave sensing, antenna that have VSWR < 2 in 2 -14 GHz frequency range, i'm newbie of hfss. can anyone help me: 1). The first i have to do to design Bow-tie antenna in hfss, what is the box (...)
Hello I am designing a microstrip uwb antenna from 3 to 6 GHZ .Actually it is the implementation of a research paper.Can anyone help me how to find the distance between two elements of the array.The values r given but it is not given how to find them ?