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Hello I'm a newbie to hfss and I'm trying to design an inset fed patch antenna design using hfss. Does anyone have any steps (not coaxial patch antenna) of the inset fed patch antenna design using hfss? (...)
Dears, I made design of uwb antenna with finite substrate and microstrip feed line , i want to know if there is any mistake in drawing (specially for finite substrate and port feed on edge) and the result of simulation takes much time , i attached file that have Hexagonal antenna for uwb applications. (...)
Dear smnobo: my friend and i discussed this problem , and in my opinion : the "solution frequency" is very important to uwb antenna , you know , if it is a frequency fixed MS antenna(has a center frequcny,when you design it ,for example) , the "solution frequency" is just fr, but regarding uwb (...)
halo i am a student trying to simulate a rectangular dielectric resonant antenna using coaxial feed method on hfss but cant figure out how to assign th excitation to it . also if any of have tutorials relating to DR antenna design can u pleas upload them thanks
hello friends, we are stuck in the middle of our final yr project regarding a uwb patch antenna design using ie3d and we are upto nothing.please help...plzzzzzzzzzz..
6978469784Hi everyoyne I'm trying to design a uwb microstrip antenna for wireless sensor applications using hfss for my final sem project.I have attached my base ieee paper which contains the shape and dimensions can anyone help me with designing this antenna in (...)
Hello friends, I am trying to design a 1 x 3 microstrip patch antenna array using hfss but I don't know how to do so. I am only conversant with designing a single patch element, but I don't know how to extend this to an antenna array of 1 x 3. I would also wish to (...)
hi... i m facing problem with the designing of placements of multiple monopole antennas at a time on finite ground plane using hfss v13 software. please kindly help. how to design monopole antennas taking more than one antenna at a time?? :-(
how can make antenna optimization using hfss
Hi everyone. I have to design a pyramidal horn antenna, aperture area =76^2. I am new to hfss and i am facing problem in designing. I am trying to build a pyramid and then subtract the waveguide (box) from it. I guess, in this way i might be able to get rid of the peak of the pyramid. I am not sure, whether this is the (...)
hi all friends, help to me,iam doing ph.d on uwb antenna design for RF radio,any antenna papers or thesis report related to uwb antenna design please send to my mail id is ; , Ph.No: here available softwares are CST and hfss. thank you,reply soon friends bye
Hi... Anyone intersted in Fractal antenna design in hfss or any doubts u can post here.. thank you
Dear Friends: Does anyone have some examples about UHF omni-directional antenna design in hfss? or any UHF omni-directional antenna shapes what work in about 2900-310 MHz. Thanks very much!!!!
Did anyone try to fabrique an helice antenna in hfss? plz post for me, i would like to take a look in it. TKX
hi... i need antenna design using awr microwave office... any kind of antenna except dipole or microstrip antenna.... hurry plz.....
Hi how could i determine antenna impedance using hfss
Hi, check this link it may solve ur problem, uwb antenna simulation with CST and hfss other links are as follows; uwb antenna discussion simulating monopole ultra wideband antenna using IE3D
may anybody plz tell how to calculate antenna gain using hfss actually i want antenna gain vs freq curve
Hi, Please I need this paper: A novel surface-wave antenna design using a thin periodically loaded ground plane Fan Yang1,2, Amir Aminian1, Yahya Rahmat Microwave and Optical Technology Letters Volume 47, Issue 3, pages 240?245, 5 November 2005
i want to using ADS software design antenna but i have'n experiece using it every can give some experience antenna design using ADS ?
Hello all, I am a new user for using hfss . Are there any easy way to learn hfss or any video ? Please help me . Thank a lot.
Hi can anybody tell how to increase gain of microstrip patch antenna design in hfss gain depend on which parameter length width or height Er kartik ---------- Post added at 09:53 ---------- Previous post was at 09:40 ---------- I have drawn a single patch only not array
I need datas or procedure related to wifi antenna design using feko software
Someone please give me PIFA design using hfss.
hi, i am trying to export my antenna design from hfss to altium by converting it into dxf file but when i opened it into altium got error msg i asked someone for doing this and he chnged it into gerber file but when i import that file my design was fully changed i have attached both figures in hfss and (...)
Wave ports are good enough to sort uwb antenna issues in CPW case, with lumped port also u can get the results. Please upload ur model for more help....
I work in design uwb microstrip patch antenna with finite ground plane and i want to know what the boundary condition can i assign to get the result what boundary condition for the finite ground plane ??? i design using Ansoft hfss 11 Thanks in advance Eng.M.Hassanien
Hi, I am a newbie to this forum and also to using hfss for antenna design. I have simulated a design using hfss and still unsure whether the antenna can be used within the uwb range. So far, I have the VSWR, s11 and Gain radiation patterns (...)
Hi Dear all:grin: I have designed a rectangular waveguide slot antenna using hfss and paper below: design and experiment on substrate integrated waveguide resonant slot array antenna at KU-band. By: Zi-bin weng et al. My problem is that figures of return loss, E-plane and H-plane (...)
Hi, I am doing research on miniatuarization of a rectangular monopole antenna for uwb applications. I have a problem on designing using hfss software. I know how to use the software but my problem is how to choose parameters for the patch,substrate and ground. which formular should I use to find these (...)
hi i want to design a patch line fed ,and pifa antenna with a gain of 6 and operating frequency 900Mhz but the problem is that when i give all the relative parameters and it gives me a ready to go design in hfss it does not give any rsults and the port is also not assigned i want to know that are there some post (...)
Hi, everybody, I have some questions on simulating small antenna using hfss simulator. 1.Why we use "lump port" to excite as antenna source, not wave hfss simulator, how to see surface current dirstribution of radiating hfss simulator suitable for uwb (...)
Hi everyone, Im currently working on yagi antenna design. I tried to simulate the design using hfss and I got these errors: BEGIN_WARN 1 Face triangulation is self intersecting 2118 Face id END_WARN BEGIN_ERR 10 Volume Mesh Generation Failed 0 1 #nextgen/ver6_stitching_flag failure_mode_enum (...)
Hi guys i have to design an antenna using hfss i tried to do this but i could not have correct there any one who will help me pls.Here is the my project.İ think i have a problem in waveport but i dont kow maybe there can be sth wrong in the drawing.please help me.Thx Here the hfss file thanks a lot.
actualy i made normal horn antenna but i dont know how to add ridges into it . do you have some simulation file on hfss on dual rigided antenna for uwb applications? i really need it
Hi, I am a beginner in using hfss and i need to simulate a λ/4 monopole antenna, can anyone help me please. Thanks
Hi omair_aziz It's better that you export your uwb antenna structure in hfss for AWR and import it in AWR. you should select open boundary in AWR and proper grid for workspace. The two simulation results should be close.
hi friends, i am involved in a project to design patch antennas of various dimensions using hfss and analyse them. It would be most helpful if any of you have any material explaining the design of various patches. Especially circular, triangular etc. Most materials on the net are not free.....
I haven't simulated a uwb antenna in hfss. I wonder how this is achieved? Is it done through picking a frequency sweep range that is the same range of the S11 < -10dB. What will be the source port type? lumped, waveport, Gaussian pulse? I thought uwb antenna emits pulses instead of sinusoidal waves, so does (...)
i'm gonna use capacitively loaded loop(CLL) along the feedlines of the microstrip patch antenna to design uwb can i use ansoft hfss for placing (CLL)?Then also tell me which material can be used for CLL?Pls do reply me.
Please someone help me in designing PIFA using hfss.I dont know how to add dielectric between ground and patch.and also how to adjust the length of conductor how to make it of our own choice.or could you send me the pifa hfss design.THanku.
Hi I wnat to design a uwb antenna, no specific requirements. Just a simple uwb antenna. Any tutorial ? Plz help
i am new user of hfss i need to design a end-fire antenna plz any one help me .give me any example link if possible thanks
hi can somebody please upload for me a project report about microstrip antenna(any topic) using hfss with details.i have to do a project but i dont have enough time for it. please help me thanks in advance
Does anybody has uwb (3.1-6 GHz) antenna design, with ground plane. I need radiation in only the half of the space. Thank you in advance!
I want to design a monopole or dipole antenna by using NEC(numerical electromagnetic codes). Also I need documents about how to use NEC.
Hi there. I am designing a circuit board using hfss (since I don't know how to use AutoCAD, I am going to design with hfss and export the file into DXF format). On this design, I need to make some through drills that can connect the top and the bottom. (in that way, top layer can be (...)
I am doing a project on uwb antenna design... i have recently installed CST Studio suite 2006, for antenna simulation, but i don't know how to work with this software. Does anyone has any tutorial on designing (any ) antenna on CST ? waiting for your reply... thanks 1St. I (...)
im designing dual resonance microstrip patch using using stacked using foam as my substarte for upper layer(height is 60mm),for bottom layer im using air as substrate(height problem is the height for foam is large.when i reduce the high ,i cannot achieve dual supervisor asking me to reduce the h